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The Chain of Chance By Stanisław Lem Louis Iribarne, The Chain May , The Chain A man enlists the services of an assisted suicide company but discovers in order to take part he must kill someone first. YouTube Jul , Sorry for the interruption We have been receiving a large volume of requests from your network To continue with your YouTube experience, please fill out the form below. The Chain Adrian McKinty Books An Best Book of July The Chain is one of those white knuckle, stay up till a.m thrillers that keeps you reading feverishly because you just need to know how this one plays out Part of the appeal lies in a fiendishly clever and original premise, a premise Adrian McKinty plots out flawlessly. Urban Dictionary off the chain off the chain off the chain gang off the chainsaw off the chains for a whole year Off the chandalier off the chang off the charts Off the CHEESE off the cherry off the chimney off the chingey off the Understanding the Chain of Command in Your Workplace Sep , Chain of command communicates to customers and vendors which employee who is responsible for what decisions in their interaction Job titles that define each level of the organization further communicate authority and responsibility to organizational stakeholders and outsiders. The Chain YouTube May , videos Play all Mix The Chain YouTube Come And Get Your Love Awesome Mix Vol. Guardians Of The Galaxy Duration Araragi Koyomi ,, views The Chain by Adrian McKinty The Chain is a metaphor for the ties that bind all of us to friends and family It is the umbilical link between mother and child, the way or path that the hero must travel in a quest, and it is the thin clew of crimson thread that is the solution Ariadne comes up with to the problem of the labyrinth. Break the Chain of Infection Infection Prevention and You No matter the germ, there are six points at which the chain can be broken and a germ can be stopped from infecting another person The six links include the infectious agent, reservoir, portal of exit, mode of transmission, portal of entry, and susceptible host. The Chain Remaster YouTube Nov , Provided to YouTube by Rhino Warner Records The Chain Remaster Fleetwood Mac The Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac Warner Records Inc Remastering E The Chain The Chain was created from combinations of several previously rejected materials, including solo work by Buckingham, Nicks and Christine McVie It was assembled, often manually by splicing tapes with a razor blade, at the Record Plant in Sausalito, California, with hired engineers Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut.

  • Title: The Chain of Chance
  • Author: Stanisław Lem Louis Iribarne
  • ISBN: 9780810117303
  • Page: 453
  • Format: Paperback
  • Written in the style of a detective novel, The Chain of Chance is classic Lem a combination of action, hard science, and philosophical investigation An ex astronaut is hired to look into the death of several wealthy businessmen The authorities suspect a pattern, but neither the police nor a supercomputer enlisted for the investigation can crack the case On a trail leadWritten in the style of a detective novel, The Chain of Chance is classic Lem a combination of action, hard science, and philosophical investigation An ex astronaut is hired to look into the death of several wealthy businessmen The authorities suspect a pattern, but neither the police nor a supercomputer enlisted for the investigation can crack the case On a trail leading across Europe, the ex astronaut barely escapes numerous attempts on his life Having set himself up as a potential victim, he realizes that he may now be the target of a conspiracy and that the conspiracy is not the work of a criminal mind, but a manifestation of the laws of nature Certain patterns have begun to emerge from the chaos of modern society Some of those patterns can be fatal.
    The Chain of Chance Written in the style of a detective novel The Chain of Chance is classic Lem a combination of action hard science and philosophical investigation An ex astronaut is hired to look into the death of

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    1. Solaris was much stronger, but this story is a treat anyhow More than anything, it emphasizes the power of thought and what deductive thinking can do, if in the hands of an intelligent man The book is SF through its proposition, than its execution, but it s nonetheless written beautifully and presents a strong lead character and an exciting plot line.

    2. Dedektiv slubda yazardan oxudu um ikinci kitab olan K r Talih hadis l ri qavramaqda bir m dd t tinlik kdiyim bir s r oldu Kitab n yar s ndan sonra tapmacan n hiss l ri yava yava yerin oturma a ba lad Soru turma s rin b nz r olaraq burda da Lem statistika elmind n, z n n tibbi bilikl ri il z ngin t svirl r kimi geni r iv d bir ox anlay il roman z nginl dirib Roman vv ll r kosmonavt olmu birisinin taliyaya normal g r nm y n l ml r silsil sini ara d rma m qs dil ortaya at lm simulyasiya model r iv [...]

