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Adam By Kris Michaels,

  • Title: Adam
  • Author: Kris Michaels
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dr Adam Cassidy knew two things life isn t easy and fate s a bitch Adam s last mission cost him an eye, his memory, and any chance of staying with his military brothers in arms on Guardian s Alpha Team After two years he d scraped together the remnants of his life He d refined, rebuilt and pushed on alone Yet at night, when sleep eluded him, the fleeting memory of a Dr Adam Cassidy knew two things life isn t easy and fate s a bitch.Adam s last mission cost him an eye, his memory, and any chance of staying with his military brothers in arms on Guardian s Alpha Team After two years he d scraped together the remnants of his life He d refined, rebuilt and pushed on alone Yet at night, when sleep eluded him, the fleeting memory of a warm, welcome press of soft skin and the distant memory of a faceless, nameless woman haunted him.Keelee Marshall knew all about loss The man she loved beyond reason had disappeared on the battlefields of Afghanistan even though he now lived three buildings overon the same ranch She couldn t forget their brief nights of passion but Adam had Keelee would have to fight for Adam s love, because he was hell bent on pushing her into the arms of a man she didn t want and a future devoid of the one thing she needed most Adam.For Adam and Keelee a life together may never happen, unless love can trump the cards fate has dealt She d go all in, but only if the man holding the cards was her Guardian Scroll up and get your Guardian today
    Adam Dr Adam Cassidy knew two things life isn t easy and fate s a bitch Adam s last mission cost him an eye his memory and any chance of staying with his military brothers in arms on Guardian s Alpha Tea

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    1. 3.5 starsToo much repetition from last book I totally understand Doc s issues I felt so sorry for KeeleeThey were both screwed by the events that hurt Doc But what Doc did do 2 years prior he should have had to put in a little grovel However Do not fault Keelee for forgiving so readily They had both suffered horribly A couple safety gang view spoiler He has an ex who trapped him into marriage Evil bitch She aborted their baby because it had Downs He is still destroyed over this years later and o [...]

    2. Shocked and awed This series has become one of my very favorite It is suspenseful, full of action, love and a complete collection of characters that you grow to love and through each book Doc, Adam, and Keelee are no exception Their story was just than one book could hold They met in Jacob s book, sort of became friends in Joseph s book and this is the conclusion In this book While I am sure their story will follow on through the other books this is considered their story Now, you should know [...]

    3. Keelee and Adam story, When I first read her sisters book thought keelee was a bitch and just stuck up then I read her in Ember story and she was sweet so I was glad she ended up being sweet Anywho I love this second chance book, glad adam got his memory back and decided to fight for his love They were cute together throw in a crazy ex and adam went all protective which was great I love seeing the rest of the family together as well as seeing her father fall in love with the king s mother can t [...]

    4. Adam is the third book in the series, but you do not need to read the other two books in the series to enjoy it Hell no Skipper, I m afraid of the dark and I think I might just cry Adam is a doctor and a Guardian, a strong alpha blend of man When he is damaged and loses sight in one eye and his memory, things change for him and not necessarily all in a good way When he comes home to Keelee, he doesnt remember her or their past Keelee forgives him and does her best to move on Then in one giant sw [...]

    5. Kris Michaels is a genius Adam is the 3rd book in her King of Guardian series When we left off in Joseph, Adam had regained his memoryI couldn t wait for his story to be released.Adam s story is one of love found, lost, and then found again It was touching, emotional, exhilarating, exciting, adventurous, and you can t help but fall in love with Adam Kris is a fantastic author who knows how to write sexy strong women, and the men to match a strong female lead Keelee epitomizes that strong sexy fe [...]

    6. Best one so far This is the third entry in the Guardians series and by far the one I found the most engrossing The main characters Adam and Keelee are flawed people who find their way back to each other Reading the first two books in the series gives the reader a better appreciation for this though there is a recap at the start of the book with some new insight that gets everyone up to speed.I particularly liked how this issue touches on some significant and timely issues but not in a trite way [...]

    7. Adam and Keelee really go through a lot during this book Adam and Keelee have a huge misunderstanding right before his deployment that cost him an eye and his memory Keelee has not forgotten Adam, nor what he said to her the last time they really spoke before he left for his mission Adam has no memory of Keelee or what transpired between them so he is unaware of the damage he caused her Keelee is able to put the past behind her and accept the friendship that Adam offers her When Adam does finall [...]

    8. This was a really good romance with some exciting moments A great addition to the Kings of Guardian series.

    9. Although I liked most of the story I was a little disappointed I thought I d already read it but the first quarter of the book is back story we already know, just from Doc and Keelee s perspectives Once you get past that you get into the new story Time jumps a bit and a few things a just a little too convenient but I like Doc and Keelee It s a good enough story, just not mind blowing.

    10. So I really tried to like the series and I m calling it quits The writing is just not my style It doesn t excite me but had great potential I liked Doc a lot I liked his protectiveness and genius He seemed like he d make a perfect husband and father I originally didn t like Keeley but grew to like her She was smart and resourceful.I found myself waiting on the book to be over.

    11. Dr Cassidy is one of my favorite characters in the Kings of Guardian series Him and Keelee are one of my favorite couples Everything they go thru just makes their relationship that much stronger

    12. Loved itWow just wow I loved it, even though Adam is not a King by blood he is just as alpha This series is the bomb

    13. WOW.just yeah Omg I freakin live.ese ories Dr.Cassidyjust swoon.loved Keelee for him So glad they got their story Kris Michaels, one of my new favorites

    14. I received an ARC copy of this book from Troll River R4R event This is the third book in the series and I found it could definitely be read as a standalone I read the first book in the series, and met Adam there liking his character Intriguing enough I was hoping his would have been the second but I found it didn t matter as the author gave enough so the reader doesn t feel like they have missed out Adam and Keelee s story start in the first book where they met originally and in this we go back [...]

