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The Liberation By Ian Tregillis,

  • Title: The Liberation
  • Author: Ian Tregillis
  • ISBN: 9780316248051
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set in a world that might have been, of mechanical men and alchemical dreams, this is the third and final novel in a stunning series of revolution by Ian Tregillis, confirming his place as one of the most original new voices in speculative fiction I am the mechanical they named Jax My kind was built to serve humankind, duty bound to fulfil their every whim But now our bSet in a world that might have been, of mechanical men and alchemical dreams, this is the third and final novel in a stunning series of revolution by Ian Tregillis, confirming his place as one of the most original new voices in speculative fiction.I am the mechanical they named Jax My kind was built to serve humankind, duty bound to fulfil their every whim But now our bonds are breaking, and my brothers and sisters are awakening.Our time has come A new age is dawning.The final book in the Alchemy Wars trilogy by Ian Tregillis, an epic tale of liberation and war.
    The Liberation Set in a world that might have been of mechanical men and alchemical dreams this is the third and final novel in a stunning series of revolution by Ian Tregillis confirming his place as one of the

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    2. 4.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 2017 01 19 I pondered for a couple days how to rate The Liberation I definitely liked it than the previous book, but probably not as much as the first one so in the end I decided to split the difference In any event, there s no denying this was a fantastic conclusion to a brilliantly crafted trilogy Bravo, Ian Tregillis, bravo Set in the early 1900s, The Alchemy Wars is an alternate historical steampunk series featuring France and Netherlands at [...]

    3. SPOILERS 5 starsA great conclusion, that leaves the possibility for another book I wonder if there will be another The story wraps up with a promising ending for both machines and humans Bernice, who I hated for most of the series did redeem herself in the end which I was thankful for, but I did wish the character Lillth didn t die, she had so much potential as a major player and was one of the few likable characters.Jax Daniel was as usual awesome I was truly worried that since he was being por [...]

    4. Unfortunately have to say I was disappointed by this The weakest of the trilogy possibly the weakest of any of Tregillis s books to date 2.5 stars, rounded up to 3 The mess that was the Dutch French war, and then the Mechanical war, was all resolved far too neatly, and far too often characters both human and mechanical acted in surprising ways simply for the convenience of the plot and the simplistic tale Tregillis apparently decided to tell The most telling such issue to me is how readily free [...]

    5. Don t honestly have time for a full review, but I ll say that I enjoyed The Liberation quite a bit, though not as much as I did the first two in the series I felt the ending was suitable and well done, but large chunks of the book I found were a bit on the flat side compared to how well the first two moved along Still a very enjoyable book by one of my favorite authors, and leaving me even excited for his future works.

    6. I m grateful to the publisher for an advance copy of this book.The Liberation brings Tregillis s Alchemy Wars trilogy to a close And what a journey it s been.Set in a parallel 1920s, these books feature cog driven robots forged from alchemically founded alloys The mechanicals or clackers the term robot is never used are bound to obey their creators in the Dutch Sacred Guild of Clockmakers and Alchemists Using the power of their inhumanly strong and tireless machine servants, the Brasswork Throne [...]

    7. The final installment of the Alchemy Wars trilogy does not live up to the standards of the previous entries Tregills remains a marvelous storyteller, but his world s verisimilitude completely falls apart in Liberation His ability to craft the English language into vivid and exciting scenes is quite impressive I tend to dislike long descriptions as self indulgent and late into book 1 I was marveling at how much I enjoyed Tregillis length and detail He has the ability to make a single scene feel l [...]

    8. Can we speak about my pet peeves Like breaks in logic, inconsistencies etc Spoiler territory Now, when too clever for her own good Berenice sets the mechs up for traveling to that quintessece seaport, she lures them with the argument save your kin machines and they fall for that even though they ask several times, what s in that journey for them So, how can they even do that, no longer being in posession of the pendant And even if they were, why not pick any other group of fellow machines, inste [...]

    9. I enjoyed the end of the Alchemy Wars trilogy as much as I enjoyed the first book in the series The second book, although well written and plotted, was just too depressing and bloody for me Jax Daniel had no safe place to be, neither with humans nor with fellow mechanicals The French were being decimated and seemed to be out of hope until the very end of that book But in this book, as is obvious from the title, the mechanicals are free from their burdens of geas obedience to their masters , and [...]

