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Three Women By March Hastings,

  • Title: Three Women
  • Author: March Hastings
  • ISBN: 9780941483438
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Paperback
  • One of the best golden age lesbian novels returns to
    Three Women One of the best golden age lesbian novels returns to

    One thought on “Three Women”

    1. Actual Rating 2.5 stars I one clicked this because of the cover and the fact it was considered lesbian pulp It was written in 1958 and I have always loved the pulp covers from this time period I don t know what I was expecting, but this was not it I enjoyed the writing and the characters, but the pacing and plotting was strange Also, there was absolutely no description of intimacy It was ridiculously fade to black I guess I assumed the contents would be as racy as the covers Maybe a woman fallin [...]

    2. I enjoyed this queer pulp novel an awful lot It was such a wonderful mixture of realism and fantasy The main character Paula was living poor in New York with an alcholic father and a soon to be proposing boyfriend At 18 she was working a dead end job as a secretary and looking forward to being married But then she met her fiance s aunt and all that changed Paula s relationship with Byrne definitely bored on the fantasy part of the story She met a lesbian instantly fell in love and changed her wh [...]

    3. It is amazing to me, at least how so much pulp fiction of the 50s and 60s is well written, especially the kind by women like March Hastings Though definitely a sign of their times often failing to have a happy ending because popular culture, and even the postal office, demanded it , novels like Three Women can still have value today Society has certainly progressed these past five decades, but very few gays and lesbians manage to escape their lives untouched by hatred, whether from the world in [...]

    4. This was a really fun book, taken in context Mine is the annotated kindle version, and the note in the end describing the rise of paperback pulp and the general position and demand for lesbian up within that is great Especially as it relates to the absurd ending.The book itself has some really great moments of writing, though it s often stilted and awkward as would be expected Paula is a bit of a typical obnoxious, selfish and silly romance heroine, and Byrne is sort of the dissolute duke type, [...]

    5. Awesome lesbian pulp Picked it up for historical purposes, as I had never read anything from this genre before Thought it would teach me something about lesbian community in the 50s To my pleasant surprise, I enjoyed it back to front Nothing to write home about but you can read it like you eat jube jubes Soft, sweet, junk food.

    6. So apparently this classic lesbian pulp fiction was targeted mostly at small town lesbians who didn t have the benefit of living in Greenwich Village and prurient men I think I know which category I belong to.

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