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The Boy Is Back By Meg Cabot,

  • Title: The Boy Is Back
  • Author: Meg Cabot
  • ISBN: 9780062490773
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In this brand new novel in Meg s fan favorite Boy series, a scandal brings celebrity golfer Reed back home to the small town, the crazy family, and first love he once left behind.Reed Stewart thought he d left all his small town troubles including a broken heart behind when he ditched tiny Bloomville, Indiana, a decade ago to get rich on the pro golf circuit Then one tiIn this brand new novel in Meg s fan favorite Boy series, a scandal brings celebrity golfer Reed back home to the small town, the crazy family, and first love he once left behind.Reed Stewart thought he d left all his small town troubles including a broken heart behind when he ditched tiny Bloomville, Indiana, a decade ago to get rich on the pro golf circuit Then one tiny post on the Internet causes all of those troubles to return with a vengeance.Becky Flowers loves her small town life, her small town business, and especially the small town wedding she s planning She hasn t thought about her no good high school ex, Reed Stewart, in years Until suddenly thanks to a news story that goes viral on every gossip site on the Internet Reed comes bursting back into her life like an Indiana summer twister.Now everything Becky and Reed thought they knew about themselves and one another has been turned upside down, and they and possibly the entire town of Bloomville will never be the same, all because The Boy is Back.
    The Boy Is Back In this brand new novel in Meg s fan favorite Boy series a scandal brings celebrity golfer Reed back home to the small town the crazy family and first love he once left behind Reed Stewart thought

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    1. When I found out Meg Cabot was coming out with another book in her Boy series, I was so excited I was fan of hers for years In fact, her Princess Diaries were first books that made me care for characters so much I wanted to know them I was crazy about Mia Thermopolis and she was my role model in a way.When I got a bit older, I read her Boy series and really, really loved it.I loved the concept of books, how Cabot told us the story by only writing emails.It was a new thing for me and I welcomed i [...]

    2. The Boy Is Back is the fourth book in the Boy series This book is Chick Lit and is a complete standalone.This book is told entirely through texts, emails, and journal entries I love that in the past 1 2 years Meg Cabot has gone back and written conclusions to some of her most popular series First she did Royal Wedding The Princess Diaries 11 they are now adults , then she did Remembrance The Mediator 7 they are now adults , and now we have The Boy is Back a conclusion to her popular Boy series t [...]

    3. The course of true love never did run smooth William ShakespeareMeg Cabot, 1 New York Times bestselling author, is back with her popular Boy series and yet once again the author has successfully enlightened the spark between two old flames in Cabot s signature style flair, complete with laughter, humor, a bit of pain and lots of emotions, that only ensure that whoever picks up a copy of her book is sure to have a good time The Boy is Back is centered around a celebrated golf player who returns b [...]

    4. Time and time again I have to pick up a book by Meg Cabot, she s my go to author when I m feeling down and had a crappy day, when I need to lose myself in her crazy funny worlds with her bubbly characters She always guarantees a laugh out loud read that you find yourself up until the early hours finishing off even though you have to get up early the next day I ve lost count from the times that one of her books has become my new favourite, it was originally the Princess Diaries series, then Queen [...]

    5. Review originally posted at All Books Considered 4.5 STARSThis book is told entirely in newspaper articles, texts, chats, e mails, journals and product reviews While this sounds silly and a bit fun, it totally worked for me I liked getting so many different POV and so many different ways of telling the story I literally devoured this I couldn t put it down, even for a minute I never had any trouble getting into this book nor was any part of it not super easy and fun to read It s just the kind of [...]

    6. 3.5 Ceramic CatsI love Meg Cabot s Boy Series and was a happy smurf when I heard about a new book The other 3 books are romantic, funny, sweet and have a permanent place on my comfort re read list.Was this a fine addition to the Boy Series What worked for me 1 Marshall and CarlyFirst, Marshall and Carly are the lead hero s brother and sister in law Second, they are my favorite characters in this story and a book that revolves around these two would be terrific Carly was strong, sorted, funny car [...]

    7. Read for the Unapologetic Romance Readers New Years 2017 Reading Challenge for Wildcard Whatever Romance You WantI have mixed feelings and there were definitely some things that I didn t like, but overall The Boy Is Back was a nice finish in one sitting book Most of my problems with it are related to the buzzword humor It is something that I can never overlook, and I find annoying If you are unfamiliar with this term, it is when terms related to social justice are thrown in in the form of jokes [...]

    8. Cute, but extremely predictable Also, Becky was basically Mia, just in a very small town and much less neurotic Kind of boring at points because I already knew without a doubt how it d end.

    9. 3.5 5Meg Cabot is the queen of fluff And this series is one of the best at it The epistolary format consisting of emails, texts, and documents makes this a fun and quick read The Stewart family is in trouble Their father, a prominent local judge, tried to pay for a meal with a worthless stamp Is he going crazy His children are scrambling to figure their parents out and professional golfer son Reed rolls back into town And sister in law Carly has decided to hire ex girlfriend Becky to organize th [...]

    10. This is the first book I ve read since the election depleted any wells of joy happiness I had, and for good reason It s been years since I ve read a Meg Cabot book but I will admit this no one writes chick lit as well as she does and this book made me smile and grin at the ridiculous hijinks Cabot has a talent for writing completely ridiculous sentences and infuse them with cheek and humor that you can help but adore I really liked the other books in this series, but I think this one might be my [...]

