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The Things With Wings By Greg Holch,

  • Title: The Things With Wings
  • Author: Greg Holch
  • ISBN: 9780590935029
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Paperback
  • Every year the Emerald Rainbow butterflies return to Angel Falls, and children disappear Newton and Vanessa want to know why When they discover the secret that they can become butterflies they face an awesome decision.
    The Things With Wings Every year the Emerald Rainbow butterflies return to Angel Falls and children disappear Newton and Vanessa want to know why When they discover the secret that they can become butterflies they face an

    One thought on “The Things With Wings”

    1. It reminded me of the Famous Five, and I know I should have read it by the age of 12, but i enjoyed it nevertheless

    2. Loved this book as a kid and recently found it again Might just have to buy it and give it a quick read again D

    3. This was actually pretty ok Sure, some of the story elements are very familiar, but tropes aren t always bad.

    4. I first read this book when I was in 7th grade It was just a random book I picked off my reading teacher s shelf But it became so much than that It became a book that s stuck with me for such a long time I absolutely loved it The adventure, friendship, sci fi Everything Years passed and I kept thinking I would really like to read that book again Except I couldn t remember the name Just that it was the Butterfly book After an internet search thanks Google I found this book in my possession once [...]

    5. This book is absolutely amazing While I don t remember the whole thing I do know I d love to read it again The last time I read it was in 3rd grade and I remember hanging on to every word The following years after I always tired to look for it online but never used the right words to find it Once I found I asked around for it and it was the 2nd book someone mentioned I am going out tomorrow to buy the book again I m so happy I finally found the book I would occasionally thinking about for years [...]

    6. My daughter chose this book originally and loved it I picked it up thinking that I would enjoy it also Holch s book stands out as a classic While using butterflies as a metaphor, Holch tells the story of town that relies on the annual butterfly migration for its economy The book is so much though taking the reader through a tumultuous time in several pre teens lives No matter whether a person likes science fiction or drama, this book captures the imagination and hearts of readers.

    7. The Things With Wings is a really good book Even though it is fiction it makes your imagination go wild The different scenes are amazing and you can picture every line in your head This is a book that I would recommend to girls only because its girly and involves butterflies so I m pretty sure that boys would not like it I abbsolutly loved this book and I hope you read it too TO FIND OUT MORE READ THE BOOK written by Christina Lefebvre

    8. I girl and a friend who found a magical garden, in the middle was a peach tree, she took a bite and after a few days she turned into a Caterpillar then to a butterfly, so did her whole school, but her friend didn t.

    9. It was dissapointing that there wasn t an expected happy ending Although, everything made me wasnt to read after I got past the blockade at, like, chapter 3A must read if you are searching for a good book.

    10. This was my favorite book when I was in elementary school It is cute and I liked how headstrong the main characters are

    11. I read this a couple years ago, then I loved it Now I can t remember much, but I remember the feelings I got Excitement and Happiness It was amazingly written book

    12. This is a great book for you if you like wierd things happening, mysteries, friends,and BUTTERFLIES This book kinda strange but, really exciting

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