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How Jesus Saves the World from Us By Morgan Guyton,

  • Title: How Jesus Saves the World from Us
  • Author: Morgan Guyton
  • ISBN: 9780664262235
  • Page: 144
  • Format: Paperback
  • Christianity has always been about being saved But today what Christians need saving from most is the toxic understanding of salvation we ve received through bad theology The loudest voices in Christianity today sound exactly like the religious authorities who crucified Jesus.This is a book for Christians who are troubled by what we ve become and who want Jesus to save uChristianity has always been about being saved But today what Christians need saving from most is the toxic understanding of salvation we ve received through bad theology The loudest voices in Christianity today sound exactly like the religious authorities who crucified Jesus.This is a book for Christians who are troubled by what we ve become and who want Jesus to save us from the toxic behaviors and attitudes we ve embraced Each of the 12 chapters proposes an antidote for the toxicity that has infiltrated Christian culture, such as Worship not Performance, Temple not Program, and Solidarity not Sanctimony Each chapter includes thought provoking discussion questions, perfect for individual or group study.There are many reasons to lose hope about the state of our world and our church, but Guyton offers one piece of good news Jesus is saving the world from us, one Christian at a time.
    How Jesus Saves the World from Us Christianity has always been about being saved But today what Christians need saving from most is the toxic understanding of salvation we ve received through bad theology The loudest voices in Christi

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    1. How Jesus Saves the World from Us explores how as Christians we may be living by the law and not under Grace It highlights the various ways we are being toxic in a world that calls for love and understanding While I don t necessarily agree with everything Guyton says, I will say this book is well put together, cohesive and practical.As a Christian who is starting her walk with God, this book really does highlight the roads I am NOT to go down on and shows me ways I can become a better follower o [...]

    2. Reviewed for THC ReviewsI m fairly confident in my reviewing skills, except when it comes to non fiction, especially non fiction that s as deep and philosophical as How Jesus Saves the World from Us Don t get me wrong, it was an awesome read, but one that I have a feeling I ll have to go back and re read a few times before everything fully sinks in Much of it did make a huge impact on me in the moment, but since I read it only once or twice a week over the course of a month and a half in prepara [...]

    3. Christianity would be a great religion, if only there weren t any Christians That s a rather common observation We who are Christians wish it weren t so, but the reality is that we don t always represent Jesus very well Many books have been written decrying this reality and offering solutions Some are helpful than others Morgan Guyton offers his take on our situation in How Jesus Saves the World from Us WJK, 2016 It is a first book, and an effective one.Guyton is a United Methodist pastor campu [...]

    4. Do you think sin is accurately defined as the failure to love The premise of this book is the above statement When you take only portions of God word by your experience, you don t have the gospel You have chaos and everything goes because it s all about the love Don t get me wrong Jesus commands us to love God and others By loving God first Take the first 3 commandments and you will be able to do the 7 But it s not that easy That is why we need the righteousness of Christ Our faith is based on w [...]

    5. How Jesus Saves the World from Us Morgan Guyton Westminster John Knox PressIn the 1970 s work began on the restoration of the Sistine Chapel Over the centuries the painting of Michelangelo had changed Dust, smoke and time had taken a toll on his beautiful painting and a push to restore the work to the original was first investigated and then begun Over a period of 10 years layers of dust and grim were removed and the painting began to come to life again People were able to see a work like that [...]

    6. In How Jesus Saves the World from Us Morgan Guyton proposes a provocative theme that in its misinterpretations and misapplications of the Bible, the church has become oppressor, and it is from this kind of oppressive theology that the world needs saving In each of the twelve chapters, Guyton pairs a misinterpretation with a corresponding corrective The discussion uses current themes and issues, including a number of recent, current events as examples Guyton writes from a Wesleyan perspective in [...]

    7. This theological wrangling with scripture, tradition, experience, and reason is a part of who Morgan is, and is captured in his first book, How Jesus Saves the World from Us His writing aims to answer the question, Have Christians become what Jesus came to stop us from being Tapping into his own evangelical roots, Morgan proposes that there are twelve toxic attitudes that Christians today have adopted In response to these behaviors, Morgan presents twelve antidotes These include, for example, Wo [...]

