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An Old Friend of the Family By Fred Saberhagen,

  • Title: An Old Friend of the Family
  • Author: Fred Saberhagen
  • ISBN: 9780812523850
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kate Southerland has been murdered But she is not dead Johnny Southerland has vanished, a severed, bloody finger the only clue.The Southerlands are trapped in a blood feud older than history Their enemy is no mortal madman but the undying mistress of evil enchantment, Morgan Le Fay.But the Southerlands are not Morgan s true target She seeks to do battle with their protKate Southerland has been murdered But she is not dead Johnny Southerland has vanished, a severed, bloody finger the only clue.The Southerlands are trapped in a blood feud older than history Their enemy is no mortal madman but the undying mistress of evil enchantment, Morgan Le Fay.But the Southerlands are not Morgan s true target She seeks to do battle with their protector, their defender, the only being who can save these mortals.
    An Old Friend of the Family Kate Southerland has been murdered But she is not dead Johnny Southerland has vanished a severed bloody finger the only clue The Southerlands are trapped in a blood feud older than history Their ene

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    1. I just reread this Fast read pretty good The old friend of the family is a vampire, but unlike the sex ridden paranormal romances, this one is of a straight line from Stoker s original to modern it was written in the 60 s, I think day While this is the third book in the series, you can easily start the series here Reading the first two doesn t add a lot I would suggest reading this one before going on to any of the others.

    2. I ve read the first four or five books of Saberhagan s Dracula series and then as luck would have it I lost touch with the series In these days when EVERYONE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD IS WRITING VAMPIRE STORIES, it s interesting to look back, and see how a master of sci fi does things He effortlessly and subtly changes Stoker s classic in a different light, from the vampire s point of view What if Dracula wasn t the evil nemesis presented in the original text What if vampires, like humans were mor [...]

    3. This is the Dracula I remember from this series Moving smartly through the shadows, preparing contingencies and being ruthless in finding and eliminating his enemies In this book he moves in the shadows and while he is often front and center in his guise as a human his methods are often subtle and unsettling and when he does utilize his unnatural abilities he is a relentless force of nature and that inspires terror in both the living and undead It was a very enjoyable read other than the forced [...]

    4. My xth reading of this title This historical Vlad Tepes as Saberhagen spells it Dracula comes to the aid of the descendants of Mina Harker I 3 this book Very dark, bloody, dark .

    5. First book purchase and read a million times An Old Friend of the Family by Fred Saberhagen top notch.My first and forever favourite author of the Vampire Style I had just began working in the late 70s and my second pay cheque began a collection of favourite books and authors, but Saberhagen happened after I spent my teenage school years, reading anything and everything non fiction about Vampires.I had a best friend in viewing the films of Christopher Lee and company all the popular Dracula film [...]

    6. Dracula s story as told by himself He comes to america at the summons of a descendant of his They have been harmed by an old enemy to draw him out.Apparently it was Morgan Le Fay, but I didn t get that at all from reading the book.Narrated by Robin Bloodworth

    7. That was just awful I m a big fan of the Berserker books, and I frankly expected to love this book Such a disappointment

    8. Well, this was moderately less frustratingly awful than the previous two books in the series I mean, it was still fairly bad, but since Dracula himself was given a lesser role, there wasn t so much of his arrogant and ridiculous personality making this a terrible read Instead, this book is bad for slightly less frustrating reasons A big part of this is that there s far too much telling and not enough showing when it comes to the interesting bits Because of the constant shifting between different [...]

    9. I m currently rereading this series after originally reading it in high school It s a fun re imagining of the Dracula story, but it is best to read it in order.This book wasn t as good as the first two, the author switched to a third person point of view and switched around between characters, a style I dislike.Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped [...]

    10. The book cover says this is Saberhagen s first vampire novel, says it s 3 in a series.It appears to work as a standalone.I ve previously read most of Saberhagen s swords series I believe this is the first I ve read by him that isn t part of that series However, it s pretty much what I expected an easy, quick moving, entertaining read without too much depth or complexity to it.Set in the 70 s it was published in 1979, so it was meant to be contemporary, but the setting is so strongly 70 s it feel [...]

    11. This is the third book in Fred Saberhagen s Dracula series Chicago in 1979 may seem like an unusual setting for Dracula but Saberhagen pulls it off No jarring anachronisms or huge plot holes Not an award winner, but not a waste of time either.Called from Europe by a magical incantion, Dracula arrives to help the descendetns of Mina Harker fight a super natural menace.Fairly obvious, but a fun, quick amusing read If you do not like the idea that a vampire can be the goodguy, don t read this And t [...]

    12. This one stands up nicely it was my first encounter with Saberhagen s Dracula, who, while he is the protagonist of this and other books, isn t really the hero He does the things he does because he has to, usually to satisfy his own very strong sense of honor, or because he is the source of the problem, inadvertently or otherwise.I suppose you could call him an anti hero, but I m not really sure that fits, either.Regardless, Saberhagen s Dracula is a believable character, an interesting protagoni [...]

    13. Being a book truly dated still has an aura of mistery I like the way the old world suddently appears in the midst of america And Dr Corday is such a gentleman everything else fades.Not a great book in any way, still a lot to improve there It s too soft, almost fake, but the aura of irreality is rather well expressed by the simple characters.I like the winter time lake too, and the way it pervades the book but it s so expectable that the last action will take place there it diminishes the pathos. [...]

    14. Hardly brilliant literature, but I have a fondness for this series It has a kind of morbid humor to it, and I enjoy the willingness to let monsters be monsters I do wish they had better characterizations for the women, though.A quick, easy and entertaining read for someone in the mood for a little literary junk food.

    15. Fred Sabrehagen helped start the trend of noble vampires, and while that gets him some blame, he also did it better than 90% of the books that came after him.Not totally thrilled with him watering down Dracula to turn him into the hero of this series, but they are well written and kind of interesting to see him operating in the modern 70 s.

    16. The third in Saberhagen s Dracula series, it continues the story of the Count as a good guy In this one, he comes to Chicago to fight a group of evil vampires It was interesting to read of the final showdown in a Chicago snowstorm of course, the vampires are immune to the cold while a snowstorm is going on outside and I wish I had that vampire immunity to the cold.

    17. Read several books in this series when my older son who was born in 1993 was in NICU immediately after birth I read the books out loud to him, and it was fun hearing the nurses tell each other at shift change what had happened in the story Anyway, I ve read all the books in the series and want to go back and re read them.

    18. I m using this one as the placeholder for Saberhagen s Dracula series, because it was the first one I read This was the only other vampire series beside the Saint Germain books where I would automatically buy new titles when I saw them.

    19. Probably wouldn t have picked this up on my own it was given to me by a student Turned out to be a rather interesting read although definitely not for the age of the student who gave it to me.

    20. I read this back in high school It is an interesting twist in the Dracula lore and was enjoyable to read Saberhagen had his own style and you either loved it or hated it.

    21. Dracula is helping out the descendents of Mira Harker you ll remember her from the original Dracula story.

    22. Dracula is alive and in Chicago He is using his supernatural abilities to help out the descedants of his lover Mina Harker.

    23. Listened to this in audio Excellent.This was actually the first book of the series I originally read Enjoyed it then some time in the late 80s , enjoyed it now

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