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Dandelions in a Jelly Jar By Traci Depree,

  • Title: Dandelions in a Jelly Jar
  • Author: Traci Depree
  • ISBN: 9781578567294
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • The peaceful town of Lake Emily will never be the same when Trudy Ploog comes to stay Mae Morgan s flamboyant art teacher sister, Trudy Ploog, moves to the quiet, rural town of Lake Emily, Minnesota, to be closer to Bert Biddle, her shy, unassuming farmer boyfriend Everything is perfect and then the school board cuts the Gifted and Talented program and rumors of cutsThe peaceful town of Lake Emily will never be the same when Trudy Ploog comes to stay Mae Morgan s flamboyant art teacher sister, Trudy Ploog, moves to the quiet, rural town of Lake Emily, Minnesota, to be closer to Bert Biddle, her shy, unassuming farmer boyfriend Everything is perfect and then the school board cuts the Gifted and Talented program and rumors of cuts fly Outraged, Trudy kicks up a whirlwind, beginning with a letter to the paper that questions the very foundation of small town life high school sports Soon the whole town is talking, and Trudy and Bert are put to the test Meanwhile, the Morgan family is recovering from the loss of a child and the death of a life long dream as Virginia Morgan helps a father and daughter rediscover life A hopeful story of facing the challenges of life with courage and learning to see with eyes of grace, Dandelions in a Jelly Jar gently reminds you that the best bouquets are dandelions A welcomed new voice in a genre that is begging for novels of this caliber Bravo Ted Dekker, best selling author of Blink and Thr3e Traci s books call my name and soothe my soul Jane Kirkpatrick, award winning author of All Together in One Place and A Name of Her Own
    Dandelions in a Jelly Jar The peaceful town of Lake Emily will never be the same when Trudy Ploog comes to stay Mae Morgan s flamboyant art teacher sister Trudy Ploog moves to the quiet rural town of Lake Emily Minnesota

    One thought on “Dandelions in a Jelly Jar”

    1. sanctimonious drivel I hated this book and felt betrayed while reading it as nowhere on the outside of the book does it say that it is extreme christian trash.

    2. The title, dandelions in a jelly jar, describes this book well It it is a light, touching fiction which brings together many stories into a delightful bouquet of lessons The continual addition of new information about some characters can get confusing at times.My Summary Trudy Ploog and Mae Ploog Morgan are the main threads in this Love Actually type tapestry You learn different things from each individual, including the way their stories connect Mainly following the lives of these two sisters.M [...]

    3. This second book in the Lake Emily series started out a little slow but the ending than made up for it and I found I had to give it the five star rating We learn a little about the outspoken Trudy in this book and much about her gets to me The emotions are so real at times.Something I ve not seen done in books before is that I enjoy the occasional chapter that tells a little deeper story on one of the characters past It adds a lot of depth to the story I ll continue to follow this author.

    4. Another great book by Traci DePree Traci makes you feel like you are right there with the characters as they live out their daily lives with all it s ups and downs.

    5. I really loved this book I was none stop turning the pages Trudy is an in your face blunt say it like it is kinda girl and i can totally relate to her The whole town of Lake Emily is a small town every one knows every one kinda place and makes you feel like you are right in the middle.

    6. This is the second in the series and it was just as delightful I can t wait for the next one Don t you hate getting in on the beginning of a series too much time to wait between new releases

    7. Beautifully written and surprisingly moving portrait of human relationships The christian references were not heavy handed but site the opposite refreshing.

    8. The second book in Traci DePree s Lake Emily series nDandelions in a Jelly Jar focuses on Trudy, Mae Morgan s sister, although we still get glimpses into the lives of other characters introduced in A Can of Peas Trudy decides to move to Lake Emily to be closer to her boyfriend, Bert However, things don t go as smoothly as she hoped Trudy has to face some harsh realities about herself as she works toward the future she wants nI enjoyed this book Again, it was an easy read with a pleasant story N [...]

    9. There was much I enjoyed about this book I really liked the hometown setting and clean storyline, and I grew very fond of some of the residents of Lake Emily You may notice that I said some of the residents That is because so many peripheral characters were introduced in addition to the central ones that I had to keep going back in the book to refresh my memory as to where they belonged in the overall plot It was a little confusing I think it was a tall order for the author to flesh out so many [...]

