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The Goodbye Girl By A. Giannoccaro Elisabeth Palmerin,

  • Title: The Goodbye Girl
  • Author: A. Giannoccaro Elisabeth Palmerin
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 110
  • Format: None
  • The Red Market is where every pound of flesh has a price tag tacked onto it It is a place where money can buy you everything, even a heart.Caesar has fallen and a new boss, Mateo, has risen but he has lost his Lettie Doll and he doesn t know where to find her She stole his soul and now he must find someone to replace her Just like her love, his new power is an illusionThe Red Market is where every pound of flesh has a price tag tacked onto it It is a place where money can buy you everything, even a heart.Caesar has fallen and a new boss, Mateo, has risen but he has lost his Lettie Doll and he doesn t know where to find her She stole his soul and now he must find someone to replace her Just like her love, his new power is an illusion The real force behind the Red Market is about to show her cards and no one wants to play her game.Mateo and Lettie will both have to fight to find their love, but sometimes it is only found in death You cannot go through life unnoticed by demise when you play with it every day Sooner or later, it catches up with you and you lose Graphic content warning Taboo, violent themes prevalent throughout Reader discretion is highly advised.
    The Goodbye Girl The Red Market is where every pound of flesh has a price tag tacked onto it It is a place where money can buy you everything even a heart Caesar has fallen and a new boss Mateo has risen but he has

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    1. 4 SICK StarsThis story is graphic, disturbing and nauseating but on the other hand if you can stomach this conclusion, it s all very well done However, I must stress that this was a very unpleasant experience for me These two authors stretched my boundaries of dark reads and though I kept reading to see how this final book of the series ends, I m still shaking off residual shutters The Red Market isn t for those with soft hearts or good souls The story is told in several POVS some I can t mentio [...]

    2. I m a chicken shit I ve tried and I just can t do it Don t get me wrong the writing is terrific, and the story is very unique but the level of depravity found between the pages of this story is too much for me ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review

    3. After reading some of the reviews and hearing them mention Caesar, I was intrigued If you ve read book 1, you ll know why I had to find out how the author pulled that off Goodbye Girl is just as dark as the first book the Red Market series, incorporating pretty much every taboo I can think of It s a gritty and sometimes nasty read, but it s also littered with plot holes I skimmed The Goodbye Man just to remind myself of everything right before I read this Some of the details are lost from book o [...]

    4. Make sure you read The Goodbye Man before you read this book as its a continuation of the story and what a story it is I m not going to say much about the storyline in case you haven t read book one What I will say is I tried to read this in the sunshine yesterday and ended up reading something else instead I then remembered I did the same with book one These are in no way a sunshine kinda book It s so dark you will be wondering what your reading and why your reading it Having said that I absolu [...]

    5. 5 Million Stars Bold Captivating A story that hasn t been told Read the warnings Extreme taboo situations that could make you very uncomfortable I m not going to write a long review, there s too big of a chance I could spoil for you If you ve read The Goodbye Man, then you know these authors don t hold back, they have no lines, there isn t a cage that could hold their words back The Goodbye Girl will make you question everything you ever thought to be wrong Is Love defined by society Are we capt [...]

    6. Title The Goodbye GirlAuthor Mary E Palmerin A GiannoccaroSeries Red Market Series, Book 2Publisher Reviewer MelissaRelease Date April 2016Genre s DarkPage Count 175Heat Level 5 flames out of 5Rating 5 stars out of 5Blurb The Red Market is where every pound of flesh has a price tag tacked onto it It is a place where money can buy you everything, even a heart.Caesar has fallen and a new boss, Mateo, has risen but he has lost his Lettie Doll and he doesn t know where to find her She stole his soul [...]

