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City of Sin By Ivy Smoak,

  • Title: City of Sin
  • Author: Ivy Smoak
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 147
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Nothing seems to be going Bee s way She has been knocked down by her ex, her job, and the city in general Could a blind date really be the start of the much needed change she s been hoping for When Bee is already running late, a sexy stranger steals her cab And once she finally arrives to the restaurant and finds out that he s her date, the night takes an unexpected turNothing seems to be going Bee s way She has been knocked down by her ex, her job, and the city in general Could a blind date really be the start of the much needed change she s been hoping for When Bee is already running late, a sexy stranger steals her cab And once she finally arrives to the restaurant and finds out that he s her date, the night takes an unexpected turn Maybe this sexy stranger is exactly what she s needed this whole time Except Mason Caldwell is not a good man A renowned playboy, heir to his family s fortune, and willing to do whatever it takes to make his dreams come true He s not looking for a change He s looking for vengeance A woman he barely knows is definitely not going to get in his way But he can t stop thinking about her Sometimes you don t know what you really want until it s right in front of you.
    City of Sin Nothing seems to be going Bee s way She has been knocked down by her ex her job and the city in general Could a blind date really be the start of the much needed change she s been hoping for When Be

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    1. DNF 70%Sorry, I couldn t take it any And I know that I most likely stopped before the good part came out to play, but it took me a week to read up to this point and I decided not to waste any of my time on a book that just isn t for me Because this is the real issue I normally don t do eroticas I like my romances smutty and I don t mind them naughty at all But somehow, eroticas fall flat almost every time with me This one particularly so.Bee is a young woman fresh out of college who s trying t [...]

    2. City of Sin, Ivy SmoakReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre Romance, New Adult this book is currently free on kindle so give it a try, if its your kind of read I hadn t read the Hunted series its now on my TBR listp as the first three are on KU, and hopefully number four will be when its released next month If you ve read them you ll know Bee and Mason from there, but if like me you ve not read them it doesn t matter, this is a complete stand alone novel I loved Bee, life had knocked her h [...]

    3. How Dare You, Ms Smoak I have been dabbling into reading erotic fiction recently and I must say that a lot is not well written But this Great short story I was all self righteous, like, this guy is a jerk How could she even talk any further with this guy I continued to turn the pages, laughing here and there and OMGing at other places I liked the way the story switched to each characters point of view Then I was all, Bee, Don t fall for the okey doke, typical she did I continued to read on Then [...]

    4. I started reading this book because I have recently fallen in love with Ivy Smoak s stories and this is no exception This book is about Mason and Bee Penny James friends from The Hunted series Mason is a playboy who doesn t believe in love, Bee is a hopeless romantic still hung up on her ex fiance They are set up on a blind date that has gone wrong since before they even met at the restaurant Their lives couldn t be different but Mason is intrigued by Bee, she is so much different from any othe [...]

    5. SNS Rating 5.0 Lindsey s Review This book was a wonderfully erotic story It showed a different take on a blind date The authors interpretation of the themes that she is using is wonderful and makes the story shine I want to read of the series if it becomes available This is someone I have read before and I enjoy her work.

    6. As much as I loved the Hunted series, I m loving these spin offs even In this one, Mason is a typical hit it and quit it manwhore who reluctantly goes on a blind date with Bee, who is a sensitive gal with a recently broken heart and the resulting lack of trust in men Sparks fly and hearts change as they find their way to the love they each deserve.What sets this book apart from others with a similar theme is the excellent writing the well developed, complex characters, the humor set against the [...]

    7. Mason is brash, arrogant, cocky and all about S E X he s a one and done kinda guy He meets Bee on a blind date They don t start off well, after all he did steal her cab Bee can t seem to move on after finding out her ex fianc was cheating on her She feels defeated and in a nowhere job with a creepy boss Mason is hot and obviously a player He conesses he is not a relationship guy but keeps coming back for She s afraid of heartbreak again even though she gets in deeper everday A huge betrayal alm [...]

    8. Errors GaloreThis is the first book I have read by this author and I had to force myself to keep reading and with time the book did improve The errors, and there was many, was distracting, the plot wasn t believable and the H H fell short of likeable.

    9. 3.5 StarsWould be a solid 4 except that I started out hating Mason and wanting to stab him and I found Bee incredibly pathetic That being said, the story was enough to keep me reading even though I was so annoyed with both characters at first, mostly Bee, because it was clear right away Mason was an ass He was very well written and developed, it s a skill to make a reader hate a character in the beginning and still fall a bit on love with him I don t mind a cocky, arrogant, womanizing a hole bec [...]

    10. I love this standalone book that came from Ivy I have recently just found her book and I am loving what I am reading I have nothing but great things to say about this book and this author Two thumbs way up Bee is very down on her luck in life and love She is recently broken up with the love of her life The world is doing everything it can to keep her down She is talked into going on a blind date that she is not sure of She is running late and that is when her cab is stolen from her So when she f [...]

