One thought on “The Kid”

  1. School reading assignments are generally hit or miss for me I either find my new favorite short story or book, or don t finish the reading section In this case, I found myself wishing there was a whole book about the characters introduced in these brief eight pages I m desperate to know what happens next, but maybe that s the point The ending is one of those conclusions that s left up to the reader s interpretation Maybe it s because I read this on a day where I m already feeling a bit down, but [...]

  2. Another beautiful story by this polyphonous writer Interesting to compare this story to Tremendous Machine Harper s Sept 2015 Two distinct voices, but both are rich and beautiful Salvatore s mastery of syllable, sound and syntax is worthy of Don Delillo s practice of typing only one paragraph per page on a typewriter and staring it down like a painter stares down a painting Scibona s compression and language acquisition could make even the great DeLillo jealous.

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