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Avengers: Standoff By Nick Spencer Al Ewing Gerry Duggan Mark Waid Jesus Saiz Mark Bagley Ryan Stegman Mike Norton,

  • Title: Avengers: Standoff
  • Author: Nick Spencer Al Ewing Gerry Duggan Mark Waid Jesus Saiz Mark Bagley Ryan Stegman Mike Norton
  • ISBN: 9781302901479
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Hardcover
  • On his 75th anniversary, Captain America is about to face a challenge unlike any other Prepare for an assault onPleasant Hill Three shield wielders past and present Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson find themselves in a standoff, with high and very personal stakes And this tense conflict quickly escalates out of control, drawing in several Avengers teams On his 75th anniversary, Captain America is about to face a challenge unlike any other Prepare for an assault onPleasant Hill Three shield wielders past and present Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson find themselves in a standoff, with high and very personal stakes And this tense conflict quickly escalates out of control, drawing in several Avengers teams But it all begins in the small town of Pleasant Hill An idyllic community with friendly neighborsd a terrible, dark secret What is going on behind Pleasant Hill s closed doors, and how will Captain America react COLLECTING WELCOME TO PLEASANT HILL PROLOGUE 1, ASSAULT ON PLEASANT HILL ALPHA 1, AGENTS OF S.H.I.E.L.D 3 4, UNCANNY AVENGERS 7, ALL NEW, ALL DIFFERENT AVENGERS 7 8, NEW AVENGERS 8 10, CAPTAIN AMERICA SAM WILSON 7 8, UNCANNY AVENGERS 8, ILLUMINATI 6, HOWLING COMMANDOS 6, ASSAULT ON PLEASANT HILL OMEGA 1
    Avengers Standoff On his th anniversary Captain America is about to face a challenge unlike any other Prepare for an assault onPleasant Hill Three shield wielders past and present Steve Rogers Bucky Barnes and Sam

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    1. The first issue wasn t bad, but it was sort of hit or miss from there on out.Warning SpoilersSo one of my first reactions to this was just this mindless rage that Secret Wars hadn t cured Captain America of his oldness So Fucking Annoying.I mean, I just assumed that was the entire reason they were rebooting the Marvel universe You know, to fix the egregious error made when whatever asshat decided it was a good idea to have Steve Rogers lose the Super Soldier serum.y, get depowered, age like a mo [...]

    2. What is the biggest problem facing law enforcement in the Marvel Universe It s certainly not capturing villains because that seems to happen every issue It s not having a place to put them, because Marvel has all kinds of prisons with cool names like The Raft The biggest problem is keeping villains in prison Marvel s jails are pretty much a turnstile as offending villains are back on the streets in an instant My solution would be super hero prison guards or even anti hero prison guards Knowing T [...]

    3. I originally reviewed Avengers Standoff as two volumes because in Brit land the publisher decided to cut the event in half for artistic reasons Just kidding, it was for the filthy lucre Anyways, both reviews, which cover the complete stinky event, are below enjoy Avengers Standoff Volume 1 1 starWelcome to Pleasant Hill, a perfect, 1950s style small town complete with its own malt shop straight out of Archie The people here are friendly, Mayor Maria Hill is organising fun events like the forthco [...]

    4. 3,5 stars read as individual issues.Absolutely not the best Marvel crossover ever, but still not the worst one view spoiler I liked a lot the premise it was like Cabin in the woods meets the Avengers You can t believe it Watch that awesome horror movie and then read Avengers Standoff Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha 1.At the end this event is just another great battle royale and the return of old good Steve Rogers as a young Cap was phoned since the previous page with the introduction of Kobik, bu [...]

    5. Picking on some threads from the opening arc of Sam Wilson Captain America, the all new, all different Marvel Comics launches its first big crossover event only a few months after the conclusion of its previous big crossover event, Secret Wars.In Sam Wilson Captain America, writer Nick Spencer introduced a Wikileaks style hack against the super spy agency SHIELD that resulted in The Whisperer releasing classified data about the Kobik project The hack leads Wilson, as well previous Captain Americ [...]

