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The Book of God: The Bible as a Novel By Walter Wangerin Jr.,

  • Title: The Book of God: The Bible as a Novel
  • Author: Walter Wangerin Jr.
  • ISBN: 9780310204091
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “The Book of God: The Bible as a Novel”

    1. And we are not quite at the end of the epic Bible saga, but we are very nearly therewhy do I think that there was probably a collective sigh of relief when you read that And this version is in its own way very different from any of the other bibles I have been reviewing And the reason for that is very clear just from the title The Book of God, the Bible as a Novel Out of all of the Bibles I was given this was the one that I was most interested in looking at fully, which is why I left it till lat [...]

    2. One of the greatest attempts to accurately put the story of the Bible in a medium that is both understandable and enjoyable for the contemporary western reader.There were several stories of which he wrote that I had not remembered in my own reading of the Bible He gives the characters life and personality that are easy to relate to and tells the stories in lively and memorable ways.I came to the book critically to see what kind of errors would linger inside yet I found only one and it was only t [...]

    3. Alright, so I was really freaked out when I read the title of this book Thoroughly freaked out The Bible as a.l Isn t that wrong O.k Maybe some over reaction on my part Especially when I began to actually read it It completely redeemed itself They really are just Bible stories for grown ups, putting a far personal side to Biblical characters that I had read the same things about, thought the same things about, and heard the same things about since my Sunday School days Bringing characters to li [...]

    4. I had this on my to read shelf for a couple of years at least, and I finally got around to reading it, chapter by chapter before going to sleep And I must say, I was pleasantly surprised Obviously the book only covers some of the highlights of the Bible, but this allows the author and us to explore some of the people the big ones, but also some nice perspectives of little folk and often women in depth The New Testament takes up a disproportionately big part of the overall book, but then I guess [...]

    5. Ok, so I ll admit it I ve tried to read the Bible a few times from cover to cover, but I have never been successful So a big thumbs up for this novel that at least, sort of, makes me feel as if I have Also a thumbs up for making me want to read the Bible cover to cover to see how much flare the author added to the characters to get the novel feel As I read, there were still parts of the Old Testament that really bother me and challenge my faith Surprisingly, the part of this novel that touched m [...]

    6. A really good pre read to reading the Bible directly It gives you the concept of the story that is contained in the Bible Have had several say after reading this book they were then able to put the story in the Bible together Some might be concerned about putting the Bible in novel form, if that is the case then make your own judgment Although, you might look it over as a help of getting adults familiar with the Bible This kind of takes the temptation away of reading the Bible only in verse, cha [...]

    7. Still reading, but I have to say this is the best book about the Bible I have EVER read I ve always wanted to read the Bible in it s entiretybut it can be challenging to sit down and read in passage form each day This novel is an addictive version of the Bible s so easy to read and so far, the content closely follows that of my Bible in context and in order I m loving it

    8. I m so glad I picked this up at the church book swap You could find fault with it, I suppose, and I m sure some people do, but I liked taking on God s Big Story as a Big Story It stirred the imagination, similar to the Anne Rice books on the life of Jesus Reading the selected OT stories made you want to go look them in the real book The NT section was moving as well.

    9. This book was fine, but like any account put into a fictional novel, it s not really very accurate Therefore, I can t say I would recommend it It would have been one thing if conversations had been added, or some activity speculated where the Bible is silent However, truth was flat out changed I say, stick with the original.

    10. I really wanted to like this book because I think it was such a courageous endeavor But the author just didn t do a good job Granted it s hard to improve on the Bible, but he managed to really bollux it up I kept persisting because of my Christian guiltwanting to be loyal to another believer.but it was so hard to finish The old testament wasn t too bad but he really managed to make a mess of the New Testament He kept telling the story from Andrew s perspective which was so odd to me And I know t [...]

    11. As someone raised as a heathen, the stories of the bible are unfamiliar, so I found this book to bring the stories to life and not a dry read as the bible itself was It also did a good job of placing the events in where they happened in history, reminding me that they were historical The author read the book and even though all of the characters had the same tones of voice, I found him entertaining This will most definitely not be my sole source of education for Christianity, but I felt it had g [...]

    12. A good way to read stories from the Bible without all the hype and especially for younger people, it tells the stories in a way that gets you interested and also puts a personal feel into them, so that you can relate to the characters as individual and important players.cially some of the otherwise lesser known characters.A good introduction to the Bible, which can be read as a collection of short stories.I have always been of the opinion that the Bible should be written as a historical novel w [...]

