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Fortune and Fate By Sharon Shinn,

  • Title: Fortune and Fate
  • Author: Sharon Shinn
  • ISBN: 9780441016365
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
  • For the Rider Wen, peace in Gillengaria has only brought despair Plagued by guilt for failing to protect her king, Wen has fled the royal city and given herself the penance of a life of wandering, helping strangers in need, making sure they remain just that strangers.Until the day she helps a terrified young woman abducted by an overeager suitor The girl, she discovers,For the Rider Wen, peace in Gillengaria has only brought despair Plagued by guilt for failing to protect her king, Wen has fled the royal city and given herself the penance of a life of wandering, helping strangers in need, making sure they remain just that strangers.Until the day she helps a terrified young woman abducted by an overeager suitor The girl, she discovers, is the daughter of one of those who rose against the dead king, and is now heir to the great estate known as Fortune Once she has delivered her safely home, Wen wants nothing further to do with the girl or her family.But fate has other plansFor behind the walls of Fortune, Wen will find her future and she will finally confront the ghosts of her past.
    Fortune and Fate For the Rider Wen peace in Gillengaria has only brought despair Plagued by guilt for failing to protect her king Wen has fled the royal city and given herself the penance of a life of wandering hel

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    1. Surprise This Fifth Installment of the Twelve Houses series has turned out to be my favourite, though I loved Books 1 4 before.This book, this book It was the perfect read for me I loved every page I wanted to finish it in one reading and yet I kept stopping so that I didn t finish It ended too soon anyway.It was actually a makeover story and I am a sucker for makeover stories.Former King s Rider Wen, leaving Ghosenhall after King Baryn s death and trying to deal with her demons survivor s guilt [...]

    2. I am a hugeSharon Shinn fan.Archangel is one of my very favorite comfort reads and so isMystic and Rider the first in Shinn s Twelve Houses series Her characters become friends so quickly I forget what life was like before I read them That s why the Twelve Houses series is so much fun It follows a disparate group of six travelers who, despite differences of rank, temperament, and fundamental beliefs, become first allies and later friends Shinn tracks this six of them through four books, eventual [...]

    3. I think this is my favorite of all the books in the Twelve Houses series, which is unfortunate because I had to slog my way through several I didn t much enjoy to get to it Fortune and Fate nicely inverts several of the usual romance genre tropes instead of the hero being a brooding ball of angst over a mistake in his past, here the heroine suffers from some pretty serious survivor s guilt Additionally, it is the hero who is the nurturing, empathetic one, who waits for the heroine to get herself [...]

    4. I ve liked Shinn s books in the past, for the most part Some than others, of course But this one felt like she just wasn t ready to let the world go I can understand that So often, fantasy stories end with the huge conflict There is no sense of what comes later the rebuild, reassembling of lives, fortunes and nations This novel does do that a bit, which is interesting.But You can call me a prude and you wouldn t be the first, and you won t be the last , this trend of increasing the amount of se [...]

    5. This is one of my favorite fantasy novels I love it and have read it at least three times The protagonist Wen is on the run from her private demons Two years ago, she was a King s Rider, a respected member of the elite palace guard, until a disaster struck during her watch, the king was assassinated Despite being gravely wounded while protecting the king, Wen feels that she had failed in her duty Afflicted by the survivor s guilt, she abandoned the Riders and her own self respect Now, she roams [...]

    6. This is the last book of Twelve Houses series by Shinn sensei and I am so sad my adventure with all the characters has ended I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.The audible version of this book has an introduction by Shinn sensei in which she states that this is actually one story made into separate books I didn t appreciate what she said until I ve read all the books in the series.I thought in first book the characters and the plot weren t developed as much as her other books I am sorry and hap [...]

