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A Day of Small Beginnings By Lisa Pearl Rosenbaum,

  • Title: A Day of Small Beginnings
  • Author: Lisa Pearl Rosenbaum
  • ISBN: 9780316014519
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Poland, 1906 on a cold spring night, in the small Jewish cemetery of Zokof, Friedl Alterman is wakened from death On the ground above her crouches Itzik Leiber, a reclusive, unbelieving fourteen year old whose fatal mistake has spurred the town s angry residents to violence The childless Friedl rises to guide him to safety only to find she cannot go back to her grave.Poland, 1906 on a cold spring night, in the small Jewish cemetery of Zokof, Friedl Alterman is wakened from death On the ground above her crouches Itzik Leiber, a reclusive, unbelieving fourteen year old whose fatal mistake has spurred the town s angry residents to violence The childless Friedl rises to guide him to safety only to find she cannot go back to her grave Now Friedl is trapped in that thin world between life and death, her brash decision binding her forever to Itzik and his family she is fated to be forever restless, and he, forever haunted by the ghosts of his past Years later, after Itzik himself has gone to his grave, his son, Nathan, knows nothing of his bitter father s childhood When he begrudgingly goes to Poland on business, Nathan decides on a whim to visit his ancestral town There, in Zokof, he meets the mysterious Rafael, the town s last remaining Jew, who promises to pass on all the things Itzik had failed to teach his son about Zokof, about his faith, and about himself And yet, like the generation before him, Nathan keeps what he learns hidden inside himself With the family legacy in danger of being lost, Friedl s restless spirit guides Itzik s precocious granddaughter, Ellen, on a journey of her own to Zokof, where only Friedl can help Ellen unlock the mysteries of her family s past and only Ellen can help Friedl break her agonizing enslavement BOOK JACKET.
    A Day of Small Beginnings Poland on a cold spring night in the small Jewish cemetery of Zokof Friedl Alterman is wakened from death On the ground above her crouches Itzik Leiber a reclusive unbelieving fourteen year

    One thought on “A Day of Small Beginnings”

    1. A beautifully written book from an intelligent author I decided to read this book to learn about the Jewish culture and roots, and this novel fit the bill Rosenbaum combined themes of Jewish history and traditional Jewish values in such a way that people of all religions and spirituality can relate Interwoven into the story were elements of multi generational character development, cultural aspects of dance, music and education and the crossing of ethnic and spiritual boundariesl woven into a s [...]

    2. Yet another Holocaust story, which takes place over 3 generations The first generation male flees Poland after he s responsible for the death of a bigoted, anti Semitic villager He moves to America never talks about his past His son, at age 59 a Harvard political scientist, travels to Poland to share his expertise While there he visits his father s village learns his story Some years later that man s daughter retraces his steps while she s there on invitation to choreograph a ballet All 3 are no [...]

    3. One of my favorite books from my 2012 reading The story is told through three generations with the connecting thread being Freidl, the spirit of a woman who once lived in a small shtetl in Poland Each generation brings a greater understanding of their heritage and the reader shares their journey The first segment begins with a young boy in the early 1900s who is forced to flee his shtetl and comes to America In the second segment we find his son, a college professor, in Poland for a lecture Whil [...]

    4. This is not a book about the Holocaust I m not sure why so many reviewers on have categorized this as a Holocaust book Not every book that mentions the Holocaust is about the Holocaust A Day of Small Beginnings is a beautiful book about family history, identity, and finding one s Jewish roots It s quite an insightful look at what happens when one becomes distanced from one s Jewish identity, and what it means to be Jewish in the first place It also questions how well we can ever really know our [...]

    5. A Day of Small Beginnings is a story about three generations of Polish Jews, and their interaction with the spirit of a woman named Freidl who protects them and attempts to draw them back to the faith of their families There is plenty of Jewish mysticism here mixed in with orthodoxy I found the premise fascinating and the book equally so Rosenbaum, in her debut novel, shows promise in her ability to capture both internal and external circumstances surrounding her characters The one issue I had w [...]

    6. The soul of Friedl Alterman, one year in the grave, has been released after Itzik Leiber, a young Jewish teenager, accidentally causes the death of a drunken Polish lout and is on the run and finds solace in her grave Friedl soul cannot be returned to her grave and she haunts young Itzik, and then, upon his death, his son Nathan and granddaughter Ellen, who have not been taught Torah and Yiddishkeit It is up to Ellen, who returns to Poland, to help Freidl find rest HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR READING [...]

    7. I quite enjoyed this book even though I had to renew it twice before I could finish it There is only a little plot and a lot of thought in it Itzak, Ellen s grandfather, fled from his small Polish village under threat of death and emigrated to America where he revealed little of his past life His son and granddaughter were not raised in the Jewish faith and knew nothing of their heritage until each of them had to go to Poland for business and were confronted with their family past This was a goo [...]

    8. my journey into jewish european history continues with no plan on my part this book has been on my list for a number of years and i just ordered from library and loved it a very different approach to learning about a family history the book is filled with beautiful biblical poetry and songs in my imagination of course as the book didn t sing excellent story and left me wanting to know now i have to see if there is a sequel

    9. If you re interested in Jewish History, this gives you some information that was left out of our public and or private education It has an existential play on things which makes it entertaining I really enjoyed it.

    10. I really enjoyed this book I liked the way it spanned over 3 generations and how the lives of the characters intertwined The author does a nice writing style that is descriptive, yet not overpowering.

    11. I read this a long time ago I do not think I can put together a coherent review The book description makes it sound weirder than it really was You leave the book with a better understanding of the Jewish situation in Poland s past.

    12. I felt that this book was not written very well The ghost story line is really contrived However, I gave it 3 stars instead of 2 because it touches on some interesting issues, such as Jewish assimilation, Jewish Polish relations, Polish culture, and genealogical research.

    13. So far loving this I love the fantasy aspect of a ghost watching over this character, and then his son Can t wait to get back to it later I finished this last week I loved the story, I felt it was a little anti climactic at the end, but overall really enjoyed it.

    14. I enjoyed it I come from a Polish background from that part of the country and it was fun to read the history and opinions from characters set in a historical time period I enjoyed the the mix of the past and present.

    15. An amazing story that will get you thinking This is the kind of book that sticks with you long after you have finished reading it.

    16. I love this book It was difficult to cease reading when sleep overcame me I wanted to stay with it It s a beautiful well written story

    17. Another I didn t finish reading simply wasn t up my alley, especially for the summer Dense, and probably engaging if you could get past the set up, but I failed to My problem, not Rosenbaum s.

    18. I loved this book Best examination of why some Polish Jews chose political freedom over religion I respect my grandparents lifestyle, but I couldn t live it Rosenbaum writes beautifully

    19. This book captivated me at the beginning, a 20th century story told like a Hasidic folk tale, but the quality of the writing did not hold all the way to the end Could tell it was a first novel.

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