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Muddled-Up Farm By Mike Dumbleton Jobi Murphy,

  • Title: Muddled-Up Farm
  • Author: Mike Dumbleton Jobi Murphy
  • ISBN: 9781740517331
  • Page: 243
  • Format: Paperback
  • Muddled up Farm is a very special farm From the cat to the cow it s full of surprises On Muddled up Farm all the animals happily make the wrong noises Then a farm inspector arrives and demands that things must change Things definitely change .but not in the way he expected
    Muddled Up Farm Muddled up Farm is a very special farm From the cat to the cow it s full of surprises On Muddled up Farm all the animals happily make the wrong noises Then a farm inspector arrives and demands that th

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    1. superreadingkids Mom s Thoughts I love reading books that are colorful, fun, and have learning hidden among the pages too This book has it all The illustrations are so bright, even a grown up could get a kick out of this book Not to mention that the animals are a little different than on a regular farm My four year old laughed at all the different and wrong sounds of the many animals on this farm It was also very easy for him to follow along to and this will definitely be a must have for our lib [...]

    2. Muddled Up Farm by Mike Dumbleton and Jobi Murphy is a picturebook scheduled for release on March 15, 2013 On this farm, things are a little different The animals do not make the expected sounds, and they are quite content When the farm inspector comes for a visit and is shocked at the state of the farm He is committed to fixing the farm Things certainly do change, but not necessarily the way he expected.Muddled Up Farm is a bright and fun story that will inspire giggles in most children The ill [...]

    3. Old MacDonald would not be pleased.Muddle up farm, written by Mike Dumbelton and illustrated by Jobi Murphy is a wacky tale involving several farm animals whom seemingly have forgotten how to speak their individual languages and behaviors the pig greets the morning by cock a doodle doo ing and the horse enjoys sipping milk As things continues to deteriorate, a determined farm inspector arrives in town to whip this farm into shape Does his efforts prove successful Or, do the animals need to be pu [...]

    4. This is an amusing story of a farm inspector that tries to set things right on a farm where all the animals make the wrong noise It really upsets him when the cat says, Moo, or the goat says, Woof He stays at the farm and works with each of the animals to teach them the right thing to say When he finally thinks he has the problem fixed, the surprise ending will make readers laugh.The story reminded me of other humorous farm books like The Cow That Went Oink and Cock a Doodle Moo It would go well [...]

    5. See of my reviews at Bettering Me Up.My kids LOVE this book What happens when you get a cow that says meow and a cat that eats hay Hilarity Those silly aminals are doing all the wrong things But wait The farm inspector is coming and he ll fix everything Or will he I have read this book countless times over the past week It s a bit difficult to read on the iPad No honey, don t touch the screen so I will definitely be purchasing the published version when it s released.I received this book from N [...]

    6. Mike Dumbleton s Muddled up Farm is a very cute story that offers a lot of learning time for pre readers On Muddled up Farm the cat says Moo and the Pig on the fence calls cock adoodle doo And it just gets wackier from there My little one had a great time telling me how silly it was and that cats don t say moo It is a short and simple story about an inspector who tries to change the unique animals on Muddled up Farm and what happens and we had a blast reading it again and again Jobi Murphy s col [...]

    7. Review of Muddled Up Farm by Mike DumbletonRelease Date May 31, 2013Publisher Star Bright BooksAge Group 3 6Format eGalleySource NetGalleyI don t know what I would do if my dog suddenly started to meow like a cat, but on the Muddled Up Farm, animals don t behave the way that they should I found this book to be very captivating with bright, colorful illustrations It was easy to read through and would definitely make a lasting impression on children I gave the book four stars because it allowed me [...]

    8. Kids are sure to dissolve into giggle fits reading Muddled Up Farm The bright, colorful pictures depict cats eating hay and pigs on fences cock a doodle dooing Because on Muddled Up Farm, you see, none of the animals make the right sounds or behave the right way it s all switched around That is, until a farm inspector arrives and strives to set things right but his lessons don t turn out exactly the way he d like For goofy, kooky, animal noise making kids, this is just the right book.Note I rece [...]

    9. I read the Muddled Up Farm, in exchange for review from Netgalley.Com The book was published by Starbright books The book was written by Mike Dumbleton and illustrated by Jobi Murphy The book is a children s story about a farm, whose animals speak the wrong words Along comes an inspector, who tries to correct the animals speak The book reminds me of my boys Both have problems with language Brad even has his own language for some words I know what his words mean, but to an outsider, they will thi [...]

    10. You can view my full review at my blog destinydawnlong.wordpress Muddled Up Farm begins with a promising start With vibrantly colored illustrations, rhyming text, and silly premise, it drew me into the zany world of Muddled Up Farm The big problem was that when I got to the last page I was left wondering where s the rest of the book For what it was, it was fun but it definitely came across as incomplete All other criticisms aside, it s hard to like a book when it s missing its ending.

    11. This brightly colored picture book will catch the attention of young children It is a silly story about a farm where the ducks moo and cats eat straw I read this to my kids and they laughed at all the animals saying and doing the wrong things They especially loved the end when the farm inspector stars to quack This is a cute story that young children will love.My blog Books for Kids

    12. What does the cat say Well, on this farm, it says moo When the farm inspector tries to straighten out the animals, he falls victim to the craziness himself This hilarious and very readable book was first published in Australia and is due to premiere in the states.

    13. The illustrations are colorful and kid like I like the idea of the farm animals mixing up their sounds, but felt the book fell a little flat It was ok, but didn t seem to grab and pull me.

    14. Colorful pictures and a silly story that will entertain some children.There are several picture books out there with mixed up animals, this is not my favorite one.

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