[EPUB] ↠ Two Wars: One Hero's Fight on Two Fronts--Abroad and Within | BY ☆ Nate Self

Two Wars: One Hero's Fight on Two Fronts--Abroad and Within By Nate Self,

  • Title: Two Wars: One Hero's Fight on Two Fronts--Abroad and Within
  • Author: Nate Self
  • ISBN: 9781414320090
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Former army ranger Nate Self, a hero from the Robert s Ridge rescue in Afghanistan, tells his whole story from the pulse pounding battle in the mountains of Afghanistan to the high stakes battle he has waged against post traumatic stress disorder This book will become a go to book for understanding the long term effects of the war on terror Thousands of families are fighFormer army ranger Nate Self, a hero from the Robert s Ridge rescue in Afghanistan, tells his whole story from the pulse pounding battle in the mountains of Afghanistan to the high stakes battle he has waged against post traumatic stress disorder This book will become a go to book for understanding the long term effects of the war on terror Thousands of families are fighting this battle, and Nate opens up his life including his successes, tragedies, struggles with thoughts of suicide to show how his faith and his family pulled him through Includes 8 pages of color photos.In a nutshell Excellent book for military families trying to cope with the family pressures of a soldier s active duty Inspirational book for a soldier struggling with post traumatic stress disorder Helps readers understand the importance of faith in dealing with the war An up close and personal account of the war on terror and the story of one soldier s faith An insider s account of Robert s Ridge Rescue in Afghanistan.
    Two Wars One Hero s Fight on Two Fronts Abroad and Within Former army ranger Nate Self a hero from the Robert s Ridge rescue in Afghanistan tells his whole story from the pulse pounding battle in the mountains of Afghanistan to the high stakes battle he ha

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    1. I received this book from Nate Self the author who co taught a one day class for BSWH providers called Rejuvenate which focuses on recognizing, treating and preventing burnout This is his account of his time as a Ranger and a deadly battle fought in Afghanistan 6 months after 9 11 I really enjoyed his account of pre battle, battle and post battle though due to unfamiliarity with military terms it was somewhat hard to follow the battle account The author, his wife and a pastor friend mentor clear [...]

    2. Another excellent account of Operation Anaconda and the rescue of Navy SEALS by their Quick Reaction Force comprised of Army Rangers commanded by Nate Self This first hand account completes the story already told by Robert s Ridge and Not a Good Day To Die Where Not a Good Day is excellent at recounting Operation Anaconda and WHY the battle tragedy took place, and Robert s Ridge reports from first hand accounts, this book also tells the story from the first responders that also came under fire a [...]

    3. A Patriot without question, West Point Graduate, Army Ranger, Captain Nate Self, is a fine leader of men, a Christian husband and father This is his story The book is divided into 2 parts The first portion is written from a strong military perspective, with discipline, courage, orderliness and a profound sense of divine purpose The chapter quotes are fascinating The descriptions of Captain Self s feelings, decisions, relationships with family and other soldiers, all are described in a finely syn [...]

    4. Two Wars is a military autobiography which impressed me with the astounding story and by the vivid writing Nate Self describes the sights, sounds, smells, and feelings of what it s like to be in modern front line combat In fact, fiction authors researching modern combat might want to read this book The first part of the book describes his decision to join the army, his training, his peacekeeping deployment to Kosovo in 1999 2000, training, and his deployment to Afghanistan in 2002 The second pa [...]

    5. Having served in the military but never in real combat I really never understood what these guys that are doing the fighting are going through when they finish their tour and return to civilian life With their training and what they go through and see when in combat lives with them for along time So they come back and have to fight war within themselves.Reading Two Wars will help you understand what these guys and gals are going through after their enlistment runs out and they return to civilian [...]

    6. An amazing book The fact that Nate Self opens up his life is awesome in itself To see how he began his journey towards being a soldier Ranger , husband, and eventually a father was intense Nate opens up completely about being a Ranger and being in one of the toughest ground fights in Afghanistan Seeing his dedication to his country and the love for his men was moving Seeing his faith be strengthened then ultimately questioned was gut wrenching I almost lost it while reading the section where he [...]

    7. Not one to ever pass up a free book, I grabbed this for my Kindle when the publisher made it available for free I started reading it a few nights ago and haven t been able to put it down Just an amazing story.The first 3 4 is a captivating story of Self become a warrior in battle and in his faith and both being tested in the heat of battle The end of the book deals with the battle that nearly destroyed him post traumatic stress syndrome.The lead up to the battle on the mountain and the battle it [...]

    8. This is a wonderful book chronicling the authors experiences in the Army Rangers and the battle at home to survive PTSD The first two thirds of the book speak of Self s years in the military He tells about his time at West Point Military Academy, his deployment to Kosovo, and his appointment to the Army Ranger Battalion then into Afghanistan He then speeds through the latter part of his military career, including deployments to Iraq, until he is discharged This section is exciting and quite exhi [...]

