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Guns & Thighs: The Story of My Life By Ram Gopal Varma,

  • Title: Guns & Thighs: The Story of My Life
  • Author: Ram Gopal Varma
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In these delightfully candid musings about his life and his cinema, RGV reveals the man behind pioneering Telugu and Hindi films such as Shiva, Rangeela, Satya, Sarkar, Bhoot and Company.Discussing a wide range of subjects, from the influences and circumstances that drew him to films to his cinematic techniques, his successful and unsuccessful films, his Bollywood idols, hIn these delightfully candid musings about his life and his cinema, RGV reveals the man behind pioneering Telugu and Hindi films such as Shiva, Rangeela, Satya, Sarkar, Bhoot and Company.Discussing a wide range of subjects, from the influences and circumstances that drew him to films to his cinematic techniques, his successful and unsuccessful films, his Bollywood idols, his relations with the media and the controversies dogging him, Guns Thighs is as much about RGV s life and philosophy of life as about his films and the Indian film world Characteristically, he pulls no punches, whether he s talking about movies, women or the media Even when it comes to his own films, he embraces his failures as much his successes and dissects them with rare honesty and humility.Refreshingly contrarian and politically incorrect, this book discloses a perspective as colourful and larger than life as Indian films It is not for RGV fans alone but for all those passionate about cinema and the people associated with it.
    Guns Thighs The Story of My Life In these delightfully candid musings about his life and his cinema RGV reveals the man behind pioneering Telugu and Hindi films such as Shiva Rangeela Satya Sarkar Bhoot and Company Discussing a

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    1. You may find the title quite enticing but mark my words the book or should call it the collection of weird memoirs is total, yeah totally disgusting If you re going to purchase it than control your emotions if you ve brought then return or replace it at earliest Maybe in case if you ve wasted the money, then don t waste your time efforts in reading it And just to ascertain my views go through any page of the book after a minute or two, you ll throw it out RIP RGV s Books Movies.

    2. In his memoirs, Guns Thighs, film maker Ram Gopal Varma recounts an incident from his early years, when a friend lent him a copy of Mario Puzo s bestselling The Godfather with explicit instructions to read the racy sex scene on page26 Varma read it, and then proceeded to read the rest of the book, because Puzo s novel about the mafia was so engrossing He read it several times, he recalls, finding new things to appreciate in each re reading Years later, those repeated readings of one of modern li [...]

    3. GUNS THIGHSRating 5 5 We live the life of others when we read their thoughts Ayn Rand.We connect to the life of others when we connect our thoughts to theirs.I was always obsessed with either with his films, interviews, thoughts and everything.Nothing other than his movies and thoughts that gave me pleasure Always eager to watch and hear from him.As always reading RGV is itself reading my own life.

    4. To write a review for an autobiography is not really a good idea though For me, Ram Gopal Varma is one of the finest filmmakers in India in the past 20 years Coming from a humble middle class background, and going on to establishing a cult like status was no easy task RGV had his share of ups and downs, hardworking days, smart moves, and coning people to get a movie to direct, etc This book exactly doesn t fit into the category of Autobiography, because, he starts directly from his college days, [...]

    5. If there is a director in the last twenty years who has had the most profound impact on Hindi cinema and spawned a tradition that took long established cinematic norms head on by creating a realistic idiom hitherto unknown to mainstream Indian cinema, it is undoubtedly Ram Gopal Varma From his stable emerged writers and directors like Jaideep Sahni, Shimit Amin, Anurag Kashyap, Sriram Raghavan and so many others who radically redefined Indian cinema which till then seemed to have been stuck in a [...]

    6. What s Quentin Tarantino to Hollywood, RGV is to Bollywood Both self proclaimed Film Geek , started their career working in a video store and its their passion of cinema to become one of the most happening, stylish and made their own stamp of cinema The book shares and reflects RGV s honest and sometimes blunt opinions about his life, career and his encounters with life in general But at the same time its too repetitive and too short to clarify RGV s mind as one moves on further It has pretty in [...]

    7. Guns and Thighs The Story of My Life is the autobiography of Ram Gopal Varma, the man behind iconic films like Satya , Rangeela , Company and Sarkar While Ram Gopal Varma has given us these really impressive movies, he is also the man behind some horrendous movies like Aag , Daud , Naach and Darna Jaruri Hai , etc Known as the king of controversy , Ram Gopal Varma has tried to maintain this notorious image throughout this book also Nowhere in the book, Ram Gopal Varma has attempted to mince any [...]

