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Jacked TP Vol 1 By Eric Kripke,

  • Title: Jacked TP Vol 1
  • Author: Eric Kripke
  • ISBN: 9781401262709
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eric Kripke creator of the hit TV series Supernatural teams up with Vertigo veterans John Higgin.
    Jacked TP Vol Eric Kripke creator of the hit TV series Supernatural teams up with Vertigo veterans John Higgin

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    1. Josh Jaffe is a middle aged recently laid off father of two who can t find employment What he has got though is a bad knee, bad back, acid reflux, a receding hairline and trouble in the sack His wife works as a makeup artist on a superhero TV show, just about keeping their heads above water Josh s brother sees him stuck in a rut and gives him a special new energy pill, Jacked, to help him out Except now Josh suddenly has super strength hearing focus But superheroes aren t real are they Jacked is [...]

    2. Eric Kripke, the creator of the popular TV series Supernatural, writes a Vertigo comic book about himself getting superpowers from taking pills And it s not that bad Well, no, I don t actually mean himself, it s just that the main character in Jacked visually resembles Kripke a lot But the premise is pretty much it a family guy in a mid life crisis decides to get some pills online that should make him smarter and focused or some such, but they end up giving him superpowers He messes up, saves t [...]

    3. Review in Progress Mid life crisis meets wanna be superheroes and ultimate drug tripping Josh is going through a rough point in his life where nothing seems to be going right He is advised to try enhancement vitamins drugs with questionable legality and soon finds himself with super strength and hearing However it also gives him wacko hallucinations from his homeroom teacher starring in a porno with an action figure to finding himself inside his own colon EWW Not to mentions getting involved wit [...]

    4. Do super drugs make the superhero or is there to it A terrifying romp into the realistic repercussions of getting jacked up if you are the average Joe.

    5. JACKED 4.0 5.0 STORYJACKED is a twisted love letter to every 40 something adult teetering on the brink of a mid life crisis And, as a 40 something adult teetering on the brink of a mid life crisis, I thoroughly enjoyed this book Eric Kripke expertly depicts the struggle of our literal and figurative hero, Josh Jaffe, as he comes to the realization that life is flying by and he has yet to accomplish one great thing Only three years my junior, Kripke s semi autobiographical story struck a chord wi [...]

    6. Overall a solid series that walks us through the dangers that come along with suddenly acquiring super powers without any formal structure Superman and Batman have the set of rules but Josh is new to this game so he s making it up as he goes along That means trouble brews and he must find a way to manage it, which might be different than you would imagine I m a big fan of other types of writers song writers, screenwriters as well as Eric Kripke so Jacked is a great opportunity as far as I m conc [...]

    7. An ironic look at Superheros, somewhat in the vein of a Watchman or closely The Boys The art is above average Kripke s tale is as much about making it through the world as the complete opposite of a superhero so all of the rest of us with all the baggage of a mid life crisis I found the ending a little soft, but the door is open to a sequel

    8. Disclaimer I received this book through a giveaway for the purposes of this review No other compensation was offered or requested.Josh Jaffe is hitting a mid life crisis His body is beginning to fall apart, he doesn t really talk to his wife much any , and his entire job field was rendered obsolete by new technology, so he s been unemployed for the last six months Nothing has turned out like he d imagined it would as a kid, or even as a teenager Josh s dentist brother recommends nootropic supple [...]

    9. Jacked by Eric Kripke is an adult graphic novel about Josh Jaffe, a man deep in his own mid life crisis Feeling like no one respects him, he takes the advise of his brother and tries out a pill that is supposed to help him be focused and help him break out of a slump However, while the pill certainly makes him feel healthier it also gives him super strength and some crazy hallucinations and are highly addictive This brutally honest story is from Eric Kripke creator of the hit TV series Supernat [...]

    10. A strong four for what Vertigo should be doing subverting comics but giving us a title that can stand on its own merits despite its reaction to what s come before There s no end of stories about unlikely superheroes taken from the population of Average Joes out there, but this feels throughout like a superior example, with the nebbish mid life crisis bringing in gang and drug crimes, and no end of meaty pages There s a bit of ultra violence here, a strong woman character there who may or may not [...]

    11. Surprisingly fun twist that displays the endless malleability of superheroes as both modern myth and useful metaphor, this time for a man s midlife crisis and the addiction that spirals from it when he discovers an off market mystery drug that grants him enormous strength, stamina and healing powers, with the attendant handful of extremely unpleasant side effects and withdrawal symptoms Don t know whether Kripke is someone who s wrestled with addiction himself, but I ll be damned if he doesn t h [...]

    12. Most of us are just regular, insecure assholes There s a lot of truth in this book And it s quite a different take on the superhero story I liked it but didn t love it Its story wasn t as compelling as it could have been and it wasn t necessarily to my taste But it had some interesting lessons and there was some good creativity throughout I guess it kind of made me think of what it would look like if Tarantino did a superhero film Make of that what you will Thanks to NetGalley and DC Comics for [...]

    13. Jacked was a super fun read, pun intended I ll make this short because if I go on too long, I m sure I ll spoil something.The main character s life is in a rut and he decides to try something new to change his fortune His choice nootropics He orders some online and, boom, he s a new man Hilarity and tragedy ensue.This was a really enjoyable read It reminded me of the Luther Strode series so if you enjoyed that, you will probably want to check out this GN Thanks, And Mr Kripke Great work

    14. I loved this book Fantastic covers by Glenn Fabry John Higgins has evolved into a top notch artist His art in this book is spectacular Eric Kripke crafts an intriguing story about a middle aged man going through a midlife crisis He gets talked into taking these supplements which turn out to give him super strength and also cause hallucinations He can t control his strength and falls into trouble with some drug dealers The situation spirals out of control from there.Received an advance copy from [...]

    15. 3 and a half stars I actually quite liked this It did get a bit too crude in some moments The basic plot is a guy is having a midlife crisis, he s depressed, trouble in his marriage, he s out of work so he tries this drug, it gives him powers of a superhero his problems all seem solved he feels better, his wife and him, I ll say make up, but his ego of rushing into a situation puts every in danger.Solid book overall I received an advanced copy of this from NetGalley and the publisher.

    16. A violent modern take on the careful what you wish for theme that has a few smart barbs at consumerist culture, middle age dread, superhero aspirations and the glamourisation of violence The story overall is a little too straight to video to make the most of its premise, the art style is pretty dated although technically strong and the whole thing has a slightly sub Garth Ennis feel to it.

    17. Supernatural creator Eric Kripke gives us a violent and intense story about Josh,a man entering middle age who discovers new vitality through the nootropic Jacked Of course things go off the rails and he finds himself immersed in a world of criminals and psychopaths.

    18. Only read the first couple of issues, but I can t go further with this The description of it being Crumb esque fits the bill But also means it s not my cup of tea since I have no appreciation for Crumb and his style.

    19. I thought the concept could have been interesting, but it s a pretty lacklustre effort from TV writer Kripke, heavily reliant on cliches.

    20. Wasn t sure what to expect I love Supernatural so figured I would give this a shot The story was good, funny The art was pretty gruesome and nsfw.

    21. Story is a bit classic but It s been a while I haven t read anything good which is a bit Crumbesque and contemporary.

    22. An interesting read, not quite as biting as it could be, and not quite as fleshed out as I d have liked But fun enough as a short read.

    23. Interesting take on the concept of super powered humans without falling into the superhero category The relationships in this are insecure and desperate and very real looking forward to .

    24. This is an interesting take on an illegal drug Its composition is unknown, its effects vary person to person, and one user battled hallucinations and withdrawal.

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