    7. Wen has cut herself off from everything she ever knew and resigned herself to wandering and performing acts of kindness for strangers as penance for the sin she feels she has committed However, a chance encounter lands in a situation that could really use her unique skills, but is Wen herself ready for the feelings and issues from her past the situation will force her to face I am currently experiencing a number of feelings brought on by this book and I don t think I am dealing too well First of [...]

    8. Sigh I guess I went into Fortune and Fate with high expectations, and was kind of disappointed While I was reading Reader and Raelynx I knew that Wen would be the main character of Fortune and Fate, so I tried to pay a little attention to her in RR, and was kind of curious to see what her story would hold This story picks up two years after the final war in RR, following Wen on her journey of self discovery She has passed her time saving anyone she comes across on her aimless travels That is ho [...]

    9. This book is my favourite of the series despite having much less political and kingdom wide goings on I loved the story of Wen, hurting and healing, and I fell in love with Fortune and all it s inhabitants This was very character driven, but at times I wished the other 6 characters from the series would bugger off so we could get back to Wen and Jasper I truly get why other people call this the weakest in the series To me, it has a quiet sneak up on you charm.

    10. For some reason, although I have some really good and expected new books and manga around, I really needed a comfort re read this week and Fortune and Fate really fit the bill.The Donato Giancola cover looks a lot like I would imagine Willa Wen to look like, although you really need to ignore the way she draws the sword.Except for the first Twelve Houses volume this is my favourite of the books in the series I like Senneth and Tayse s love story best because it happens after all the big revoluti [...]

    11. This was my least favorite of the Twelve Houses books I re read the previous four leading up to this, and when placed back to back like that their similarities began to wear on me Four romances with class distinctions as their primary conflict got tiresome, especially when so few people actually seemed to care about the class issue in any other setting Perhaps it is true, what the British say, that Americans simply do not understand class the way people with a history of an aristocracy do certai [...]

    12. I m a little shocked that I didn t like this novel Normally, I love Shinn and I think she s a great fantasy writer Ultimately, I think that this novel failed for me because the main character, Wen, just didn t have a very compelling demon chasing after her She didn t die protecting the king So what Neither did many of her fellow riders, but she still seems to respect them The simplicity of her self torture simply makes Wen appear childish In addition to that, her interaction with the extremely b [...]

    13. I ve been a fan of Shinn for a while now, but she definitely has this habit of staying where she s comfortable, and, as a result, she usually ends up grinding each of her long running series into the ground She did it with the Samaria books, and now she s done it with the Tweleve Houses Fortune and Fate departs from the original crew of characters that forged the bonds of friendship in Mystic and Rider because all their stories have already been resolved with true love and marriage and for this [...]

    14. Sharon Shinn is always a good storyteller, but it seems that she has eeked every bit of creativity she can out of her Twelve Houses series Gillengaria world As the fifth book in the series, we have seen it all before The book has two subplots woven together Wen, the de moralized King s Rider struggles to find inner peace after failing in her duty to King Baryn in the last novel Meanwhile, the original cast of six from the previous four books travel on a tour of the southern houses to drum up goo [...]

    15. This latest book from Sharon Shinn in her Twelve Houses series tells the tale of Wen, A king s Rider who did not die when her liege was killed and leaves the Riders to help other people in need She aids Katyrn, the seremarra of one of the portions of the kingdom that was in revolt Later she rescues Bryce and his sister Bryce, who is ten is a reader and Wen decides that his talent can be of use to Kathryn s holding Wen is eventually hired by the Guardian of Kathryn, to head the household guards t [...]

    16. God I loved it Loved loved loved it Loved this unusual pairing I wanted something a bit from Jasper, but I loved him nonetheless Loved Karryn s transformation, Wen s capabilities, and Jasper s background older, lit nerdy widower with a grown daughter and minimal interest in regency, but does it anyway cause he s cool That dancing scene in the hall, yum The last few pages, yum Lots to like, some things I didn t Senneth s character was uncharacteristically petulant, Tayse could ve been sympathet [...]