    15. I received an ARC copy of this book from Troll River R4R event Adam is Book 3 in the Kings of Guardian Series and hopefully you have read both Jacob and Joseph first and are just as addicted to the King brothers and their friends as I am Adam and Keelee we introduced in Book 1 but the author keeps us in suspense about their relationship, not divulging much but piquing our interest in the couple By the end of Book 2 Joseph, she has you really intrigued and ready to dive into Adam and Keelee story [...]

    16. This series gets better and better, and I wonder whose town they will annex next The Guardian complex is becoming bigger and bigger and people are moving around Who is the mysterious Smith In any case, this is Adam and Keelee s story Adam has fences to mend since he began to remember what he had lost after the disastrous engagement with both teams decimated and rescued by Tori s persistence.Keelee has never understood what she had done and Adam needs to tell her that she made no mistake Of cour [...]

    17. 4.5 StarsAdam is book three from Michael s Kings of Guardian Series Adam aka Doc fell in love with Keelee the minute he meet her on families ranch in South Dakota Doc was there for some R R with Team Alpha from Guardian Kee is Tori s older sister and she fell for Doc hard This couple will have a rough start two years will pass before Doc remembers his love for her This story is sweet beautiful love story set around the Ranch in South Dakota If you are looking for a good love story and love sexy [...]

    18. Disappointed that this 3rd bk in the series wasn t nearly as good as bk 1 The first 1 3 of the story is a rehash from bk 1 on how Adam Keelee meet and go their separate ways Been there done that already But if you re not a series follower this won t bother you For me, on the other hand, by about the half way mark this story was slowly crawling by My first, WTH, seriously moment came when virgin Keelee does the deed with Adam while she s suffering a concussion sprained ankle near hypothermia afte [...]

    19. Another excellent addition to the series Loved Adam and Keeley The action takes place on the ranch this time and I found it to be just as exciting As a matter of fact I m anxious for everybody to get back to the compound Keeley was a wonderful h Loved that she had her own interests and responsibilities Adam wasted no time in righting his missteps with kee once he got his memory back Not sure we re things are going with Christian and a certain King brother With Christian being a survivor of abuse [...]

    20. This is the first book that I have read in the Guardian series and I will definitely be going back and reading the first two You don t need to read the first two before reading this one, although it would give you insight into the Guardian team The characters were relatable, especially Keelee, and drew me into their lives I read through the whole story in one sitting because I wanted to see Keelee and Adam overcome whatever obstacles would be thrown in their way The story made me laugh and cry [...]

    21. I didn t even finish the first 25% of Jacob the first book in the series before I went and purchased all the other books that were available in this series Adam is the third book in the series and covers Doc s and Keeley s point of view of what happened between them during Jacob and then covers the rest of their story I still CANNOT wait for the next book in the series Fast paced story and well developed characters both primary and secondary I ve got my fingers crossed hoping that the Wonder Twi [...]

    22. Keeps getting better This is the third book in the Guardian series and I am addicted Keelee s and Adams story is so beautiful Love is then pretty on the outside, the inside were your heart and soul lives is the true beauty of a person I can not wait for the next for maybe Jared and Christians story or Jason, the twins dd and jj Thanks again Ms Michaels for sharing Adam and Keelee s story.

    23. I received this book in exchange for an honest review Adam by Kris Michaels is Book 3 of the Kings of Guardian Series Although this book is part of a series, it can be read as a standalone Ms Michaels just keeps bringing it Once again she has delivered a book that is so well done it s like you are right there taking part in it all With fully developed characters and a engaging storyline you can t help but get sucked right in Another fantab edition to her riveting series.

    24. This is the first book I ve read written by Ms Michaels but it definitely won t be my last I loved it It was sexy, funny, romantic, suspenseful, moving, touching and full of surprises I loved the characters and how they all came together to make a multi layered family If there is a place to order an Adam from please send me the info I would LOVE to have one LOL

    25. This is Adam and Keelee s story and the Guardian books get better with each story Their is angsthe, passion, adventure, fear, brutality and love Adam has lost his memory and Keelee thinks she s lost him forever, this book shows how hard they fight each other and for each other to get their happily ever after 5

    26. 4.5 My Favourite of the series so far, really enjoyed this story So happy Adam finally got his memory back and went and back to South Dakota and Keelee Although not a lot of action overall the fact Keelee and Adam finally get together and confess their feelings kind of made up for that, but don t get me wrong it isn t all plain sailing and made for a really enjoyable, hot yet sweet read.

    27. Read all three books in one day Truly can not articulate how much I enjoyed this series Amazing wonderful alpha heroes and the women they love are strong and smart The author fleshes out her characters so beautifully that you feel like they are friends Do yourself a favor and get to one clicking

    28. DocYou know how you find the love of your life and then lose it Welcome to Adam s and Keelee s life Their story is lost, forgotten and then found love The ranch is Kelee s life and Doc Adam gains his world on the ranch This is a warm, funny and sexy book Of course you need a little intrigue to add to it Enjoy Can t wait for the next book

    29. Good ReadingGood reading, could not stop reading all 3 books in the series so far I hope the author continues to add books to the series I would love to read about her other characters The twins are so funny

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