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We Are Still Tornadoes By Michael Kun Susan Mullen,

  • Title: We Are Still Tornadoes
  • Author: Michael Kun Susan Mullen
  • ISBN: 9781250098405
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover
  • It s the summer of 1982, and for Scott and Cath, everything is about to change.Growing up across the street from each other, Scott and Cath have been best friends for most of their lives Now they ve graduated high school, and Cath is off to college while Scott stays at home trying to get his band off the ground Neither of them realized that their first year after high scIt s the summer of 1982, and for Scott and Cath, everything is about to change.Growing up across the street from each other, Scott and Cath have been best friends for most of their lives Now they ve graduated high school, and Cath is off to college while Scott stays at home trying to get his band off the ground Neither of them realized that their first year after high school would be so hard.Fortunately, Scott and Cath still have each other, and it s through their letters that they survive heartache, annoying roommates, family dramas, and the pressure of figuring out what to do with the rest of their lives And through it all, they realize that the only person they ve ever wanted to turn to is each other But does that mean they should think about being than friends One thing is clear Change is an inescapable part of growing up, and we share unbreakable bonds with the friends who help us navigate it.
    We Are Still Tornadoes It s the summer of and for Scott and Cath everything is about to change Growing up across the street from each other Scott and Cath have been best friends for most of their lives Now they ve g

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    1. OMG I loved this book I thought for a minute I was going to toss it because of Stephanie At least I think that was her name, she was so horrible and only had a few parts but I didn t like her at all and now don t even know if that s her name It started with an S at any rate The name of the book We Are Still Tornadoes is because that was their school name and someone gave a speech about it at graduation East Bloomfield High School Tornadoes, Class of 1982 And we will always be Tornadoes I love th [...]

    2. I had like zero expectations going into this book hey I didn t even really know what it was about and I adored it It s written in letter format, which I admit, I quite like And it was funny and sad all at once Like I had FEELINGS there I don t get feelings What is this nonsense And while there was a small leaky bucketful of things that annoyed me, I ultimately liked how real it felt.And this two little DELUDED SQUISHES Oh I shipped them so much But I also liked how they did maintain quite a plat [...]

    3. This was really cute I wasn t too sure if I could get into a story that was just told through letters between two friends, but I still got a really strong sense of the characters and setting.It s about two friends in the early 1980s who write to each other during the year after high school The girl went to college and the guy stayed in their hometown to work at his dad s store There s LOTS of eighties music dropped throughout, as well as lyrics from the guy s band I m not super into that kind of [...]

    4. This book wasn t even on my radar until I received a surprise copy from the publisher The synopsis sounded like something right up my alley I was a bit wary of the letter writing format, but I loved it I loved the banter and the way their relationship progressed The personalities of Cath and Scott come shining through and I really enjoyed only learning what was on the page Overall, it was a quick and cute read There were a few angsty moments, but it was so slight This book is almost entirely all [...]

    5. This was such a sweet story set in the 80s about friendship, family, and everything in between It follows Scott and Cath who have been best friends their entire lives They ve just graduated high school, so Cath is off to college while Scott is sticking around town pursuing music It ll be the first time they are away from each other actually having to live their lives separately, only they don t really They share the intimate details of their separate lives with the other via letters as people ac [...]

    6. What a wonderful story of friendship Even though the ending gives little subtle things of what happens between Cath and Scott and felt quite rushed, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel set in the 80s I have read few books written in exchanging letter email format or in just letter format Some I do enjoy like Roomies by Sara Zarr and Tara Alterbrando and The Perks of Being A Wallflower and some I don t like Love, Rosie and Love Letters to the Dead so I did t continue reading them We Are Still Tornado [...]

