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A Mathematical State of Grace: Book 1 By Cathy McGough,

  • Title: A Mathematical State of Grace: Book 1
  • Author: Cathy McGough
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Sixteen year old mathematical prodigy Grace Greenway believes that life is like a mathematical equation and numbers are her best friends She is infatuated with the drop dead gorgeous school athlete Vincente Marino whose position on the team is reliant upon Grace s mathematical abilities After an accident, the pair are thrown into and forced to navigate and strange and woSixteen year old mathematical prodigy Grace Greenway believes that life is like a mathematical equation and numbers are her best friends She is infatuated with the drop dead gorgeous school athlete Vincente Marino whose position on the team is reliant upon Grace s mathematical abilities After an accident, the pair are thrown into and forced to navigate and strange and wonderful new world together all on their own Side by side and apart they must overcome obstacles in order to survive.
    A Mathematical State of Grace Book Sixteen year old mathematical prodigy Grace Greenway believes that life is like a mathematical equation and numbers are her best friends She is infatuated with the drop dead gorgeous school athlete Vi

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    1. Grace is a different kind of heroine, and this is a different kind of YA dystopian tale At first glance Grace is rather unremarkable, aside from being a math prodigy, which did impress me, since math is not one of my strengths Initially there can be no doubt about how she feels about Vincente, a typical jock type character, who does become someone I really care for.After an accident caused by Vincente where Grace is badly hurt, life threateningly so, it starts to become apparent that things migh [...]

    2. Superior YA novel that throws together Grace, a geeky but lovable sixteen year old girl and Vincente a handsome, sporty lad At first their relationship seems based on Vincente copying Grace s maths homework she s got a genius for the subject but things take a dystopian turn when humanity is decimated as its struck by catastrophe the two teens are thrown together and must make sense of events, and survive, using brain, wit and bravery Excellent writing and a cracking plot keep this novel moving a [...]

    3. A Mathematical State of Grace is a story of a hopeful young girl in love with a guy who rarely ever looks her way Unless he needs her help with math homework But Grace doesn t mind helping him, and she is convinced that someday the universe will push them together and he will love her as much as she loves him.There are a lot of twists and turns in this book, overshadowed by loss of memory and rediscovering oneself in a whole new world But it doesn t stop there The author has destinies in mind fo [...]

    4. A Mathematical State of Grace is a book which is basically what 16 year old s dream of about their crushes We start with Grace, a genius who spends her brain power on being infatuated with Vincente A boy who pays no attention to her unless he needs help with his homework This review will contain spoilers, as I ll be picking out all the problems I encountered The entire premise of book 1 is that Grace, after being hit by a cricket ball by Vincent, is knocked unconscious When she awakes, she s los [...]

    5. Great AdventureGrace Greenway is the high school mathematical prodigy Though she is totally obsessed with Vincente, the dreamy sports jock, he has a popular girlfriend Vincente does take advantage of Grace s math prowess by copying her homework he knows that Grace is not his type An accident on the cricket field puts Grace in the hospital with a concussion and guilt ridden Vincente stays by her side.Grace wakes up with no memory of who she is and that s when things go really crazy Grace and Vinc [...]

    6. Brilliant This is a highly creative young adult novel Grace is a sixteen year old mathematical genius who has always had a crush on star athlete Vincente The feelings are not mutual When Grace suffers a traumatic brain injury, the lines between realities become blurred as Grace embarks on an adventure that somehow includes Vincente.I really can t say without spoilers, but this is a story of wild imagination, fantastic adventure, and mind bending concepts about the nature of the Universe.The sto [...]

    7. Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this one.The first ten chapters were great The writing was good, the characters were starting to become original and indulging Then WHAM Everything changed course I did not enjoy it The storyline was everywhere The characters did not act their age The writing became less intriguing and choppy It just wasn t for me at all It could have been the length She may have had to wrap it all into the 180 pages But, the execution wasn t wha [...]

    8. NopeDidn t finish, just skim read to the end I literally don t know what this book was about It was awful.

    9. I received an ebook ARC of this from NetGalley for an honest review.This is 2 stars I m sure this book will be great for a specific demographic Sadly, it was just not the voice for me I m going to leave it at that I had to DNF it myself.Another reader in my household DID read this in full and she would also rate this as a 2 star book Her take was that the story bucked in the middle and changed direction completely and she was very unhappy with the ending K.

