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The Confession By R.L. Stine,

  • Title: The Confession
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 9780671894313
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Five close friends one murderer.All Julie s friends hated Al They all wished Al were dead But that doesn t mean one of them killed him Julie knows her friends She knows they are innocent Until one of them confesses.Julie and her friends promise to keep the killer s secret After all, they know he would never kill again.Or would he
    The Confession Five close friends one murderer All Julie s friends hated Al They all wished Al were dead But that doesn t mean one of them killed him Julie knows her friends She knows they are innocent Until one of

    One thought on “The Confession”

    1. This is the first book I have read in the Fear Street series I didn t really know what to expect but this book turned out to be better than I thought Let me start with horror isn t my favorite genre but RL Stine made it easy to read The characters seemed pretty realistic and I even didn t care for Al the bully I did appreciate the mystery and suspense of the murder and what the group of friends where going through was terrible I am glad I read this book and think I will give the rest of the seri [...]

    2. Sorry but this one was just lame.These characters were idiots and annoying It all started with a jerk named Al He s a huge jerk and he s blackmailing everyone for money for beer, and to use their vehicles Instead of telling him off, or standing up to him someone kills him.Of course after view spoiler Sandy hide spoiler kills Al, they go and tell all of their friends Why in the world would you tell anybody Let alone, all of your friends It isn t something to brag about bIf you re crazy enough to [...]

    3. Posted originally on my blog The Writer s InkwellThis was an okay book It definitely isn t one of the better ones in the series Especially in regards to the narration Unlike most of the books that are narrated in third person, there s some slippage of first person into this book Perhaps if Julie was a better developed character, this kind of narration would have worked But as with all of these books, the stories are far too short for those kind of characters.I was annoyed by Julie constantly goi [...]

    4. I thought this book was awesome It is my favorite Fear Street book I ve read so far I really loved the ending because there were so many twists I recommend this book to anyone who likes horror and mystery.

    5. This is one of the Fear Street books that I think characterization could have been done with There was a larger group than I would have liked I think by narrowing it down, we could have gotten out of each one I really don t think Al should have been killed Sure, he was a jerk, but jeez The double surprise ending Okay, I saw the first one coming I thought, Come on, Stine You can do better than this But then the second part happened That was pretty good.

    6. Tinggal di Fear Street adalah bencana,Ya ,setelah membaca belasan puluhan buku Fear Street,siapa sih yang mau tinggal di lingkungan ini,mungkin tempatnyaindah dan klasik,tapi selalu terjadi sesuatu yang aneh,entah itu berhubungandengan hantu,pembunuhan,mimpi aneh, dll,dan R.L Stine mungkin pelaku utamanya hehe.Julie dan Gengnya sangat kesal dengan ULAH Al yang menggila,selalu memerasuang mereka,dan selalu menyulitkan mereka,sampai mereka ingin membunuhnyadan ternyata kemudian Al mati terbunuh,da [...]

    7. in 2013 my local library was getting ride of all paperback books and they had all the R.L Stine Christopher Pike books so I bought all of them and read them with a massive teen book marathon I really hope that a whole new generation of teens gets to fall in love with these books as they are simply the best I loved all of these books in my teens and I really enjoyed going down memory lane re reading them as an adult

    8. My daughter asked me to read this book after she had read it I read a lot of RL Stone books when I was younger I can t remember if I read any of the Fear Street ones I thought the story was pretty good It kept me wanting to know who the killer was I did find it hard to relate to the characters They were all bland Other than that, I thought it was a good read for a 6th grader.

    9. I used to gobble up R.L Stine when I was a kid and teenager I decided I wanted to see if they were still as good as I remembered so I checked some out from the library I can say that they are super tame compared to what I read now but I can see why I enjoy the books I do now as an adult They are violent or too gory and to me the teens he writes seem ok aside from the murder and betrayal.