    7. Shiiiiiiiiittt Literally xDGuess this book was the first one that came close to finding my hard limits in reading o I ll keep looking

    8. Love is love unbiased by caste, class, colour, race, country, genderd relationship ,When there is no one to tell you something is wrong you can finally see just how right it is The book makes you question your morality as a reader and as a human being.Who judges what is wrong and what is right except the Creator himself.BUT God doesn t exist in Mateo and Svetlana s world, or everything would be perfectly normal Mateo would meet a pretty girl and marry heretlana would go to prom and meet the boy [...]

    9. I m giving this one 4.5 stars, only because there were parts that were hard to follow Characters would be in one place, and then suddenly somewhere else I had to go back and reread in places Anyway, I loved the way Lettie finally got to kick some ass this time She just keeps going in the face of all that evil I love Caesar, no matter what Call it whatever you want, I still rooted for them to be together Mateo got what he deserved.These two books are pitch black Seriously, read the warning which [...]

    10. Sick and Twisted Just the way I like itFirst off, this is a Dark read It has disturbing situations and is not for everyone On the other hand if you love Dark and Disturbing then sit down, buckle up and hang on for its about to get gruesome.The Goodbye Girl is the second book in the Red Market Series so if you have not read The Goodbye Man then download it and read it first.I have spent a day mulling over this review and there is not much to say without giving spoilers and that is something I wil [...]

    11. ARC received from authors for exchange with my honest review.First make sure you ve read the warning from the author before deciding to read this book Twice Even It has been seven months from the first book and I still couldn t move on from nightmares and tension created by Mary and Ashleigh So, what will you get from this second book that will surely challenge your limits Multiple POV This book will give you much than the first book The shifting between POV was smooth, continuous and didn t co [...]

    12. I have no idea what to say except to say THIS IS THE BEST DARK BOOK ever Both authors have managed to push my thinking, my boundaries to a very different level, to a new thinking I was introduced to lots f stuffs I haven t read before I was scared of how will I like it but I did like it My heart went out for Svetlana who have faced so much yet her spirit, her love to life makes her fight I really liked her I related to her After so much hardships, I knew it will not be easy to have a easy life a [...]

    13. This book left me feeling soiled and grubby and not in a fun way and yet, and yet I couldn t put it down and bought the sequel before I had even finished the first book.It is DARK More than Dark, this book is twisted and warped and you definitely need to read the disclaimers before you read.Following on from the first book The Goodbye Man, The Goodbye Girl continues to be focused on Svetlana although it is still told from multiple points of view Like the first, this book draws you in, making you [...]

    14. I loved the Goodbye Man, however this was too much over the top The writing was superb, however just how much can a girl go through The resurrection I don t buy that, the introduction of the evil mother I felt this was too much Lost its magnificence

    15. The Goodbye Girl Red Market 2 by Mary E Palmerin A Giannoccaro4 stars Torture Pain Insanity They all meet again, and the lamb eats herself, birthing a wolf set to kill Never has a series tested every boundary I never knew I had until this duet This book has everything you read about in newspapers but never truly believed existed It is far from glamourous, far from normal and totally depraved, disgusting and horrific, but I have to admit became an addictive read that I couldn t put down and despe [...]

    16. ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review Title The Goodbye Girl Red Market 2 Author Mary E Palmerin A GiannoccaroCategory DarkPOV Multiple POVsCharacters 5Plot 5HEA Kidding, right Not telling.This series seriously messed with my head The myriad of emotions had me biting my nails till they hurt I have never read such a unique book before.I will tell you now, that this book is NOT for the faint hearted It is torture, it is raw pain, but I think if you stick with the characters till the [...]

    17. First This is not for the faint of heart Listen to the warningsWith that said I really enjoyed this And i cant wait to read by these authors

    18. The Goodbye Girl started where The Goodbye Man ended with Caesar gone, Mateo and Hugo in Mexico City, and Svetlana kidnapped Mateo continued to find refuge in his cold lifeless dolls Mateo and Hugo worked together in the red market harvesting organs in Mexico City The red market was a macabre underground world where organs were harvested from living bodies The Goodbye Girl was a dark psychological game of mutilation that empowered your mind with dysfunctional monsters who had unhealthy sexual cr [...]

