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Help Me Make It Through the Night By Kathy Golden,

  • Title: Help Me Make It Through the Night
  • Author: Kathy Golden
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Enjoy and Merry Christmas On Christmas Eve, two strangers, fit only for one another s company, meet for the first time at a bar A chance meeting Maybe not But one thing s for certain They both need someone to help them make it through the night.
    Help Me Make It Through the Night Enjoy and Merry Christmas On Christmas Eve two strangers fit only for one another s company meet for the first time at a bar A chance meeting Maybe not But one thing s for certain They both need so

    One thought on “Help Me Make It Through the Night”

    1. There seems to be a common characteristic to every short story I ve read they always include a surprise Help me make it through the night has a really good one In addition, it represents an honest plea of someone desperately trying to avoid loneliness during this night You see, it is Christmas Eve, a time that is not good for the soul to be empty of love and cheer Her present did not come wrapped up and with a bright bow on top, but Mystique that s her chosen name was not about to let him go Aft [...]

    2. Two tortured souls meet and help each other make it through what can be one of the loneliest nights of the year when you re alone I thoroughly enjoyed this entertaining Christmas short story that I devoured in one sitting Great job, Kathy Golden I look forward to reading stories by this author.

    3. Help Me Make It Through the Night is a short story by Kathy Golden In these pages, we re introduced to a pair They both spend several nights in a bar During this time, the female takes notice of the man s behaviour and feels like she ought to discuss it with him She goes over to his table and an interesting conversation takes place.Both main characters, Mistique April and Bailey are both reasonably interesting However, I feel that irrelevant aspects are discussed, considering the short nature of [...]

    4. I love this short story so much I read it in 10 minutes and it has been the best 10 minutes of my Tuesday Kathy doesn t lie when she calls Help me make it trough the night a short story It is really short but EXCELLENT You people need to read this story I didn t know what to expect about this when I opened it And when I started reading it I was really intrigued cause I had never read something like that before And it was so good, I kept turning pages until I finished it, and I just feel like cry [...]

    5. This feels like the outline of a story than an actual story I kept expecting there to be It s a sad story of two people who ve gone through some bad relationships and haven t gotten over them yet, but somehow it feels like this night may be the beginnings of them both healing.The characters, however, aren t very fleshed out, nor their intent The only thing that s really vividly described is the background, a dingy bar for hooking up I think if added to, this could be a really interesting story [...]

    6. This is an extremely short, single story, which is the reason I haven t given it a rating, as it was not free on UK at the time of reading it However, it is free on Smashwords and also US, I believe, and it is unusual and thought provoking It is the story of two lonely, disillusioned people who meet in a singles bar Neither of them expects any good to come of relationships any , but maybe, just maybe there is something better for them If just one of them can respond to a glimmer of hope, who kno [...]

    7. This was a lovely festive short story about two lonely people who were desperately seeking someone to ease their pain The author s descriptions of the setting drew me in and I felt as if I were there with Bailey and Mystique Despite being a short story, the author packs in the emotion so you feel their loneliness and their regrets from their past There are some humorous moments and the story ends on a hopeful note It left me wanting of these characters I hope the author considers developing thi [...]

    8. I love reading shorts, and this one is not an exception I decided to take a peek at this short story, and guess what I couldn t put it down until I finished it.It is a beautiful and delicate story.Two lonely souls meeting and bonding It didn t matter where this meeting took place All that mattered was their meeting initiated by Mystique, that s what she called herself, but this meeting was destined to take place.I didn t find any errors, and I simply enjoyed the story.

    9. Two flawed characters find solace one night with a possibility of a blossoming relationship I would like to have felt the both characters sense of emotion or turmoil fleshed out , but it was a quick and interesting read.

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