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In Your Dreams By Ginger Scott,

  • Title: In Your Dreams
  • Author: Ginger Scott
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 452
  • Format: None
  • Release date March 29, 2016 Casey Coffield has a growing list of personal flaws he keeps locked away in his head He s never on time His list of IOUs to his best friend is endless Money is always short Goals are never in reach Oh, and he s decided to add college drop out to that list, too He doesn t really think that last one s such a bad thing, but his family Release date March 29, 2016 Casey Coffield has a growing list of personal flaws he keeps locked away in his head He s never on time His list of IOUs to his best friend is endless Money is always short Goals are never in reach Oh, and he s decided to add college drop out to that list, too He doesn t really think that last one s such a bad thing, but his family insists it is, so it stays on the list On paper, he s a zero But in person, when he s mixing tracks for a sea of bodies at the hottest clubs and parties, he s downright irresistible Just right stubble on his chin, body of a boxer and a smirk that stimulates all the right nerves women have never been a problem They flock to his swagger and fall for his charm fast All except for this one Purple hair, gray eyes, a raspy voice and sass, Murphy Sullivan is a little bit country and a little bit rock n roll And her and Casey They have history He can t remember it, but she wrote a song about him and it s not exactly a love song But it is good Damn good And uncovering her inspiration just might be the key to solving a few of his shortcomings not to mention open doors to his own big break in the music industry.But sometimes dreams get messy when they collide Sometimes life changes patterns A past paints the wrong picture and futures get cloudy The only question that remains is who will you choose when the dust settles you Or the girl of your dreams This book is a Falling Series spin off It can be read as a standalone.
    In Your Dreams Release date March Casey Coffield has a growing list of personal flaws he keeps locked away in his head He s never on time His list of IOUs to his best friend is endless Money is always short

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    1. 4 Jump Stars In Your Dreams is a spin off book in Ginger Scott s Falling series While this book does form part of a series as characters from the last book 3 do appear here, you can certainly read this one as a stand alone Although, I do highly recommend reading all the books in this entire series I am a huge fan of this author and am completely enad by her style of writing and the beautiful love stories she pens She is seriously one of the few authors that can get me to read the New Adult genre [...]

    2. You re special Murphy Sullivan I can make you believe it Ginger Scott delivers a slow burn, friends to lovers tale in this fourth book of the series Casey Coffield is Houston s best friend, the DJ from the prior book of the series This story can be read as a standalone without any confusion whatsoever Casey Coffield s love is music He s DJing and creating different sounds and hoping to have his own business someday He s a bit of an outcast in his home since they have all followed his safe career [...]

    3. FOUR STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author I ll wish for you because wanting you isn t enough and having you is too fleeting And should we find ourselves apart, I ll wish twice as hard, and maybe, just maybe, I ll be lucky enough to run into you in one of our dreams.This was a very slow to build read At times, I thought that I was going to end up hating this one because I also wasn t loving the hero during the first half of the story He seemed to be very self centered and I didn t find anythin [...]

    4. 4.25 4.5 StarsHours Minutes.Seconds.Heartbeats.Sounds Pauses Hopes.Dreams.Honestly, I can t quite put my finger onwhy this story was such a win for me So many books have been hit or miss for me lately, I feel like my perspective is all out of wack But, thankfully In Your Dreams was a hit for me Ginger delivers authentic, flawed characters I couldn t help but adore and a slow building romance that felt honest and real I loved it.Casey and Murphy were perfect, unique and likable, and their story w [...]

    5. Title In Your DreamsSeries Falling 4Author Ginger ScottRelease date March 29, 2016Cliffhanger NoHEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler In Your Dreams is the sixth book I ve read by Ginger Scott and once again, another success She is one of those authors for me that continue to write books that surprise me, entertain me, and make me one happy reader Her Falling series characters in particular really stand out to me with their endearing charm This book is considered a spinoff of that series, and you wi [...]

    6. 3.5 4 StarsYou may remember Casey as Houston s intrusive best friend in The Girl I Was Before I really loved Casey s outgoing, in your face personality I felt like he added a lot of humor and was super charming Here we really get to know Casey and quickly realize there is so much than meets the eye I really liked Murphy and how relatable she was I liked the background story and how her and Casey were brought back into each other s lives What I truly loved was Lane, Murphy s brother I loved his [...]

