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The American Dream - A Play By Edward Albee,

  • Title: The American Dream - A Play
  • Author: Edward Albee
  • ISBN: 9780573020070
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Albee produced a play that clearly takes up the style and subject matter of the Theatre of the Absurd and translates it into a genuine American idiom The American Dream 1959 60 first performed at the York Playhouse, New York, on 24 January 1961 fairly and squarely attacks the ideals of progress, optimism, and faith in the national mission, and pours scorn on the sentimental ideals of family life, togetherness, and physical fitness the euphemistic language and unwillingness to face the ultimate [...]

    2. I have money makes the world go round, the world go around from Minnelli s Cabaret playing in my head after reading this play And rightly so, for it does well, at least in the world of modern American playwrights Miller, especially it does make the world go round as everything else loses its significance Should I tell you the story of this typical Albee an family which is symptomatic of a terrible thing going wrong with our world Mommy and Daddy are Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton from Who s [...]

    3. A couple lost in the race for happiness and the elusive American Dream morphed unintentionally into something absurd and incredibly loud.

    4. In a word, quirky that s all I can say My wife and I were given two copies of this script that was bundled with 3 other plays by Albee , and was told that it s quirky No doubt about that so many non sequiturs from beginning to end that almost every page one stops and says Wait What This was presented as an idea for a readers theater performance we ve done Shel Silverstein material in that format, and this is actually mild in the quirky department , unfortunately I can t see that some of the dial [...]

    5. An excellent satire, crafted in quick strokes of courageously harebrained self reference, deft sociological insight, and the kind of deeply black and profoundly articulate humor, the kind of comedy that eloquently belittles philosophical posturing and derails wrongly effete audience confidence, all while saying something incredible about the American condition, The American Dream is the kind of fast comic opera one could only expect from Edward Albee It s a play about America the wish, the reali [...]

    6. I m not a fan of this modern play format Not to mention the content of this play is absolutely bizarre While the commentary this play is making might be fascinating, the storyline is too odd to enjoy.

    7. This play, like Who s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, was a difficult read I will have to read critiques and reread it to completely understand what was going on I loved the exagerated stereotypes of American family members, and the grandma rocks That s all I can really say for now.

    8. An absurdist commentary on how the American Dream affects our society and what it means to be a part of the American Dream today.

    9. Mommy can t deal with the fact that her bungle of joy didn t turn out as she wished She degrades her senile mother in the process Enter the personification of the American Dream to solve everyone s problems, at least for now Albee later carried on some of the themes of this 1960 play in Who s Afraid of Virginia Woolf 1962 and The Play About the Baby 1996.

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