[EPUB] ☆ Endymion Spring: Die Macht Des Geheimen Buches | by ☆ Matthew Skelton

Endymion Spring: Die Macht Des Geheimen Buches By Matthew Skelton,

  • Title: Endymion Spring: Die Macht Des Geheimen Buches
  • Author: Matthew Skelton
  • ISBN: 9783446207967
  • Page: 132
  • Format: None
  • In the dead of night, a cloaked figure drags a heavy box through snowcovered streets The chest can only be opened when the fangs of its serpent s head clasp taste blood.Centuries later, in an Oxford library, a boy touches a strange book and feels something pierce his finger The volume is wordless, but fine veins run through its pages, and they seem to quiver, as if aliveIn the dead of night, a cloaked figure drags a heavy box through snowcovered streets The chest can only be opened when the fangs of its serpent s head clasp taste blood.Centuries later, in an Oxford library, a boy touches a strange book and feels something pierce his finger The volume is wordless, but fine veins run through its pages, and they seem to quiver, as if alive Words begin to appear in the book words only the boy can see.
    Endymion Spring Die Macht Des Geheimen Buches In the dead of night a cloaked figure drags a heavy box through snowcovered streets The chest can only be opened when the fangs of its serpent s head clasp taste blood Centuries later in an Oxford l

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    1. With this book, I went back to my childhood when I read the book because I was fascinated with an interesting story in the book This book has a magical story that draws us into the magical world of old books, the world that is so fascinating The book begins with a strange chest by the city of Mainz in a snowstorm This chest is kept secret because that will confront good and evil One part of the story in the book follows the chest in the year 1452, and the second part of the story in the book fol [...]

    2. This was my January book for the TBR Jar Challenge Check out my blog for information about this challenge.Endymion Spring was not like any other middle grade novel I ve read The mystery elements were complex but not confusing with enough detail and intrigue that I think it would have been a satisfying plot for readers of all ages There were just so many layers and texture to the writing and I am going to butcher describing it any further and make it sound lame so I ll leave it for you to discov [...]

    3. This novel weaves together two stories one of Endymion Spring and one of Blake Winters Endymion Spring is a printer s devil type setter for Gutenberg the man who invented the printing press A man by the name of Furst comes into their lives with a strange chest sealed with a mysterious dragon lock that can only be opened with innocent blood Endymion s curiosity gets the better of him and he causes the chest to open and discovers the most wonderful paper inside The paper, made from the hide of a s [...]

    4. Our family listened to this novel, geared toward transescents middle schoolers , but viable for anyone who enjoys mysteries, book collecting or the Faust story, during a family road trip My middle school aged daughter thought it would be a good story She was right We all enjoyed listening to the story as we drove It reminded my of Susan Cooper s The Dark is Rising series and some of the books by John Bellairs A ripping yarn about youth coming into the ongoing contest between evil and good and th [...]

    5. Endymion Spring is a cute novel with a dual story about two boys both connected to a magical book that contains basically all the knowledge you could ever want to know.Throughout most of the novel, I was intrigued by the back story than I was by the present day story with Blake and his sister Ducky This turned itself around near the end, but I would have liked to see some of the black magic stuff that was presented so nicely with Endymion in the past.The climax of Endymion Spring was brilliant [...]

    6. I did not like this book The characterzation sorry if i spelled it wrong was terrible with Blake and was just confusing with books attacking him None of it was explained expect a random book he just found out of no where the bestiary helped explain a random dragon he found outside his window Also he thought random stuff that a reasonable person wouldn t like think he was drawn to this random book he just found and thought stuff like it was a genie doing the work He also thought it was magic befo [...]

    7. Honestly this book took me than a month to get through due to the slow pace The beginning was moderate it caught my attention Then came the middle which I hardly enjoyed, there wasn t enough grip to it The ending then came to become predictable It s not that it was written badly it s just that it was not of my taste It moved far too slowly and where as I enjoy demons and gore this book offered fantasy and wonder Great read for those who enjoy fantasy but this book just wasn t for me.

