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The Bells of Paradise By SuzannahRowntree,

  • Title: The Bells of Paradise
  • Author: SuzannahRowntree
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 343
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Only a madman would go into Faerie of his own accord.The one thing John the blacksmith loves than his peaceful, hardworking life in Middleton Dale is the tailor s free spirited daughter Janet But unlike John, Janet dreams of adventure beyond the Dale And when her dreams lead her into Faerie to be captured by a dangerous witch, John realises he must dare the perilousOnly a madman would go into Faerie of his own accord.The one thing John the blacksmith loves than his peaceful, hardworking life in Middleton Dale is the tailor s free spirited daughter Janet But unlike John, Janet dreams of adventure beyond the Dale And when her dreams lead her into Faerie to be captured by a dangerous witch, John realises he must dare the perilous realm of the Lordly Folk to free his bride.A poignant and profound retelling of the Grimms fairytale Jorinda and Joringel, set in the fantastical realms of Elizabethan folklore Novella, approximately 25,000 words.
    The Bells of Paradise Only a madman would go into Faerie of his own accord The one thing John the blacksmith loves than his peaceful hardworking life in Middleton Dale is the tailor s free spirited daughter Janet But unli

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    1. Most introvert characters are either geeky nerds or tormented souls on the rack of an anguished life John is neither, so he s unique in the literary world of introverts He s a steady fellow who wants a normal, unchanged, uninterrupted life subject to quiet pleasures, a honorable work ethic, and an occasional fit of resentment when his ideal world is disturbed He s someone I love, because he captures the lesser known kind of introverts who could live and die quite happily without doing anything t [...]

    2. This is my favorite of Rowntree s fairytale retellings yet As with The Prince of Fishes, she has taken a lesser known fairytale and made magic by crossing it with a lush historical fantasy setting In this case the setting is Tudor England and the magical realm of Faerie, inspired by Edmund Spenser s epic poem The Faerie Queene After his spirited betrothed, Janet, is whisked away by an evil enchantment, blacksmith John must venture into the dangerous realm of Faerie, determined to free her in spi [...]

    3. I know I ve said this before but Suzannah Rowntree s writing is like decadent cake And it only gets better with each book Pendragon s Heir was delicious The Bells of Paradise made for a delightful treat on an afternoon relaxing, like a sleepy kitten, in a patch of warm sunlight.First of all, Rowntree has a knack of making her fairytale re writes feel, not so much like retellings, but like original fairytales themselves The world of Bells is vivid and full and never too involved or overwhelming I [...]

    4. A book must be pretty good to get five stars and be up there with C.S Lewis, Tolkien, and Winnie The Pooh, etc The Bells of Paradise was a stunning book With its hauntingly beautiful writting and clear, smooth story grounded in the fairytale but certainly not restricted by it this story certainly deserves to be among these timeless authors The transitions between Fairie and the mortal lands feel natural and smooth, which makes that strange country very real A similar example would be find the ri [...]

    5. I ve never read a story quite like The Bells of Paradise, nor a character quite like John John is the steadiest hero I have ever run across, and, truly, therein lies his greatness and heroism He does not want fame or fortune, he is content to be a blacksmith in Middleton Dale and live his life married to the girl he loves, raise a family, and do honest work But he loves Janet and when she is taken from him, he is willing to brave anything to bring her back, even the ever twisting and changing re [...]

    6. Gorgeous novella of Elizabethan faerie with shades of Chesterton and George MacDonald I love the sneaky homage to Edmund Spenser s The Fairy Queen Energetic, lush, literate, romantic, and sober minded in the best sense.

    7. This is a thrilling story full of action and adventure, love and loss, beauty and meaning It is fast moving, beautifully crafted, and populated with enjoyably complex characters What I loved most was the challenge to identify and define the allegorical elements It has given me things to ponder for several days since I finished it On the other hand, the novella does not require such deep thinking to enjoy the story, so those who are disinclined to analysis may will it as much as I I imagine that [...]

    8. This story was absolutely LOVELY Such a charming tale, full of sweet, magical moments If you want to slip away to Faerie Land for a short while, this novella is definitely for you Just don t make any deals while you are there And don t eat the food wink

    9. My initial impression was that it has perhaps my favorite title of this year It takes its name from the English folk song Down in Yon Forest, whose ethereal view of Heaven colors the whole novella I adore English folk music, and I appreciated how many songs than just the titular one influenced this work I have not read The Faerie Queene, which Rowntree cites as an influence, but I recognized many familiar themes and faces from the Child Ballads, particularly Tam Lin.Rowntree uses her trademark [...]

    10. I have a tremendous fondness for stories of the fey, and this fantastical tale plunged me into a pre Elizabethan, English country village with delightful immediacy The details, the vocabulary, and the characters felt very right I enjoyed following our upright village blacksmith when, in search of his stolen love, he ventured into the treacherous realm of Faerie So taut was the tension and pacing that I read the entire novella in a single day, despite being constantly distracted by my two small c [...]

    11. 3.5For a short story on a lesser known fairy tale, it was wonderfully put together I wasn t sure what I was getting myself into but the way history and folk lore are woven, I quite enjoyed it I loved seeing the pieces come together With that being said, I struggled a bit with the main characters and trying to see them as their own beings In all the setting and all the magic, they got a bit lost and felt a little flat.

    12. A lovely tale, woven together of romance, misadventure, a quest, mystery, and faithful loveI ve loved the old song of the same title and enjoyed having a fuller story to imagine behind it You can read all on a rainy day, though I read it over a much longer period of time I m a slow reader and thus missed out on some of the pacing.I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a well told fairy tale steeped in beauty and topped with historic authenticity.

    13. Step back in time with this faerie tale An old fashion glow saturates the story, reminding me of the ancient tales which seamlessly mingle the faerie with real life If you enjoy reading old fairy tales, this is one story of fair danger, fey queens, mystical spells, and true love you won t want to miss.

    14. The fairytales of modern times tend to be, well, modern They are full of princesses in fluffy tulle dresses, and fairies with wimpy wings that wouldn t lift a butterfly and fairies that grant wishes to all and sundry without making any demands.You would have to go to Andrew Lang or the Grimm brothers for the strange fairytale punishments of being rolled in a barrel of nails until dead or to meet fay people cp to in a fay mood as grotesque and magical as a gothic cathedral or to see the fairy foo [...]

    15. This rich retelling of Jorinda and Jorindel takes place in Tudor England on the eve of Queen Mary s reign It s the perfect setting for this fairy tale, and Suzannah Rowntree takes full advantage of her extensive knowledge of the period and its literature Long before I read this tale, I thoroughly enjoyed her exposition of Edmund Spenser s The Faerie Queene, available on her blog, Vintage Novels As always, author Rowntree s evocative imagery and descriptive power bring people and places to life I [...]

    16. Like the British Isles legends that Bells of Paradise is styled after, this fairy tale retelling is full of fay folk and magical contracts that are out to entrap your soul.Of all Rowntree s fairy tale retellings, I found it the least gripping, perhaps just because I don t particularly enjoy Alice in Wonderland style banquets with odd creatures and unpredictable, magical rulers, nor am I a huge fan of wandering through enchanted woods behind a magical guide.Whatever the reason, I felt detached fr [...]

    17. This series of retold fairytales by Suzannah Rowntree keeps getting better This particular story is a classic rescue someone from Faerie tale, in an Elizabethan setting It was partially inspired by the carol Down in Yon Forest, and the novella comes with a free download link to a beautiful harp rendition of the carol.

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