    3. This was my first Lem, and I picked it up by chance as it were, at a used book sale a few months ago I don t usually read speculative fiction, but Lem is considered to be one of the genre s great masters, perhaps best known for Solaris which has twice been made into a film The Chain of Chance also riffs on the detective genre, featuring as its main character a paunchy middle aged American former astronaut who is seeking to solve a series of unexplained and mysterious deaths of paunchy middle age [...]

    4. The world mainly knows Stanislaw Lem as a science fiction writer says that toward the end of the 20th century he was the most widely read science fiction writer in the world and that his books were translated from Polish into over 40 languages and sold over 45 million copies His famous novel Solaris was adapted for movies three times However, saying that Mr Lem was a science fiction writer is akin to calling Thomas Jefferson an architect Yes, Mr Jefferson was quite an accomplished architect, but [...]

    5. Everyone s familiar with the philosophical joke that if you give enough monkeys with typewriters enough time, one of them will eventually produce the complete works of William Shakespeare through sheer chance But what s not discussed is the possibility that Shakespeare himself is one of those monkeys, and that the probability of some person, somewhere producing his works was just as high as it was for the monkeys In Stanislaw Lem s The Chain of Chance, we re presented with a bipolar murder myste [...]

    6. What an odd book An American ex astronaut investigates a series of seemingly unrelated deaths in Italy by trying to replicate the events that are similar between them all and then spends some time in France with a computing expert.The text was very dense, and the first fifth of the book was confusing for quite a while, but overall I enjoyed it quite a lot It s like a detective story, but instead of investigating an actual murder, the story investigates whether the deaths were accidental or not.

    7. El primer libro de Lem que leo, y la verdad no me dej decepcionado Esta novela es de ese tipo de obras a las que uno debe acercarse sin expectativas de ning n tipo, porque Lem dedica la totalidad de sus casi doscientas p ginas para destrozar toda expectativa Aunque es muy breve dos d as de lectura es m s que suficiente a veces resulta densa, pero me parece que esa es la idea el lector siente la misma confusi n de los encargados de investigar las extra as muertes de una docena de extranjeros en u [...]

    8. In Pynchon s Gravity s Rainbow there was a sequence that noted that the worst fear of a paranoid wasn t that all their fears were true and everyone really was out to get them, but just the opposite that nothing at all was connected and the universe is just a string of random coincidences that we superimpose a kind of purpose onto to make ourselves feel better.With that said, let s go watch one of Lem s characters try to solve a mystery Ha hah I came to Lem mostly through his SF oriented work So [...]

    9. KatarDziedzictwo Lema, to co wspania ego w polskiej kulturze, czego sami nie jeste my w stanie niestety w a ciwie zagospodarowa Szkoda, e Lema w szkole poznajemy jedynie jako autora jakich tam bajek s f, ni to dla dzieci, ni to dla doros ych przynajmniej takie wra enie sprawia dla wielu m odych polak w W zasadzie to jeden z niewielu autor w, kt ry w swoim pokoleniu potrafi wybi si na tle innych znakomitym po czeniem kreowania wiata przysz o ci i analizy spo ecznej, socjologicznych i psychologicz [...]

    10. An ex astronaut, some would say washed up ex astronaut, has turned detective in this novel, in which a number of men of a similar background and physique have all died in the same area Our narrator who I don t think is ever fully named is involved in the investigation to try and solve the mystery.There is a sort of feel to East European Russian novels SF or not that I ve read of this period and The Chain of Chance fits into it The book feels very impersonal, especially in the early sections wher [...]

    11. A fun, clever and satisfying mystery science fiction read about an American astronaut turned detective looking into the mysterious deaths of several middle aged men who were vacationing in Naples, near Mt Vesuvius It is a little confusing and slow during the first few pages, but really picks up the world is a bit futuristic, yet Old World since it s set in various European cities The writing is part noir, part Ian Fleming, part Agatha Christie and part Camus The science leans toward philosophy [...]

    12. I can t say I really liked The Chain of Chance For some reason I found it a heavy and slow read It may be because I just didn t like the style it is written in, or maybe it is just heavy going No matter why I had so much trouble with this novel, I got through it in the end and I m glad I did It is a memorable novel You see, I like mysteries, and this is one of the most unusual one I remember Lem takes a genre that is a bit set in its way and turns it into something entirely different, but using [...]

    13. I don t want to blame the writing for me being unable to finish Chain of Chance I want to blame the historical romance mindset that carried over from the book before I want to blame that I was stressed and unable to focus, or that I was too tired I want to make excuses, but I just can t The basic premise of the book sounds interesting and accomplished its task as plot hook to draw me in However, once within the folds of the story, I couldn t stay interested for very long My mental images kept sl [...]

