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Lord Brocktree By Brian Jacques Fangorn,

  • Title: Lord Brocktree
  • Author: Brian Jacques Fangorn
  • ISBN: 9780399235900
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Hardcover
  • An aging but heroic badger known as Lord Stonepaw is the leader of the other creatures living on the island mountain of Salamandastron They have lived in peace for many generations, but all that is about to change Acting on a dream in which he saw a ferocious badger warrior, the evil Ungatt Trunn and his minions are waging an invasion of Salamandastron The residents putAn aging but heroic badger known as Lord Stonepaw is the leader of the other creatures living on the island mountain of Salamandastron They have lived in peace for many generations, but all that is about to change Acting on a dream in which he saw a ferocious badger warrior, the evil Ungatt Trunn and his minions are waging an invasion of Salamandastron The residents put up a good fight to defend their island, but in the end Ungatt and his warriors prove too strong Lord Stonepaw and a few survivors retreat to the basement caves in the island, where they hide and plan what to do next.Some distance away, a spunky young maiden hare named Dotti is traveling on her own when she meets up with another badger, Lord Brocktree The warrior badger is traveling to Salamandstron, driven there by a dream he had, a dream of death, destruction, and a powerful enemy After Lord Brocktree rescues the headstrong Dotti from a band of traveling marauders, the young hare decides to accompany him to Salamandastron Thus is a long lasting and strong friendship born.Along the way, Brocktree and Dotti meet a number of other creatures big and small, fierce and gentle, friends and foes There is an old hare named Fleetscut, who teams up with a group of rabble rousing squirrels, nearly being killed several times and then almost starving to death At the other end of the age spectrum is Skittles, a young hedgehog with lots of energy but little restraint There is Udara Groundslay, a wise old owl who cannot fly but who rules over a small kingdom nonetheless And then there is the shrew encampment led by Log a Log Grenn.As this traveling band of anthropomorphic vagabonds heads for Salamandastron, they try to build camaraderie and hone their fighting skills Their numbers are increased tenfold when they reach the lands governed by King Bucko Bigbones, one of the biggest and strongest hares to ever live When Bucko is bested in a test of strength and will by the plucky Dotti, he prepares to hand her his crown Instead, she convinces him and his followers to join in on the march to Salamandastron.By the time this traveling band of warriors closes in on Trunn, the wildcat s ranks have been weakened through attrition and treason Trunn s wicked ways and cruel treatment haven t won him any friends Trunn puts up a good fight and almost defeats the rescuers, but in the end Lord Brocktree and his little band of fighters prevail, restoring Salamandastron to the peaceful community it once was With this latest installment in his epic adventure, Jacques will no doubt continue to enthrall his readers, both young and old While the vocabulary in the Redwall series tends to limit the stories to readers over the age of nine or so, Lord Brocktree has less of the dialect and hundred dollar words that tend to trip up younger readers There is bloodshed and violence, but also an overriding theme of good triumphing over evil and Jacques doesn t dabble much in shades of gray his evil characters are clearly and deliciously evil And the ever escalating sense of adventure makes each book in this series an exercise in non stop fun and excitement.
    Lord Brocktree An aging but heroic badger known as Lord Stonepaw is the leader of the other creatures living on the island mountain of Salamandastron They have lived in peace for many generations but all that is ab

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    1. Sad to have finished this one I do love a Redwall tale There is something infinitely comfortable about them and yet they still entertain.

    2. There s always a risk involved in re reading childhood favorites What if they re not as good as I remember What if they espouse views I now can t stand That last one is a serious potential problem for the Redwall books, because Brian Jacques made no bones about writing morality with very few shades of grey As he once wrote in the introduction to the Friend and Foe guide, Goodies are good And yet, despite growing up on his work, I find myself less and less fond of black and white morality over ti [...]

    3. Lord Brocktree is awesomehe s kind of like this big, gruff warrior guy with a poor ability to hide his true gentler side read about the way he acts around the molebabes and such Dotti Duckfontien Dilworthy or whatever is a very amusing character, I really like the way Jaques portrays her spunk The two twin hare brothers that you meet later in the story are also amusing, especially in the way they admire Dotti s singing Not everybody likes her voice, you know

    4. Lord Brocktree is a tough book to rate One one hand, the book contains a fun and interesting story with likable characters On the other hand, there are so many things in this book that are either completely unnecessary or just plain annoying or both It comes down to this Are the abundant annoyances present in this book forgivable due to the presence of a well told story The answer to the above question, in this case, is no Yes, Brocktree and Stonepaw are interesting characters who have a fun sup [...]

