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The Other Mrs Walker By Mary Paulson-Ellis,

  • Title: The Other Mrs Walker
  • Author: Mary Paulson-Ellis
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Somehow she d always known that she would end like this In a small square room, in a small square flat In a small square box, perhaps Cardboard, with a sticker on the outside And a name In a freezing, desolate Edinburgh flat an old woman takes her last breath surrounded by the few objects she has accrued over a lifetime an emerald dress, a brazil nut engravedSomehow she d always known that she would end like this In a small square room, in a small square flat In a small square box, perhaps Cardboard, with a sticker on the outside And a name In a freezing, desolate Edinburgh flat an old woman takes her last breath surrounded by the few objects she has accrued over a lifetime an emerald dress, a brazil nut engraved with the ten commandments and six orange pips sucked dry Meanwhile, guided by the flip of a coin, Margaret Penny arrives back at her old family home, escaping a life in London recently turned to ash Faced with relying on a resentful mother she has never really known, Margaret soon finds herself employed by the Office for Lost People, tasked with finding the families of the dead the neglected, the abandoned, the lost Her instructions are to uncover paperwork, yet the only thing Mrs Walker, the old woman in her current case, left behind is a series of peculiar objects But in the end it is these objects that will unravel Mrs Walker s real story a story rooted in the London grime and moving from the 1930s to the present day, a story of children abandoned and lost, of beguiling sisters and misplaced mothers, of deception and thievery, family secrets and the very deepest of betrayals in which the extraordinary circular nature of life will glitter from the page For in uncovering the astonishing tale of an old woman who died alone, Margaret will finally discover her own story too .
    The Other Mrs Walker Somehow she d always known that she would end like this In a small square room in a small square flat In a small square box perhaps Cardboard with a sticker on the outside And a name In a freezing

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    1. Have you ever read a book you didn t enjoy but had to finish This is one of those books So I congratulate the author for creating a narrative with enough questions to keep me ploughing on Upon completion I feel unsatisfied and a little let down Not due to a lack of happy ending due to a big fat feeling of so what Whithout giving away the plot, this story left me frustrated with the central characters lack of resolution, even in their own minds and lives Endings don t have to be happy but there [...]

    2. I certainly found this debut novel an absolute page turner In fact it s been quite a while since I sacrificed sleep to finish a novel but the narrative certainly won out last night There were so many unexpected dimensions to this tightly plotted story with its sparse but vivid descriptives and repeated motifs, so that each time I thought Ok I see where this is going the author had another surprise up her sleeve The book is about secrets and lies, secrets and lies Then how do you stitch together [...]

    3. An old lady dies alone and with no identification papers in a cold Edinburgh flat in the middle of winter A middle aged woman, Margaret Penny, arrives in Edinburgh soon afterwards Her life in tatters, without any money or a job, she finds temporary work tracking down the paperwork of the deceased How likely is it that the dead old lady she is sent to trace, a Mrs Walker, is actually closely related Unfortunately, this central premise to The Other Mrs Walker is such an unlikely coincidence that i [...]

    4. I received a copy of this title from PanMacmillan Australia for review.Ten Second Synopsis Margaret, returned unwillingly to Edinburgh and her mother s cramped flat, takes a job searching out the identities of the city s indigent deceased Her first case, unravelling the identity of one elderly Mrs Walker, will draw Margaret into a history she can never fully understand, but may have a personal impact on her own life.Before we get into the meat of this review, let me just warn you that this is a [...]

    5. lied to me.I don t know why this book has such a reasonable rating It s so dull, so obvious, and honestly couldn t care less about ANY of the characters and their depressing, dysfunctional lives

    6. I received a copy of this book thanks to Giveaway, the author and publisher.It is Christmas 2010 Edinburgh and an elderly woman dies alone in a freezing flat She leaves behind Brazil nut with the 10 Commandments etched on its shell, an emerald dress, a photograph and an orange full of holes.New Year 2011 Margaret Penny, in her 40 s returns to her childhood home from London where she led a disastrous life Margaret has no job, no home and no money.She goes to her mother s flat seeking refuge The r [...]

