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Running on Emptiness By John Dolan,

  • Title: Running on Emptiness
  • Author: John Dolan
  • ISBN: 9780957325685
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • It is the summer of 2006 In Thailand, the army makes preparations to overthrow the elected government of Thaksin Shinawatra.Against this backdrop of political turmoil, destinies are shaped as events ensnare a corrupt Police Chief and his dying wife, two warring drug lords, an embittered widow, and a vengeful gangster.While dreams and obsessions play out on the streets ofIt is the summer of 2006 In Thailand, the army makes preparations to overthrow the elected government of Thaksin Shinawatra.Against this backdrop of political turmoil, destinies are shaped as events ensnare a corrupt Police Chief and his dying wife, two warring drug lords, an embittered widow, and a vengeful gangster.While dreams and obsessions play out on the streets of Bangkok, private detective David Braddock finds himself mired in guilt The ghosts of his past misdeeds are coming home, and they are bringing devastation in their wake Running on Emptiness is the fourth volume in the Time, Blood and Karma series.
    Running on Emptiness It is the summer of In Thailand the army makes preparations to overthrow the elected government of Thaksin Shinawatra Against this backdrop of political turmoil destinies are shaped as events e

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    1. Whenever I see a new John Dolan novel is out, I know I m going to spend several hours in Reading Heaven Yet nothing prepared me for this Dolan s mastery of images painted by carefully chosen words is present throughout, as always His complex, character driven storylines, intermingling often in unexpected ways, inhabit every chapter His philosophical underpinnings that add depth to his protagonist s choices and actions aid the evolution of his tale The little gems of incisive humour he sprinkles [...]

    2. Dark and murky, Running on Emptiness by John Dolan is the book I have been waiting to get my hands on This brilliant gripping series is unstoppable In fact, just describing the turn of events in this story had someone who was listening to my conversation walk up to me and ask the title of the book I said, Just look up John Dolan You won t be disappointed Running on Emptiness does not disappoint In fact, it left me wanting .This novel is smart, slick and oftentimes extremely cynical There is an o [...]

    3. Personally, I have waited for the released of this book, Running on Emptiness Time, Blood and Karma Book 4 , for a while However, with the experience of reading Mr Dolan s previous three books, I guarded my urge of devouring the entire story ravenously, in a rush Instead, I took my time to absorb every detail of his writing, in hopes that the last line would never come Well, the end of the book eventually came, and my satisfaction and awe remained On the surface, as in the first three books, Run [...]

    4. Excellent The best book in the series A modern day, British Philip Marlowe living in Thailand Beautiful writing Dolan is one of my favorite.

    5. Revenge, death, family and an endings of sorts I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I ve read all the novels in the Time, Blood and Karma series by John Dolan and have enjoyed them enormously I read many genres, but I am quite partial to mystery thrillers And these ones have a very special protagonist, David Braddock, and amateur detective or rather a not professionally recognised and trained detective, but he is pretty good and gets paid for his efforts and again a no [...]

    6. Running on Emptiness, fourth in the Time, Blood and Karma series, delivers, once again, a suspenseful, rich, and unpredictable experience John Dolan skillfully and masterfully portrays his main character, Braddock, as a believable mix of strength, humor, vulnerabliities, and uncertainties, making him a character that we come to care about and want to follow Running on Emptiness is the resolution of the various threads woven throughout his previous three novels, Everyone Burns, Hungry Ghosts, and [...]

    7. Masterful and insightful Highly recommend It s taken me two weeks to finish reading RUNNING ON EMPTINESS It s not because the story did not capture me, on the contrary, it stayed with me each time I put the book down until I picked it up again.The reality was I did not want the story to end I prefer to prolong my gratification.And gratifying it was, along with heartbreaking, exhilarating, shocking, and any other number of praiseworthy adjectives I can bestow upon the book.I will not rehash the p [...]

    8. Running on Emptiness is Book 4 of John Dolan s Time, Blood and Karma series, and, for me, it is the quintessential example of this Englishman s wordsmith mastery.Running on Emptiness has government coups, an exciting Capulets and Montagues Romeo and Juliet element with two Thai drug gangs fighting for supremacy, and David Braddock fighting a dichotomy of emotions There is something else that makes this novel so exquisite That something else is the absolute mastery of the English language John Do [...]

    9. I really love this series Great writing, great suspense, great characters The dialogue is crisp and witty.David Braddock, former family guy and British business man, lives on the island of Samui in Thailand, where he moved after after the death of his wife Since fleeing his family in England, and the rest of his bad memories, his life has basically gone to pot in the most glorious noir adventure story sort of way He opens a detective agency, he gets involved with unsavory characters, he cheats d [...]

    10. e depth of positive reviews from other readers on here does not surprise me John Dolan offers this fourth in the Time, Blood and Karma series without warning as to how gripping the telling of the next sequence is in the life and affairs of sometime private detective, sometime counsellor, sometime latter day philanderer, David Braddock it s one thing for an author to unfold a great narrative, but Dolan introduces a compelling cocktail of inner personal conflict and genuine sorrow at life s unfair [...]

