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One Hot Summer By Kat French,

  • Title: One Hot Summer
  • Author: Kat French
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A SIZZLING ROMP WITH A GREAT CAST OF CHARACTERS Alice McBride s husband Brad is super famous, totally gorgeous and having an affair with his co star And now it s splashed across all the newspapers.After kicking Brad out, Alice decides to rent out her beloved home for the summer And the last person she expects to arrive at Borne Manor is a sexy cowboy called Rob A SIZZLING ROMP WITH A GREAT CAST OF CHARACTERS Alice McBride s husband Brad is super famous, totally gorgeous and having an affair with his co star And now it s splashed across all the newspapers.After kicking Brad out, Alice decides to rent out her beloved home for the summer And the last person she expects to arrive at Borne Manor is a sexy cowboy called Robinson.Country music star Robinson has had his own share of heartache, and he s come to Borne Manor to escape from it all Neither Alice nor Robinson are looking for romance, but the spark between them can t be ignored.Could a holiday romance help heal their broken hearts And what will happen when their long hot summer together comes to an end
    One Hot Summer A SIZZLING ROMP WITH A GREAT CAST OF CHARACTERS Alice McBride s husband Brad is super famous totally gorgeous and having an affair with his co star And now it s splashed across all the newspapers Aft

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    1. 5 Welcome to Borne, Cowboy Stars ItS LIVE US One Hot Summer UK One Hot SummKat French absolutely bowls it out of the park again with her latest offering, One Hot Summer, I have adored each and every one of this authors Chick Lit offerings and Alice McBride s story is no exception.Once again Kat has managed to pull together an endearing cast of eclectic secondary characters, as well as two extremely likeable main ones Naked painters and porn star neighbors And there was I thinking this place wa [...]

    2. I love Kat French There are actually very few books that I d give than five stars to if I could and One Hot Summer is up there as one of them It s the most perfect of summer reads with romance, hilarity, just the right amount of drama and a wonderful couple supported by a gaggle of eccentric, nutty and completely loveable characters It hit every single spot.Alice is a character you can t help but fall in love with private, sweet natured and determined, she s lonely and hurting despite her frien [...]

    3. This was the perfect antidote to my previous full on human misery novel One Hot Summer is a cute novel about two very different people from two different parts of the world, who are both recently separated from their respective partners.Alice McBride is English, blonde and demure Robinson Duff is a country music star from the USA He seeks refuge from his crazy star life and ends up in Alice s manor which she has to now rent because she can t afford the repayments.Kat French is a very skilled wri [...]

    4. Publication date June 2, 2016 A copy of this book has been provided by HarperCollins UK, Avon in exchange for an honest review

    5. Book Review One Hot Summer by Kat French 5 Perfect Beach Read StarsSome books are just destined to liven up your holidays, and this one from the lovely KittyKat really hits the spot.When Alice McBride finds her hubby has been playing than make believe with a co star, she throws him out But how will she manage to hang on to her beloved Borne Manor, when she doesn t have nearly enough money to afford it on her own Easy she rents it out for the summer, whilst renovating the rest of the site to pro [...]

    6. Okay here s a fact for you I read a LOT of books, maybe not as much as some but certainly than your average reader Yes my preference is Crime, Thriller or Mystery but you need to break it up and I love nothing than a good ol romantic fiction, especially if it s funny It s why I m a huge fan of people like Sue Watson However, I admit when I started to read this and saw the cover I didn t bother with the synopsis as I figured it would be par for the course in this genre Oh my, how wrong can one [...]

    7. Kat French can do no wrong in my eyes When I first read the blurb I was sure I was never going to fall in love with a cowboy called Robinson, but my god did I I completely fell in love with not just him but the entire village and inhabitants of Borne Alice is so adorable I ll be buying this is paperback too so I can re read whenever I need a pick me up.

    8. This was a fun and easy read following Alice and Robinson as they both were getting over problems in their personal life, and seemed to find each other at the right time in the idyllic setting of Borne Manor Fun characters which made for some funny situations and two likeable main characters who had that instant attraction that made the pages sizzle at times

    9. Alice has been married to Brad for five years When they first met he was a struggling actor but things have progressed in his career and he is now hot property This also means that the paparazzi like to take an active interest in his life, which is how his extra marital affair is exposed, not just to the world but his wife Alice Needless to say, this abruptly puts an end to their marriage and Alice is now going it alone at the beautiful country manor they had recently acquired Problem is, she ca [...]

