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Bridget Fonda By Elizabeth Ellen,

  • Title: Bridget Fonda
  • Author: Elizabeth Ellen
  • ISBN: 9781518868467
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
  • If I were to name this poetry collection after a celebrity I would name it Bridget Fonda.
    Bridget Fonda If I were to name this poetry collection after a celebrity I would name it Bridget Fonda

    One thought on “Bridget Fonda”

    1. A great little book about what it means to be a writer, a parent, and a woman in the 21st century This is really a poem, rather than poems, meaning all the individual pieces are narrative and shaped the same and they build to form a coherent piece about trying and failing and not failing and trying again I ve never read a less romantic book these are poems about small town life, dive bars, craft shows, teenagers dealing with their parents struggles and parents dealing with being parents, but not [...]

    2. I could ve read these all day I wanted to They feel like 3am emails in the best kinda way if you know what I mean and I think you do I hope I texted EE right after and said WRITE MORE SO I CAN READ THEM PLS And meant it and mean it.

    3. Elizabeth Ellen s poetry reads like a collection of flash fiction with common, interconnected themes woven throughout abuse, drugs, depression, and a fake it til you make it mentality that is overwhelmingly relatable It s the best and worst of being human an irrational fear of strangers, the mundane conversations and interactions we re forced to have, a unhealthy neediness and dependency on our children, the desire to be better than our parents but the realization that we re really all the best [...]

    4. Bridget Fonda the person once said according to , I m afraid of making a mistake I m not totally neurotic, but I m pretty neurotic about it I m as close to totally neurotic as you can get without being totally neurotic, and those same phobias hang ups are what drive the poems in Bridget Fonda the book, and reading them again and again, in my case you ll feel as though you ve been taken hostage, like you ve been stuffed and then zipped inside of Elizabeth Ellen s emotional baggage, which is okay [...]

    5. What an intense collection of poetry Reading Bridget Fonda felt a little like when you meet a stranger on a plane or in the grocery line or something and they proceed to tell you all the intimate details of their life, and you don t know how to react because you re so stunned that they re being so transparent and vulnerable and unabashedly honest with someone they barely know Yeah was like that Some poems made me laugh out loud Jim Carrey oh my Others hit me with that wild uncomfortable feeling [...]

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