    11. Thanks to the publisher for generously providing me an ARC to reviewOTHER BOY BOOK FROM MEG CABOT First the Princess Diaries series, then the Mediator series, and now THIS I m so happy I could cry.Preorder Paperback amzn 1qVAQ7I Kindle amzn 22xx2F7Hardcover amzn 1SOiz2u

    12. Becky Flowers owns a successful senior relocation business in her hometown of Bloomington, Indiana She enjoys helping seniors transition to a new life and wine tastings at her boyfriend Graham s wine and cheese bar When she learns that local bigwig Judge Stewart and his wife have been arrested for trying to defraud a local casual eatery, she believes she can help The Stewarts were very kind to her in the past and she wants to repay that kindness, certain this is all a misunderstanding However, t [...]

    13. 3.5 fun Stars Had lots of fun buddy reading this with my lil sis Had a lot of LOL moments Would recommend it It as a quick one time,if your a fan of this series otherwise no harm in skipping this one shrug

    14. The unique storytelling format added a ton of humor to this second chance romance with the added story about crazy parents tongue firmly in cheek This is my first book by Meg Cabot and it will not be my last I m not sure if I should have picked this particular book to be my first, though But hey, you don t really know what you re getting into until you re knee deep into a book And once I got into the swing of how this story was going to go, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.The reason why it took me a [...]

    15. The Boy series is probably my favorite Meg Cabot series I love the unique way the story is told and in this new installment, there s the usual text messages and emails, but there s also the Bloomville Herald articles and ads, reviews of random items that fit into the story, and even some picture messaging too With this unique styling, I just flew through the book and really had a hard time putting it down and making the reading experience last as long as it did Every time I had a free moment, I [...]

    16. That was so freaking cute I m in physical pain.Meg definitely has a formula, but I LIVE for that formula And actually, The Boy is Back broke from that formula in certain ways that made it even delightful to read Plus it s just straight up hilarious And cute Did I mention cute SO CUTE.Exactly what the doctor ordered for a gloomy day Review to come.

    17. This review has also been posted on Xpresso ReadsEarlier this year, Remembrance came out an adult add on to one of my favorite series growing up and I was d.i.s.achokengtitik


      titikchokengo.i.n.t.e.d I had come to expect so much from Meg Cabot but the book failed to deliver and I was filled with sadness But when I heard about The Boy is Back, I was pumped and ready to dive into the book Fortunately, The Boy is Back is as amazing as a Cabot book should be and filled with all the sugary g [...]

    18. I know this book is a bit hit and miss with some people, but I actually really enjoyed it.I liked the fact that it s told in text messages and emails and letters.The wit and humour really comes across with it.This story isn t just about a romance with an ex, it s so much like family and betrayal in families and friendship You can read this book as a standalone like I did Definitely recommend

    19. Another delightful treat from Meg Cabot I missed this series and the style of writing the entire story is told through text messages, instant messages, emails, etc It was fun with charming characters I was a happy camper Full review to come.

    20. I can t believe the first book of the year is already a 5 star and favorite There s no way to not like this series I wish Meg could write one per year because seriously, it s perfect I WANT MORE

    21. DnfIt was cute reading the text messages and emails for awhile but after it just makes you cringeI personally need one on one conversations between the characters.Hope my next one is good

    22. The Boy Is Back is the first book I ve read written completely in social media messages, emails, journal entries, newspaper articles, and product reviews Such a unique experience for me, and one I enjoyed than I first thought I would Cabot is able to give each character a distinct voice despite there being virtually no narrative or descriptions or background.Parts of the book had me literally laughing out loud, specifically Marshall and his battle with the autocorrect feature of his phone I als [...]

    23. 4.5 stars rounding up MEG CABOT WROTE A NEW BOOK IN THE BOYS SERIES Really, that alone, was enough to have me read it Also the Tim Dolly cameos was A much appreciated.So, I absolutely completed loved the epistolary update from ten years ago texts for emails Newspaper articles FB events though I am still waiting for my epistolary romance with tweets somebody please write for me As usual the mystery was not too mysterious but I am liked seeing Carly s hatred justified also her and Marshall were a [...]

    24. Loved it And this is why Meg Cabot is my favorite chick lit author I finished the book in less than a day, and that s rare And this week s schedule was a lil crazy for me I love that the book was written in emails, texts, newspaper clips, audio recordings, but it was still able to tell the story of these two sweethearts I m glad that this book stayed on with that style of The Boy series Boy Next Door was the first chick lit book I ever read, and I have been reading chick lit since I love the cra [...]

    25. I m really a fan of the epistolary format but too often it seemed here too constrained to fulfill the criteria aka a lot of texting in the same room sigh The format worked better in the second and third book of the Boy series haven t read the first one yet The plot itself is pretty average, regular chick flick stuff Best thing was the humour Had to LOL quite often and of course I loved the small dosis of Jane Austen quotations as well Don t expect too much and simply be entertained warning some [...]

    26. Graded By PoshdeluxeCover Story Kate SpadeBFF Charm Yay Swoonworthy Scale 7Talky Talk CabotasticBonus Factors Former Flames, Small TownRelationship Status SmittenRead the full book report here.

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