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Raven By Scarlett Finn,

  • Title: Raven
  • Author: Scarlett Finn
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • RavenHe s mysterious and alluring,Dominant and powerful.He keeps her grounded,And lets her fly.After a date ends in disaster, Zara Bandini is drawn into a conspiracy of dark lies and hidden motives Bidding farewell to blissful ignorance, she must betray those who trust her to prevent evil from murdering innocent civilians.Raven guides her, shields her, and seduces her NoRavenHe s mysterious and alluring,Dominant and powerful.He keeps her grounded,And lets her fly.After a date ends in disaster, Zara Bandini is drawn into a conspiracy of dark lies and hidden motives Bidding farewell to blissful ignorance, she must betray those who trust her to prevent evil from murdering innocent civilians.Raven guides her, shields her, and seduces her Now Zara has to protect her heart while saving the world.
    Raven RavenHe s mysterious and alluring Dominant and powerful He keeps her grounded And lets her fly After a date ends in disaster Zara Bandini is drawn into a conspiracy of dark lies and hidden motives Bi

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    1. Raven must use all his skills including manipulationof the naughty kindWell, Raven what can I say about Raven I liked it I was a little frustrated with it, but I think it had to do with the players involved than the storyline We re on a mission to stop the handover of a dangerous device If the device gets into the wrong hands we could be looking at a disaster Who is on the good side and who is on the bad side People are murdered, threats are made and sex is used to manipulate I felt like I was [...]

    2. 4,75 Mysterious stars from me What a beautifully executed dark story Filled with mystery, secrets, action and twists you definitely can t put it down until the mystery is solved well then you have to reach the end or not I personally think and hope that there will be installments because this one opens the road for many .Zara s life changed one peacefull night when she was in a bar after work and drinking wine, a desicion made her a witness and so in a middle of a war zone There Raven comes thi [...]

    3. Wow I am in love with this book I knew on page 1 this was something special I received an arc in exchange for an honest review and I was not disappointed I loved the premise, the plot twists and turns One of the best books I have read this year 5 stars Highly recommend Now I will wait not so patiently for book 2.

    4. I want to be Kindred Every so often a book comes along that immediately pulls you in and demands your attention,is that book From beginning to end, I was drawn in and couldn t stop reading In one night, Zara Bandini s life is turned upside down when she witnesses a murder and becomes embroiled in a dangerous game of cat and mouse For a woman who has fantasized about a life of adventure and excitement, she suddenly has than she ever dreamed of When dark and mysterious Raven enters her world ever [...]

    5. It s been a while since I ve read a great suspense book I have a feeling Raven, Zara and a few others are going to become a new obsession Very smart, witty and crisp writing I will be honest and say I wasn t sure in the very beginning if this was going to have enough romance for my taste, but that didn t last long I quickly found myself hooked I m intrigued Ready for the next book now

    6. I jumped into reading Raven by Scarlett Finn when it appeared on my kindle without re checking its blurb I am not sure I need to explain but reviewing so many books there are often books appearing on your kindle without further information send from authors you reviewed before or from publishers The title sounded interesting at that moment so I did not re check with our blog schedule if it was a scheduled review and started reading it I tell you this to explain because I thought at first that th [...]

    7. This is an intensely wonderful story filled with danger around every corner and I loved reading this Zara is a woman who has dedicated herself to her career and is committed to making a successful life for herself Unfortunately, fate has other plans for her and she finds herself smack in the middle of some pretty seriously dangerous stuff going on Zara is a creature of routine and consistency, which is all blown to bits when everything in her life changes in a single moment Now her life is in da [...]

    8. Ind.of.disappointed I had high expectations for this book since Scarlett Finn wrote the fantabulous Explicit Instructions series with Rushe I felt like there was too much resistance on being with each other I got sick of the couple about half way, the ending wasn t conclusive too I really wanted Sutcliffe to die and my poor Art I m hoping this isn t one of those standalone book series Ugh, I haven t checked but fingers crossed

    9. Scrutiny leads to paranoiaI exist in the shadows and anyone who tries to venture into my darkness has to abandon the world Living life alone is not as easy as people like to think Raven is an assassin for hire The rumour is he is dead Part of the shadows, a whisper fleetingly heard on the lips of dead men he is an enigma Part of a covert team that eradicates problems in return for a fee he is one of the Kindred Crossing paths with Zara as the next target in sights involves her indirectly, he see [...]

    10. It s not often that a book surprises med this one did I wasn t sure what to expect as I went in blind, not reading the blurb or any reviews Zara is an administrative assistant to Grant McCormack, a man she admires She has a regular routine of heading to the local bar, and having a glass of wine to unwind and possibly, meet someone She meets a man that claims to have noticed her weeks before, and finally makes his move only to have things go horribly wrong Zara is freaked, and heads home to find [...]

    11. 5 out of 5 I can t help but love you StarsI m a Scarlett Finn fan, so wanting to read this book was a given I admit though that I was a little confused by the blurb But that didn t deter me from reading this awesome book Oh no Not me Zara is your basic workaholic who is dedicated her life to her job as an administrative assistant to the CEO of CI Technologies She escaped her father and her brother s oppressive and bulling ways to put herself through college and make her way to where she is today [...]

    12. This was my first time reading anything by Ms Finn and I must that I thoroughly enjoyed this great story, Ms Finn has given us a story that will suck you in and then will keep you there from start to finish ,and then will leave you wanting from this author The characters were well written and really well developed and the writing was amazing, if you like romantic suspense then this story is for you Zara Bandini is the executive assistant for an owner of an multi million dollar company ,and that [...]