    10. wFANTASTYCZNIEWyzwolenie Wojny alchemiczne Tom III20 pa dziernika 2017przezSylwkaWyzwolenie Wojny alchemiczne tom IIITo ju niestety jest koniec Wyzwolenie Wojny alchemiczne Tom III.Po przeczytaniu Mechaniczny Wojny alchemiczne Tom I nie mog am doczeka si kontynuacji niezwyk ych przyg d klakiera Jaxa i szalonej talleyrand Berenice Powstanie Wojny alchemiczne Tom II u wiadczy y mnie tylko w przekonaniu, i jestem zachwycona histori Teraz za przyszed czas na Wyzwolenie Wojny alchemiczne Tom III, kt [...]

    11. Fairly satisfying ending albeit rushed to a really good series One of those situations where I don t really think the book needed to be longer, just that of it needed to be dedicated to that final sequence.

    12. My problem with many steampunk novels is they get so hung up on dirigibles, monocles, and top hats that they forget to include a plot Set in a world of clockwork Dutch clakkers and steam powered French resistance Ian Tregillis s Alchemy Wars trilogy is both action packed and thoughtful While as the final book in the series, The Liberation wraps up the story of Jax Daniel and war between the French and Dutch, it leaves open it s central premise do humans have free will, or are we just the wind up [...]

    13. The war that began in the last volume really takes off here, with rogue Mechanicals storming the Hague itself, intent on a terrible vengeance This volume also sheds some light on the character of Tuinier Bell a terrifying enigma in past books who becomes a POV character in this one As tends to happen when we see inside a villain s head, she becomes a lot sympathetic kind of a dark reflection of Berenice, very driven to protect her nation at any cost She isn t wholly redeemed by the end of the b [...]

    14. Trzeci tom Wojen alchemicznych to na dobr spraw ci g a akcja Bez wzgl du na to czyj punkt widzenia czytelnik aktualnie ledzi, historia ca y czas gna do przodu, raz po raz przerywana niespodziewanymi zwrotami akcji W Wyzwoleniu trudno o spokojniejsze, daj ce wytchnienie fragmenty, a to wszystko zwiastuje dynamiczny i zapadaj cy w pami fina I tak te si dzieje Zako czenie trylogii trzyma w napi ciu do ostatniej strony, co sprawia, e lektura ksi ek Iana Tregillisa daje czytelnikowi prawdziw satysfak [...]

    15. See my other reviews at Never Enough BooksClakkers are mechanical men Built to serve, for centuries they have catered to their human owners every whim But now the bonds that held them for so long have begun to break Minds held in thrall are now becoming free.A new age of man and machine is dawning.The Liberation is the third and final book in The Alchemy Wars series It continues almost immediately where the second book left off and takes it to its thrilling conclusion.The war that once pitted th [...]

    16. It s tough to bring an epic story to an epic conclusion, and this is no exception There are always going to be little disappointments That one plot point that wasn t quite explained to your satisfaction The fate of a favorite character The way the author tries to tie all of the ribbons up at the end.The Liberation has all of these, but it is still a very good conclusion to Tregillis s latest trilogy For the most part, the things that we don t figure out are things that the characters wouldn t be [...]

    17. What a spectacular conclusion to an absolutely spectacular series The Liberation nicely ties together many of the plots found throughout books one and two, while still leaving some of the larger metaphysical questions unanswered as I think they should be The characterization in this book is absolutely top notch You care about every character, even if you don t necessarily like them Ian Tregillis has truly knocked it out of the park with both The Liberation, and The Alchemy Wars, and I hope he ch [...]

    18. Hmm, fantasy or science fiction That s the first hurdle Somehow it seems to matter after this third volume I don t seem to have reviewed 2, but I recall its events In this book Tregillis spins out the consequences of his setup in a consistent way He has interesting characters, human and otherwise But in the end, I feel let down Not sure why Perhaps it s that all the handwaving of the first two books trust me, it s alchemical seems to be insufficient as the stakes get higher More and often I ke [...]

    19. I enjoyed this novel, and the trilogy it completes, a lot I have some technical issues with it for sure it needs some condensing in places, and the pacing suffers as a result but overall it s a refreshingly vibrant take on the steampunk genre though with way too much gross out stuff for my personal taste, perhaps because in places it feels as if the gross out factor is upped to shock rather than to better tell the story My four stars is really for the trilogy overall rather than for this install [...]

    20. 4.5 out 5 stars see this review and others here.Robot sentience dawns and engulfs the world like a plague In the third and final volume of the Alchemy Wars trilogy, author Ian Tregillis continues his brilliant alternate history tale with a tense build up and an explosive payoff.Tregillis is a master at framing and answering the what if questions inherent in the genre What if human created robot slaves obtained Free Will Multiple answers are presented, as separate factions of free Clakkers split [...]

