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Speed of Life By J.M.Kelly,

  • Title: Speed of Life
  • Author: J.M.Kelly
  • ISBN: 9780544747821
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Twins Crystal and Amber have the same goal to be the first in their family to graduate high school and make something of their lives When one gets pregnant during their junior year, they promise to raise the baby together It s not easy, but between their after school jobs, they re scraping by.Crystal s grades catch the attention of the new guidance counselor, who tellsTwins Crystal and Amber have the same goal to be the first in their family to graduate high school and make something of their lives When one gets pregnant during their junior year, they promise to raise the baby together It s not easy, but between their after school jobs, they re scraping by.Crystal s grades catch the attention of the new guidance counselor, who tells her about a college that offers a degree in automotive restoration, perfect for the car buff she is When she secretly applies and gets in new opportunities threaten their once certain plans, and Crystal must make a choice follow her dreams or stay behind and honor the promise she made to her sister.Feminist readers in particular will appreciate this strong young woman who doesn t conform to gender norms Kirkus
    Speed of Life Twins Crystal and Amber have the same goal to be the first in their family to graduate high school and make something of their lives When one gets pregnant during their junior year they promise to ra

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    1. 5 5 This is the best YA contemporary I ve ever read, period.I m both exhausted from the week and emotionally drained from finishing this tonight basically I read half of the book today but I need to write this review ASAP because the book is coming out so soon and I just need to share my feelings with prospective readers.This is probably going to get long and rave y so here s a quick overview of what made this book such an incredible standout for me Feminist without being preachy A stunningly ac [...]

    2. This was a fast read with really clear positives and negatives, and it made me wish it were possible to hand a book back to an author and say, You have something so good here please just rewrite the last quarter or so This is the first YA I ve ever read where the main character is taking care of a baby in a maternal capacity from start to end, and I really loved watching her balance the challenges with school, work, sharing the responsibilities with her sister, coming from a very low income hous [...]

    3. Wholly unremarkable other than a poorly pulled off twist and a nasty instance of fat shaming There are good things, like how the sisters relationship develops over the course of a year, but there s just nothing to say about the book.Diversity just diversity in class status because everyone in the novel is poor as dirt No racial ethnic, QUILTBAG, or disability rep anywhere.

    4. Huge thank you to Raincoast for this ARC It upsets me how much this book isn t being talked about This is one of those contemporary gems that has no buzz behind it, and it s just such a genuine and thoughtful read Speed of Life is about two twin sisters who share everything, are dirt poor, and are looking to get out of their backwater town and make real lives for themselves and the child that one of them has had out of wedlock While this doesn t sound like the most original plot line, there is s [...]

    5. I am not sure if there will ever come a time in my reading life when I am able to pass up a book about twins And with a long love of Sweet Valley High, I particularly cannot pass up a book about identical twins set during their high school years Although, this Washington state town is a far cry from Sweet Valley and these twins don t live in a split level ranch with a kidney shaped pool No, these red headed twins live in a bedroom made illegally out of a garage, and the book opens with the birth [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this book by Kelly, and I was surprised at the twist toward the end of the book I don t usually expect twists in my contemporaries This offers a glimpse into the life of two small town teen sisters who are raising a daughter together after one of them gets pregnant They re part of a low income family and doing their best to give the baby what she needs and working hard to a better life together It s one of the most realistic books I ve ever read every character has flaws and the [...]

    7. Disclaimer I received an eARC of this book I chose to review it and this in no way impacts my opinion of it.DNF 82%To be fair, I wasn t enjoying this novel at like 20% but decided to continue on because I had nothing better to do but now I m SO MAD that I did I just can t after the plot twist that is shitty writing tbh The first plot twist was stupid but meh, but the second I basically rage quit Full DNF review tomorrow on Books and Ladders.

    8. I drop off Natalie at the school s daycare and head to the lab to type Amber s paper for her We re both going to graduate, even if it kills me The Speed of Life shines incredible insight on the realities of living in predominantly low income neighbourhoods and the adversity faced by our fiercely loyal and dedicated sister and co parent protagonists, Crystal and Amber, in taking care of their infant daughter Natalie.The events of this novel are followed from Crystal, who is often portrayed to be [...]

    9. Twins Crystal and Amber have a clear plan for their future, which includes graduating high school and leaving home for an apartment of their own The baby was a speed bump, but nothing can stop the sisters from fulfilling their promise to each other When Crystal s grades catch the attention of the guidance counselor at school, she suddenly has a chance at a future that has the potential to help them Will Amber be on board with the college plan, or will Crystal be on her own for the first time Spe [...]

    10. I received this ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for my honest review.For the first part of this book, I wasn t totally sure I liked it Crystal and Amber are raising a baby One of them got pregnant the author doesn t let us know who the mother is at first and they make a promise to each other that they will raise the baby together They have a plan They both work their butts off to pay for Natalie their baby and they are STILL in high school Amber and Crystal are determined to be the first ones in [...]

    11. Rating 3.5 5Review posted on my blog, The Basic BookwormCrystal and Amber are twins who want to be the first in their family to graduate high school, despite their poverty and family circumstances When one of them gets pregnant and has a baby, they agree to raise it together and not reveal who the mother is They have a plan for their future, where both of them use their part time jobs to move into an apartment in a better neighbourhood where they can raise their daughter Natalie During their fin [...]

