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Desert Magnolia By Dedra L. Stevenson,

  • Title: Desert Magnolia
  • Author: Dedra L. Stevenson
  • ISBN: 9781523341
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • From the metropolitan streets of Dubai, Daniella is called back to her family home in the American South to help a family that threw her away many years ago Going back will mean digging up skeletons from her past that she d hoped to bury forever, but someone murdered her father, and skeletons don t like living in closets.
    Desert Magnolia From the metropolitan streets of Dubai Daniella is called back to her family home in the American South to help a family that threw her away many years ago Going back will mean digging up skeletons f

    One thought on “Desert Magnolia”

    1. a first class read a a Westerner who has lived and worked in the Middle East for the past 12 years, this book fascinated me in its simplicity the narrative evolves from a vicious murder in Georgia in the USA, compelling the lead female character to return from the United Arab Emirates in an attempt to support her relative, charged with the crime no spoilers allowed here, suffice to say the resolution of the precarious situation is well handled however, that takes care only of the first half of t [...]

    2. A great plot and an important message.What can you say about this story It has everything There s a cleverly plotted courtroom drama, a tale of redemption and overcoming small town prejudice and a lesson in the importance of family.If that wasn t enough, the writing is evocative, creating an authentic Southern atmosphere which adds to the enjoyment A very good read which doesn t shy away from tackling sensitive subjects, in the end, it shows us that underneath, there is that unites us than divi [...]

    3. Desert Magnolia brought me to two different worlds It s a story about family secrets, mystery, hatred, love, respect and understanding of one s culture and beliefs It was a privileged to have met Dedra Stevenson in person Not only she is a good writer but also a good piano player A must read

    4. Looking for a diverse book with a twist, family drama, cultural differences Would you like to broaden your horizon Would you like to learn what it s like to live in Dubai This book is for you I am one of those open minded people who embrace different cultures This book is definitely one of a kind A westerner s journey from Georgia to The Middle East embracing the culture of modern Dubai The strong willed main character redefined what it feels like to be living in a foreign world where culture is [...]

    5. It was an awesome book I hooked up from the story making it the first book I finished reading The author uses simple words that make it easy to comprehend which makes you feel that you are actually just listening to an actual conversation Me, reading the actual book, really appreciate the font size I easily get bored reading books that has small font It is also informative in the sense that it gives descriptions and or ideas about the family values, culture and traditions of Arabian and Westerne [...]

    6. I loved the book Couldn t put the book down and read it in one day Suspense, drama, Middle East and the South Every family has skeletons in their closets It s just rare when those skeletons are publicised in a high drama, murder case for all your community to witness Family is family, no matter what I hope there is a sequel

    7. This book is one of a kind Awesome It feels like your watching CSI New York Tv series The author combines suspense, drama, paranormal kind of story which i find it great And last, reminding us that Family will always be a Family no matter what trial comes to us Can t wait for the book 2

    8. Definitely a fun read, especially as a fellow southerner who spent nearly a decade in the UAE.The characters are familiar, in the very best sense of the word.

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