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Forward By J. Saman,

  • Title: Forward
  • Author: J. Saman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lara finally has everything going for her Perfect job, great apartment and a boyfriend who loves her That is, until one night when her past and present collide The man who she thought she d love forever vanished without a trace seven years ago Suddenly he has returned and is making waves in Lara s life Her new boyfriend Tom, is perfect Smart, sexy and loving with a BLara finally has everything going for her Perfect job, great apartment and a boyfriend who loves her That is, until one night when her past and present collide The man who she thought she d love forever vanished without a trace seven years ago Suddenly he has returned and is making waves in Lara s life Her new boyfriend Tom, is perfect Smart, sexy and loving with a British accent Lara can t help but love When Tom asks her for a future in another country, Lara finds she desperately wants it, despite the obstacles that come with that future Now Lara has to decide who she wants to move forward with The man of her past or the man of her present.
    Forward Lara finally has everything going for her Perfect job great apartment and a boyfriend who loves her That is until one night when her past and present collide The man who she thought she d love forev

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    1. Promises broken, hearts crushed, emotions manipulated and one of the most uneven romantic triangles ever are going to ring every one of your emotional bells, and some notes will sound like fingernails on a chalkboard J Saman s FORWARD is a tale of lost love, lost trust and learning to love again, or should I say, learning to find the right love to create that happily ever after.Lara and Levi were in love They were perfect for each other until one night Levi was just gone, and like a thief in the [...]

    2. J Saman delivered a whammy with this one I am going to mention some of things that were great about this book, but the biggest one by far was the author s voice Voice is that elusive thing the author s personality shining through the characters, narrator and descriptions and J Saman does indeed shine in Forward.To start with, this is about a classic love triangle If you aren t into love triangles and I know several people who aren t then this book is not for you But, if you are even on the fence [...]

    3. I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this book I have to say I was immediately hooked from the summary There were so many awesome themes 1 love triangle 2 the perfect boy 3 some from her past comes back and tries to ruin everything she has okay, that is probably not his intentions but it could seem like it How could I possibly resist reading this book Let me just say that the book did not disappoint me This is is about Lara and she currently has an awesome British boyfriend named Tom The [...]

    4. Things finally seem to be coming together for Lara Her boyfriend Tom has asked her to move to London with him for a year They d be living together and headed for marriage, but just when she should be the happiest her old boyfriend Levi comes back into the picture After hearing why he left in the first place, she is sympathetic, but now she must choose This is a great contemporary romance, and the storyline is unique enough to really pull you in and keep you guessing It offers than just a love [...]

    5. ForwardJ SamanI received a copy from the author for an honest review.Oh my goodness What a perfect story FORWARD by J Saman is I was hooked on Lara and her life from the very first chapter Lara is a nurse in a Boston hospital and she has the perfect life She also has a perfect boyfriend of two years, a Brit named Tom who adores her Her life is right where she wants it to be until one night when her past comes crashing back to her in the ER where she is working She needs to stitch up the hand on [...]

    6. After reading Start Again, I couldn t wait to curl up on the sofa and begin Forward Saman knows how to tug at your heart strings by creating realistic characters that will keep you invested in the story up until the very end For example Lara a strong independent female lead, Tom her sexy British boyfriend and Amara her sassy BFF Oh, and I can t forget Levi Lara s first love Without him, we couldn t move ForwardLara thought she had the perfect life Until, the boy from her past suddenly appears in [...]

    7. I have found a new author to read in J Saman I will sometimes ok a lot of times while reading a book skip to the end to see what will happen, but with this book I just kept turning the pages too caught up in Lara and feeling every emotion right along with her that I just didn t want to miss anything I hurt with her I cried with her I can t express enough with words how wonderful this story is I didn t want it to end I loved Lara, I loved Levi and I loved Tom someone was going to get hurt and bad [...]

    8. I have been a huge fan of J Saman for the past two years And this book, although not my favourite, has some major squealing and amazing parts And all those belong in the present I did not like Levi, for some reason I love Lara herself and Tom And Amara J Saman s men are goals Overall, this is what I expected from an author I love The story just flowed and flowed I caught my breath quite a few times because of the unexpectedness.

    9. Forward is a novel by J Saman It is very realistic and fun to read The plot it simple and yet complex There are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing as to what will happen next There are several really interesting twists that make you want the book to continue on Lara Gould is finishing up her masters as a Nurse practitioner and working full time as a nurse at the ER in New York City Luckily she lives only four blocks from the hospital in an apartment her parents bought for her as a grad [...]

    10. This was such a great romance novel I loved all the characters in this book Lara was really likable, and I loved that she had a choice between two really good guys rather than having an obvious villain from the start The plot moved quickly, and I read most of it in one day It definitely kept me guessing till the end.I highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well written romance novel with realistic characters.

    11. This is an amazing story Lara and Tom are happy, content, and moving forward albeit slowly until Lara s past love comes crashing back into her life I really enjoyed J Saman s writing style and I was intensely invested in these characters as the story unfolded I will definitely be reading from this author

    12. Damn Forward was quite a ride I was impressed by Lara her voice was tremendously appealing Witty, feisty, extremely relatable I mean, chocolate, pho, bubble baths, Manhattans, nachos, and a filthy mouth Yup I d be her friend Even when I was getting annoyed at her for s shaming her coworker, she immediately scorned herself for it, which was really cool you don t often see that in romance novels I like the fact that the author didn t fall all the way into the all other women are skanks and they re [...]