    13. This book probably has had a lasting effect upon my spiritual journey than any other book besides the Bible I happened upon this after a couple of years of struggling to read the Bible Wangerin takes some liberties in turning the Scripture into historical fiction, although the only real fiction I noticed was the fleshing out of personalities beyond what is shared with us in Biblical accounts It reads like a fascinating novel, but kept driving me to compare fact and fiction This is another book [...]

    14. A Fresh Look at the Story of StoriesThis book gives us a fresh view of stories with which we may have become too familiar Looking at the Bible as the work it actually is, the story of the dealings of God with his people, and the coming of the new and better covenant While it is important to remember this book itself is not Scripture, it is a fine version of the story of scripture It brings new life to people, places, and events to which we may have inadvertently grown desensitized.

    15. There is a lot of things I can say about this book, but all I think I can truly say is that I enjoyed this book from beginning to end My favorite chapter was definitely Mary Magdalene s Much of the Tanakh s retelling was great, too, especially of the kings and prophets.The biblical figures presented in the work are seen as so very relatable, even after 21 years after this was written I related a lot to Andrew, Simon Peter, and even Judas Iscariot to an extent.

    16. What a wonderful way to spend the Lenten season reading this novelisation of the Bible This made it so easy to understand and remember all of the great stories we all know I still had to make lists to keep the primary characters straight, but it was an easier read than my previous attempts at my stand by Bible I remarked to my friends than once while reading it Man, this is one juicy book

    17. I almost have a hard time rating something Biblical so low it makes me feel bad At any rate, Wangerin is not a favorite author of mine, I find his writing dry and too lengthy It took me a long time to get going in this book, and the New Testament portion was better than the Old Testament I tried to look at it as a scripture reading than a pleasure read and I think that helped.

    18. Reads like a history of the Jewish people as told in the Bible than a comprehensive retelling of the Bible itself No creation story or Noah s ark, but plenty of judges, prophets, and kings.

    19. The Bible is one of the most influential and quoted documents in the world, yet it is also one of the least read This is due in part to the size of the book itself, but the strongest reason for avoidance is the density of its prose For most people, the text of the Bible is that of its most common translation, that done during the time of King James, and they are surprised to learn that it was originally written in Hebrew like Dave Barry, I m not making this up The King James prose to the modern [...]

    20. The book attempts to tell the biblical story in novel form It begins with Abraham and ends with Pentecost The novel does not attempt to cover everything in the Bible Some things before Abraham are referred to or described in flashbacks Things that don t fit in the narrative are largely left out There is very little of the Old Testament laws and the Epistles for example There are some excerpts from the Psalms and Prophets.I thought the book did not accomplish what it intended very well At times i [...]

    21. The Good I appreciated his take on the minor prophets, incorporating some of them into the story of Chronicles, so the story of both was weaved together.I appreciated his take on Judas, who thought he was giving Jesus a nudge to be the political revolutionary like Barabbas that Judas knew he could be by turning him in to the Priests He thought Jesus would have to stand up for himself and it would bring about his kingdom faster That to me has made the most sense out of any analysis of Judas that [...]

    22. Involved book presenting the Bible as a novel I like that the book is divided into eight separate parts including ancestors, the covenant, the wars of the lord, kings, prophets,letter from exile, the yearning and the messiah The book was well written, detailed and very engrossing It s perfect if you want to experience the Bible without all of the formal language like in the Kings James Bible.

    23. i read this book to fulfill the goal read a book about the bible i love biblical fiction even though it s not true, it still helps me understand the bible so much better my only disappointment is that their isn t about paul.

    24. of an adult bible storyever it does little to impact on a christians most noble task.e journey to heaven through salvation

    25. I pretty much liked it I had to remind myself it is a novel, not a bible of sorts, and certainly notThe Bible

    26. I first picked this up because my pastor had mentioned it a few times over the past couple of years, and I found that, unlike many such books, this really does put the central text of the Bible into novel form, lifting the Biblical text and surrounding it with descriptions and characterizations to ignite your imagination Mostly written with the traditional third person omniscient narrator, there are some sections that change to the first person, enabling us to really understand their point of vi [...]

    27. Having read through the Bible in several different translations, I was looking for a fresh approach The subtitle almost kept me away The Bible as a Novel I wasn t sure how I d respond to a fictionalized version of what I consider God breathed, inspired Scripture However, I did remember that Jesus was a fantastic storyteller So with Bibles readily at hand to compare and contrast, I began my reading And I was caught up immediately Often I ve read Scripture, failing to remember that the people who [...]

    28. The Bible is not an easy book to read but this book is the story of the Bible written as a novel I learned so much about the Bible from this book I would recommend.

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