    7. This was a really engaging mystery An old woman, known only as Mrs Walker, dies alone in a flat in Edinburgh around christmas time 2010 The following month another lonely woman, Margaret Penny, returns to Edinburgh after 30 years in London It soon becomes Margaret s job to unravel the secrets of Mrs Walker s life and try find any relatives before she is given a paupers funeral The Walker family history is revealed over decades as snippets of information begin to build a picture of the true ident [...]

    8. This book just wasn t for me I found it hard to keep track of the characters and the items important to the story as well, especially as the time jumps weren t chronological I ve read through 3 4 of the book and had to give up as I didn t care what happened to the characters and I wasn t sure of exactly what it was we were supposed to be deciphering A lot of work to read this novel for very little reward.

    9. It s lovely to read a book that offers up something fresh and Mary Paulson Ellis resoundingly met that brief for me with this tale that weaves a mystery from the past with family secrets I got the feeling that many families although not having the exact same story, there are many that have similar skeletons lurking in cupboards which share some of the same elements.Margaret Penny returns to Edinburgh after some thirty years away and returns to her mother s home She is not given a warm welcome, o [...]

    10. The Other Mrs Walker, by Mary Paulson Ellis, is a story of family secrets, lives thwarted, and objects that speak from beyond the grave.Margaret Penny, at close to fifty years old, returns to her elderly mother s small flat in Edinburgh with no money, few possessions and fewer prospects Her life has not turned out as she had hoped when she escaped to London without warning some thirty years previously Her mother offers neither a welcome nor a rejection, she has never been one to share her though [...]

    11. This fits into the unwitting detective story that I can t abide An unlikable flawed main character, too many moments where you have to suspend reason and some terrible writing And a boring ending Rant over.

    12. This was a shame, I really thought the book held promise, and the ratings haven t been bad But let me tell you that from the first few chapters, it was clear that the book was disjointed, and the characters so deeply flawed and also strangely private about their lot in life that you can t find anyone worth wanting to know about Too many jumps from past to present, so many names and people that it was annoying to go to and fro When you finally get to the end it s such a relief that the abrupt en [...]

    13. I did waver on my rating for this one, but in the end it had to be 2 stars It s a shame, because I loved the premise of this book so much an old lady dies alone in a cold Edinburgh flat, and we follow Margaret as she attempts to uncover the identity of this person who appears to be alone in the world.The problem was that for me, it wasn t a very enjoyable read, and at times is was actually quite irritating The was such a heavy emphasis on repetition imagery, phrases, individual words used over a [...]

    14. The Other Mrs Walker is the accomplished debut novel from Mary Paulson Ellis I don t often compare authors but I was reminded of Kate Atkinson s writing, with a similar ability to weave mystery, suspense and family secrets.I found this to be a very intriguing read, cleverly written There are so many glimpses into the lives of the Walkers and Pennys at various points in time as the story moves from Margaret s investigations in the present, back to the London of the 1920s and onwards As the reader [...]

    15. I remember the way we were taught how to write an essay in school Draft your beginning, middle and ending If you use themes and elements, make sure they all pull through and that all lose ends are connected Make sure that all your i s are dotted and your T s are crossed Mary Paulson Ellis got this all down perfectly Too perfectly This was a great and intriguing story that was presented rather too well Personally, I think it robbed the story from a few elements of surprise and mystery that would [...]

    16. An old woman is found dead in her flat, alone with only a few meagre possessions A middle aged woman has returned to Edinburgh, her life in London in tatters Margaret returns to the Scottish capital to stay with her mother while she puts her life back together Through her mother s contacts she ends up working for an organisation that tries to track down the relatives of deceased people with no obvious family And so the narrative moves between Margaret s investigation and the past life of Mrs Wal [...]