    7. Mini review I received this E ARC via Netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review.I am quite surprised by how much I enjoyed it I thought that due to the letter format I wouldn t be able to enjoy it that much But wow this was so good I felt like I was sitting with the characters and having a conversation with them That s how well the format is done Definitely recommend

    8. So I know I said in my original review I was posting a video review to this book, well because of work I m not 100% sure I will be able to post a review in a timely fashion so here is my blog review for now thatgirlbookworm.wordpressSo I know I said in my original review I wasn t going to post anything because I am going to do a video review, I am still planning to do this but I wanted to make a written review for people who don t necessarily subscribe to my YouTube channel.So We Are Still Torna [...]

    9. Scott and Cath have been best friends forever The pair grew up across the street from one another and has always been there for each other Now Cath is headed off to college while Scott is stuck in their hometown working at his father s store and trying to pursue his musical dreams since he never took school seriously These two friends manage to keep in touch and stay close all throughout the year that Cath is away no matter what happens in their lives Through all that happens in their lives whet [...]

    10. Cath and Scott are best friends who grew up on the same block and never experienced life without each other That bond is tested when Cath goes off to college several hundred miles away, and Scott stays behind in their hometown to sell menswear in his Dad s shop Their lives are seemingly taking different directions Together, they were Tornadoes, class of 1982 But what will they become The book is written entirely in the format of letters exchanged back and forth between Cath and Scott I have to a [...]

    11. 5 Stars Yes, for a book no one s really heard about I loved the heck out of this book I know, it was fluffybut fun with witty banter written entirely in letters I AM A SUCKER FOR LETTERS My husband I met long distance 3,000 miles long writing back and forth for 2 years before we even lived in the same time zoner pen, not that fancy schmancy instant email Damn I m old Anyhow, 25 years and 3 kids later, we did it We re doing it Which is all to say, I dig this book format And screw the naysayers, l [...]

    12. Actual Rating 3.75This was adorable It honestly reminds me a lot of Love, Rosie, but perhaps targeted towards a younger audience.We Are Still Tornadoes is written entirely in letters between Scott and Cath, best friends who have lived across the street their entire lives But now they ve graduated high school, and Scott has to stay at home while Cath goes off to college Even miles apart, they ve got to deal with things like break ups, crazy roommates, family issues, and the scariest thing of all [...]

    13. 3.5 starsSweet story that takes place in 1982 about two friends who realize their relationship goes beyond friendship.When Cath leaves suburban Maryland to go to college at Wake Forest, she leaves her best friend Scott behind Cath and Scott share all of the details of their lives via letters as it is 1982 and texting snap chat is not an option Cath shares her struggles to adapt to her first year at college, while Scott writes about feeling like a loser for staying behind to work at his father s [...]

    14. 3.5 Stars If I was to describe this book in one word, it would be the word pleasant It s a cute enough quick read and I think YA lovers will love this book I do like YA books but I like my YA to have quite a bit of depth to them This book does deal with issues like death, divorce, friendships, relationships etc and that was great but I had a problem with the relationship between Scott Cath and that affected my overall enjoyment of We Are Still Tornadoes view spoiler So Scott Cath were best frien [...]

    15. Quite The Novel Idea Words from the CloudsI m so torn right now Because I did enjoy this, but I also didn t It s really hard to explain, but I ll try to do so as best as I can After all, such is a reviewer s burden But yes, I enjoyed this But there were things that stopped me from loving it completely.I feel like it s best to start with what didn t work for me Get it out of the way, so to speak So here we go My main problem with this book is in the way it s told Don t get me wrong, I like the le [...]

    16. This book was really good The formatting makes it a quick read the only reason it took me over a week to finish it is because I m back at school and I have responsibilities Taking place in 1982 1983, We Are Still Tornadoes is the story of how Cath Osteen and Scott Agee s friendship changes after Cath goes away to college and Scott is left managing his father s clothing store in their hometown Scott chooses not to go to college and subsequently pursues a career in music, while Cath goes away to W [...]

