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Les enfants de la Baleine T1 By Abi Umeda,

  • Title: Les enfants de la Baleine T1
  • Author: Abi Umeda
  • ISBN: 9782344007358
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dans un monde o tout n est plus que sable, un gigantesque vaisseau vogue la surface d un oc an de dunes Il abrite des hommes et des femmes capables pour beaucoup de manipuler le saimia, un pouvoir surnaturel qu ils tirent de leurs motions.Ce don les condamne cependant une mort pr coce bord de la baleine de Glaise, ils vivent leur courte vie coup s du reste du monDans un monde o tout n est plus que sable, un gigantesque vaisseau vogue la surface d un oc an de dunes Il abrite des hommes et des femmes capables pour beaucoup de manipuler le saimia, un pouvoir surnaturel qu ils tirent de leurs motions.Ce don les condamne cependant une mort pr coce bord de la baleine de Glaise, ils vivent leur courte vie coup s du reste du monde Jusqu au jour o , sur un vaisseau la d rive, le jeune Chakuro fait une trange rencontre
    Les enfants de la Baleine T Dans un monde o tout n est plus que sable un gigantesque vaisseau vogue la surface d un oc an de dunes Il abrite des hommes et des femmes capables pour beaucoup de manipuler le saimia un pouvoir sur

    One thought on “Les enfants de la Baleine T1”

    1. Probably because of the translation from the original Japanese manga, that s why the story and dialogues are not that good The beginning is a bit bland or maybe because, I repeat, from the translation I can t help it, but I fell asleep on the four consecutive nights that I ve tried to finished the first half of this manga However, the best part starts on Chapter 3 and it continues to get better as the story continues Thanks to VIZ Media LLC and Simon Schuster for the reading copy of this.

    2. Check out manga and graphic novel reviews Perspective of a WriterIn an endless desert floats the Mud Whale, an island city of clay moving by magic, containing a small community where most die young their life spans cut short by their own magic Chakuro diligently chronicles these deaths determined to leave a better record than those who came before When a scouting party he s a part of discovers a young girl who knows about their island than they do, everything changes GAH The art is GORGEOUS I [...]

    3. Ho visto l altro giorno questo manga in fumetteria, non so se vi mai capitato, ma appena l ho preso e sfogliato mi salita una strana emozione al petto Sembrava che quelle pagine mi stessero dicendo Leggimi, sono la storia che cerchi Ho seguito il consiglio Children of the whales un manga molto particolare, si avverte immediatamente di quanto sia complicata la trama e i suoi personaggi Ci troviamo sulla Balena di Fango, un isola dove vivono i non marchiati, destinati a diventare coloro che govern [...]

    4. Interesting story A floating island called the Mud Whale drifts across the sandy wastes 90% of the population on the Mud Whale have a type of magic fueled by emotion Those with the mark rarely live past the age of 30.Up to this point no one on the Mud Whale knows why they are there or where they come from They haven t even seen another person besides those they live with on their floating Island.Until now3.5 s out of 5.

    5. This is the first Abi Umeda I ve read Here, she creates a complex, deeply layered storyworld, one that, at times, challenges immediate comprehension There were several times that I had to back and reread sections so as to better taken in the nuances and details of the people and setting But this is to the narrative s benefit, not a criticism To some degree, this is a post apocalyptic story, but one in a world that is not our own I ll definitely go on to read future volumes.

    6. More reviews and no fluff on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress Children of the Whales is about as close to a Miyazaki movie as you are going to get From the character designs, to the subtle characterizations, the random fantasyish setting, the innocence of children and machinations of adults, the intrusion of war into that innocence, and a subtle beauty That influence is all over Children of the Whales to the point where this feels almost like an homage.Story In a world where the sea is made up of [...]

    7. It s either post apocalyptic or pre civilization but either way, the elders are keeping secrets from the citizens This is one of those books where you just have to nod your head and go with it at first because it hits you with a lot of new concepts right off the bat The general plot is somewhat straightforward but leaves enough unsaid to keep the reader guessing.And the cliffhanger ending

    8. Dans ce premier tome on rencontre plusieurs personnages et je vais attendre d avancer dans la s rie pour me prononcer sur eux Pour l instant l essentiel du contenu repr sente mes yeux une grosse introduction et les choses s rieuses arrivant la fin j attends de voir comment a va voluer, mais entre l univers et cette fameuse fin, je suis d j accroch e cette s rie Mon avis est un peu maigre, mais j avoue ne pas ressentir le besoin de m taler davantage, il y a une grosse part du manga qu il est bien [...]