    10. I just finished The Confession and it was really good The concept was original, the characters particularly Julie and Hillary were very well developed, and the internal conflict Julie and the other main characters face is very realistic My main problem is that the book focuses so much on internal conflict that there s barely any real suspense or scares here Sure, Al s murder is pretty gruesome and there are some tense moments like view spoiler Hillary and Taylor s confrontation hide spoiler , bu [...]

    11. Disclaimer, may include events that spoil the story and is mostly opinionated If you like horror and mystery than this book is superman This book is horror mystery as explained earlier and it combines the two in such a way that it builds up tension In my opinion this book is awesome for people who like to dive in a new feel of a story.The story stars out by telling you if a friend has ever told you We have to talk or I have a confession to make and is fallowed by there friend Al being the harsh [...]

    12. By R.L StineFiction150The Confession is a horror mystery book this story takes place on Fear Street, located close to Shadyside High School The story occurs in May, the middle of spring The neighborhood reminded me of a small town where everyone knows everyone s business The story has the 21st century feel due to the customs and the way the people behave Stine did an exquisite job in the area of describing the surroundings I felt as if I could hear Al begging for money in Julie s house I began t [...]

    13. Today I read and finished this amazing book It only took me about an hour to finish so it was that amazing I suggest that you all read this spine tingling book In this book the main character Julie is faced with a mystery Who killed her old ex friend Al Julie and her group of friends are all suspects Sandy, Taylor, Hillary, and Vincent Julie has all the pressure on her after finding Al s dead body with roller skate laces choking him in an alley on the way home from skating one night.Al had been [...]

    14. Decent plot The book certainly has an interesting plot if you imagine in character s shoes so you can understand their motives for why they re hiding the fact that their friend is a murderer There were some suspense that keeps the book semi interesting Note when I say semi becauseNot enough action Aside from a murder, most scares consist of characters looming menacingly or making threats and I don t mind it since it s fitting to the plot but I do wish the book has actions it could even be the v [...]

    15. The book Fear street The confession is a book written by a author named R.L Stine It is an interesting story that I liked so much that made me want to read another book written by this author This is a horror and realistic fiction book that it surprised me that the friends will protect somebody that has committed murder This book is about a girl named Julie who she and her friends hated somebody named AI One of her friends killed him and she and her other friends try to keep the murderers secret [...]

    16. This is one that I picked up this past weekend at a thrift store and this is one that I hadn t read when I was a teenager I m slowly completing my set of R.L Stine books though.This was a fairly short book It centers around a group of friends who start to get harassed and blackmailed by a former friend turned bad One night he is found strangled to death in an alley way When the group gathers again out of shock at what happened to their former friend one reveals that it was they that killed him a [...]

    17. I have read this book before,this is a fiction book and it has many interesting mysterious moments that interested me on reading it.This book had just what I was looking for,the main character is AI this person was constantly bullying Hillary and her friends,one of those friends decided to take action and kill AI so they wont have to bother their friends any.The 3 best friends are Julie,Hillary and Taylor.They all seen suspecious because they all wanted him DEAD and this says alot Overall the bo [...]

    18. I just finished reading this book and it was truly awesome Julie and her best friends hates Al They all where in one group until Al changed He bullies,blackmail, and annoys his friends But one day Julie found Al s body in a dark alley, dead But who is it Until one of Julie s friend confess the murder They made a pact that they will keep it a secret But Julie s friend dont wont to be his friend becasue he s a murderer At the end, Sandy wasnt the murderer it was Taylor Sandy was so nice that he co [...]

    19. This is one of my favorite Stine books It has horror and comedy in it My favorite character is Al because of the way Stine describes him saying his nose was like a beak, I keep picturing a huge bird lol My favorite part of the book is when Al is knocking on the door and all of his friends are standing around watching him beat the door in, when they finally open it for him he ask Why didnt you open the door They answer Uhhhh.we didn t see you lol Anyway this book is about 5 friends who get bullie [...]