    5. Very excellent This story, like the previous two books I ve read in this series, boasted a nice somewhat fresh plot from the usual fare you get from Redwall It was quite well done and enjoyable.

    6. Beautiful Book, I absolutely adore Brian Jacques writing, i have read many of his book multiples times starting at a young and continue to read them into my adult years They never get boring dull or cumbersome They may come across as whimsical to some, however this is what i love most about them We all need Whimsy in our lives.

    7. One of the problems with the Redwall series is that the books have gotten extremely based on a formula and while that formula is pretty easy to like, it s still pretty easy to predict character actions in the later Redwall Novels like Lord Brocktree.Basically, the formula is villain makes appearance, causes trouble, new and most times inexperienced hero appears, lot of eating and description about food, some kumbahya sing round the campfire songs that are rips from Lord of the Rings and that don [...]

    8. I just love every single book of the Redwall stories I love the simpleness of plot, yet charmingly told I love the characters, I love the things they do best I love how the author painstakingly written down every weird accent, and I love how he created all the lovely food I love all the wise advice along with the story classic, told in old ways, but never boring with the storie like this A great children book

    9. Not the best Redwall book, but still good As many have said, Redwall has a plot pretty much set Villain comes and does evil Usualy a wildcat, rat, stoat, ferret, weasel, fox or bird of some sort and a hero saves the day, usualy with killing only the main villian Whike entertaining, this gets to be kinda unrealistic Usualy, there is another to continue said villainy, not just a bunch of cowards Regardless, a good series and book in general I like that we get to see of the Redwall world, like in [...]

    10. Spoiler alert Beautifully told When Fleetscut and Jukka died together I literally cried, two enemies united in the end Perfect.

    11. Honestly a really good read, very descriptive and engaging I was surprised how violent it got for a children s story It was turned out to be a really good fantasy adventure story, with really interesting and well developed characters.

    12. Defend the weak, protect both young and old, never desert your friends Give justice to all, be fearless in battle and always ready to defend the right The law of Badger Lords, Lord Brocktree, P 370 Thirteen books into the beloved Redwall series, I think Brian Jacques demonstrates remarkably in Lord Brocktree that his enthralling tales of Mossflower Wood and its many and varied inhabitants still have a lot of freshness kept in reserve I would say that this book is probably the best entry in the s [...]

    13. My exposure to the Redwall series has been that of attempting to read Salamanastron when I was a kid and not getting passed the first few chapters due to the dialect A few years ago i attempted to try to break into the series again as I read through Redwall and thoroughly enjoyed it So, here I was, trying to decide where to go in regards to continuing the series I decided to read Lord Brocktree and while I can honestly say that I enjoyed the book, it is no Redwall.While Redwall had a pretty dire [...]

    14. Lord Brocktree is probably the cleverest Badger Lord of the Redwall series and throughout the book relies on his brain than his brawn It s a nice departure from the usual, especially since many of Jacques characters all start sounding the same after a while Another nice departure was the antagonism between Fleetscut and Jukka and the maidenry of Dotti Her emphasis on proper manners just to rile her opponents made for some of the funniest scenes in the book, and let s not forget all the times sh [...]

    15. Lord Brocktree is the 13th book published in the Redwall universe but the first to take place chronologically I ve been a massive fan of Brian Jacques ever since I was a child or a dibbun as they would say in the Redwall world and re reading the series changes very few things for me.The plot is simple Peace has gone on for too long near the mountain fortress of Salamandastron the ancestral home of the badger lords Ungatt Trunn the wild cat arrives with his massive horde and lays siege to the mou [...]

    16. In this book there are many characters Some of the characters are Lord Brocktree, Dotti, Lord Stonepaw, Ungatt Trun, King Bucko Bigbones, and a bunch of hares Lord Stonepaw is the new Badger Lord who is on an adventure to take his throne at Salamandstron, which is the home of the Badger Lords Dotti is a hare who is on an adventure with Lord Brocktree to visit her aunt at Salamandstron Lord Stonepaw is Lord Brocktree s father He is the current Badger Lord and is waiting for his son to arrive and [...]