    11. City of Sin is a delicious story of betrayal, secrets, sex, romance and love Mason Caldwell is an advertising executive and one of the city s most notorious bachelors with a reputation for his love of underground sex clubs He is the ultimate alpha male and no woman has ever said no to him Bee Cowen is a sweet and caring secretary who is struggling to get over being dumped by her fianc after following him to NYC after college She agrees to a blind date with Mason in hopes of moving past her heart [...]

    12. met Bee and Mason in The Hunted Series, and thought they were adorable I was super excited about this book, but I was wrong They re not adorable they re sexy as sin Mason, where have you been all my life Bee is still hurting months after finding out her fiance was cheating on her Her friends set her up with a guy who is single, hoping she can have a rebound fling Of course that isn t what happens Mason is arrogant, stubborn, conceited, and drop dead sexy He can have any woman he wants, and he s [...]

    13. I wasn t sure I d like this one but it turns out I actually did Bee is still getting over her breakup with Patrick the one true love of her life They moved to NY and were going to be married until he NY changed him Now 6 months later she s coerced into going on a blind date After having a bad day at work she s running late and about to get a cab when its stolen out from under her Mason isn t thrilled about going on a blind date He s just in it for some fun He s friends talked him into it and whe [...]

    14. This was a great little story I wasn t sure how I was going to like this book but it turned out that I liked it a lot Lots of emotional baggage hanging around, lol Bee was likable but she could also get a little annoying with her insecurities, but I completely understand her, been there and done that The last thing you want to do is put yourself back in that situation again Mason was a complete ass and I was really not liking him at the beginning As the story progressed he started to grow on me [...]

    15. I received an ARC for an honest review City of Sin was excellent I fell in love with Mason even though I wanted to smack him at times He was hot and oh so dirty And Bee, what a great character Smart, sweet, strong and loving Mason and Bee s chemistry was sizzling but believable I love how Ivy developed both Mason s and Bee s characters and the story line Mason went from a sort of shallow prick to a strong man who loved his woman deeply, but it was a believable development Bee got the confidence [...]

    16. From the beginning you just know that Mason is going to break Bee s heart That s a given But as their relationship moves forward and they get thru their first fight unscathed, you re lulled into a false sense of security Mason is obviously a pig and his thoughts confirm him as such But you start to think that he really cares for Bee Once you think they re securely in the relationship zone, the rug gets pulled out from under you I had a problem with Bee not suing her a hole of a boss but I guess [...]

    17. I had a hard time deciding how to rate this one I can t find fault with the writing or characters And as much as I liked the ending, I couldn t quite warm up to Mason Being stuck inside his head while we had his POV was an ugly place to be For the majority of the book he was a selfish man whore He was willing to break Bee s heart just to get into her pants The ending left me feeling satisfied with the romance and the change of heart made by the MCs, I just couldn t get past the Mason I met in th [...]

    18. All I have to say is that Ivy Smoak never disappoints The initiate capturing part was the very forward and sexy moments of Mason and Bee but Ivy was able to smoothly blend the perfect amount of emotions in to balance this whole book Underlying all the hot sex and dirty talk lies a very emotional and personal love story that made me teared the f up XD and I think that s what I love about City of Sin This whole hunted series was able to give me a very deep impression and I love it very much Have n [...]

    19. First book by this Author that I have read and I found this book one I could not put down, I will be looking at of her stories Mason Caldwell an advertising executive is one of N.Yst notorious bachelors with a reputation for his love of underground sex clubs, he is very much the Alpha Male Bee Cowen is a woman let down by her ex fianc who dumped her after they came to N.Y she has agreed to a blind date with Mason is she in for heartbreak Mason is looking for vengeance but will he see what is r [...]

    20. I finished reading The Hunted series and was captivated by so many friends family of James and Penny s that I just couldn t wait to read their stories This book didn t let me down Mason and Bee story is almost as good as James and Penny and I would love to read The proposal the wedding etc Ivy Smoak has a great writing style and knows how to bring the characters to life.

    21. Bee and Mason.I loved this story of how the player got played by the innocent She had him wrapped around her finger but she had no idea how to take advantage of it Loved both characters and looking forward to reading by this author.

    22. Ivy Smoak has done it again I enjoyed this story and this couple They re my next favorite couple next to Penny and the Prof Mason is hot and Bee is just sweet I hope there will be a follow up to these two Hint hint ARC was provided for an honest review.

    23. Wow what a great short story this was Bee is a strong independent woman Until one blind date changes everything I loved the story line and plot I can t wait to read the next book I received a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review.

    24. I really enjoyed this story I can t tell you how many times I said out loud Mason is such a dick It was good to run it to James and Penny again, which reminds me, I have to grab Eruption Talk about a rebound that counts

    25. Good Plot Plenty EroticaI enjoyed the story overall Guessing when they would finally get down and dirty made it interesting and kept the expectation at a high level If you re squeamish about sex between consenting adults, you should skip this book

    26. City of Sin is entertaining, short read The characters Mason and Bee are marvelous together Can t wait to see what happens next.

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