    7. 3.5 Stars A very slow burn romance, this book gave me butterflies and made me smile Casey Coffield didn t really notice Murphy Sullivan at high school, so when he see s a recording of her singing a song dedicated to him on YouTube, he immediately embarks on a plan to find her Casey is a DJ and an intern at a record company and believes they can help each other find fame You re special, Murphy Sullivan I can make you believe it Murphy suffers from anxiety and stage fright, but her love of singing [...]

    8. 4 Bright Stars ARC kindly provided by Author in exchange for an honest review I thought her singing was perfection I thought no other sound could compare, but when she pants for me and cries with pleasure, I come undone Very sweet and beautifully written story about how two very complex characters found each other through music.Murphy is a very talented musician that suffers from a lot of insecurities When she was young she suffered from a speech impediment that caused her a lot of pain and humi [...]

    9. 4.5 Stars Ginger Scott brought humor and heartfelt moments with In Your Dreams This was a sweet and endearing book about forgiveness, second chances and going after your dreams From the beginning, Scott had me hooked I loved the quirky, shy Murphy and the lost, yet sensitive Casey At first glance, they shouldn t work He s a manwhore who only wants to go after his dream and prove he s not a failure, she s battling insecurities and afraid to go after her dream But they work perfectly Their differe [...]

    10. In Your Dreams generously provided by Wordsmith Publicity in exchange for an honest review 4 You will slay dragons StarsGinger Scott never ceases to amaze the New Adult book love within me She captures this precarious time in our lives so eloquently with characters for whom you can imagine being friends with or at least relating to their struggles and inner demons in some profound way Additionally, Scott s writing easily grabs readers attention and makes you hold on for the entire ride The story [...]

    11. 4 Finding your Dreams StarsI love Ginger Scott and I love the Falling series In Your Dreams is a standalone and is part of the Falling series This is Casey and Murphy s story Casey is best friends with Houston.I was really excited for this book because I know when I jump into a Ginger Scott book I m going to be sucked in In Your Dreams is written a little differently than the previous books in my opinion It s sweeter and has less angst, which is exactly my cuppa Don t get me wrong, it has plenty [...]

    12. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewA slow burn romance that hits all the right notes Ginger Scott is one of those authors who continues to deliver a story that will set hearts racing and beating to the rhythms and sounds of love Or in this case, Ginger spins a love story that mixes passion, friendship, hopes and dreams into one beautiful heartwarming tale I m scared because I like this Casey Coffield I really like him In Your Dreams may sound like a simple story but Ginger cr [...]

    13. This is my first time reading anything by Ginger Scott and it won t be my last I enjoyed her writing style and character development, and Casey is quite the character He is self centered, and totally fool of B.S but is adorably funny and admits he has terrible flaws to overcome I just instantly fell in love with him and really rooted for him to succeed Murphy, on the other hand is a shy, stay in the background kinda girl who loves to write music and sing She is scared to death to go to Nashville [...]

    14. Thank you NetGalley and Ginger Scott for providing me with an eARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.I kind of liked parts of this book, but also felt mostly bleh about it I enjoyed the beginning a lot and Casey s family drama, but from the middle to the end I ended up skimming the pages a bit I felt like the story lost most of its steam literally and figuratively It was like all the pieces were there to make this novel a great New Adult book, but the execution was not the best Some [...]

    15. arc received in return for an honest review.3.5 stars The Falling series is one of my very favorite new adult series No one can beat Houston from the last book in my opinion but Casey is great in this I loved his sense of humor, how he cares for those he loves, and his friendship with Houston is my favorite There is plenty of their bromance in this one I liked Murphy, but for some reason I had trouble feeling the connection between she and Casey This one is also a slow burn romance which aren t [...]

    16. In Your Dreams was exactly my kind of book Flawed hero, music, slow romance and an amazing, but shy heroine.

    17. 4.75 StarsIt started back in high school Casey Coffield has been Murphy Sullivan s musical muse, than either of them realize Casey didn t even notice that Murphy exists, and Murphy isn t too sure she really wants him too But at 22, their paths cross again when Murphy s recording hits YouTube Suddenly Casey can t stop thinking about the girl he can t even remember, the girl who s becoming his muse to being a better person My mental list of defects is so long that I forget the old ones to make ro [...]

