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Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook (Second Edition) By Lucy Moll,

  • Title: Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook (Second Edition)
  • Author: Lucy Moll
  • ISBN: 9780764559594
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Vegetarian Times is known for its great recipes Chicago Tribune , and this new edition of the Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook offers than 600 fabulous recipes, along with comprehensive information on vegetarian diet and nutrition It s the definitive guide for vegetarians as well as an inspiration to all cooks who want fresh new ideas and great taste Forget aboVegetarian Times is known for its great recipes Chicago Tribune , and this new edition of the Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook offers than 600 fabulous recipes, along with comprehensive information on vegetarian diet and nutrition It s the definitive guide for vegetarians as well as an inspiration to all cooks who want fresh new ideas and great taste Forget about labels, this is the vegetarian cookbook that everyone will love The new edition of the Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook beautifully updates this classic The recipes are practical and sensitive to the seasons Deborah Madison, author of Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone Vegetarian Times has long been a respected presence in the world of vegetarian cooking This impressive collection of innovative recipes ranging from homestyle to elegant will be a valuable guide to new cooks and a repertoire refresher for the experienced cook David Hirsch, Moosewood Restaurant
    Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook Second Edition Vegetarian Times is known for its great recipes Chicago Tribune and this new edition of the Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook offers than fabulous recipes along with comprehensive information

    One thought on “Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook (Second Edition)”

    1. I stumbled across this for 6 at Half Price Books and consider it to have been a bargain.I like that this is such a basic, boring , cookbook It was written before exotic ingredients in vegetarian dishes got to be so fashionable, so almost everything in it is made from normal things that you can find at normal grocery stores Seitan, shiitake mushrooms, and a few other things seem to be about the extent of the offbeat ness of ingredients I understand that a lot of people are looking for something [...]

    2. While I m not a vegetarian, I don t eat very much meat and have vegetarian days so to speak I have a hard time on those days feeling like I m eating right by getting enough vegetable protein and the proper balance of nutrients This book is excellent for non vegetarians dipping their toes into the no meat pool The recipes are accessible, easy to prepare, and so good they make you forget you re eating vegetarian.

    3. This is a great vegetarian cookbook For my first 7 8 years as a vegetarian we read Veg Times magazine every month and cooked its recommended recipes regularly It was great when the book came out

    4. Urgg I m giving up on this one after only five recipes, even though I shopped for twelve There were just too many problems with the recipes even the good ones needed modification.I had a party to go to so I started out with an appetizer, Bermuda Onion Toasts A slice of toasted baguette is topped with onions cooked in red wine with sage and thyme It sounded unusual but appetizing, and i was cooking for a fairly sophisticated crowd The recipe made way too much onion mixture, which was also made up [...]

    5. Vegetarian Times Complete Cookbook , by Lucy Moll and Vegetarian Times, is a taste filled tutorial feting the vegetarian lifestyle and offering a veritable veggie feast of over 600 recipes It certainly lives up to being called complete , fully explaining the various types of vegetarian eating, and also including invaluable health and nutrition information The guide to stocking your pantry with staples and the menu planning suggestions are very helpful, especially if you are new to the vegetarian [...]

    6. Includes a decent overview of the various reasons to eat vegetarian, including good articles about health and disease prevention and environmental concerns Information on nutrition is up to date disspells the protein combining myth but not necessarily complete or accurate on all counts if you are concerned about gluten in the diet do not rely on this book for accurate information or recipes Recipes are varied and designed to apply to a wide variety of tastes and to tempt the cook with decadence [...]

    7. Eh, this one is worth checking out at the library My complaints 1 Not enough pictures I appreciate visuals when it comes to food I m going to spend time and money preparing I want to see a vision of the goal 2 Typos Several recipes had typos that left me scratching my head and rendered the recipe incomplete.3 Too much reliance on meat substitutes , which many omnivores don t care for I guess if you re a vegetarian or vegan, tofu, seitan, tempeh and fake meat might be your staples But the heavy e [...]

    8. This cookbook is indeed what it s title suggests completeetely boring as well There are a ton of vegetarian recipes here, but there s nothing new or exciting If you need some basic recipes, this is a good cookbook for you, but if you like to live on the edge a little, splurge for Veganomicon.The beginning of this book contains a couple of chapters going into the reasons to be vegetarian and the types of vegetarians out there I kept thumbing through the pages, trying to get to the part with the r [...]

    9. This particular copy I obtained from my mother There is another copy on my shelf I need to return to a friend of mine who was gracious to lend it to me well over 2 years ago I like to read through it, figure out if I have any of the ingredients to some of the recipes If not, I ll find substitutes online or test it out on my boyfriend for dinner This book did help me start off my vegetarian lifestyle and enhance my palate I will never finish this book because I don t believe cookbooks can be fini [...]

    10. This is my favorite veggie cookbook Great diversity in recipes both ethnically and from a skill set level There are awesome chapters about cooking both legumes and rice, giving cooking and soak times along with tips All of the recipes have the calorie, protein, fat, carbs, etc listed along with very honest serving amounts Also most recipes have a what to serve with or after note in the description to help complete the meal, when you ve never tried the dish My Favorite Lentil Burgers

    11. I love getting Vegetarian Times magazines They have great recipes that are usually seasonal and almost always interesting That said, I haven t been overly impressed with this cook book It could have used much better editing I think I d be better off relying on the Vegetarian Times Web site, which has a super recipe database.

    12. Mostly use only a few recipes from this cookbook Couscous pilaf with sun dried tomatoes, tabouli, fettuccine alfredo, asparagus risotto with mushrooms and sun dried tomatoes, mushroom and wild rice I mostly use it for brainstorming and then find other versions of the recipes elsewhere.

    13. I miss Vegetarian Times, at least the way it was in the 90s and 00s It s kind of lost it s focus in recent years This cookbook still holds up, though, especially when you come back from the farmers markets having bought than you know what to do with.

    14. OMG and Om Nom Nom I may eat this book Everything looks yummy Need to buy out the grocery store and get to cooking I m going to have to buy this one.Only downside not enough pictures Cookbooks must have pictures Lots of them.

    15. Solid, useful information and promotion of a vegetarian lifestyle Helpful recipes I am not a vegetarian but do like to eat a balanced diet with emphasis on a variety of delicious, healthy foods and this is a good resource.

    16. This has been a good starter for us as a family as my husband went vegetarian There are some awesome black bean cakes in here with mango salsa Even the kids liked them I owned it many years before he made the leap but use it much now

    17. I really love the Vegetarian Times magazines and have found them to be excellent resources As a result, this cookbook was sort of a let down A lot of the recipes I have seen before Additionally, I appreciate cookbooks that have pictures, and this book was severely lacking.

    18. Just pulled it out of storage This is the book you need to read for advice on eating right as a vegetarian.

    19. Simple ingredients, straight forward recipes an idiots guide which is perfect for this meal in a box cook Not necessarily the most creative of cookbooks, but a good basic.

    20. Cover to cover defies words to say how much I enjoyed reading and even the recipes The nutritional breakdowns of the choices entered are right on.

    21. I saw this book on my Aunt s shelve of cookbooks when she went vegetarian, and got it myself I cook a version of the potato medley about once a week There are other amazing recipes too.

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