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Warrior By B.D. Snowden,

  • Title: Warrior
  • Author: B.D. Snowden
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • They needed her They took her Now their world will never be the same Reijo Tiaret follows orders When he is told to acquire fertile females from the newly discovered Earth, he did Little did he know that the last woman they bring back will change his life entirely Megan O Conner is kidnapped along with her daughter, Abby She wakes up to a strange planet and straThey needed her They took her Now their world will never be the same Reijo Tiaret follows orders When he is told to acquire fertile females from the newly discovered Earth, he did Little did he know that the last woman they bring back will change his life entirely Megan O Conner is kidnapped along with her daughter, Abby She wakes up to a strange planet and strange creatures They expect the women of Earth to be docile and do as they are told but the life of a slave is one Megan refuses To save her child, Megan will have to start the change of an entire world or die trying.
    Warrior They needed her They took her Now their world will never be the same Reijo Tiaret follows orders When he is told to acquire fertile females from the newly discovered Earth he did Little did he know t

    One thought on “Warrior”

    1. 3.5 stars rounded up.I m torn on my review for this book since it was so VERY similar to a book I have on my 5 star shelf Grim by MK Eidem.A lot of the plot devices from Grim were used in this story.Heroine is a widow with a young girl to take care of Alien world has very low female population they kidnap 12 human women from earth for a breeding program to test repopulation.Megan is a Military widow visiting her husband s grave when she and her daughter are kidnapped by two aliens.There is a rom [...]

    2. Self published or vanity press And unfortunately it s crystal clear There s a good story somewhere in the book And a good editor might have helped its birth.As it is, you have a very Mary Suish heroine, able to do everything and survive worse She s a catalyst for a change both in the alien camp and her own And maybe with a different set it might have been possible without seeming preposterous There s not much freshness, again a dying race kidnapping women from Earth, even if at least this time t [...]

    3. This is a good story, at least 4 stars Unfortunately, the author s failure to have it edited and proofread left me exasperated while reading this hot mess It s truly BAD Good story presented poorly minus 1 star It s a shame, really I should have taken off 2 stars, but it s a 4 star story.

    4. 3 13 16Quite liked it Really good ideas, but the writing a bit too much show instead of tell and a bit shallow Some typos.7 14 16skimmed because needed recollection refreshed before the sequel, still okay.

    5. DNFI was excited to read this with all the great reviews Sadly I was disappointed.At first I was concerned because it was a rehash of Grim by MK Eidem Then the heroine started beating up the aliens and I winced Along the way what I thought were a few typos that I could dismiss became worse The editing is so bad I had to stop at 12% and read something else The author can t decide between past or present tense even in the same sentence I borrowed this from Kindle unlimited and am glad to return it [...]

    6. Good read even if not original The second half of this book was really really good and showed imaginative writing I gave this 3 stars instead of the 5 it would have gotten if the 1st half had been based on an original premise The story outline is Grim The names and confrontation have been changed but the premise is not original These changes show real imagination from the author and hopefully will be applied in her next book.

    7. Pretty badTalk about a mash up of every sci fi fantasy romance book from the last 5 years Supposedly hot alpha aliens bronze with blue eyes , shape shifters, dying male race, bonding, psychic communication Bizarrely petite h with an ian personality that was completely unbelievable It was just too much The author should have picked maybe one or two thoughts and worked on developing the romance because there was very little relationship building between the H h just insta love with no reason why [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book, at a time when I would probably hate even my favorite authors Book slumps don t kill people, they kill souls This book could have used an editor, at a few points I found the errors distracting but the story was enough to read on Half of me didn t like that the heroine was so good at everything the other half was cheering on both human and woman kind Entertaining read, I d check out a sequel.

    9. 2.5 Stars Tries Too Hard Warrior Vukasin Saga Book 1 by B.N Snowden is a science fiction romance with the breeder plot in dominance What is a breeder plot They center around a dying race, usually the female population has been reduced to a negliable number, meaning a glut of males with a very low population birth rate The beefy sexy male aliens go out into space looking for genetically compatible females to have babies with They normally stumble across the backwater planet called earth and earth [...]

    10. What a great story Aside from a few grammatical errors, this was a terrific story Ms Snowdon if you are reading this, I do hope that this is a series and you are working on book 2 I love how the characters have their own distinct personalities and how they are interwoven into the storyline I love science fiction romances and this story was right for me It had intrigue, suspense,romance,humor, I could go on and on As you can see, I love the story Here s hoping Book 2 is out soon

    11. I really liked this book A woman is kidnapped and transported to another planet with her 5 year old daughter to be entered into a breeding program to help a dying population But all women on this planet are essentially slaves to these men who have forgot their past That is just the beginning because this story turns into much This woman becomes a warrior to protect hers and her fellow female humans She goes through the fire to jump start a revolution that is the beginning of a true epic story I [...]