    8. This book is about the journey of RamGopal Varma about His life, films, family, Beliefs, Interests and his IdeasThe starting part of this book, is so much close to the information, that even a common audience who knows something about RGV was familiarAnd this book took complete next level in the following pages where he detailed information about his admiration towards Sridevi, A R Rehman and Amitabh BachchanFollowed by take 1 and take 2, deals with his Ideas, situations that makes him to obser [...]

    9. Owing to their tremendous contribution to my life in a way or the other, I dedicate this book to Mad magazine, Ayan Rand, Urmila Matondkar, Bruce Lee, Amitaabh Bachan, pornstar Tori Black and a few gangster.Well That s quite weird and blunt dedication I ever read in starting of any biography It s just starting and so on book happens to be very different than usual books I must say that my rating is biased As it s not entirely on book s prospective but because of my admiration towards Ram Gopal V [...]

    10. I started hesitatingly, and bought because it is available at throwaway price on Kindle It turned out to be a surprisingly good read I see people judging the book and the author Well this book is not meant to learn something This book is his experiences and perspectives.Perspectives are good reads as long as they are honest They did sound honest to me This book is not mediocre like some of his latest films So, you may read it.

    11. Ram Gopal Verma is an interesting character In this book he shares his uncanny ways of looking at life, luck success and failure His madness for cinema is what propels his life as well as this book The biggest take away from this book is I will make 100 below average movie rather than bashing other s work Thank you Ramu I wish you enjoy life the way you have enjoyed till now.

    12. Informative, but written in absurd language, no sequence of events, like collection of unrelated features, not recommended

    13. I remember the first time I saw Shiva More importantly, I remember the first time I saw a poster of Shiva It was a stark white poster with nothing on it except a chain that dangled from the top to bottom and the name of the movie No image of the hero, the heroine or the villain I do not quite recall whether there were any credits at all on the poster, but I would think not Ram Gopal Verma s best movies are for me, a reflection of the poster They are single minded, there is grit dripping off ever [...]

    14. One of my favorite director, the book by the director is good The whole story is interesting to read The journey of this director is quite interesting.I like the whole book and in fact finished reading it in two days.There s a chapter where the director used to hang around that particular cinemas watching movies over and over again This chapter i like the most.Secondly I liked his idea of opening a video parlor which became a huge hit.And lastly the one where he describes how he and his friends [...]

    15. I like this book because it makes me laugh out loud RGV used to be the filmmaker of the 90s, with every new release making us writhe in anticipation But then he wasn t But he didn t stop being entertaining, and his straight from the hip, possibly vodka fueled musings on life, movies and filmmaking were a hit on the blogosphere Ramu still tweets, but most of the one liners sound tired and a little too deliberate outrage as a domain has been stripped clean elsewhere The book collects the blog post [...]

    16. Not really a birth to present day story of Ram Gopal Varma, this biography is a collection of short stories and essays on topics where RGV holds and opinion It is like a blog than the biography most people would expect Those looking for the story behind his directorial prowess and inspirations should give it a miss That said, if you set aside your expectation of what a biography should look or feel like, this is a good book and an entertaining read.

    17. reminded me of how much i used to like the director i agree, am impressed, with every little thing he has written the book is a very non taxing autiobiography and the director will hold your attention i recommend it to anyone who has ever has liked films but at the same time has wondered about the thought process of choosing story, improvising, selecting star cast, music, back ground score, location, new facesrgv is a great man

    18. A little disappointed to find most of the material in this book is rehashed from RGV s popular blog that he used to write a few years back Some of the anecdotes are brilliant and RGV writes with brutal honesty The book is short and sweet, that can be finished in a few hours A bit of editing would have helped in removing some of the duplicate mentions of the same incident in different contexts.Recommended if you haven t read RGV s blog earlier.

    19. I didn t know RGV had a blog I don t care if he has a blog I loved whatever he had to say in the book and in spite of the fact that we don t know how far his opinions are true here, I enjoyed the tone and the boldness of the book.Also it made me realize I am not the only one who prays to God for pausing the ageing of people I absolutely love and respect Totally recommended

    20. Extremely easy to read finished in two hours flat n t tell much about his life leaves a lot to think about just like his movies ,, he has made a book that you refuse to believe has ended what the book does fill you on are the twists and turns of fate in movie industry and how random success can be achieve and to loose as well.

    21. Didn t think I d find myself relating to enjoying anything in the book Was pleasantly surprised to see some interesting perspectives surface.In the book, RGV seems like a narcissist and his harshest critic all at the same time which is intriguing Certainly helps see the man in a different light.

    22. Love RGV and what he wrote is true By the end of the book you will either love me or hate me Real quick ready Was looking forward for some details or truths, but yea can live with this.

    23. This book works, not because of the content but because it is refreshing, the writer is honest without being crass which is a difficult balance It is easy on eyes and a good casual read Recommended

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