    6. A lot of what is happening in the current Secret Empire storyline had its foundation in this mini series I wanted some background to enjoy the current event.

    7. For the 75th Anniversary of Captain America, Nick Spencer got to helm a massive crossover event that ultimately restored Steve Rogers to the role of Captain America Of course, as with any massive crossover, it had multiple tie ins, all of which are collected here and vary in quality.Welcome To Pleasant Hill Prologue 1, Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha 1, Assault on Pleasant Hill Omega 1, Captain America Sam Wilson 7 8These issues constitute the majority of the storyline, with the bulk of the actua [...]

    8. I have to admit that I ve not been very impressed with Marvel s track record on their crossover events But having said that, I d did enjoy Jonathan Hickman s Secret Wars DC has, in my opinion, an even worse track record, but that s a whole other tangent So I thought I d give this new crossover event a swing and see what happens It is exactly what I expected it would be a mess Granted it s a well done mess Marvel s has had there fair share of real whoppers of steaming dren piles Secret Wars II X [...]

    9. It s a REALLY great idea for a cross over mini series The cosmic cube Villains mindwiped, brainwashed behind a bar less prison Villains transformed into new lives as happy carefree workaday Villeins The Captain America issues contained in the book seem to explore the ideas inherent with real gusto and relevance Those are great fun and are the best parts of the book beyond the Alpha Omega bookend chapters The other intervening Avengers chapters are much less thoughtful to downright dumb and are a [...]

    10. Avengers Standoff whipped up an event for Earth s Mightiest Heroes whose after effects may be significant than the story itself.The town of Pleasant Hill, Connecticut has a secret Using shards of a reality altering Cosmic Cube that has taken the form of a little girl named Kobik, S.H.I.E.L.D director Maria Hill has created the ultimate supervillain prison Kobik uses her powers to transform the villains bodies and minds, entrapping them in a benign fantasy scenario that keeps them out of trouble [...]

    11. S.H.I.E.L.D has created a new prison where they wipe criminals minds Sam Wilson and Bucky found out about it and decide to do something about it Things spiral out of control from there This felt really disjointed Things would happen in one issue, then it would jump to another book and there would be huge jumps in plot in between Editorial really needed to sit down with the writers to create a cohesive story Plus one of the issues in the collected volume is out of order chronologically Events in [...]

    12. La premisa de Nick Spencer es lo m s interesante de esta saga al convertir a Maria Hill en la Nick Fury de este nuevo universo Marvel Destaca el apartado gr fico de Jesus Saiz, Daniel Acu a, Mark Bagley, Ryan Stegman y Marcus To Muchos n meros tie ins innecesarios pecando nuevamente la editorial en que se puede contar lo mismo con menos Este evento dej las semillas de nuevos t tulos y relanzamientos, en particular, el pol mico Captain America Steve Rogers.

    13. Not a bad event, fixes some fractured relationships that really needed fixing, but proved there are far too many Avengers teams to the point one character jokes about Adjective less Avengers But the balance of humour and action was great, the core characters were great, issues of certain titles slowed it down a bit.

    14. This collection is like a sampler platter, allowing you to try different franchises in the Marvel Universe Some of them work, others I m looking at you, Howling Commandos don t.There are Avengers in this book than you can shake a Tesseract at You ve got your New Avengers, your New But Totally Different Avengers, your X Men Avengers, there s even the Mighty Morphin Power Avengers who must utilize a giant robot to fight a huge Not Godzilla that hisses, U.S.A U.S.A I kid you not It s in there I sh [...]

    15. Not a good event The actual event plays out over way too many issues, and the story is so disjointed and scattered because it doesn t really have anything at its core The best Marvel events have a strong core series, and talented writers use that event as a backdrop to explore new ideas in their tie in issues In this event, the tie ins don t have much to build off of I quickly got bored of reading issues that were about the ongoing series they were a part of which I have not been following than [...]

