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Bubbles A Broad By Sarah Strohmeyer,

  • Title: Bubbles A Broad
  • Author: Sarah Strohmeyer
  • ISBN: 9780451411778
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Bubbles A Broad Bubbles Books
    Bubbles A Broad Bubbles A Broad Bubbles Books

    One thought on “Bubbles A Broad”

    1. Who can t love an adorable lead character names Bubbles Yablonsky Bubbles is a former beautician turned reporter It has always been her dream to write for the News Journal and after completing required courses at Two Guys University, Bubbles finally has received her chance A week long tryout.Her first assignment is covering the local Historical Society s monthly meeting Very dry and very boring, Bubbles dreams of bigger stories with excitement Little did she know, that once arriving at the meet [...]

    2. I bought this book for literally a few cents in the bookstore in their on sale items section I loved the cover it was fun, quirky and as a designer and a leo Leopard and Pink Together Awesome It was a really fun relaxing read, I loved the plot I found it well written, I would have liked character development, but for what it was I totally enjoyed the light humour in manner of the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich.

    3. These books are so cute Lots of hilarity with an original heroine She is the epitome of not judging a book by its cover A quick look at her would not reveal how smart, quick and intuitive she is Fourth book in the series and the author is still keeping the characters true to form Bubbles is progressing wonderfully Can t wait to see what her next adventure is.

    4. Rereading not sure when first read No memory Delightful, funny, gutsy heroine who now has a potential totally badass sidekick Such fun

    5. This is cute It s like Janet Evanovich s Stephanie Plum series, but I don t like it as much At first I was angry and that that the author was ripping off Evanovich, but then I realized that if I had read the Bubbles series first before Stephanie, I wouldn t feel this way Bubbles is a hairdresser who aspires to be She becomes a reporter for a local newspaper and solves many mysteries There is the requisite love interest in Steve Stilletto think Ranger and Morelli from the Stephanie books , of co [...]

    6. I bought this book at an antique mall, because it was a signed copy I figured it would be a total waste of time to read it, but it turned out to be a better story than what I thought it would be The mystery was actually pretty good in the fact that it wasn t easy to predict who the killer was The weakest link was her boyfriend, he uses the most clich d lines while getting Bubbles to relax, so they can have sex On that I guess this a woman s fantasy, maybe it s what women want to hear, but it cam [...]

    7. I listened to the Audiobook and still get a kick out of Bubbles, but it wasn t my favorite one but maybe 3.25 or 3.5, possibly As usual Bubbles was trying to prove herself as a reporter to get a position which I thought she had by now, but spoiler, she finally does by the end of this book Things heat up with her and Stiletto An ex Steel wife accused of killing her husband comes to Bubbles for help proving she didn t do it or was set up, of course, Bubbles does after a number of fiascos.

    8. Bubbles A Broad, by Sarah Strohmeyer 2 and stars a whodunit, written primarily for a female audience, and very, very much in the style of Janet Evanovich Humorous passages in the first half of the book made me laugh, but in the second half, the plot almost completely takes over the book Still, a satisfying read Polish references included, e.g referring to the elderly neighbor women as babushkas Proof that chick lit isn t just for chicks Originally, I gave this book 3 stars, but Mom couldn t even [...]

    9. Another good installment in the Bubbles series I laughed, especially during the explanation of her college career I got nervous about Stiletto going to the hostage situation I jumped for joy, too, but I m not telling why wink Hopefully this series stays as funny and unpredictable I love that I never know exactly where these are going, and it s pretty tough to solve the mysteries She s a smart cookie now Gotta love Bubbles

    10. Reporter Bubbles may be disorganized and easy to get into a fight but she ll follow a lead to find the truth in a Pennsylvania steel town The false trails and her own wild imaginings help narrow down the possible motives for murder during this tryout period for a reporter position Strohmeyer deftly develops hairdresser Bubbles into a believable character determined to improve her life despite her zany family and friends Enjoyable read.

    11. Every so often I have to put down my 4 magazine subscriptions, the classic books I feel obligated to read, the political blogs of all hues and just read a trash, goofy, amusing story and the Bubbles series is the easiest way to find said stories The name itself should tell you what type of book it is and that is about all there is to say about this book or the others in the series except I would recommend it to anyone who is too tightly wound from study or just being who they are.