    20. I thought that the book the confession from an amazing author R.L Stine was a really great book.I thought the book was a really great book because of all the drama,confusion,and shocking,all placed into one book and written by one man who is R.L Stine.The book is about friends who were being blacked mail by some person they thought were their friend,but then one day one person of the group of friends decided to shut the person up by killing him in a alley with skates around his neck.You should r [...]

    21. Al was suppose to be friends with Julie, Vincent, Hilary, and Sandy but Al started to change when he was hanging out with the people with bad reputations Al became a bully He blackmailed his old friends and caused everybody to hate him Hate that would be strong enough to murder him.Al was murdered and the murderer was shockingly Sandy, the nice guy of the gang The rest of the gang started to be cautious around Sandy and it turns out that it was Taylor, Sandy s girlfriend, who has killed Al.This [...]

    22. This book was about a boy called Sandy confessing to their friends that he killed someone After his friends knows that he is a murder, they dont trust him any They became terrified of him, they are scared of what sandy would do to them At the end Sandy can t take the secret any and told one of his friends the real murder The real murder is Sandy s girlfriend, Taylor Sandy wanted to protect her so he took the crime So Sandy and his friends decided to think of a plan to make Taylor confess that sh [...]

    23. This book is about how a group of friends were being blackmailed by Al Taylor, Sandy, and Julie were Al s friends until Al started hanging out with his crew that turned him into a bully Al would blackmail his friends and find a way to get money But they got enough of Al After a while Al was dead But nobody really knew who killed him although it was somebody in the group Sandy confessed that he killed Al, but he really didn t People started being afraid of Sandy and he started getting mad Later o [...]

    24. I enjoyed this book because of how easy it was to read I have always enjoyed R.L Stine books because of the easy following dialogue that captures the reader This is a thriller mystery novel that reveals the danger of wishing something to be true Julie and all her friends wish that a boy named Al was dead, until he actually ends up dead Julie assumes that the wish of her and her friends had nothing to do with the death of Al until someone confesses to her that she killed him A discretion is that [...]

    25. Julie hated Al, who always came around drunk and annoying Al wasn t like that at first but things have changed Soon they find out that Al has been murdered Who did it It was one of Julie s friends Knowing this created chaos around each other They became afraid of one another Until the real murderer confessed I learned that murdering someone makes you feel great guilt and regret no matter how much you hate that person This book was a good book and had many turning points on who was the murderer.

    26. FIRST IMPRESSION The title Pure awesomeness Gets my interest immediately.WRITING STYLE R.L Stine has a forgettable yet hooking writing style And he uses the perfect words to create suspenseOT It s a very delicate yet surprising plot Unpredictable, to say the leastARACTERS Julie Oh, I love her She s an awesome character to have, and her crush on Vincent just makes it a book worthwhile.OVERALL A suspense novel which will keep you at the edge of your seatOUNT OF STARS 5

    27. OK so this one was not as awful as the first one that I read I am now officially intrigued by the stylistic changes between the books I do believe at this point, R.L Stine had enlisted ghost writers so maybe I will see a trend of very poorly written books and not quite so poorly written I will have to dig up the earlier books This book attempts to throw off the reader multiple times and point fingers in multiple directions and it doesn t really work until the end I guess when the book was writte [...]

    28. Our library doesn t have many R.L Stine books, so when I saw this a few Fear Street books, I was beyond excited.Anyway, back to the book It was very well written Then again to me, everything R.L Stine writes is truly amazing That twist caught me off guard for sure and the end, I just kinda sat there like seriously haha I could see it all in my head Awesome 5 stars

    29. i just finished reading this outstanding book from R.L Stine and how i see that he made this book was by spoiling the book but he really doesnt he s just trying to trick us to beive that is it but soon it s someone one else that comited the murder any way this story is about a girl named julie and she found out that her friend Sandy confessed to a murder and now she s having trouble living her life with the secretd i do recommend this book to every one.

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