    13. Zara Bandini is the executive assistant to the owner of a multi million dollar company She has come a long way from a simple farm girl, all through hard work and long hours Then while she is enjoying her usual Friday night drink an interesting guy buys her a drink Unfortunately the night doesn t end quite the way she would like I am not going to tell you anything about the hero because until the book is than halfway through we don t know who he is Plus our heroine is so confused even she doesn [...]

    14. This is a good story that delivered mystery, suspense, and for me a range of emotions It was a little hard to get into at first because I felt frustrated at the expectation of immediate and complete trust Raven wanted from Zara The I read the I understood his reasoning and hers for the way they handled what was going on The story moved at a good pace and I was surprised by things that happen a couple of times, that s always a bonus of course There was some heat between the two main characters [...]

    15. This is the first time reading this author The lure of the suspense attracted me Zara drew me in and there she kept me This is about good and evil but it is also the way the author has written it She also has one that will light her fire with his fire with Brodie being much Especially since she can sure get in the middle of it This is one that would have to be experienced by the reader if they like heat and suspense What happens to become kindred is also part of this too It is a battle with th [...]

    16. This story is captivating and intriguing, with Zara being in between good and evil in a war where there are no certainties and the players are not as easy to identify or better yet qualify as being good or evil.Raven and Grant, good and evil, with yet different sides to them that could lead them straight to evil or evil in Grant case.It s impossible not to question everyone and everything and I can t definitely wait for

    17. Brilliant read Wow What a great book.After a date with death Zara meets Raven a rough dominant man and is drawn into a conspiracy of lies and deceit Raven is one hot as hell hero, just what Zara needs to put some excitement in her life Scarlett Finn definitely has a talent for weaving a complex tale that keeps you reading until the end, it was thrilling, exciting and so sexy I can t wait for in this series, I would highly recommend.

    18. I liked this book It took me a while to get into the book but then it got to where I would sit down with it intending to read 20 pages or so only to find myself putting it down 150 pages later It grabbed me after a while I would recommend it I was lucky enough to win this book in a giveaway

    19. Oh manis book has it all Danger, Alpha Male, twists, love, sadness Whew I m still in shock I hope there is another book being written The potential is enormous Raven is sexy and Alpha and Zara is smart and loyal Together with Tuck they are an awesome team What happens with Grant is a huge mystery.

    20. I need of the Kindred Series At times I wanted to yell and scream at several of the characters, but they would quickly redeem themselves only to do it again This book was the perfect mix of action, suspense, angst, and sexy romance.

    21. If you like action and suspense you will love this bookAbsolutely loved this book it had me hooked from the first page and I couldn t put it downCannot wait for book two

    22. An intense new series The mystery, action and drama of the book certainly keeps you hokey and entertain the whole time I cannot wait for of the series NightWolf Book Blog

    23. So intense So much happened I liked Zara and Raven But I honestly have no idea what he was thinking throughout the whole book I loved that they had their own bat signal They had lots of cute moments and I kept trying to figure out what would happen view spoiler I don t get her dedication to her boss though, get over him he was bad I get why everyone kept getting pissed when she d defend him hide spoiler

    24. Raven The Kindred Series by Scarlett FinnDesignation Series, Book 1, HFN.Scarlett Finn is a new author to me and this book was very intense.Zara Bandini is a secretary at Cormack Industries working for CEO Grant McCormack and one night she meets Raven who won t tell her much, but needs her to give him information on her boss activities Turns out she is unknowingly in the middle of a deal with terrorists and to stop it and save the world she has to correctly guess who to trust.This kept me on the [...]

    25. received a copy for my honest review A sold 4.75 starsThis story had it all, romance, suspense, mystery, murder, erotic You emotions are all over the board There were times that I wanted to jump through the book and punch Raven, and at times Zara Zara is a strong woman but her life is all about work Grant is her boss and a shady character She has a routine that she follows, a Friday night at Purdy s bar This is where it all starts for Zara After a crazy night at Purdy s, Raven shows up at her ho [...]

    26. Tieran Wilder does a wonderful job portraying all the different characters and was absolutely wonderful at showcasing the edgy darkness of this story I loved all the intrigue and shady dealing and the mystery of everything going on Throughout the entire story I couldn t decide if I loved or hated Raven still can t too There were times that he was adorable and so sweet and other times where I wanted to smack the crap out of him This entire story of layer upon layer of whats going to happen next o [...]

    27. Enjoyable, entertaining and engaging story Well written and interesting storyline It pulls you from the start and never lets go Full of action, mystery, suspense, intrigue and steamy romance so how could you not enjoy it.Zara is not prepared for the world she s about to pulled into or the mysterious man that invades her life Raven the cold, dark, mysterious and questionable man that has secrets All the characters were interesting, not just the main characters.Definitely looking forward to the ne [...]

    28. Coming from humble beginnings, Zara Bandini worked hard to have the life she now has As a habit she goes for a glass of wine once a week Then leaves for home This week is different as she meets a man and they leave together only to have that leaving turn into a disaster Following her disastrous date, she meets Raven who lets her know that her life is not as it seems It turns out her boss is dabbling in things that could lead to the death of many Zara has choices she must make take a chance on Ra [...]

    29. This story starts off with a bang Good for us listeners bad for Zara Bandini, who s first date with Tim ends up being his last, literally, as he is shot dead while kissing her Talk about a buzz kill.Raven comes to her rescue, but is he really a good guy or just using Zara to get her to spill the goods on her boss So begin Zara s spiral into deceit, intrigue and the hidden motives of her boss Grant.This is such a good book and I enjoyed it very much This is the first audiobook that I ve listened [...]

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