    8. Not being a big fantasy fan, I initially had ambivalent feelings about reading this book However,I really enjoyed this book I thought it was captivating and intelligently written I also liked how it was intertwined with the Gutenberg and the history of printing.I found myself engrossed in this story that switches back and forth between Mainz, Germany, in 1453 and present day Oxford England While reading, I empathized with the young character s predicaments in both time zones.

    9. Endymion Spring is an exciting children s book, that gives a nice if basic introduction into the world of the humanities and how they work It speaks of libraries and the Middle Ages and the coming up of the printing press The read was interesting, I found myself turning page upon page There were little things that bothered me most particularly Duck, who really grated on me but overall it was an enjoyable experience.Then I came to the historical notes I had been wondering about a few little thing [...]

    10. Whew That took quite a while I m just listening to the exclusive interview with Matthew Skelton Okay, all done.Well, this book was really interesting, but somehow it wasn t so gripping as to motivate me to clean my house, like really good audiobooks do Any excuse to keep reading, you see The book weaves two stories together one set at present day Oxford University and the other in 15th century Germany The Oxford part of the story is about Blake, a young boy who finds a blank book in the library [...]

    11. I really enjoyed the writing style of this book The author ties together different historical versions of the person known as Fust believed to be Faust Evil and its presence in the world is explored, and its meaning questioned The storyline moves back and forth through time with the narrator s voice being in the past, yet it works surprisingly well to add tension and depth to the plot The narrator is actually mute, but his thoughts are so vivid it gives him a strong voice Wonderful dichotomy for [...]

    12. As a fan of books, I had fun with this it s actually a pretty good choice for an ambitious pre teen or young teen The biggest thing that irritated me, however, was what seemed to be the lack of editing If two children are born and raised in America and spend a few weeks in Oxford, it s pretty unlikely they would be using British terms paperknife letter opener , correspondence mail , candy string cotton candy or calling their mother Mum Even if it DID happen which is something I m not remotely co [...]

    13. Like many books, Endymion Spring began with a lot of promise and never quite delivered on it The main characters felt rather flat and in the end there was no great revelation as it felt like we d been building to The end was all to predictable and bland Was it really an end at all The story swings wildly from the middle ages and Endymion to the present day and Blake and Duck the two young protagonists who stumble into the story The parts set in the middle ages were intriguing but they never play [...]

    14. This debut novel by author Mattew Skelton intertwines two stories, one set at present day Oxford University and the other in 15th century Germany The present day story concerns Blake, a young child of divorced parents, who discovers a wordless book in the college library It is not so much that he discovers the book but that the book discovers him The book that Blake discovers purports to contain the secerts of eternal wisdom It appears blank when the pages are looked upon, but shows the contents [...]

    15. The first time I picked up this book and read the synopsis, I thought it was a story about a boy who unleashed some sort of monster into his world But I never expected it to be a book about a Book Nonetheless, it was one which has links to the intruiging history of Fust and early book printing, libraries and dusty bookshops and Oxford As a book lover, I love the ideas which were conveyed in this story dragon skin paper, a library forest, a hurricane of book pages, a Book of knowledge I even like [...]

    16. Magnificent I loved it The story drew me in The book picked the boy to bring it to life and to bring it to its end There was action and adventure along with some history of Johann Gutenberg and his printing press There is the madness of adults who want the book for the knowledge and power it gives This is one of those rare books that stays with you It opens your imagination to what you would do if you got this book I loved Blake as he tries to discover the secret of the book and figure out the c [...]

    17. I read this when I was about 7 or 8, and it always struck me as a good book However, eventually I wanted to read it again, but couldn t remember the name This was frustrating, because I could literally remember almost everything in the book, even the names of the characters which I usually forget Anyway, one day, I was thinking about it and decided to go to the library to find some books to read While browsing the selection, I stumbled upon a book with a very odd title I was intrigued, so I pick [...]

