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Heartbreaker - Penakluk Hati By Linda Howard,

  • Title: Heartbreaker - Penakluk Hati
  • Author: Linda Howard
  • ISBN: 9792220402
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
  • Selain mewarisi peternakan ayahnya di Florida, Michelle Cabot juga mewarisi setumpuk utang Dan sialnya, ia mendapati dirinya berutang sangat besar pada rancher tetangga sekaligus musuh bebuyutannya, John Rafferty.John sangat terkejut saat mendapati Michelle yang manja dan sangat dibencinya bekerja keras mengelola peternakan Cabot sendirian demi menyelamatkan satu satunyaSelain mewarisi peternakan ayahnya di Florida, Michelle Cabot juga mewarisi setumpuk utang Dan sialnya, ia mendapati dirinya berutang sangat besar pada rancher tetangga sekaligus musuh bebuyutannya, John Rafferty.John sangat terkejut saat mendapati Michelle yang manja dan sangat dibencinya bekerja keras mengelola peternakan Cabot sendirian demi menyelamatkan satu satunya harta yang dimiliki wanita itu Ia menyukai Michelle yang baru ini dan bertekad menjadikan wanita itu miliknya John tidak tahu bahwa di balik sikap dingin dan angkuh Michelle Cabot, wanita itu menyimpan rahasia masa lalu yang menyakitkan Meski Michelle terus menampiknya dengan kasar, John yakin suatu saat Michelle akan menginginkannya seperti ia menginginkan wanita itu.
    Heartbreaker Penakluk Hati Selain mewarisi peternakan ayahnya di Florida Michelle Cabot juga mewarisi setumpuk utang Dan sialnya ia mendapati dirinya berutang sangat besar pada rancher tetangga sekaligus musuh bebuyutannya J

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    1. 2.5 STARSI kind of knew this was going to happen It was too good to be true Three books by Linda Howard this month and all of them ended up on my ultimate favorite shelf.I would have rated this one 5 stars too if I had read it 30 years ago though I was way too young back then I m sure my mom would have loved it though.In fact, the whole book felt kind of funny and outdated to me The descriptions and dialogues were a little bit too old fashioned for my liking The characters physical appearance wa [...]

    2. You gotta love the fashions described Lol I m becoming a huge fan of Linda Howard Her writing reminds me of Sandra Brown.

    3. It was just too dated for me The shoulder pads, the moustache, the panty hose He was a bit of an ass but I liked him.Not her best.I felt I was in the middle of a scene from Dynasty, Dallas or Falcon Crest c mon, some of you must remember those shows the originals

    4. This is finally available in audio and thank goodness the narrator is pretty decent 4 Broody Cowboy Loving Stars Loved this the first time I read it several years ago and loved the audio version just as much Michelle grew up a pampered princess by her doting parents, especially her beloved father John is the hard working surly neighbouring rancher who loathes pampered and spoiled Michelle least he tries to.10 yrs later at 28 years old, a beaten down Michelle is divorced from her abusive husband, [...]

    5. Well, well, well, what do you know When Linda Howard puts her mind into developing her main female character as much if not than her beloved Alpha romantic heroes, she can write quite enjoyable stories.Michelle Cabot has been the apple of her father s eye, the pampered princess of his Florida cattle ranch, the spoiled heiress who goes jet setting all over the world, the coddled wife of the scion of a quasi aristocratic American family, and the thorn in the ass of rugged, self made rancher John [...]

    6. John Rafferty is a cynic and he has reason to be, his mother couldn t take ranch life and ran out when he was very small, when John took over and made the ranch successful she kept contacting him for money, he was also briefly married He s a heart breaker with a reputation of a womanizer but for ten years one woman has tormented him, Michelle, his neighbours daughter, rich, spoiled, haughty and high maintenance John doesn t have a very flattering opinion of her since her father borrowed heavily [...]

    7. Liked this on my second reading It just has a level of passion and angst that I like I also enjoyed how at first he was all about how she d been so spoiled all her life but that soon all he wanted to do was spoil her himself I liked how he had wanted her for 10 years but had thought she didn t like him That makes a difference from many romance where the hero can always tell the heroine is hot for him Just another fun older LH.

    8. John Patrick Rafferty An original Alpha Male.Michelle Langley Broken, strong woman that has to face her past before she can have a future with the only man she has ever loved.Amazing story of people who had a past and are destined to be together.Full review to come.

    9. Poor little rich girl is misjudged by the arrogant, man s man rancher Mostly it is because he wants her and he thought she didn t want him.In typical old school LH style, the hero is a pushy alpha and a sexist jerk, but LH manages to pull off those characters well IMHO The heroine is on the run from her abusive ex and trying to make it on her own for once after a lifetime of being taken care of by her overprotective father The hero comes in and steamrolls her off her ranch and onto his She does [...]

    10. Well, this book was rather disappointing, especially after the first two in this series, which I enjoyed immensely One of the reasons I love Linda Howard is her superior, effortlessly good writing, but I don t know, it didn t seem like her in this one It seemed to lack any depth I liked the set up of the storyline and was quite excited by the theme when it started, but LH s magic definitely was lacking in the execution It should have been good, but it just wasn t The heroine was TSTL, the hero w [...]