    12. Good read.I really enjoyed this book It started off on Earth where Megan and her daughter get captured and taken to an Alien planet, a planet that women are dying off leaving the population in jeopardy of extinction They kidnap women in hopes of breeding them with every clan Megan is definitely not what they expected a woman to be She s a survivor, a warrior that will do anything to protect her daughter She makes them question themselves and their lack of love and compassion for women With some [...]

    13. After reading this book, it is obvious this will be an amazing series This particular story provided all that was needed to further the storyline in future books while it kept my attention from beginning to end I enjoyed that not only was their a strong alpha males but the main heroine was Megan, a single widowed mother It is a reminder that two halves make a stronger whole What a rocking female Great read, can t wait to see what is next.

    14. Fantastic book This book was absolutely amazing The story had everything romance, action, suspense, and comedy I can t wait for the next one Please let there be a next one So many of the supporting characters are begging to have their own story Please keep up the great work Linda Bonanno

    15. I liked itI liked it I just wish that there was in the epilogue to give us a little go on as it seems there will be a part 2 to this story which makes me happy At least I m hoping for a second story I hate that one of the villains got away and 2 of the women are still missing but I guess that will be covered in part 2 as well.Well done B D Snowden well done.

    16. LovelyI absolutely loved the strength that Came out of all the female characters Reijo was definitely a great hero Males needing females and kidnapping them are a great plot I thought this story is an impressive stepping stone and I can t wait to read .

    17. While I did manage to complete this book I never really got pulled into the story It just felt like numerous other alien romances I ve read the characters all felt generic At least it was offered as a kindleunlimited.

    18. Two Stars in the Vukasin SkyIf you liked Grim by M.K Eidem, but wanted a heroine with martial arts prowess and less maternal qualities, look no further No joke, this was a disappointing and less enjoyable version of Eidem s Grim I loved Grim so when I saw another sci fi novel about a mother kidnapped by aliens, I was excited.I can t say I was pleasantly surprised when the story starts out exactly the same way Human woman in graveyard mourning dead husband only change being this heroine brought [...]

    19. A great adventure I was afraid this book was going to follow the typical storyline of the alien dying world needed compatible women to survive but I Was pleasantly surprised by the writing and the characters Megan is an amazing woman Strong, fierce protective and determine, she will fight for her and her daughter s freedom She goes against the entire society to change their culture and to ensure a better future Reijo is the 2nd most important man of the government even we don t really know what [...]

    20. Good story Horrible editingFor the most part this was a very good story I like the characters as they were well written and pretty well defined Has similar storyline to several stories of this genre that I ve read recently Alien species whose women are dying out for some reason who turn to earth women to replenish their population In spite of that fact it was still an interesting and slightly new take on this well used concept I did notice that there are a lot of grammatical errors as well as ed [...]

    21. There were some parts that was to dry for me To much to observe and take in There were those past present tenses and mixed words in sentences that made me confused about what author wanted to say But in all it wasn t a bad story I finished it and that says something I liked h She was strong and a fighter Liked the H, too Though, I had to say h overshadowed him It s rare in the book, that h does all the work and H is like a supportive character.

    22. Looking forward to the next story in this seriesLike another reader mentioned, the beginning of this story was reminiscent of Grim, but as I kept on reading, the storyline pulled me in and I had a hard time putting the book down I can t wait to see how things progress in the next books.

    23. Good readVery strong female lead Meagan and her daughter are taken from Earth To keep them safe she must face a not only a chauvinistic society determined to make slaves out of them, but a survival test to change her situation Along the way she finds true love and the courage to stand strong.

    24. 4.5 starsI enjoyed this than most, it seems It was a refreshing change to have a heroine with a full past and a brain I love the big cats in this The hero was good as were the rest of the good guys The bad guys were not fully fleshed really didn t understand the BIG BAD GUY s motivation Looking forward to a sequel.

    25. Great Read I just love a strong heroine The story kept me so engrossed The plot was great and the villains were extremely unsavory I hope to read the next book in the series when it I d released Obviously, I highly recommend this book.

    26. I really enjoyed this book The only reason I didn t give it 5 stars is the ghost cat scenes reminded me of another book so I couldn t figure out if this book was a re release or just similar to another book.

    27. Great ReadI loved this book Nothing is ever simple for the heroine in this book Good thing she finds what she needs to make this world worth all her trials Can t wait for the next book

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