    10. One Hot Summer is the perfect beach read, imagine lying on a sun lounger slipping cocktails and reading about a hot cowboy who goes by the name of Robinson Duff see I told you it was perfect Alice McBride has just discovered that the husband that she has stood by through thick and thin has cheated on her with his on screen co star Alice now has to pick herself up and start anew but with money now a little tight firstly she has to think of a way to hold on to her beloved manor, the place where sh [...]

    11. Thank you to Net Galley for a copy of this book Have absolutely loved this Could not put it down Chic lit at its best Loved all the characters apart from the obvious ones hehe Did not want it to end

    12. A nice light summer read, a typical love story which I haven t read for a while I don t know why it says it s a laugh out loud story, there were only a few pages that caught me doing that I loved the weird group of Mis matched neighbours, how could you not love them and all things English

    13. kfforever Reviewed by Rachel Sharon Th r se The first thing that came to mind after reading a few chapters was how on earth does this author s imagination work Even though she s goes beyond the ridiculous with the development of her characters personalities, getting to know their quirky traits was an exceedingly good treat All of them fitted like a glove in a plot which is to say the least, quintessentially English, and we couldn t help but laugh our socks off at their antics.Then meeting the le [...]

    14. If you are looking for a lovely romance with a sexy cowboy this summer, look no further than One Hot Summer This is a sweet but steamy story of Alice and Robinson, with a fantastic cast of characters In fact its the sheer absurdness of the rest of the main characters in the Borne Manor, that really captured my heart, from a bird that screams obscenities, to an ex porn star with his wig collection, and the local witch who does accidentally slip a love potion to Alice and Robinson There is also th [...]

    15. Stop everythingbuy this book and enjoy something romantic and entertaining Now you will have to translate the English from England but it s so charming to the English countryside and to show how foreign and away Robinson could be.The manor characters were a total delight I read during my breakfast and felt my hand touch my mouth in silent wonderment of the fun that this book was The sexy times were not graphic I m old enough to appreciate sexy times but do not need words to become a sex manual J [...]

    16. Alice McBride escapes to her beloved country estate after her actor husband cheated on her in view of the paparazzi She can t afford the home on her own, and so she rents it out to help cover the costs Her tenant just happens to be a country music star trying to recover from his own heartbreak They start a summer fling that will have lasting consequences.This is a fun, fluffy romance that manages to avoid the common traps of becoming too campy or too sappy It s a great summer read Thank you to t [...]

    17. Perfect and welcome beach read, but with too many oddball secondary characters for me to truly love the book Robinson Duff, the hot celeb love interest, was sexy and manly but could have been fleshed out to make him a compelling MC To go beyond the chemistry would have done the book favours No complaints about the chemistry between Robinson and Alice, it worked like a charm Alice was a likeable heroine.

    18. No specific spoilers but not completely spoiler free This is a very solid book Most people will love it You can see where I m going, right Don t get me wrong I liked it a lot I d give it 3.5 stars But it just wasn t quite for me It was well written, well put together, and all that, but possibly a little too well done, and not quite wild enough, maybe I didn t get all the feels I barely got any feels, really I just followed along for the ride, and about 2 3 of the way through I was like, Oh God, [...]

    19. 2.5 starsAlice and Robinson were slow to make a romantic connection with each Understandably so as they were both getting out of marriages in which they were cheated on.Despite their partners cheating on them they both seemed to pine for their ex s which made starting relationship with the other impossible.The book had several quirky characters that helped keep the book light and brought a element of levity.There were several times in the book that the pair was faced with situations that they ha [...]

    20. This is the first book that I have read by Kat French and I must say that I really enjoyed it Thank you to NetGalley for a ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.One Hot Summer was a quirky fun romantic read that follows the story of Alice who kicks her Actor Husband after finding out he has cheated on her by seeing pictures in the newspapers Unable to keep her mortgage repayments she takes in Robinson a cowboy who needs a break from his life and well then you can say the rest is pret [...]

    21. Kat French is an amazing writer and specifically excels in coming up with complex, quirky, and oftentimes comical characters One Hot Summer is no exception The story is fun and fairly lighthearted, though there are some good meaty bits of angst here and there.For whatever reason, I just didn t quite get on board with the romance Maybe I m just not all that into cowboys Maybe I just needed a little oompf Either way, still a book I d highly recommend for a fun summer read.

    22. Adored every page I Can t think of a better way to spend a day off work than curled up with a big mug of coffee and a good book this was the perfect choice By the time I d turned the last page,It felt like I d spent the whole afternoon with a great group of mad loveable friends.

    23. I m a huge fan of Kat s books and One Hot Summer seems perfect A nice well narrated story, totally loveable A perfect readevery one will enjoy

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