    12. You may already be familiar with author J.M Kelly, a Canadian writer, as she has authored a few books under her name Jo lle Anthony Her newest YA novel, Speed of Life, has been well reviewed and received in journals ranging from Kirkus and Publisher s Weekly to School Library Journal, and it is indeed a terrific addition to the genre of realistic young adult lit.Speed of Life is told through the strong, candid and revealing first person narrative of Crystal Robbins, a high school senior in Portl [...]

    13. Connected since birth, twin sisters Crystal and Amber have always done everything together They share a bank account, finish each other s homework, and will be the first in their family to graduate from high school After adding a newborn baby to the list, they devise a plan to finish school, save their hard earned money, and get their own place At least, that was the original plan, but after a meeting with the new guidance counselor, Crystal realizes that she might actually have the chance to go [...]

    14. I am still reeling from how much I absolutely loved this book I want of the characters stories immediately My single complaint is the way the mother was treated for being overweight, but I m going to assume that was Crystal s voice and not the author s Other than that, everything was perfect I d read 3 books about Crystal, Amber, Han, and Natalie.

    15. Interesting I need a new word , though I think maybe not entirely successful I thought Crystal was being selfish and unrealistic and the book didn t explain her reasoning well enough until something like the 80% mark Which was a bit too little, too late.I m also think the book should ve talked about why they decided to keep Natalie in either an adoption or abortion scenario.

    16. 3.5ish 5 stars 13 01 18 Quick, easy read full review here First 2018 White Pine book I read I plan to write a full review for this book the last two books I read , which will probably be done sometime later this week

    17. Highly enjoyable read, but the big twist wasn t all that shocking I think I might have read a spoiler about it here, promptly forgotten about it as I read the book, and recalled it once again once it happened Crystal s situation was pretty interesting I spent a lot of time judging Amber, for sure This story was a good way to see what it s like on the other side of the tracks I ve never really understood people who dropped out so close to the end of high school You re almost there And there s so [...]

    18. Speed of Life is about twin sisters sharing the raising of a baby They live with their dirt poor Mom and Stepdad, both useless parents who actually beg borrow steal money from their daughters At first I was rather put off by the language and poor grammar, considering that I had purchased this for my 16 year old niece but once I realized it is simply how these sisters talk yup, real world, can t escape it I accepted it and enjoyed the story.The girls have a realistic plan to improve their situati [...]

    19. I received this book as an ARC for the blog tour hosted by rain coast books Thank you so much for sending me this breathtaking novel I fell in love with it with each word and page.The plot was absolutely amazing It really hit home for me because we live in a world where getting pregnant in high school is a bad thing Now I m not saying it s a good thing, but I feel as if we should be supporting the girls and guys instead of throwing them out on the streets I know so many good kids who were thrown [...]

    20. A beautiful book about two sisters, you ll fall in love with this book right off the bat Nice easy flow and conversational style to the writing Well developed character, plot and setting.Wry, witty humour underscores the pretty crappy life situation the two sisters find themselves in The girls are living in grinding poverty, their subsidised free lunch plans the only decent meal of their day, with little parental support to help them out.That one sister ends up as a teen mom could be the straw t [...]

    21. Eighteen year old twin sisters, Crystal and Amber share everything, their bank account, their room, their homework, their hopes for a better future, and even the child born to one of them from a one night stand Despite all they share, they are opposites Crystal loves cars Amber loves girlie dresses and family One day, Crystal is introduced to a solution to all their money problems and an escape from the poverty that has haunted them their entire lives Although it is a brilliant solution, she is [...]

    22. This book was meh at the beginning, but got better towards the end To be honest,I didn t really like Crystal s approach towards her future in the start of the book She was complacent with the fact that she ll stay in Portland,own Jimmy s shop in a few years and that s it.Ms Spellerman could have been removed from this book, because she was important for a little bit, and then she kept forgetting Crystal s name and whatnotTHE PLOT TWIST THO That really shook me I think that s what made this book [...]

    23. I m just going to put this right out there I have no idea why this book was a White Pine winner, no idea at all Before I started reading Speed Of Life, I was really excited for it, and at the start of the book, I thought it was really good, but, I think it was the end that wrecked it for me I mean, who has a kid and tells everyone it was their twin sisters kid because they don t want to adnit they got pregnant What kind of sister would go along with it, because everyone would believe it would be [...]

    24. I ended up skimming through this book I worked out almost immediately who Natalie s mother was, and it wasn t all that surprising, so the big reveal felt pretty anticlimactic I also thought it came too late By that point, I really disliked all the secondary characters, especially Amber, and I found Crystal to be judgmental, rude, and inconsiderate of everyone around her I also felt like she used all the people around her, making it really difficult to like her The best scenes were those with Nat [...]

    25. Crystal and Amber, twin sisters, have their life planned, finishing high school and getting a place of their own, but a baby puts a little bump in their plans I really enjoyed the sister relationship and their goals despite where they grew up, a poor neighborhood in Portland, Oregon I wasn t expecting the twist that happened and it was a nice surprise Great contemporary read about accepting consequences and going for your dreams.

    26. I really liked enjoyed this book, despite the tough subject I think it s important to shed light on how hard life can be for some people I was rooting for Amber and Crystal the whole book, and wanted them to succeed.

    27. meh of this years White Pine nominated books.Character drama with lots of angst Gets a little unbelievable with revelation of baby daddy One can only suspend disbelief for so long.

    28. My White Pine Club is raving about this book It is a different kind of story about social class and sisterhood Enjoyed it We ll have an interesting debate about the twist

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