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The Blue Balloon By Mick Inkpen,

  • Title: The Blue Balloon
  • Author: Mick Inkpen
  • ISBN: 9780316418867
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A child with the help of artful pull out pages explains the extraordinary features of his blue balloon.
    The Blue Balloon A child with the help of artful pull out pages explains the extraordinary features of his blue balloon

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    1. The Blue Balloon by Mick InkpenSynopsis This short story book features a young boy and his dog called Kipper Kipper and his owner embark on an adventure when they find a soggy blue balloon, which challenges their preconceptions of how ordinary balloons should behave The mysterious balloon proves to be out of the ordinary by not bursting, even when it is squeezed, squashed, kicked or whacked with a stick The magical balloon treats Kipper and the boy to a day trip to a distant planet, before dropp [...]

    2. Book Review 2Mick InkpenThe Blue BalloonThe story is about a boy and his dog called Kipper who finds a soggy blue balloon in the garden The boy then goes on to blow the blue balloon up and finds that the balloon is not as ordinary as first thought The boy describes the characteristics of an ordinary balloon, for example shiny, squeaky, all of which the blue balloon does However, the boy then explains how the blue balloon when blown up gets bigger and bigger At this point in the story the pages a [...]

    3. Mick Inkpen s story The Blue Balloon is about a young boy and his dog who finds a blue balloon the day after his birthday party It explains that the balloon is no ordinary balloon, as it gets bigger and bigger when blown up it never bursts and even took the characters for a fly It is concluded by suggesting that the reader should never throw a soggy old balloon away because you never know what it is capable of I like this book because it is an easy read for young children and it encourages them [...]

    4. Kipper was a young boy who had a party, after the party he found a soggy blue balloon in the garden so he blew it up It was shiny and squeaky if you gave it a rub it would stick to the ceiling But there was something odd about this balloon, as it didn t matter how many times you blew it up it just kept getting bigger.It never bursts Kipper squeezed it and squashed it and whacked it with a stick He thought the balloon had strange and wonderful powers One day it disappeared completely when it retu [...]

    5. Title The Big Balloon Author Mick Inkpen Genre Children Picture book Type FictionAmazing read for an early years child Mick Inkpen tells a story about a young boy and a dog who discovers an old looking blue balloon in the back of the garden I remember reading this years back and what struck me was the idea of this magical balloon flying me through the air together with the pop up illustrations found on every other page This book can really engage the younger audience, especially if they re start [...]

    6. This book the Ink Balloon is a must for a child, especially for Early Years Children Mick Inkpen tells a story of a young boy and a dog who came across a balloon in the back garden The illustrations seem enchanted to Early Years children, as this magical balloon is flying through the sky This book can really interact with the early years children, especially if they have started to learn about the different colours and shapes.

    7. My mum used to read this to me when I was little and here we are years later still reading this to other childrenat is because it is a classic The story is about a boy and his dog Kipper, who find a blue balloon after a party The balloon is special as it has been stretched, kicked, squeezed, whacked and many other things but still does not pop The pages unfold and the pictures illustrate exactly what the boy is doing The story would be fantastic to introduce materials in science The national cur [...]

    8. Helen bigbooklittlebookThis is the current favourite bed time story in our house for both my 2 yr old and my 4 yr old It makes sharing a bedtime story so much easier when you stumble across books they both adore Lots of children love balloons and this definitely appeals to that fascination The story is simple, a boy finds a balloon and it turns out to be an extraordinary, indestructible and very thrilling This balloon can change shape, size, colour and even better, it doesn t pop It will even fl [...]

    9. Mick Inkpen amazingly puts this book together This book creates a sense of impossibilities to the reader For instance, the reader believes that a balloon can be stretch, bitten and squeezed, without the balloon bursting The story in this book is quite humorous, especially when you are reading this book to a class of nursery children This is because children are astounded by the different shapes and things that the small boy could do to the balloon As a consequence the children start to imagine a [...]

    10. This is a great and enjoyable storybook for children to share The big illustrations against the white pages make the pictures appealing to the younger audience Some pages open up to reveal bigger pictures as the blue balloon expands and stretches and holds magical powers when the little boy blows it up This story also includes Kipper, a well known book character who children will recognise from Mick Inkpen s other books Children love balloons and this book really feeds their imagination as they [...]

    11. I LOVE this story I used it for a bilingual story time program about balloons and ovals to celebrate the Stanislaus County Library s 100th birthday In this story, Kipper only I don t think Inkpen uses the name Kipper, but it s Kipper the dog and his boy find a leftover balloon in the garden that is actually a magical balloon with super indestructible properties Kids will love being able to see the balloon grow with pages that fold out It s a fun story to use for story time.

    12. I remember when this first came out I was a buyer for children s books in a private book shop I hated this The publishing house rep was annoyed that I did not want to stock it I realize the illustrations are fantastic, but do we really want to tell kids to put things the dog brings them in their mouths Really Plenty of other stuff out there I m sure I speak for a small, practical minority.

    13. Illustrated by Mick Inkpen Engineered book It is a story about a a little boy who finds a blue balloon He quickly realizes that this is no ordinary balloon The balloon never burst no matter what you do It sometimes disapears and comes back in another shape The balloon can change colors It also takes him on short trip up in the sky In a few places in the book, the pages fold open to show how big the balloon can get, how long it can stretch, and how high it takes him up in the sky.

    14. What should you do with the soggy, wrinkled old balloon you find outside after your birthday party Blow it up, naturally It might not be a normal balloon it might turn into a square, or fly you to the moon Kids will Ooh and Ahh as you unfold the clever flaps and expanded pages that illustrate the extraordinary hijinks of the blue balloon.

    15. We are on the color blue in preschool and this book has fold out pages that expand the picture, image and story of Kipper and his friend as they explore what their balloon can do If only all balloons were this indestructible but I like how the story appeals to children s imaginations and in a preschoolers mind, the ends are infinite.

    16. What should you do with the soggy, wrinkled old balloon you find outside after your birthday party Blow it up, naturally It might not be a normal balloon it might turn into a square, or fly you to the moon Kids will Ooh and Ahh as you unfold the clever flaps and expanded pages that illustrate the extraordinary hijinks of the blue balloon Hannah C.

    17. This is a wonderful story that can be used for a color storytime, a shapes storytime, a balloon storytime, or just because it is funny Unfortunately, it is out of print in the US, and only available in paperback in the UK.

    18. This was my favourite book as a child and would recommend to anyone with a child The first lines are still quoted in my home today and will forever be a favourite.Its interactive and a very enjoyable and simple plotline.Overall its a must have for any parent with young children.

    19. Awesome, fun, sweet book Alas, the gentle plug at the end of the book for a child to never pass by a soggy, leftover balloon that they find in any ol random place wasn t my favorite ending Still, 5 stars for the cuteness and delight of the rest of the story.

    20. My favourite book in school The school had to ration it to one borrow each child because it was loved so much

    21. A boy finds a blue balloon that transforms and takes him on adventures A little long but the fold out s add depth Right toddlers and up or great one on one.

    22. A cute little story of a boy finding a blue balloon that has magic qualities Loved how the book had fold out pages of all sorts to show the balloon doing fun things.Nice illustrations.

    23. Young children love pop up and lift the flap books, anything to add a bit of movement to the story process This provides a variation on that theme.

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