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3:46 a.m. By Nick Pirog,

  • Title: 3:46 a.m.
  • Author: Nick Pirog
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • WINNER 2015 BEST SERIES Saturday, February 27th, 20163 00 a.m 4 00 a.m.It s the wedding that everyone has been waiting forWhat could possibly go wrong And introducing Archie the Kitten
    a m WINNER BEST SERIES Saturday February th a m a m It s the wedding that everyone has been waiting forWhat could possibly go wrong And introducing Archie the Kitten

    One thought on “3:46 a.m.”

    1. The Henry Bins series is going on book five right now, and its still almost as awesome as in the very beginning, and a WHOLE LOT OF FUN After the big finale of the last one with all the mindbending events and revelations, I for some reason thought this time it would just be a lot of fun games between Henry and his cat Lassie with all the hijinks involving Henry s upcoming wedding, and nothing much Nope, boy was I wrong Don t get me wrong, there was still plenty of ever enjoyable fun games from [...]

    2. This is a short read But sorry to say this was not as fascinating as the previous four Although this a short story, i think this time writer extends it without any good reason And there are so many plotholes, I hope which will be cleared by next two books I loved the wedding scene So get ready for last two henry bin adventure.

    3. The story, as usual, moves quickly A snowstorm, a wedding, a kidnapping who could ask for All I can say is think twice before you invite the POTUS to your wedding

    4. I m totally hooked on this series And this book didn t disappoint Filled with amazing characters, humor, and suspense Couldn t ask for anything I have a new favorite author.

    5. Sigh Henry Bins quick edit for spelling errors in three places else changed Henry Bins has a condition that only allows him one waking hour per 24 hours There are plenty of reviews that talk about the story, how Nick balances action, emotion and humor in a book you will not be able to put down.I would like to talk about two other things One is kinda silly and one.t so much.For the silly In the first book, Henry was adopted by a sassy cat he named Lassie Lassie is a character in his own right The [...]

    6. well , I finished this book , like , in just one breath I was hooked , couldn t put it down even for a second , until i finished reading but now I am doomed Because dont know how long I ll have to wait for the next book Anyway , I really hope it ll be out soon

    7. Again Henry saved the day The President was kidnapped while at Henry s wedding And now Henry is married and expecting his first child I am sad I shall have to wait for the next installment I miss these guys already.

    8. Love every one of these books Can t get enough Usually by the 3rd or 4 th Book of a series I find I m getting a bit bored with it or they are becoming much the same but not Nick s books they seem to get better each time and I love reading them over and over again Never done that before

    9. Wow Each book is better than the last In some ways, if you substitute the name of Sullivan for Trump, the story is very close to things happening in the United States now and the book was written well before the 2016 election Looking forward to the next two installments.

    10. The writing is clever, the story is compelling, and I did a ton of out loud laughing This series is unlike anything I have read Those statements apply to Henry Bins 1 and are consistent through Henry Bins 5.

    11. HenryBins gets marriedLots of humor, action and characters you just can t get enough of The problems and issues help keep MY brain working, too

    12. So soI love this series, however, I wasn t thrilled about the whole ISIS storyline in this one, therefore, not my favorite story here.

    13. Awesome as alwaysWell I started the book at 6 08 am and now it is 8 56 am and I just finished it Loved it I kept trying to figure out who done it and doing my own little crime investigation That to me makes a strong book When you immerse yourself in it I also wanted to be at the wedding and play with Archie I have an Archie But he just knocks down the TV remote off the nightstand early every morning Breakfast time for him Anyway, I wish Nick s stories never ended I enjoy them so much The plot tw [...]

    14. How I adore these books, they aren t very long, but Nick Pirog makes the most of every word like Henry Bins makes the most of every second It is writing at it s best with so much going on, a wedding, a mystery and a ton of laughs The wedding hour is coming around pretty quickly and Henry s dad, Richard, could put the best wedding planners to shame, with a schedule detailed down to every second, so that Henry can enjoy the whole wedding experience The star of the show has to be Lassie for me agai [...]

    15. Wonderful as always Ive read everything written by Nick Pirog As usual I was not disappointed My favorite twist is when Lassie alerts Nick to murdocks bark on the tape Also when Richard saves the day with the nail gun As always I preorder your next book but I m not seeing it listed yet Was in south Lake Tahoe for my fortieth high school reunion during the fiftieth year reunion for the city I think it was this last September My friend Paula Peterson helped with the parade You could have been watc [...]

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