    9. I listened to this book during my drive to and from Greensboro early on Saturday, late on Sunday, so most of my drive was in darkness I m not a big fan of listening to books nothing beats turning pages and going back to look at a passage again, gazing away while you re thinking of a particular quotation but it was cool to listen to the author s voice in my car as I zipped along in the darkness.I give the first 3 4 of this book five stars I loved the beginning, listening to his West Point days an [...]

    10. A fantastic and deeply moving account of the making of an Army Ranger Although he writes in a personable way, it s not so conversational that it s hard to get into, something that I ve had a problem with in other first hand warrior s stories Lone Survivor The Eyewitness Account of Operation Redwing and the Lost Heroes of SEAL Team 10 had this issue About 3 4 of the book deals with his training and his war time accounts, and the last 1 4 about his difficulties transitioning home and his struggles [...]

    11. A slightly vain book about a soldier who led a bloody battle in Afghanistan when a rescue mission to find a soldier who fell out of a helicopter went bad The chinook Self was in was hit by an RPG With air support and after 5 hours of battling, they finally managed to get to safety but then had to wait till dark for rescue Told in the typical format teaser prologue as they head toward the landing zone and are hit with the RPG, followed by the author s training and assignments, then the battle and [...]

    12. Having edited the book I Always Sit with My Back to the Wall Managing Traumatic Stress and Combat PTSD, I have an interest in PTSD in veterans Two Wars is a powerful personal account of Nate Self s experiences in war in Afghanistan and the inner war of PTSD after returning home With so many of our bravest and brightest undergoing the trauma of war, especially multiple deployments, this is a serious issue This hero s story demonstrates the importance of faith in dealing with both war and its afte [...]

    13. I brought this book home for my 14 year old son, Eli to read I thought the combination of loyalty and honor to one s family and country would be a great read for him It didn t take long for him to finish it, so I picked it up The open, revealing story of Nate Self, a Captain in the famous Army Rangers who fought for his country and with his men on the Robert s Ridge rescue in Afghanistan Brutally candid, Self bares his thoughts before, during, and after the rescue that leaves him fighting Post T [...]

    14. Amazing What an incredible life story And he tells it with such simplicity and humility The honesty he shows with his Spiritual relationship with God is humbling to say the least I want to watch that program mentioned at the end, now that he has made me feel like I know each of these hero s personally now.I would be very honored to one day meet this hero and his wife, who in my point of view fought a third war of her own here at home I am thankful that our Country still has men like this who giv [...]

    15. Nate Self graduated from West Point and trained in Ft Benning, Ga He served in Kosovo, Afkanistan, and later in Iraq He landed with his platoon on a mountain side in Afkanistan to rescue 2 lost Navy Seals The helicopter landed in the middle of enemy staging area and 1 helicopter was shot down Six men were killed and several wounded The book helps to understand both the soldiers and wives challenges After resigning Self experience post traumatic stress disorder but fortunately counseling and his [...]

    16. The portion that covers the battle itself is worth the time spent reading the book However, outside of that narrative, the book is rather poorly written choppy, lots of unexplained and loose ends left out there, and seemingly random details with no tie in to the context I recommend The Unforgiving Minute instead While Nate Self s experience involved death, intense violence and apparently personal struggle afterward, Craig Mullaney s text is enjoyable from beginning to end.

    17. Nate is a war hero that is a brother in law to me by marriage, and I cannot wait to read this book He s a man of integrity, spirituality and service and has written a wonderful book about his experience It s next on my list, but I highly encourage anyone to read it Book Signing3 pmSunday, July 27thBookPeople603 N LamarAustin, TX

    18. The first 2 3 of this book rocked had me hook, line and sinker The last 1 3 dragged and it was all I had in me to finish it Had the beginning not been so suspenseful I would have stopped reading but I kept hoping it would get better I was wrong

    19. An excellent book in understanding what people in the military deal with internally and externally.Highly recommended for those in the military, their families, and those who care about our men in uniform.

    20. A definite page turner for the portion of the book where he is in combat That portion was a 5 start effort The transition from combat to deployment in Iraq and then into the challenges of returning to civilian life didn t flow well for me.

    21. Still reading this, but it is truly interesting, makes me think there arewarriors out there fighting for ourfreedom everyday while were hometrying to figure out what to watchon tv that night.

    22. I purchased this in audio book form It was great to hear it read by the author so much heart and real emotion that way Was expecting something a little bit differentbut over all, a good read or listen

    23. A great story of the Rangers who rescued a missing SEAL team in the mountains of Afghanistan Self does a good job compartimentalizing the war in real time and the war within himself Good action details too Wonderful read.

    24. A ground commanders view of Operation Anaconda and how things went so wrong yet the determination of the American fighting man gets thru Navy SEAL, Neil Roberts died on the battle ground and the area is now known at Roberts Ridge.

    25. The first half of the book was interesting, but the second half was too heavy on religion, and I couldn t finish it.

    26. I tried hard to like it, but at 35%, I put it down The story seems to really drag and I never felt like I ws getting to the heart of the book Sorry

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