    9. Children of the Whales has an intriguing pitch when psychic children drift through an abyssal desert on a tumbleweed city state called the Mud Whale, their nomadic way of life is less metaphor than noble lieFull review through this link spoilers nerdspan children whal

    10. Cela faisait un petit moment que je ne vous avais pas parl de manga Il tait donc grand temps d y rem dier et pas avec n importe quel manga qui plus est Les Enfants de la Baleine, mon dernier coup de c ur Lorsque Gl nat a annonc que ce manga s inscrivait dans le sillage de Nausic a, autant dire que j tais plus qu impatiente de le d couvrir Nausic a est l un de mes premiers mangas et a marqu toute mon enfance Premi re d couverte toute petite d Hayao Miyazaki, depuis je n ai eu de cesse de regarder [...]

    11. Actual Rating 4.5 5 To begin with this was a cover buy I picked it up and I absolutely adored the illustration Then I read the synopsis and I knew this was coming home with me It sounded absolutely fantastic This manga is set on a floating city known only as the Mud Whale to begin with which had been built up over years by clay and magic A magic with a deadly cost Those imbued with the power known as Thymia have a very short life expectancy, almost as though the magic burns up the person With 90 [...]

    12. Je suis tomb e sous le charme de ce premier tome et de cet univers fantastique et onirique dans lequel on est rapidement plong.Chakuro est le scribe du navire et, ce titre, il est notre porte d entr e dans ce monde d sormais recouvert de sable sur lequel la Baleine de Glaise navigue Un bateau fort trange d ailleurs, peupl pour l essentiel de marqu s qui peuvent manipuler leur environnement gr ce leurs motions, mais dirig par le Conseil des Anciens, des non marqu s atteignant les soixante et un a [...]

    13. It s kind of crazy that this and Gargantia anime both seem to have been published in the same year, 2013 These stories have very similar setups Both involve a post apocalyptic society living at sea on the back of a floating mass Both have an outsider enter the picture to break up their world a bit Both have cute little squirrel like animal friends xDI like this story so far It s got some breadth big cast, hints of a large mysterious past or intentions being hidden from the public It seems there [...]

    14. Reminds me a bit of the manga From the New World and No 6 both manga are superior to the anime Post apocalyptic world in which everything is covered in sand, and our main characters are on a moving island sailing across the sand sea They ve never seen another living human Some characters are marked, which means they have magic, but they have short lives One day, another island is spotted in the distant A recon mission is sent, and our main character Chakuro finds a single girl on the island They [...]

    15. Chakuro abita sulla Balena di Fango che naviga sull immenso mare di sabbia La sua vita trascorre serena, scrivendo un resoconto per i posteri visto che la sua vita destinata a finire entro i trent anni Un giorno la Balena incontra un isola e l il ragazzo trova una ragazza misteriosa e apatica e da l la sua vita e quella degli abitanti della Balena cambier drasticamente Avevo letto il primo capitolo che era stato dato in omaggio dalla Star Comics durante i Free Comic Days ed ero rimasta molto inc [...]

    16. Wow First of all, the art in this manga is gorgeous The characters are beautifully drawn, with wonderful expressions And the scenery is fantastic too, at times even breathtaking I mean, it takes place on a floating island in a sea of sand, after all The story is also interesting and unique There s not much action in the beginning it has of a slice of life feel, as the world and its mythology are set up But I loved it It s magical and mysterious and charming I was easily swept away with this one [...]

    17. Recensione presente anche sul blog nalisshelter Voto 4 stelleLa prima cosa che si nota guardando questo manga , ovviamente, la magnifica copertina creata per questo volume, un volume che mi ha lasciata molto incuriosita e piena di domande ma che mi ha anche sorpreso positivamente La storia che ci viene raccontata quella di Chakuro, un giovane marchiato che lavora come archivista e che trascrive tutto ci che succede sulla Balena di fango, un isola alla deriva in un mare di sabbia creato dalle cen [...]

    18. Would be appropriate for middle grade and up The art was beautiful, but the males were maybe a little too effeminate for me This story centers around a floating island called the Mud Whale where everyone in the entire world lives until they discover others They float through a sea of sand, which was an interesting difference A main theme is emotions and denying them instead of letting them out Again, beautiful art style, and an interesting twist at the end that will make people want to keep read [...]

    19. Children of the Whales has a subtle post apocalyptic steampunk feel to it In this world, the people live atop a island that moves on a sea of sand a sea that takes everything into it, except this island The community living on this exile island is close knit, and their way of life is idyllic and most of this first volume goes into setting up their life Chakuro is a main character, and the archivist of the island, but there are other major character viewpoints through which we see the story too.T [...]

    20. Yes, un premier tome qui promet une saga int ressante J aime bien l univers et les personnages, et ce premier opus est tr s accrocheur Je lirai la suite, c est s r

    21. Abi Umeda no podr a haber comenzado de mejor manera su saga Children of the Whales Una incre ble ambientaci n, un dibujo precioso y unos personajes entra ables que dejan con ganas de m s.

    22. I started reading this because of the anime The drawing style is incredibly beautiful The world and story is very interesting and I really like all of the characters so far.

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