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യക്ഷി | Yakshi By Malayattoor Ramakrishnan,

  • Title: യക്ഷി | Yakshi
  • Author: Malayattoor Ramakrishnan
  • ISBN: 9780140156461
  • Page: 160
  • Format: Paperback
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    One thought on “യക്ഷി | Yakshi”

    1. Yakshi is the iconic story of my childhood but I must confess it is not the novel by Malayattoor Ramakrishnan, but the classic film noir based on it directed by the inimitable K S Sethumadhavan that fired up my imagination I had not read the book until now, and I expected to be underwhelmed I was pleasantly surprised The book has every right to enjoy the cult status it does.A yakshi is a ghoulish female spirit that entices men using her bewitching beauty, then chomps them up surprisingly, this b [...]

    2. A Yakshi is an ethereal being, one among the many that eastern mythology has spawned In the folklore of Kerala are entwined numerous anecdotes of these sensual sirens who waylay men and reduce them to husk as the night passes This being said, the novel here does not adopt a supernatural atmosphere on purpose It is quite simply put, a journey into madness.A rational, intelligent man at the peak of his powers starts tottering and from the high colonnades he tumbles down into the ditches of insanit [...]

    3. I feel different now All the books I read so far was told by a normal human soul The novel progresses by telling how an abnormal soul will interpret others and world An engaging high voltage read Not necessary to mention, yet a must read.Hats off to the author for a classic like this I will read it once again for sure Read it, I bet you ll feel what I feel now.

    4. Yakshi is one of my perennial favourites, and so when Penguin brought out the English translation of Malayatoor s psychological drama, I had to buy it, if only so I could introduce my husband to a novel that dealt with the gradual disintegration of a traumatised mind.No one can deny the details of the subconscious mind that psychology has laid bare By doing so, you limit knowledge To posit that all knowledge, all wisdom should bow down to our understanding of the laws of nature is the biggest su [...]

    5. There are few books which tells us read me again after few months and I will be new again.Yakshi from Malayatoor Ramakarishnan falls under this.An awesome read The best part for me is the name Ragini The name alone makes reader confused about her identity and integrity Srinivasan, the protagonist has been placed brilliantly by the in situations that makes even readers think wild Especially if you happen to belong to people who thinks a lot.A must read

    6. No words to say I have never read a psychological thriller like this The book is n malayalam i dont knw whtr der s an english translation for it Good story telling And am n love with Raagini.

    7. Malayattoor Ramakrishnan has been one of my favorite authors ever since i read a chapter from his semi autobiographical novel Verukal And this time he impressed me with yet another gem, Yakshi Malayattoor penned this pscychological thriller in 1967 The original was written in Malayalam and has been translated into Tamil, Hindi and English hence The English version was published by Penguin, so that should make it easy for any one to get hold of a copy The BBC Off the shelf programme had in a 12 [...]

    8. It felt like reading a Stephen King novel, but even better Just like in King s The Shining , here we read the story through the mind of a murderous maniac But what makes it even grimmer is the use of the first person narrative Daniel Kahneman said that in order for the brain to comprehend any statement, it should first assume that the statement is true The author uses this concept to make the protagonist s insecurities and hallucinations our own and it gets really uncomfortable as the theme gets [...]

    9. it will go down as one of my favorite book ever , first it hooks you down and slowly the characters comes into the mind as we go long Then we will be in between the reality and the dream of YAKSHI.It is breathtaking and so psychedelic , as i went through each chapters i was so attracted to RAGINI she is awesome and beautiful normally for malayalis its MOHINI Guys go for the book you would not feel boring or predictable at any point of time.

    10. A Story which got its own unique imagination and profundity in characters, writing style takes you to the world of Imagination.We can see the characters in the story keeping a strong belief in their intuitions and imaginations which have a relevance to reality.Loved the characters and story so much, touched my heart.

    11. This is one of those books that I think was destined to read I remember vaguely watching an old black and white film based on this book, I never saw the film completely even then and didn t know at that point that it was based on a book But the premise of that film stayed with me for a long time for some unknown reason And then I randomly stumbled upon this book when I was looking for something else altogether I just read the title and I knew that I have to get a copy of this book, i don t under [...]

    12. One of the most powerful psycho thrillers in Malayalam literature, Yakshi is about a college professor who suspects his extraordinarily beautiful wife is a Yakshi ghost In his book Service Story Ente IAS Dinangal , the author says that his friend and renowned poet Vayalar Ramavarma was the first to read Yakshi Vayalar completed reading in a single stretch and congratulated the author on writing an exemplary piece of art Everyone will get the same feeling after reading this novel I started readin [...]

    13. It takes a lot of literary skill to identify the areas where the difference between reality and fantasy starts to blur and then to taunt the reader s imagination as to where the story is going, all the while constructing a labyrinth of lunacy around you without your knowledge Add to it, a scathing critique about the inaccurate notions of society concerning masculinity and male sexuality In many ways, it is very similar to Ryu Murakami s Audition I read yakshi about 8 years back On revisiting it, [...]

    14. all those scary stories one associates with that surreal being, yakshi, in Kerala has all being wonderfully detailed out in this book The way a inferior person fights himself against his egos and his extremely beautiful wife who he suspects is a Yakshi An amazing book which has all the power to make you feel the love between the two main characters and how it develops is warming it will definitely leave a warmness in your heart once you turn over the last page a wonderful work of fiction and hig [...]

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