    11. Entre 3.5 y 4Me ha gustado Cuando lo empec no sab a que era el tercero de una serie, pero se puede leer independientemente, pues la autora se centra exclusivamente en los protagonistas y no nombra a otros Soy incondicional de la autora, y aunque tiene historias mejores, no he podido dejar de leer D

    12. DerpI got almost all the way to the end when I realized that this hero is the neighbor from Diamond Bay Great LH read Gotta love a hero that heroes so well D

    13. Wow, I didn t realize how old school this one would come off I read and enjoyed White Lies from the same series, but this one didn t work as well for me I don t know why this one felt so dated versus the other one, but this definitely didn t feel like a Linda Howard book to me.A bit too much misogyny, and a bit too much of a TSTL heroine, oh , and the trite lack of communication skills between characters

    14. Way way waaaaay too much summarizing 90% of this book is filled with pages of just narration and the other 10% is minimal dialogue which made for a really flat boring story There was nothing realistic or dimensional about this And the completely dense slow on the uptake lead characters just added to the overall misery The fact that the hero John couldn t pick up on the fact that the heroine Michelle was physically abused till the very end amazed me She was beaten by her ex husband with a belt an [...]

    15. I was really disappointed in Heartbreaker as for me it was just an OK read and one that I wouldn t recommend I thought about rounding up to 3 stars but that would have been that I am a fan of Linda Howard versus a fan of this book.I think back in its original publishing day, I may have liked it , but today not so much Michelle is your damsel in distress and John Rafferty is the dashing hero who rescues in to save her Michelle does have some really sad events in her life Her ex husband was exces [...]

    16. Heartbreaker is the story of Michelle and John.When Michelle reluctantly returns to Florida to taken care of her father s ranch, she realizes she s heavy in debt and owes money to her nemesis John Both have been loggerheads since they met, but now she s forced to confront her past.So this was disappointing.The mystery was average, the sex scenes bleh and I honestly didn t like everyone crowding the heroine and her decisions I wish she had backbone.Also not a fan of descriptions of sexual physic [...]

    17. 3 stars.The 3rd book in this vintage Linda Howard series has a hero that s quite a throwback His autocratic tendencies just wouldn t be considered sexy these days Moreover, I don t buy the undeclared love both party supposedly had for each other since the beginning What I do commend is bringing domestic abuse to popular fiction and showing a heroine who is strong enough to overcome her dark past With a very tenuous link to the previous books John is the neighbor who came to Rachel s rescue in Di [...]

    18. I try not to read a series out of order, but I just grabbed this one out of a pile and didn t realize it was part of a series until I went to review it This is a great compact romance, romantic suspense The story is about Michelle who inherited her father s cattle ranch and a lot of debt with it Her nearest neighbor holds a 100,000 note and Michelle has no money to pay it John Rafferty is a hunk, stud, chick magnet and the one Michelle fell hopelessly in love with when she was 18 Now, 10 years l [...]

    19. This is another old school Howard I really enjoy She does such a fabulous job of pulling the reader in The first few chapters are hard to get through because the hero is so overbearing, but as the novel progresses things settle down John is alpha to the extreme, but Michelle balances him out in a lot of ways I didn t like how she constantly took the blame for the actions of her ex She was strong but felt weak and it showed It was good to see her grow stronger and stand up for herself Or just sm [...]

    20. This was a great, short book I read it in a day and it s a definite keeper I took a star off because Kel doesn t make an appearance How can it be book 3 in the KEL SABIN series if he isn t in it I kept waiting for him Re Read Another LH Re read for me I found I didn t enjoy it as much this time around While I loved John s twitching mustache, I didn t love him MOstly I wanted to throw a rock at his head Still, it s an LH so I liked it some.

    21. I like how Linda Howard writes romantic suspense, but I didn t care much for this book The main relationship conflict is based on too much hostility, too many snap judgements, and a noted lack of communication I m not into the whole family fortune dynasty land baron thing, either But I liked the save the day role this hero Rafferty played in a prequel, Diamond Bay.

    22. As part of the Kell Sabin series it didn t seem to fit It was like a stand alone for me Nothing about Kell Sabin existed in this book with exception of location It was of a romance, a lot of erotic romance, than anything else I was disappointed because it didn t mesh with the regular series, but otherwise it was ok.

    23. I love the plot Even though the writing is lacked of Linda Howard s signature style, I still enjoyed this book so much I was hoping for , wham bam though But overall, I liked this book and I can t wait to read the entire series

    24. 3.5 stars A wee bit dated for me to be reading this now BUT if I had read this back when I started reading romance in the early 90 s, I would have have surely given it 5 stars

    25. After the first two books I didn t have any high expectations for this one I wasn t too disappointed because I already kind of expected that it wouldn t be to my liking I loved White Lies, the last in this series but hated the others including this one I ll be fair and give the author credit for the storyline itself but the relationship between the characters was just unreal for romance Michelle was another weak character I couldn t like Her haughty, stuck up charade for John made me roll my eye [...]

    26. It is hard for me to give a Linda Howard novel two stars She is one of my favorite romantic suspense authors I had this on my TBR list for quite a while It is the third in the Kel Sabin series However, this is nothing like the first two books in the series This book was published in the late 1980 s and it really shows The first two in the series weren t nearly as dated as this one seemed Michelle Cabot is left with a run down ranch after her father dies and leaves her with all his debts She is d [...]

    27. This is the classic Linda Howard I fell in love with back in the 90s She s one of those authors who I once loved and still cherish if it s okay if I use that word her older stuff, but who has become almost unreadable in recent years This is a reprint of one of her older books and I loved it.Michelle is a former spoiled rich girl who just wants to come home and work her father s ranch Back in the day, she did everything she could to repel her neighbor, John Rafferty, including letting him believe [...]

    28. Michelle grew up in Connecticut until her father decided to buy a ranch in Florida She lost her mother early and endured her father s doting because it made him happy She was eighteen when she met John, a twenty six year old rancher with a reputation for being a playboy Attracted to him but not wanting to become another one of his conquests, she treated him rudely After college, she married Roger, a man who reminded her of John but who gradually became jealous and physically abusive She divorced [...]

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