    11. This book was very enjoyable to read and was also very well written It was great to catch up with David Braddock s mishaps in the land of smiles once again I pretty much read the book from cover to cover The theme writing style is consistent with the previous books in the series with plenty of witty humor, violence, corruption, suspense and salaciousness I only gave it a 4 star rating because I felt that there were some minor inconsistencies in the story and the ending was quite anti climatic It [...]

    12. I ve thoroughly enjoyed the entire Time, Blood and Karma series, and think this is one of my favorites.Mr Dolan s writing is a mixture of near painful insight and bawdy humor wrapped around an addictive story line, garnished with engaging characters and an abundance of spicy women tossed in In all, a splendid cocktail.

    13. There are these four unconjecturables that are not to be conjectured about, that would bring madness vexation to anyone who conjectured about them Which four The Buddha range of the Buddhas is an unconjecturable that is not to be conjectured about, that would bring madness vexation to anyone who conjectured about it The jhana range of a person in jhana The precise working out of the results of kamma Conjecture about the origin, etc of the world is an unconjecturable that is not to be conjectured [...]

    14. Running on Emptiness is the 4th installment in John Dolan s Time, Blood, and Karma series of novels If you are reading this review, and have not read the first three in the series, stop reading now, and go back to the beginning Read Everyone Burns If you have a pulse, you will be hooked If you are fully caught up to Running on Emptiness, keep reading.Since you ve read all four novels, you already know how good a writer John Dolan is This is not the Department of Redundancy Department, so I ll sp [...]

    15. Ever since I read Everyone Burns while lying in a Chiang Mai hospital, I ve been hooked on David Braddock s adventures as a PI based on the exotic Thai Isle of Samui Well, the author, John Dolan, has finally delivered, and Braddock is back.In Running on Emptiness , the guilt ridden, ghost haunted, Englishman once again takes on his demons, including an assassin determined to end his days with extreme prejudice Book four in Mr Dolan s Time, Blood and Karma series is, like the previous three, a th [...]

    16. Another gripping book from John Dolan in the Time, Blood and Karma series I have to say that I love the style of writing, and the way you get to know and mostly like the characters is fantastic It is now approximately 4 years on from where the 3rd book in the series ends The book starts with David Braddock being back in England for the wedding of his daughter Katie to the son of what is described as the Russian Maffia I m still expecting them to be connected to Vlad in some way which makes for a [...]

    17. I was over joyed when I stumbled upon the fourth book in the Time, Blood and Karma series Dolan is one of my favourite mystery thriller writers and this book lived up to the high standard of the previous ones.Once again we follow private detective David Braddock through an adventure in Thailand, this time with a lot of political intrigue as a military coup is in the offing His latest mission comes to him at the wedding of his daughter, of all places Personal and professional issues get mixed up [...]

    18. Being John Dolan s fan and having read all three books which follow David Braddock s story, I must say in this final part Mr Dolan outdid himself Wow It is a darker novel, much somber and philosophical than the previous books in the series, and yet it s this very gloomy mood that awakens a whole spectrum of emotions in the reader.David Braddock has to face his demons again, and this time all at once The plot is perfectly characterized by David s single phrase women die around me Unfortunately, [...]

    19. David Braddock is back in the fourth installment of the Time Blood and Karma series and he doesn t disappoint John Dolan has crafted another complex story and he keeps all the balls in the air, tying up story lines and keeping us guessing as to how it all turns out I love how Mr Dolan pulls no punches even when it comes to his main character David Braddock has been through enough tragedy for ten lifetimes and Running on Emptiness puts him through than most people could bear I couldn t put it do [...]

    20. Another brill read I ve read all the books in this series and have enjoyed every single one This book may be a little darker than the others, but it takes you on an adventure which keeps you gripped until the end David Braddock s concerns grow as particular people he loves die when they are close to him, or so he perceives which is really a bit illogical The story ends with several questions that are still to unfold for David Braddock leaving me hoping there ll be another book in the series Well [...]

    21. John Dolan executed another page turning, heart gripping story The latest in the Time, Karma, Blood saga gives you everything you ve come to expect and Driven by a cast of past favorites, with an engaging and magical mystery to solve, this book his all the right marks Don t be fooled though This has all the components of a detective story, but will pull at the heartstrings up to the very end.

    22. Book four and all the lose ends are tied up, and now it s over I also feel a little emptiness I don t like going into detail because I wouldn t like to spoil anything of the plot for anyone who is planning to read the series What I will say is, that without a doubt this has to be one of the best stories I have read Take a bow John Dolan

    23. In Running on Emptiness, author John Dolan deftly draws together plotlines from the three previous books in the Blood, Time and Karma series In it, he weaves together the various players and quandaries that populate David Braddock s world into a masterpiece of fiction Journal entries from the protagonist are interspersed throughout the novel, giving the reader his POV on the various forces of evil and chance that propel the dynamic cast through a cyclone of mayhem and misadventure There are seve [...]

    24. I cannot accurately describe my crush on David Braddock So it has been for four books Running on Emptiness returns to the format of the first two books, and we are treated to Mr Braddock s signature wit and troubled, mischievous philosophy as he navigates a suspicious suicide, the spectre of a man who once wanted him dead, a Thai gang war, and the emotional maze of his family life Running on Emptiness is dark, sharp, and tender, and the ending left me breathless and and wondering how David Bradd [...]

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