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Promise Me Tomorrow By Lori Wick,

  • Title: Promise Me Tomorrow
  • Author: Lori Wick
  • ISBN: 9780736918213
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wonderful with children, but unaccustomed to traveling alone, Rusty is accompanied by widower Chase McCandles on her first orphanage placement trip Later, when Chase offers Rusty the job of companion for his young son, she accepts There s no doubt that she s falling in love with the kind but reserved man, but when she sees how little time he has for his own son, she wondWonderful with children, but unaccustomed to traveling alone, Rusty is accompanied by widower Chase McCandles on her first orphanage placement trip Later, when Chase offers Rusty the job of companion for his young son, she accepts There s no doubt that she s falling in love with the kind but reserved man, but when she sees how little time he has for his own son, she wonders if their love can ever flourish .
    Promise Me Tomorrow Wonderful with children but unaccustomed to traveling alone Rusty is accompanied by widower Chase McCandles on her first orphanage placement trip Later when Chase offers Rusty the job of companion

    One thought on “Promise Me Tomorrow”

    1. DNF for me on the first book in this series and although I own the rest of the series o will not be reading it I could feel it putting me into a slump and so I ve elected to put it down and move onto something else.

    2. This is a long book for me, but it s well worth the read Rusty has a heart of gold for those children She wants each child to have a loving home with terrific parents She s also a God fearing woman who knows that no matter what, He is always in charge and has our best interests.Chase McCandles is presented in the beginning of the book as a man who has his priorities mixed up Work before anything else He d be described today as a bit of a workaholic Meeting Rusty changes all that Rusty teaches hi [...]

    3. Promise Me Tomorrow is a romance story written by a Christian writer The religious parts of the story were not too bad, generally speaking The characters and actual story held me through most of those scenes There was only one scene that was too much for me, which I skipped altogether Apart from that it s a romantic story about a man and woman and the obstacles they must overcome to be together It s sweet, sloppy and totally predictable, but I loved it.I feel shy in admitting this, but it s a st [...]

    4. SUMMARY Katherine Taggert nicknamed Rusty for her curly red hair shines like a ray of sunshine at her aunt anduncle s orphanage Unaccustomed to traveling alone in the pioneer West, Rusty is accompanied on her first orphanage placement trip by the kind but reservedwidower Chase McCandles.When Chase offers Rusty a position in his stately home as acompanion for his young son, Quintin, Rusty accepts.But when she realized how little time Chase spends with Quintin,Rusty s heart is torn How can she con [...]

    5. Promise Me Tomorrow Bk 4 ISBN 9781565076952Good story of Rusty who works at the orphanage and Chase who escorted her and two children to their new home The story of a very private man and a very impetuous lady, and the adventures that brings them together.

    6. I love Lori Wick, but this one was not a favorite Seemed to drag a little and was predictable Great message but slow.

    7. This is from my own bookshelf and another reread I adored this book just as much as the first time I read it Yes it has its christian book moments and though I skimmed lots of those bits I still appreciated the heart warming tale Yes, this is the hallmark channel come to print and its characters really are what grabbed my attention Rusty is young and innocent, very naive but likable She isn t so stupid to discount the attraction of the MC which is Chase I loved how Chase spent the whole book in [...]

    8. I enjoyed Lori Wick s novels when I was fresh out of college, especially her British series As far as conservative Christian romance novelists go, she definitely has made quite a name for herself The story was well written the characters had depth and the descriptive setting of the late 1800 s West was spot on To be honest, I think I ve just grown to a point where I can appreciate Christian undertones, but am a bit weirded out by the overt nature of Lori s books Again, they re very well written, [...]

    9. I think this is the second time I ve read this series and I have to say that this time around this last book was my favorite I loved the banter between the main characters It s so much like me and my dh My favorite scene view spoiler is when they are standing in the hall and he kisses her and tells her before you stands a man who is trying to convince you that he s not trying to secure a mother for his son thud As always, this Lori Wick novel took me away from the ordinary and left me with a smi [...]

    10. Katherine Taggart, known as Rusty because of her red hair, adores children and is able to indulge her love for them by working in her family s orphanage When she accompanies two orphans to their new home, Rusty meets wealthy Chase McCandles and soon finds herself falling in love with him On the surface, Chase, a believer in God, appears to be everything a devout Christian would want However, Rusty discovers that Chase treats his own son Quintin with great distance, and she is reluctant to pursue [...]

    11. Lori Wick takes her time to tell a story and sometimes I am not in the mood for it The last couple of chapters in this book had the action As always, with Lori, the action includes a love story Even though this book was the fourth in a series, it didn t matter that I had read the others There was only slight mention of the other characters.

    12. This book has a classic storyline, but it was so enjoyable to read I enjoyed the entire book so much that I hardly skipped anything, which is rare for me I loved all of the characters Very well written The experience of reading the whole book was so fun, that I could see myself reading the entire book over again in the future I feel it deserves my coveted five star rating.

    13. This book is so cute I really can t say anything except there is one thing that I believe and this author obviously doesn t and that is that though Salvation is for everyone it the promises of Salvation can only be obtained through baptism Matthew 28 18, Mark 16 16 , but anyways a really cute story indeed

    14. Rusty is one of my favorite characters A tiny redhead who loves deeply, especially children however, when she feels an injustice has been perpetrated against a child, her mothering instincts have a tendency to get her into trouble As with most if not all of Lori Wick s books, this one is also a heartwarming romance I have read this one than once, and most likely will several times.

    15. This is the only Lori Wick book that I ve read that I liked because it wasn t filled with Christians judging other Christians as lost because they don t believe exactly the same way This book had a sweet and believable story and I liked the characters, however it wasn t incredibly inspired or exciting.

    16. Much better I love Rusty and her connection with children I love how she brings both Quintin and Chase out of their shells I especially love that she brings us back to the Taggart family, and that we find out what happened to the chidlren from the other books Aside from the final chapter, which leaps ahead some 14 years Grrrr , a very good read.

    17. This is a wonderful book This is the 4th out of 4 books in the Rocky Mountain series I love how Lori Wick gives updates on the people in the other books in the series I get so attached to the characters love to read the little parts about how they re doing.

    18. I loved this book so much that I couldn t put it down I read it almost 24 hours as I was intrigued by the story line and the different situations the characters found themselves in.

    19. This book was wonderful The characters were ever so dear, and the overall setting was completely realistic I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a sweet romance

    20. Great book becoming a big fan of Wick s great character development, great plot and great summing up of the series definately a keeper.

    21. InspiringLori Wick is an inspirational writer who takes you into the lives of those who devote themselves to following the Lord.

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