    8. Guyton is a genuine writer who isn t afraid to show his underbelly as he critiques Christianity as we ve come to know it today Ultimately, I find his words as gentle exhortations to the Church My book is littered with dog ears, highlights and underlining It is frightening to call the Bible poetry, because poetry cannot be mastered Submitting to poetry is an art rather than a science, which makes it impossible to guarantee yourself an A Those who have embodied God s poetry in their lived experien [...]

    9. The christianity that much of the world is familiar with looks nothing like the life of faith found in scripture, particularly the life of faith exemplified by Jesus Christ in the New Testament As the very cornerstone of the Christian faith, the life of Jesus Christ would seem to be both the model and aspiration for every follower of this faith, yet, as Guyton points out in each chapter, we far too often not only fail to follow his example but often seem to be heading in the opposite direction.W [...]

    10. I picked up this book with a heavy heart because I d been utterly sickened by the way mainline evangelical variants of Christianity seem preoccupied with maintaining their comforts and status than really living out the gospel I was too used to being dismissed as rebellious and overly confrontational as I wrestled with fundamental interpretations of scripture as well as congregations whose idea of living out God s word starts and ends with quoting petty platitudes.While I ve had my reservations [...]

    11. Jesus Christ is the heart of God s Good News for the world Yet churches and individual are often toxic, driving folks away from God and into despair Morgan Guyton explores ways in which Christians have missed Jesus call We strive to keep ourselves clean as a path to purity rather than emptying ourselves to let the Spirit cleanse us as the way to purity We follow Jesus as leaders rather than as servants These and 10 similar distortions are ways we become toxic Jesus wants to save the world from f [...]

    12. As I started to read this book, I was five pages in when I found it on and read the reviews there Many people did not sit well with this book I was gearing up to toss it in the trash on my tablet when I really started to identify with the ideas Guyton was discussing.It was a gripping read that opened my eyes to some truths while still allowed for objective perspective in regards of what Guyton believes versus what I believe.Overall, I believe anyone looking to keep your focus on Jesus and emulat [...]

    13. In Jesus day, the religious leaders had the Scriptures but had created a complex system of rules that both affirmed their self righteousness and kept the common people from finding God Jesus had to buck the religious system to open the way for sinners, diseased and marginalized people to encounter God Has American Christianity fallen into the same pattern today Am I actually hindering people from finding God This book deeply challenged me to follow Jesus in ways my American Christian culture is [...]

    14. Morgan Guyton is a fairly popular online presence, blogging for years under the title Mercy Not Sacrifice, now part of the Progressive Christian Channel at Patheos Some will immediately balk at the word progressive, but, although Guyton can be very political at times, his writing does not always fit the typical rhetoric of the Left As Edwin Tait asserts in his review of Guyton s new book on , the book is far than yet another attack on the distortions of conservative Protestantism, and the Chris [...]

    15. Some of that typical evangelical writing style what do they go to a special school for that in which one begins with a personal story of failure and then makes a leap into some point she wants to make The ideas were good, but they were really directed at conservative evangelicals, almost fundamentalists, than at Catholics There exist Catholics who do the things he takes issue with, but they re certainly less numerous than Protestants As I said, it was OK.

    16. The title of this work suggests a problem with Christianity, and the author is correct In this book, Guyton sets out to address twelve antidotes to toxic Christianity What are the antidotes, and what is toxic According to the author, worship cures performance, mercy cures sacrifice, empty cures clean, breath cures meat, honor cures terror, poetry cures math, communion cures correctness, Temple cures program, solidarity cures sanctimony, outsiders cures insiders, servanthood cures leadership, and [...]

    17. In this book Morgan Guyton identifies many different toxic behaviors that are hurting the Church and Christianity today He then suggests behaviors that can help to change this Based in scripture, the book was very thorough in making the arguments against the toxic behavior and for the helpful ones.While I enjoyed the book, there are many aspects of it that were very particular to his evangelical upbringing something I never really experienced His biases which he acknowledges such as stadium prea [...]

    18. This is a thoughtful, reverent and loving book If you are as sick of toxic Christianity as I am, and fundamentalists, and wonder where the Christ went in Christianity this might be the book for you He made many great points, and it brought me great comfort Beware If you are used to Fundamentalist doctrine, you may be shocked

    19. I am so thankful for this book A good exploration of our growing edges as a tradition that we have ignored for too long But the book also looks at practices we can engage in to be grounded and centered in Christ.

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