    13. A good romance with a fitting title Lara needs to move forward by making a choice whose love she really wants The great chemistry makes this such a good romance It was good to read.

    14. Great story Great story, loved the ending Very easy read that captures your interest Laura was very lucky to have two great guys to choose from but glad she made her choice she did.

    15. Old or New Love Can she trust her heart again to the boy now a man who destroyed her seven years previously Or, stay with the man she loves in a different, but comfortable way I enjoyed this book of a young woman torn between two men, though I never truly understood why Levi couldn t have contacted Lara years ago and how he could be so blase when he met her again We are left in the dark as to the circumstances of his sister s rescue and the consequences, which I feel would have added to the sto [...]

    16. If you get the chance to move forward, will you still be tempted to fall back into the arms of an old flame In the battle between the heart and the mind, sometimes it s wise to listen to the voice of reason, other times, it s tempting to follow your heart So will Lara go for the obvious choice The charming gentleman named Tom or will she decide to give Levi a second chance The man who, seven years ago, had vanished without a single word of notice, leaving her helplessly picking up the shattered [...]

    17. I was Club Levi from the moment he entered the story I am a sap for second chances I did like Tom, but just not in comparison I would ve liked to have heard him talk, though Ah, an accent, yummy Lara found out what had happened years back when her high school boyfriend left her suddenly and then she had to make a choice Continue the path she was on or jump back onto the path she had been on before I liked how she didn t make any hasty decisions, but felt that she knew in her heart immediately I [...]

    18. Um, wow First I am a SUCKER for a good love triangle when delivered to me flawlessly This one was delivered on a silver platter Lara is amazing and her voice is brilliant, and J Saman has a new super fan in me And the guys, Levi and Tom had me sympathetic to them both which is a first for me I usually have a team Overall, I loved reading this book I pretty much devoured it in a day and a half.

    19. Wow my heart hurts for all the characters involved I love when a book does that but wow, for a while I have to, as Lara did at the end, take a few moments to assimilate all those feelings of loss, found, love, loss I m not a big fan of love triangles It typically seems forced to resolution with me in other stories, but this one resolved well.I LOVED when view spoiler Lara came walking into her home, Levi at the door, Tom in her other doorway, and nobody started screaming and yelling like 2 year [...]

    20. I loved this book Ms Saman is becoming one of my favorite authors It is a wonderful second chance romance with a love triangle and lots of romance and suspense.

    21. E book is received from author in exchange for an honest review My Rating 4 stars Forward is a captivating read, packed with a very interesting love triangle angst and romance that you would absolutely love to indulge My Opinion In all honesty, I am actually not a big fan of love triangle tropes usually because the person I m rooting for always lose and left me upset and disappointed but surprisingly, Forward is an exception and I m delighted that I ve read this story.Initially I kind of think L [...]

    22. I received Forward by The author in exchange for an honest review THERE ARE SOME SPOILERS This is the second novel by J Saman that I have read, and I love it just as much if not , than Start Again, I can t decide Lara, whose character I love, is the protagonist of the story She s been broken since her past, and even though she thinks she s completely healed, she isn t There s just one thing, or someone holding her back, that even she can t see To save an innocent life, Levi would have to leave t [...]

    23. Lara is twenty five and working as a nurse in New York She has a great life and a boyfriend, Tom, who loves her Everything in her life is going well until one evening, whilst working at the hospital, she meets her ex, Levi Katz, who left her seven years ago without any explanation Lara still has feelings for Levi who wants to meet up with her to explain his reasons for leaving Lara is faced with a further dilemma when Tom, who is kind, generous and devoted to her, asks her to go to London with h [...]

    24. This book is an emotional roller coaster My feelings towards the three main characters kept changing as the story unfolded Lara, the main character, has built a new life with Tom after her heart was shattered by Levi Re enter the manipulative Levi and all those feelings start to confuse Lara I don t want to give anything away so I will not go into to much detail but I will say that both Tom and Levi had me loving, hating and distrusting them both Neither is quite what first impressions make you [...]

    25. When Lara s old love finds her at work needing stitches, she s thrown back to a time she tried so hard to forget for seven years Levi is an old flame, one who broke Lara s heart and made her who she was, and now he has a reason for why he left all those years ago, but Tom Lara s boyfriend isn t someone she can simply walk away from Especially not when he invites her to England with him Torn between the past and the future, between Levi and Tom, Lara has to decide fast which way is going to be fo [...]

    26. Have you ever had a first love that broke your heart and it still stings a little If so, you will totally relate to this novel Seven years ago, Lara s first love, Levi, left her in the middle of the night without a word, breaking her heart into pieces Now Lara is a successful emergency department nurse in New York, almost finished with her Masters program to become a nurse practitioner, and is dating an amazing, handsome guy named Tom Although eternally sleep deprived, Lara is happy with her lif [...]

    27. He left her He told her he loved her Made love to her And left her Lara has finally gotten into a relationship and really loves the direction her life is going in until that day The day that she realizes she may not have the perfect life after all I love this author s style and her characters We get in on the dance and see they are than that She gives us the full story without giving too much info as we go back and forth through their memories She draws us into the story along with the twist an [...]

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