    19. ARC received for an honest review for CJ s Book CornerReviewers note Read the The Goodbye Man and the disclaimer first before you dive into this book If you are up for the absolutely brilliant writing duo of Mary Palmerin and A Giannoccaro twisted minds, you are in for one hell of a read.With Mateo now in control of the Red Market in Mexico and Lettie missing, his world and mind are now crumbling around him The darkness of love in Mateo consumes him and spirals him out of control But when the re [...]

    20. Ill start by saying 5 demented stars After that i have no words to describe how much i loved this book and how much i love this series If you cant handle darkd i dont mean like whips and chains type dark , thats vanilla Im talking debauchery dark, beyond taboo dark, the kind of dark where youre actually concerned for your own mental health because youre loving reading it so much.if you cant handle that, stay away, heed the warning, thats why its there But if you love it, even secretly loving it [...]

    21. I am speechless, I finished this book earlier today and I still don t know how to express how I feel about this book I must be messed up in the head because I loved this book It was even better than the second book to me There are scenes that made me cringe, gag, and cry My heart was broken after reading the first book but these amazing women have healed my heart, well a little bit at least This is still a very fucked up story that I m sure quite a few people will find hard to read If you can ma [...]

    22. Took me than a day to start this after reading book one and i am glad i didn t leave to much of a gap.Didn t think it was a dark and depraved and book one certainly twisted though.Lots of questions answered.It was like reading a time before book one The reasons why everyone turned out as sick and depraved as they did.Considering i am not a fan of flashback stories i thoroughly enjoyed this one So i guess it depends on the story Very well done.There were a few editing errors and one doozy of an [...]

    23. I was so eager to find out what would happen to Lettie and Mateo after reading TGM That book was dark, but this one took the darkness, dirt, and depravity to a whole new level The suffering within these pages was abundant and painted a picture that didn t have me expecting anything close to a traditional HEA I just wanted to see which character s would make it to the other side the least scathed by everything that they endured Everyone in this story was already so damaged that I was really eager [...]

    24. Wow Where do I even start I loved this book I discovered that I do have hard limits There was a moment at 80% where I couldn t finish the paragraph and had to put the book down My husband looked over at me and asked why I was white as a ghost, and it s not even like I could explain it to him That was a bit awkward, but he understands the types of books I read The ending was perfect for me, even if it is taboo and definitely not typical Will I read these authors again HELL YES Will I need recover [...]

    25. This is my one warning about this book be prepared to put it down and walk away for a day.The Goodbye Girl is darker, fucked up than The Goodbye Man ever thought to be You MUST read TGM before reading TGG to understand whats going on in this series.Mary And Ashleigh push you wayyy beyond your boundaries in this epic tale of a love so wrong its right Necro Sick and twisted I don t even know how to categorize this book It s sick, it s boldly wrong and I loved every goddamn minute of it There were [...]

    26. WOWwhere to startis is the second book in this series, after The Goodbye Man I was completely in awe of the story so went onto reading The Goodbye Girl, completely gripping in a twisted sort of way this book is the darkest of the dark I loved it the characters are brilliantly written they suck you in and spit you out x cant wait to read by these authors x five dark stars for you two well done x x x

    27. 1 2 starsTotally taboo, however, given the circumstances, you tend to try to overlook these bizarre relationships I mean, the entire scenario is f d up that it unfortunately makes sense Don t you just wish you knew what the heck I am rambling on about D I guess you need to read the book First, read The Goodbye Man or you will totally be lost.I enjoyed the uniqueness of both books Definitely a to read add on your book list.

    28. Very DarkI m not sure what I just read but this book went from a dark read to a gross read I love dark books and was interested in this very different story but this was just gross I m irritated because the writers are good but the story really just became so ridiculous that skimmed most of the 2 book I had to know how it ended and wish I had stopped at the 1st chapter in the 1st book.

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