    12. Bubbles is at it again This time a convicted murderer in the form of a demure looking woman appears at her doorstep She tells Bubbles that she didn t kill her husband, it was Steel industries So Bubbles is off again investigating the company In this book, she finally gets a position at the newspaper and her and Steve finally get together Now she must decide if she goes with Steve or stays home.

    13. Bubbles is such a lovable character Even though everyone gives her a hard time, she still manages to deal with any situation that she runs into on a daily basis I love reading the quirkiness of these stories Lighthearted and still keeps you guessing This was a great read and I love where the title comes from in this story I am smiling just thinking about it.

    14. This author is one of Evanovich s students Her style is very much like her teacher s, but I m actually starting to like Strohmeyer s books better because in addition to the humor and light writing, the mystery is real In Evanovich s last several, I ve figured out the mystery half way through the book Not so with Bubbles.

    15. Bubbles gets a chance to become a full time reporter for the News Times if she can investigate the murder of a local steel executive and write the story Steve Stilletto helps her solve the mystery and not get herself killed in the process.Hilarious Much better than the previous book in the series My rating 4.5 Stars.

    16. Just as she is trying to land a full time job at the News Times a murder takes place at her feet The victim is a local steel executive with the accused as his wife Weapon is cyanide laced fingernails Full of funny wit to snide remarks Good Read twist at the end can t wait to get the other Bubbles books.

    17. It s been so long since I first started this series that I d forgotten just how much I thoroughly enjoyed them I can t believe there are only 6 True to form and doesn t disappoit I m sorry it s over because now all I ve got left is that 700 page disaster looming on my bedside table Don t even want to start it.

    18. Another great book from Sarah Stohmeyer I read this one very quickly a definate page turner I laughed, screamed, and was irritated all at the same time lol Bubbles is really a character that you can relate to if you are a mother Her daughter is a total teenager that you want to strangle sometimes lol This series is really a must read for anyone that likes mysteries or comedies.

    19. Cute cozy mystery although there is sex in this one Bubbles seemed a bit dumber in this one, instead of someone who isn t really dumb being perceived as dumb The mystery was so so Less of the goofy sidekicks.

    20. I know some of the shenanigans that Bubbles gets into are silly But for a cute story,and a chuckle, I can t beat Sarah Strohmeyer s books about such a character Maybe it only really gets a 4 star rating but I enjoy them.

    21. LOVED the Bubbles series by Sarah Strohmeyer Funny, engaging and so well written, with enough anticipation and surprise to keep the pages turning the characters drew me in and kept me there As I finished each book, I couldn t wait to open the next one in the series.

    22. this series is great fun If you like Janet Evanovich s Stephanie Plum books, you ll enjoy these zany romance mystery caper novels set in Pennsylvania with a hairdresser turned reporter heroine Pure fluff, laugh out loud situations.enjoy

    23. This is a fun, easy read that definately made me laugh out loud The author reminds me a lot of Janet Evanovich goofy heroines that manage to get themselves into all kinds of trouble situations without even trying I ve read the series, and they re a great way to relax, giggle, and enjoy.

    24. I picked up this book as something mindless and easy to stop and start I have absolutely been bored I just don t understand the character She is smart and dumb all at the same time Really annoying too I would not suggest anyone read this book I am not even going to finish it

    25. The book is about a woman who is on a mission to find a murderer, but instead spoiler that he suffers from steel poisoning the author mentions steel as Steel Plot was kind of dry and uneventful Very predictable.

    26. Bubbles is an airhead, a bimbo, a hairdresser who is stuck in 1986ashy 1986 However, it works If you are looking for a quirky, fun read.go for it, but don t be surprised when there is actually a plot.

    27. Love it A lot of growth for Bubbles in this book, which is what sets it apart from Evanovich s Plum series Bubbles maintains her loveable blond character but still experiences enough growth to truly progress the series forward.

    28. Bubbles doesn t travel Bubbles is A Broad Just as she is trying to land a full time job at the News Times a murder takes place at her feet The victim is a local steel executive with the accused as his wife Weapon is cyanide laced fingernails.

    29. i loved this book i love mysteries but this book and the rest of the series is AMAZING i couldn t put it down i was up until 3 00 in the morning finishing it

    30. Entertaining series Funny, outrageous and totally unrealistic but entertaining Not my favorite in the series, but I would have missed not reading it if I skipped this one, so don t

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