    18. I must admit, this book was kind of a disappointment I could still see the series themes snaking through the pages and lurking in the shadows, but In Your Dreams is in no way the jewel the other three installments are.I believe the weakest point to be the romance that is both overly simplified and not enough dissected Throughout the book I felt like the author was only skimming the surface when Murphy and Casey were together Basically, the two of them deal with problems that have little to do wi [...]

    19. I Loved This Book In Your Dreams is everything a new adult book should be The writing was fantastic, the characters rich and full and a story that is unique to its characters yet relatable to readers It s about achieving your dreams and how sometimes it takes someone else to help you get there.The strongest part of this story was the unparalleled character development Both Casey and Murphy are multidimensional characters who show incredible character transformations that are achingly real and th [...]

    20. Nothing about this worked for me and to be honest, I m surprised I made it all the way through I may have given this three vanilla stars if not for the weird way sex was introduced The sex in this wasn t particularly different from any other book in the new adult genre, but it didn t fit at all The characters had this super sweet, innocent courting going on and then all of a sudden are having sex in all kinds of positions with super dirty f me talk It was extremely strange and jarring and really [...]

    21. 03 31 2016 No rating here I should have trusted my gut and just not I didn t like the story telling format for this one and couldn t get past that So, I gave it up It may work for you because I like the author and other books she s written The first person style just bothered me here doesn t always and I couldn t settle into the story May just be me.Happy Reading

    22. I really liked this one I adore Ginger Scott The only negative I would say is that it ended a bit abruptly, I wish we had got to see of Casey Murphy as a couple

    23. Casey Coffield is what my grandma would call a free spirit, he has his flaws but at heart he is a good person When his best friend, Houston, makes him watch a YouTube clip of a girl singing a song with his name in it he is intrigued Sure about his name in a song, from a girl he doesn t think he knows, but from her voice, her music, her lyrics See Casey is a DJ, producer, his love of music is taking pieces and making them better Murphy Sullivan is a shy, stage fright ridden girl who has a tiny pa [...]

    24. First things first I love this cover Secondly, I love this cover even Thirdly, it fits absolutely perfect with this book Okay, I have that out of the way.In Your Dreams is the fourth book in the Falling series I guess it s a bit of a spin off per se You can definitely read this one as a standalone but since I love this series, I recommend you read this one after the first three books.We were introduced to Casey, Houston s best friend in the last book, The Girl I Was Before He s a tad much, he s [...]

    25. 4.5 stars ARC received in exchange for an honest review I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Casey Coffield can t seem to get things right Well not really but since he seems to be the black sheep of his family and the friend that usually does asking for favors than he d like to admit When Casey stumbles upon a video that he s an unknowing feature in, he does whatever it takes to track down the girl whose voice captivates him Murphy remembers Casey well, but Casey his [...]

    26. An e ARC was graciously given by the author in exchange for an honest review Ginger Scott is probably one of my favourite voices in the Young Adult genre She proves it again with the captivating, passionate, and entertaining feels in In Your Dreams I have to side with Murphy, Casey Coffield is really quite hard to forget.She s an enigma She s beautiful If my music had a physical form, I think it might just be her Murphy Sullivan just wanted to share her music, the only passion she can lose herse [...]

    27. Casey Coffield has a growing list of personal flaws he keeps locked awayin his head He s never on time.His list of IOUs to his best friend is endless.Money is always short.Goals are never in reach.Oh, and he s decided to add college drop out to that list, too He doesn treally think that last one s such a bad thing, but his family insists itis, so it stays on the list.On paper, he s a zero But in person, when he s mixing tracks for a sea ofbodies at the hottest clubs and parties, he s downright i [...]

    28. I m all awkward and flustered, and I hate feeling this way This chick is like my antidote, only the opposite of an antidote I guess that makes her my poison Shit.Casey Coffield s love is music He s DJing and creating different sounds and hoping to have his own business someday He s a bit of an outcast in his home since they have all followed his safe career minded father s direction and instruction This is what I do, Murphy I can make people do whatever I want, Murphy is an absolute sweetheart S [...]

    29. It s funny that I didn t realize there is one place in the book that really clenches the meaning of the title until I was finished and looked at the title again Just a random thought there I love Ginger Scott s writing and I don t even look at the title any or the blurb I just sign up for whatever she writes I always relax as soon as I start because it always just pulls me in She writes moments where I am just laughing hard and also where I tear up a little at the sweet moments too It is told in [...]

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