    17. We Are Still Tornadoes was my first all letter format read I mean ALL letters It felt very voyeuristic eyebrow waggle I loved it Readers follow Cath and Scott through their first year after high school 1982 1982 Haha e styles and music of the 80s are stamped all over this book Especially the music From Pop to Punk Michael Jackson, Duran Duran and so many Through the year, Cath and Scott keep in touch by writing to each other non stop Letter to letter we learn about these best friends and thei [...]

    18. You can find the full review and all the fancy and or randomness that accompanies it at It Starts at Midnight I looooved this one, guys The whole book is told in letter format, from both Cath and Scott s POV It was so fun, and I think that it really showed their distinct personalities, which I was happily surprised by Scott and Cath were so different, but I love that their friendship stood the test of time, while still feeling really realistic I was rooting for Scott and Cath the entire time it [...]

    19. Read of my reviews on YA Romantics or follow me on BloglovinSo anyone who knows my reading tastes knows that epistolary novels are really not my favorite In spite of that, I did enjoy We Are Still Tornadoes a book that s made up of an exchange of letters between former classmates and neighbors Cath has headed gone off to college, while Scott stayed in their hometown to work and try to get his band going Their letters describe roommate issues, disappointing grades, family issues, triumphs and tr [...]

    20. This is such a great, quick read I loved the format in which the story was presented, and the fact that the entire book takes place through a series of letters between a boy and a girl Ah, it totally tugged at my heart strings and made me smile in the ways that only evoked memories will do Simple, sweet, yet not avoiding the tension, problems, and heartbreaks of real life, We Are Still Tornadoes is a love story in the very best way.Great for YA s or adults who want to smile I m giving this book [...]

    21. I wasn t sure how everything would play out via letters I was worried details or emotion would be compromised I needn t have worried at all It all worked together to deliver something retro yet fresh and moving but still light Read this one

    22. ARC provided by St Martin s in exchange for an honest review Let me start this review by saying that I am rarely by rarely I mean pretty much never a fan of stories that don t take place in this century and aren t told in the normal format I don t have anything against these tings, it s just that something inside of me isn t as invested when I stumble upon them Now, considering this story takes place in 1982 and is written strictly in letters, it baffles me to no end that it has become one of th [...]

    23. I went into this book expecting something similar to Eleanor Park but I got something so much This was a brilliantly written story of a friendship that stands the tests of family scandals, long distance, jealous girlfriends boyfriends, and loss set in the 1980s I honestly did not expect to enjoy this book as much as I did but I found it to be such a well written and surprisingly emotional read that I couldn t help but fall in love with the characters.My favourite thing about We Are Still Tornad [...]

    24. 3.5 stars this was a really cute book and im glad i read it i wish the ending revelation came sooner though, it was kind of abrupt and then the book was just over but it was real and raw and enjoyable

    25. oh my gosh i enjoyed this one so much i related to so many parts and it was both sweet and heartbreaking this type of book is exactly what i needed i would have liked to have some prose narrative instead of ONLY letters it was cute though i just an just being greedy haha

    26. Could this book have been any cuter A story about two friends who are split apart because one goes off to college and the other one stays home It s completely written in letters to each other, which I loved Scott and Cath were well rounded characters all from letter writing It was funny and sweet and the love between them was obvious but you know those slow burn books You want it right away but you have to wait for the payoff The only faults with the book are that it s too short, the ending goes [...]

    27. laura passage un peu plus Un peu plus que des amis est l histoire touchante de deux meilleurs amis qui, malgr la distance, sont incapables d tre loin l un de l autre Michael Kun et Susan Mullen d livrent avec simplicit , humour et motions, un r cit r aliste plein d espoir.

    28. Adorable YUP This story was allllll kinds of adorable From the hilarious personalities of these two besties, to the 80 s references which I TOTALLY loved, seeing as I grew up during that time period , down to the way Cath and Seth had the kind of friendship we can only hope for They weren t always perfect, didn t always say the right thing or do the best thing for each situation, but man, they were there for each other when times got tough And tough they did get I loved the fact that these two, [...]

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