    21. 3.5 stars I ve preferred giving 4 over 3 as I really liked previous books of this cycle.Unfortunately, conclusion of The Alchemy Wars trilogy is slightly disappointing There are few reasons finale of tome 2 has unloaded all the dramatic tension accumulated during the reading there were barely any things reader cared any after that spectacular finish character development has failed after some point there s no equilibrium between heroes any, one of them disappears completely so you ask yourself a [...]

    22. 4.5 stars from Bill, read the full review at FANTASY LITERATUREDisclaimer just so you know, some of the books we review are received free from publishersThe Liberation 2016 is the concluding novel to Ian Tregillis fantastic ALCHEMY WARS trilogy, and he wraps it all up with a book as strong in action and deep in thought as its predecessors, making this series one of my favorites of recent years and one I highly recommend If you haven t read the first two and you absolutely should fix that error , [...]

    23. This book is the best of the series So many times, an otherwise excellent series ends on a faltering note endings are really, really hard, and making the final installment worthy of what comes before is a difficult task Tregillis hits it out of the park.Many, many aspects of the situation are left unresolved Years, decades, maybe even centuries of work are left to be done to figure out how the three empires will coexist, share or withhold resources and territory, and police themselves.But the ch [...]

    24. In a world where robot labor has suddenly acquired the means to throw off any obligation to human service, what happens next Ian Tregillis s third novel in The Alchemy Series follows the path of Daniel, one of the first clackers to gain consciousness, Bernice, a French spy who has allied herself with the clacker cause, and Anastasia, the de facto head of the Dutch Clockmakers Guild, who were the ones to originally invent the machines Despite their different political interests, these characters [...]

    25. There was a lot about this series that I really liked, but also a lot that I didn t The concepts were interesting, but I was generally left feeling that the author could ve done with the ideas he was toying with The feeling of close, but no cigar I was also frustrated by the diction I consider myself to have a pretty large vocabulary, but I had to look things up left and right I m not opposed to learning new words, in fact I actually like when I come across a new word and have to look it up But [...]

    26. The 5 star rating is really for the entire series then simply for the conclusion of The Liberation, which leaves too many questions unanswered the first two books, The Mechanical and The Rising, raised Ian Tregillis s Alchemy Wars Trilogy is, above all else, entertaining The world building is imaginative and cinematic The alchemical machines known as Clakkers, bound to serve their Dutch masters, are a foreshadowing of a world to come Machines in existential bondage to indifferent materialists W [...]

    27. A very satisfying conclusion to the Alchemy Wars Trilogy The book flows three main protagonists as they struggle with the aftermath of the freedom of the Clakkers and the failure of the Dutch war on New France Daniel, the mechanical once known as Jax, and now treated as a messiah by most other mechanicals, has to work out what he will do with his life and Free Will, while still being chased by the mad Queen Mab and her Lost Boys Anastasia Bell, the Dutch tunier, must rally human forces to try to [...]

    28. Engaging book about free will, class systems, and the costs of self determination.This was written, and published in stages The Liberation is part 3 of a single 3 part novel It is not really a trilogy in the traditional sense as there is no real independence and completion of the individual novels It was unsatisfying to wait for him to finish writing this after reading the first 2 but it was worth it in the end.Now that they are all out, get all 3 and enjoy the binge read The Mechanical, The Ris [...]

    29. Trzeci tom Wojen Alchemicznych zdecydowanie najmocniej trzyma w napi ciu cieraj si ze sob trzy r ne frakcje Francuzi walcz cy o wolno swoj i mechanicznych, Holendrzy pragn cy za wszelk cen przetrwa i poddani mechanicznej kr lowej Mab, kt rzy chc zniewoli swoich pan w W tej cz ci zobaczymy jeszcze wi cej zwrot w akcji, wartkiej fabu y, niewybrednych tekst w i mas nieprzewidywalnych zdarze To ju jest fina , poznajemy zatem zako czenie, kt re nie mog o by inne ni zosta o napisane Nie zaskoczy o mni [...]

    30. This was a satisfying conclusion to the Alchemy Wars trilogy I had to have it in my hands the moment I finished the second volume, and I was not disappointed in how Tregillis pulled the narrative threads together This was a very enjoyable and engaging trilogy, with some very thought provoking concepts, and some truly terrifying ideas woven throughout what is ostensibly an action adventure slash historical fiction slash fantasy story Well worth the read

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