    17. I heard a lot about the Redwall series, so I found Lord Brocktree at a garage sale, I picked it up I envisioned this to be in the same vein as Watership Down, but then anthropomorphic animals in a medieval fantasy setting That it was, although there was little magic, and the big difference with Watership Down is that the Redwall novels are aimed at a younger audience It started out nicely, with the badger Lord Brocktree traveling to his ancestoral home, Salamandastron, not knowing that it is bes [...]

    18. As the first book, chronologically speaking, in the Redwall series, I was expecting to get the same satisfaction out of this book as I did out of others in this series I had as a kid.I may have been hoping for too much.Don t get me wrong, this book is very well written and the world is as fleshed out as ever, but the magic of the series while being read by an adult just isn t the same as it was when read by a child The writing is very clearly tailored to the mind of a child, and the funny woodla [...]

    19. It is a Redwall book It followed the formula There was an upstart baby animal, impossible to understand creatures and feasts Even though the theme of this book seemed to be that everyone should be able to function without food for long periods of time while alternately wasting it with foolish eating contests.My mistake was hoping this book would provide insight into the history and establishment of Salamandastron it doesn t In fact, it doesn t do anything to distinguish it from the other books i [...]

    20. I was OBSESSED with this series when I was in middle school I read about one of these books per week I reread this one over a decade after the fact out of curiosity, to see if it measured up to my childhood esteem for it I was pleasantly surprised Although there are definitely parts where you can tell beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was written for twelve year olds deaths are glossed over, the consequences largely ignored, etc , it was still solid writing It s much better than most teen ficti [...]

    21. My experience reading Brian Jaques, began with Martin the Warrior, then Redwall, and Mossflower This is the thirteenth book in the series, and it still showcases Mr Jaques storytelling abilities The message is simple treat those you meet with compassion and friendship Even your enemies In the end, Good will triumph over Evil I know I m stating this too simply, but that does seem to be the message Those who act with cruelty, will meet their end getting what they deserve Strength and power should [...]

    22. How flat and formulaic can these books get I read this long ago, when I was still a very inexperienced reader, and even then I couldn t stand the annoying characters, predictable point A to point B plot, and draggy story All the villains are EEEEVIL, or mean, or stupid all the heroes good and brave and unintentionally annoying I think I was about 40 pages from the end when I gave up And that was the time when DNFing books felt like the Cardinal Sin of Reading to me Bleh Skip it.

    23. Well it wasn t my cup of tea The different dialects of the creatures was confusing It may be because I don t have a great imagination but it was hard to understand what they were saying I also didn t like the fighting theme throughtout

    24. I can t remember if this is the first Redwall book I read or not I think Redwall is the first Redwall book I read, because if this was the first, I d probably wouldn t have read the others Yes, as you can see by that statement, this is not going to be a positive review I did not like book thirteen, Lord Brocktree So, as I said, I was at the library and I saw a book with a badger welding a sword, witch looked awesome Then I opened it up to this quote about this being a story of honor and good def [...]

    25. It s been a fair long while since I returned to the world of Redwall My plan is to gradually buy and read through all the books, as I ve never owned them and would like to, and I m going in chronological order of the timeline this time around, rather than reading random ones I found at the library when I was a lot younger.Lord Brocktree was completely new to me I ve never read it before It was an interesting first jump back into Redwall, and as I don t think I ve ever read one of the titles that [...]

    26. Great first book in a series that I think of as a bit of a cross between Watership Down and the Chronicles of Narnia I really like the fact that there is no question between the good guys and the bad In too the detriment of so much modern fantasy, this distinction is lost Thank you BJ for not falling into this trap.Honestly, I skipped over most of the songs and don t feel like I lost anything in the reading It isn t like Tolkien s songs that enrich the story so beautifully Another thing that I f [...]

    27. When this Redwall prequel begins, the badger Lord Russano of the mountain Salamandastron, is scribing the history of his home, and tells the tale of how it came into its own thanks to Lord Brocktree of Brockhall In the first of the main chapters, the Lord of Salamandastron then, Stonepaw, feels that peace has endured for too long, and sure enough, in the northeast reaches of the Mossflower Wood, the stoat Drigg Slopmouth and his brood are harassing a hare, Dorothea Duckfontein Dillworthy, Dotti [...]

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