    14. It had been a long time since I d read one of Lem s novels, and as I got deeper into The Chain of Chance, I was afraid that I had not chosen a good one The middle of the book is a vast core dump of facts relating to the strange deaths of various people visiting Naples who had all died in a way peculiar to how they lived The hero, who goes by the name of one of the victims, Adams, is a washed out American astronaut who tries to call forth the same circumstances that led to the deaths and in so do [...]

    15. En resumidas cuentas, una novela de desarrollo irregular Tras un inicio in medias res bastante estimulante, ocurre un raro episodio que en realidad poco tendr que ver con el resto de la novela, que muestra una estructura ca tica y desordenada La investigaci n se desmenuza por partes aunque de forma algo torpe, puesto que la t cnica del te cuento del tir n todo lo que s no resulta ser la mejor habr a resultado m s interesante vivir el desarrollo de la investigaci n Pero luego llega ese absolutame [...]

    16. How I rated it, I did liked it You don t know actually what will happen till the end, and then in the end, you cannot believe what just happened Truly, I am not one fan of this kind of ends, where you leave without actually knowing a real end I know to know the answers view spoiler I mean, how would I leave the book world knowing that the actually solution of the entire problem of this book, is a casuality hide spoiler It made me feel confused at the end, but you can enjoy sometimes with the ex [...]

    17. Just Lem brilliance He s a master at humanizing hard science and philosophy and cosmology into memorable and enjoyable literary art He makes profound fun In this case, probability, chance and game theory are behind an investigation into how perspective and scope allow us to create supposed meaning in any given situation If we can t find meaning, it just means we haven t found the right distance, perspective, lens.

    18. Koko kertomus on kirjoitettu yhteen p tk n ei eroteltu lukuja, eik juurikaan kappaleita Se teki lukemisen hieman raskaaksi Toisaalta kirja oli sopivan lyhyt.Tarina on min kertojan muodossa kerrottu ja k sittelee outojen kuolemien ratkaisua ja analysointia Kerronta on suoraviivaista ja tasapaksua Scifi elementit on v h isi ja tyyli on enemm nkin rikoksen selvittely tarina tai dekkari Kirja ei ollut minun makuuni.

    19. Another good novel by Stanislaw Lem as with his earlier novel The Investigation this is a mystery than science fiction, and basically set in the present although there has been an expedition to Mars which plays no real role in the plot A former astronaut turned detective investigates the mysterious deaths of a number of tourists at a spa in Naples murder or coincidence Unlike many of his other novels, this one actually reveals the answer.

    20. The opening 80 pages of introspective narration were almost completely opaque and felt needlessly abstruse However, once you absorb these details, and wade your way through the dense dialogue to piece together the facts of the case, the story becomes completely clear I always appreciate Lem s incorporation of scientific and mathematical concepts in his writing, in this case the laws of statistics particularly the Law of Truly Large Numbers.

    21. It isn t often that you read a detective novel that is based wholly on ideas related to chance and probability, but if you enjoy books such as Innumeracy or the literature on judgment and decision making, this may be the perfect read Crisp and illuminating tale of the random walk and the commonality of improbable events.

    22. It isn t often that you read a detective novel that is based wholly on ideas related to chance and probability, but if you enjoy books such as Innumeracy or the literature on judgment and decision making, this may be the perfect read Crisp and illuminating tale of the random walk and the commonality of improbable events.

    23. The Chain of Chance is an unusual novel by Lem Closer to the detective genre than the science fiction Lem is known for, the protagonist is humbled by the pure mathematics of the mystery If you appreciate Lem s writing style, you won t be disappointed The detective is a former astronaut and he brings the same background that you often find in Lem s characters.

    24. This was another expertly written sci fi story by my favorite sci fi author The language and vocabulary is high caliber and the story itself is quite interesting It s an unusual detective thriller, but not a super exciting thriller Stanislav Lem shows once again his incredible imagination and understanding for technology.

    25. This book is based on a very intriguing concept and I enjoyed all the theories presented, but the initial parts of the book seem quite off place Everything preceding the data storm was unnecessarily long and could be reduced to a quarter In a genious book everything adds up to the story sadly this is just a great one.

    26. I used to read a lot of Lem s fiction when I was teenager I was long time ago and it was translated to Russian Seeing familiar name I bought this book and was anticipating a good deal on fun reading it It was not I managed about 1 2 of it before giving up The writing style is tediously monotone and boring Perhaps it is a translator s fault.

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