    17. Hugely promising bittersweet debut, about the way families can fracture, and people can fall through the cracks in society I ll review it fully very soon on crimeworm but it s a book I d highly recommend.

    18. The story has a current day death, not a murder, that is linked to events from long ago During the war three young sisters, lose their mother to mental illness and some nefarious machinations, and their father to his ability to cope Their little family is fractured over the course of time and eventually the three sisters lose all contact In the modern day, the children of one of the sisters is dealing with her own issues, working on locating relatives or a history for a dead Jane Doe for her new [...]

    19. Ok so this book is frustrating To start with the tagline A detective story with no detective This is not a Detective story and the tagline makes no sense The story is of a woman returning to her mother in Scotland after something happened in London When there she volunteers for a service that helps identify bodies that have no ID or next of kin When investigating the death of a woman she uncovers a past that is linked to her Interweaved in the story are flashbacks of a family that lived in Londo [...]

    20. I thought this was one of the most remarkable detective stories without a detective I have read in a long time A dead woman, a mystery, a family history over something like 70 years Kept me glued to the page with its intelligence, its beautiful language and simple brilliance A must read imho.

    21. Hmmm overly complicated to no great benefit It uses a complex structure with shifting time frames and narrators none of whom are reliable I started reading this over Xmas and it suffered from having too much else going on had I read it in a couple of sittings it would have felt rather less complex It is mystery and meditation on family secrets, interesting but ultimately unsatisfactory

    22. I enjoyed this mystery with a difference the two different time settings worked very well, there was lots of detail and I was kept interested Unfortunately I worked quite a lot of it out before it happened, so from that point of view it wasn t that mysterious, but the storytelling was good enough to overcome that.

    23. Generally an enjoyable read, but not always clear to follow or didn t seem to coherently join up at times A page turner but I managed to work out the identity of Mrs W quite quickly.

    24. OrangesDisclosure The author is my cousin once removed I am reviewing her book to plead for it to be available in the US also I will try to give as objective a verbal account as I can, though my position makes it impossible to give a numerical rating that will be meaningful.Why oranges The fruit is a recurring motif throughout the book, dating from the wartime years when to a child an orange was a rare treat But it is also not a bad image of the novel s construction There is the bright peel shal [...]

    25. Very dark and depressing I felt sad and angry throughout this whole book Angry that so many horrible things happened to the Walker family, and angry that lies and secrets denied them all of so much I was angry that Margaret never found the truth if her background, but then I thought that I suppose you never miss what you don t know was it better that she never knew the darkness of her family past A bit too repetitive for me talk about being battered over the head with symbols and repeated themes [...]

    26. Who was Mrs Walker It falls upon Margaret Penny, newly recruited to the Office for Lost People, to piece together the fragments of Mrs Walker s life in order to track down any remaining relatives Not an easy task Through her research Margaret discovers a few fascinating artifacts and a series of other, tiny clues leading her back to 1930s London and deep into the heart of a family riddled with secrets, lies and deceptions The Margaret learns about those powerful, tragic women, most of the key c [...]

    27. Oxfam Reading Challenge 2017 A book published this year paperback editionI m surprised to read some of the less favourable reviews as this is definitely one of my higher rated books of the year so far OK, so it isn t full of heroic characters that face adversity and despite all odds win through at the end yawn Refreshingly, it s the polar opposite It s dark and gritty which is exactly what I think sets it apart Sometimes life just is tough and unfair People are unscrupulous, self serving and stu [...]

    28. I really don t want to be harsh, but this book is grim, in every way possible The storyline is drab, dismal and depressing The characters are uniformly miserable and unlikeable The writing is poor and in need of a competent editor We are told for example that one character wears a stolen red coat A stolen coat A red stolen coat A coat that has been stolen On and on and on I get it I don t need this fact being rammed down my throat every few pages.The storyline uses flashbacks, but these are not [...]

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