    18. Skelton s books is a great read for those who like the Rowling s work or the Narnia series It s a bit book oriented that most intermediate readers titles, but it definitely appeals to the future librarian scholar type I found that the text moves at a very brisk pace but not too fast , and the adventure is wonderful and wholly unique in this genre My only gripe is that the book should have been stretched out to a sequel or a trilogy there s too much content that ends of being rushed and glossed [...]

    19. It was good in the starting, it was even thrilling but later it just got dumb.I mean the girl started crying because she believed the tree had a dragon or something and her grandfather told her she was just being imaginative But guess what there was a dragon in the tree after all And I get it parchment would be of great value at that time, but seriously One that can give all the knowledge of the world and feeding children Not my type but I am sure middle grade children might like this novel.

    20. I really liked the story and I could feel the bigness of the story as well However, I feel like the book was written in the wrong style for the story originally intentioned Also, the writing could also probably have used some revisions to be concise.However, if there was a sequel, I would read it.

    21. I listened to the audio book version of this and I had a very difficult time paying attention to the narrator s voice After listening to the author interview afterward, I wish he would ve narrated his own story.

    22. Endymion Spring is a book that I bought cheaply because of the cover Let s be honest here, that cover is rather interesting with a dragon on it But other than that I had no idea about this at all when I started it And overall I was pleasantly surprised Some books stayed with you long after you read them they lingered in the unswept corners of your mind This book is a middle grade book that easily sweeps you up in its world with Blake and his younger sister Duck and no that is not her real name T [...]

    23. This is an unusual fantasy book, one based far on historical settings and characters than most of that genre are, in my experience I m not sure how much of this massive historical content will be intriguing to young readers, but as an adult, I found it most of it immensely engaging When I was a child and even as a teen, the importance of various universities was lost on me Having been raised in rural areas and a small town, higher educational achievements and historically valuable books were ha [...]

    24. An intriguingly complex plot Jumping between a modern day and one set in the middle ages In the present, Blake and his little sister are dragged off to England to accompany his mother while she does research for her doctorate They have too much time on their hands and wander through this wonderfully old library at the college Blake discovers a very old book that seems to be blank, but he sees words that seem to be prophecies Are they meant for him since he only can see them The story of the crea [...]

    25. I can see where this book could be really entertaining for the younger advanced reader And I do mean both younger and advanced While the basic story would appeal to 4th 7th graders, the writing isn t dumbed down at all The story jumps back and forth between present day Oxford University where American kids Blake and Duck are stuck amusing themselves while their mother works on a research project and 1452 Mainz, Germany, where a young mute named Endymion Spring works as an apprentice to Johannes [...]

    26. What sort of book is this This book follows a boy named Blake who finds a mysterious book in the Oxford Library and this book has no words in it or does it Parts of the book take place in 1452 with this boy who works for Gutenberg A patron at the library I work at recommended this book to me because her son loves it I thought I would enjoy this book than I did, but it kind of disappointed me I was really into the first part of the book, but then it took a strange turn and lost me The mystery el [...]

    27. Es una buena historia Tiene un argumento interesante, personajes bastante definidos dentro de lo que permite una novela de ese tama o y la prosa tiene una calidad que est por encima de lo habitual en lecturas de tipo juvenil Las descripciones de las bibliotecas son tan completas que parece que las est s viendo a trav s de una c mara de v deo, abundan mucho las met foras, y a veces el autor describe tant simos detalles que es f cil perder un poco el hilo Los antagonistas me parecen un poco simple [...]

    28. This book was a little long for me I liked the two stories coming together and I like the idea of magical books but some of the details were a little long winded and some were lacking It was hard to tell a timeline on the mystery of Blake s parents relationship as well It seemed like the story was written by someone who doesn t particularly like kids the mom was always pretty impatient with her kids and unaware of their feelings which surprised me The relationship between the siblings also seeme [...]

    29. Skipped through after reading the first one third of the book Good story idea but the pace and execution kept throwing me off Still wanted to know how it ended so skip read ahead May come back to it another time but 2 stars for now for interesting story concept.

    30. I love the old world feel and library setting, however, it felt a little like the background sketches written before the actual story.

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