    10. While the book itself was a quick and easy read, and the characters enjoyable, the story didn t really go anywhere That said, I did enjoy the book, just not enough to really recommend it The main character, Trudy Ploog moves to a small farming town called Lake Emily in Minnesota to be nearer her sister, and hopefully move toward a serious relationship with her boyfriend During her first short months in town, she manages to single handedly upheave the town s quiet predicatability To me, it was a [...]

    11. I should have given it 4 stars because it was so squeaky clean, being written by a Christian author I loved the small town setting I liked her points made about how we all have tough things we go through in life, but we move on and make the best of our circumstances What made me choose 3 stars was the fact that the writing was so ordinary The dialogue was predictable The situations were predictable The ending was predictable That made this book nothing that just a light, easy read.

    12. this novel is written by a southern Minnesotan and takes place in southern MN and is classified as a Christian novel, although the religious theme in the novel is not very heavy and anyone would enjoy reading this book It s about a young lady who moves from the city to the country and her trials trying to find love and fit into a small town mid west farming community It s an enjoyable read and I really liked that it featured towns and roads I m familiar with and I could easily paint the picture [...]

    13. I loved the Lake Emily series and its characters from the original A Can of Peas I m glad I read this book to the end, but there was a lot of confusion with so many added characters I still wasn t sure who everyone was by the time I reached the end of the story What bothered me the most was the unending product placement it was as if Traci DePree received some sort of compensation every time she used an actual product s name All in all still a feel good small town community love story A quick re [...]

    14. I wouldn t say it was unpredictable, but this book was a good companion on my short plane trip The characters were realistic enough in their activities and lifestyles, but the dialogue wasn t anything I could ever imagine coming out of my mouth It was a quick read, and the writing was good minus some of the aforementioned dialogue issues Overall worth reading, but I wouldn t set aside time to make sure I got to read this one.

    15. This is an okay beach book It would be better without the happy ending and the religious overtones Neither do much for the story The characters religious views seem too tacked on too obvious to seem natural but not strong enough to be part of the characters personalities I picked it up from a book sale for a dollar had I spent I would be pretty disappointed with my purchase.

    16. A great book about a small town and how one person not from that town and stir things up Also, a poignant story about a small school feeling the effects of budget cuts and how not everything is as it seems on the outside A fun story about a romance that you want to happen through the whole book, but wonder if the characters will ever figure out what they want.

    17. I just found out that this is a sequel to A Can of Peas, so read that one first This was an easy, light read which is what I need right now , just about people overcoming various trials in a small farming town in SE Minnesota It was a happily ever after sort of book, which I must admit, I like a lot

    18. I was reading this while healing from David s C section It was on my hospital table while I ate 3 square meals a day It is a good sequel to the can of peas book Life goes on for the Morgan family but this brings in a new main character Mae s sister who starts dating a man in the community Pretty fun read.

    19. This was my first experience with this author Traci Depree I found her style of writing very enjoyable easy to follow with a good development of characters This was a good wholesome story mirrored real life situations and made you feel as though you were part of this family and community.

    20. This sequel was not as good as Can of Peas Not sure why exactly, but it wasn t as poignant It focused on Trudy Bert which I was interested in from the first book, but wasn t as sharp overall The plot at the end was a very jump the shark moment that really annoyed me as it seemed a poor ploy to wrap up story lines Still a nice faith based book though.

    21. I only read this because I really liked the first book, as a light read This one wasn t as good The storyline, while I see that the author wanted to do the whole good situations come out of bad ones all the time it was just too predictable I had the ending figured out half way through the book It was squeaky clean though, being from a Christian writer, but the storyline fell flat.

    22. I was too annoyed by the main character and her mouthiness and constant drama to enjoy this book plus it seemed like the author simply ended the story because she was tired of writing A disappointing read, I don t recommend and won t pick it up again.

    23. The continuing story of the couple who took over his grandparents farm and the community in which they lived The author lives in Minnesota on a farm, so it really rings true It has drama, warmth, plot, basically very enjoyable to read.

    24. I liked this book in the Lake Emily series just as much as the first one The characters are very realistic and you feel as if you know them and are right there in that small town.

    25. Really good series A young couple takes over the family farm in a small town Great character development Read all the books in the series.

    26. The second in Traci Depree s Lake Emily series The story lines are a bit deeper in this one, there do not seem to be as many characters being introduced.

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