    10. A Mathematical State of Grace Book 1 Fragment by Cathy McGough is an odd sort of novel.Ostensibly written as a dystopian YA type story, with the prerequisite teen age hero and heroine as well as the unrequited love plot line typical of the genre, it is nonetheless full of surprises The narrative thrums with overtones of both Carroll, Through the Looking Glass and the famous Alice in Wonderland as well as hints of The Wizard of OZ and the familiar to today s readers Inception with its dream nig [...]

    11. What could an Australian girl want than to be with the love of her life without any interference This is the world of 16 year old math whiz Grace Greenway who finds herself in an unexplained dream like world with the handsome high school athlete, Vincente Marino However, it is not entirely blissful.Cathy McGough s A Mathematical State of Grace introduces an introverted teenager who is knocked unconscious from the impact of a stray cricket ball Vincente is the responsible party for Grace s condi [...]

    12. I don often read dystopian future genre, but I have two granddaughters who read it all the time I loved the cover of this book and the title, and when I read the book description I decided to give it a try I m glad I did It opened my eyes to another world of writing I sat at my kitchen table and discussed the book with my youngest granddaughter who is 14 and her 12 year old cousin a boy who is very bright and mature They are teenagers and I am a senior, but we had a great discussion about the ge [...]

    13. I am a huge fan of post apocalyptic novels, and have to say that A Mathematical State of Grace is up to par with what I ve come to expect from the best stories in the genre.Cathy McGough has developed a unique story that highlights how majestic a quiet world can really be There s a certain special connection that builds when there s only two people facing the vast world together, and I think McGough really captures the emotional depth that goes along with it between Grace and Vincente There s so [...]

    14. This book is the first I have read from author Cathy McGough and I wasn t too sure about reading it based on the title but gave it a chance and am really glad I did I have read plenty of Dystopian stories but this is unlike anything I have read in a good way.This book has lots of action and some suspense and kept you guess through out the book I am still reviewing the book in my head trying to find answers to the many questions that I still have The book doesn t really end on a cliff hanger but [...]

    15. This was a great story Two seemingly different teenagers are thrown together after a catastrophic event changes the world A mathematical genius, Grace is used to going unnoticed But now she s stuck with Vincente, a popular athlete who s used to having the limelight Although they couldn t be different, now they rely on each other for survival I really enjoyed the plot and the characters The writing was great and the story flowed well.I was rooting for Grace and Vincente, and eager to turn the pa [...]

    16. First I give this 3.5 Stars I received this book for and honest review So thank you for the opportunity.The author did some creative writing, very mind blown at times The character development was thought out well I just wish there was some explanation towards the end, as I felt it cranked up fast then bam done.I was unsure of direction at one point, mentioned this to my husband I think I just needed to talk out what I already knew was happening I enjoyed the twist and turns, of this particular [...]

    17. I really liked this book and found the romance to be interesting I read many books, but I found this one to stand out to me and have an unique story line Grace is a math whiz and is pretty far from being popular Vincente is a popular high school jock, who has a girlfriend Grace is used to admiring him from afar When Vincente injures Grace, he never leaves her side in the hospital I liked how we were able to see his sweet and vulnerable side Once they notice the hospital has been abandoned, every [...]

    18. I generally don t read YA novels, I wrongly presumed they wouldn t hold my interest The blurb of this story and the fact that it has a post apocalyptic theme is what interested me and the author didn t disappoint I couldn t put it down Now I need the next book as I need to know if the conclusion I ve drawn is right is it all a dream world What happened to everyone and why This is also a book I would let my daughter read and I m sure she would enjoy Very rare that, that can be said.Well done.

    19. AN ENTERTAINING 5 STAR BOOK This was a very enjoyable read and I definitely recommend it I was thoroughly entertained and really liked the main characters Grace and Vincente as they seemed very real , which in a good book like this, brings out the readers emotions as you follow their trials and tribulations The plot was interesting and the story ended with many questions that I can t wait to find the answers to in the sequel Well done

    20. A Mathematical State of Grace is an amazing piece of young adult fiction A well crafted story I really enjoyed from start to finish Grace is your typical smart but not popular girl and Vincente is the handsome popular athlete Get this book and I promise you will not be disappointed.

    21. I a hard time jumping into this one but once in the ride just kept going So many magical twist and turns I just could put this one down Nothing was what it seemed This book was magical.

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