    16. I am a fairly new Marvel comic fan follower but I found this story to be fairly decent I would say I have two problems to which otherwise was a good volume I felt that the story could have done without the addition of the Agents of SHIELD as well as the New Avengers and Howling Commandos I get that the long time ongoing theme is that all Agents wear the traditional uniform The Howling Commandos as a whole was just too much to bare My problem the Agents is that while the series was based on the M [...]

    17. Better than I thought it would be.Gotta say, I was surprised by this one I didn t have high hopes and I didn t know anything about it I d heard it was ok and the price was right, so I figured what the hell The plot was a breath of fresh air from Marvel these days I don t want to spoil what it was about, if you don t know.However, there was definitely some wasted space in this book The New Avengers and Agents of SHIELD issues were pretty pud I ended up skipping them and it didn t impact my unders [...]

    18. Eh Even though it is marketed as an Avengers book, it comes across as Steve Rogers Captain American title There were various crossovers with the different avengers and the agents of shield titles but at the end of the day they didn t amount to much You could just read the Welcome to Pleasant Hill Alpha and Omega issues and you could have gotten the whole story I felt there were some things left unanswered and there were many leaps in logic This was pretty much Nick Spencer building up to his ma [...]

    19. Fun, and brings together much of what I love about the Marvel Universe together in one volume This was the stage prep for the Secret Empire stuff, and so they had to get their ducks in a row and establish everyone s motivations, and they did that with this story Suffers from a lot of the jumbled continuity of event stories that cross from one title to another and back again, but the art and storytelling are easy enough to assimilate that this or less works, like re assembling a puzzle Not cruci [...]

    20. This run is about the breakdown of a secret mind control super prison run by Mariah Hill and the subsequent attempt to lock down all the super villains who escaped It s a fun idea the villains don t remember who they were before being locked in this Matrix like utopia called Pleasant Hill, and they don t question it and the heroes eventually find themselves stripped of their memories too because the being controlling the whole thing is so powerful It s pretty fun, although there are altogether t [...]

    21. An interesting idea for a set up supervillains are brainwashed into thinking they re innocent civillians kicks off this story, before things, as expected, go unfortunately wrong There s good ideas, but it feels like a story to set things up, while bringing one status quo back to the fold It goes into a big punch up at the end, but the strong nature of the beginning, what with the intrigue, and the adorable sight of Kraven the Hunter at a tea party, makes for a good story.

    22. Jesus, where to start The collections skips around in chronological order, people are out of character, half of the book are pages on the whisperer as opposed to Pleasant HillBut worst of all, it s just plain dumb The whole 50 s era perfect town thing is such a tired cliche Not to mention the hackneyed Deus ex machina that the villains revert to their last mind memory to explain why the hell they have costumes and weapons.They also spend a lot of time having the villains angrily proclaiming they [...]

    23. I like the idea of The Avengers meets The Truman Show and Once Upon a Time, but the storyline as a whole was too disjointed Also, the new wave of heroes that they are pushing in some of these books lack the endearing qualities of the old guard of heroes which keep me coming back for .

    24. This was a decent story that was inconsistently told While that can be normal for a cross over, considering it this only took place over a handful of titles it just made the inconsistent quality stand out

    25. The first issue with the reveal was awesome Every thing after that was meh Multiple continuity issues Such as one of the wrecking crew being in one part of the story but then two issues later being in a different part Too many dangling threads from the different books

    26. I m not necessarily rating the event, but rather this specific volume It really had a variety of issues in it from numerous titles, and it helped paint a pretty clear vision for the event much so than main volumes in some other events.

    27. So much potential and a great read until it becomes a wild roller coaster ride that you regret spending your money on There are moments but the disappointments are equally real.

    28. A helicarrier load of teams to keep track of, but a nice balance of laugh out loud comic moments and serious drama.

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