    17. This book was my favorite of the series, although it concentrates on the story of Wen, a former Kings Rider who was unable to save her King from Assassination Despite her near fatal wounds, she suffers survivors remorse and wanders the kingdom with a guilt she can t shake, seeking people she can help to save Thus it is in Fortune, with the band of people Wen has saved and how she comes to finding acceptance and love in Jasper and importantly acceptance of herself I can truly say that this stor [...]

    18. I felt that the series really ended with Reader and Raelynx I felt that book had the big climax and the danger in this book was trite I didn t really care about Wen and had not connected to her in the other books I always enjoy hearing about the main six characters but I felt that they were just added in to give them something to do The conflict was not really there.

    19. Skimmed, heavily skimmed through Wen s portions Mostly read to learn about what was happening with the original 6 While good to know, it didn t satiate my need to the continuation of their story and I should have just left myself with the ending in book 4.

    20. Realistic rating 4.25ish, maybe Between 4.25 and 4.5 Rounded down mostly to make it clear how much I love Reader and Raelynx, ha, but I don t have any huge glaring problems with this one and do love it This is SUCH a fun return to Gillengaria and a fabulous epilogue to the series a great look back at the main six characters, and a wonderful way to get a view of the world outside of their experience It s not quite as good as a story which follows them 100%, of course, but I was so fond of Wen and [...]

    21. In my opinion, this was the weakest of the Twelve Houses series My personality did not connect with Wen at all so the book was not as enjoyable as the first three Book 1, 2, and 3 are definite favorites that I will read over and over Book 4 is in the middle Here is why Fortune and Fate was very well written and had great development of characters However, nothing really happened in this book There wasn t a lot of action The first three books are full of action, romance, and adventure This books [...]

    22. I thought this series was over after the world changing events of the last book, and I was very unsure about whether or not I wanted another one set in the same universe I was inclined to pick it up because it was new characters, and was sort of disappointed to find out that the main characters from the previous books made significant appearances, especially Senneth and Cammon.But once I got into it, I was very pleasantly surprised Wen is a really unique character, the kind we see a lot in fanta [...]

    23. A most enjoyable add on to the series This series has given me much pleasure over the years since I discovered it having reread it several times, I know the characters well, and enjoy spending time with them through reading the books again This series is set in an imaginary land, one that is seething with prejudice against those who have mystical talents A group of warriors and mystics has been sent out by the king to investigate rumors of murders that threaten the mystical citizens Two warriors [...]

    24. It is difficult for me to rate this book, because I can t say it was my favorite of the series Mystic and Rider will always win in that regard , or even a book that will leave a lasting impression on me But I read it almost entirely in one sitting I kept thinking, All right, now, go to bed, put it down And consistently I rationalized, No just just a little I think, sometimes, you can t ask for than that I was having enough fun and liked the characters enough that I just wanted to keep reading. [...]

    25. Spectacular ending to a spectacular series I was so happy to see that Sharon Shinn had added another book to the series The last one felt like a fitting end but this is a wonderful spin off I loved the main character so much and came to think of Fortune as my home by the end, too I would be overjoyed if books were ever added, it s a rich, warm world and it was a privilege to live in it for a while.

    26. Technically the Twelve Houses series finished with Reader and Raelynx However, this book was a lovely epilogue or coda There were loose ends to tie up, and I think this book did a great job Perhaps there could have been less featuring of the original cast, but they had some loose ends too.

    27. I was wholly prepared not to like this book as the prior one had brought the story to a satisfying close However, I m happy to report that this book exceeded expectations and was very enjoyable, even if it was a sequel Read on

    28. My second favorite of this series, my first favorite being Mystic and Rider I enjoyed Wen as a lead character much than I expected, and the plot was enjoyable and the book well paced I didn t really even need the appearance of the old crew, but it was nice visiting with them as always.

    29. What a read Sadly I have come to the end of this series and am searching for MORE These tales are totally absorbing and very hard to put down.

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