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Realms of the Elves By Philip Athans,

  • Title: Realms of the Elves
  • Author: Philip Athans
  • ISBN: 9780786939800
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • The story of the elves of Faer n stretches from the dawn of history to the battle for the future of a world in constant upheaval.
    Realms of the Elves The story of the elves of Faer n stretches from the dawn of history to the battle for the future of a world in constant upheaval

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    1. Realms of the Elves AnthologyRealms of the Elves is edited by Philip Athans It was released in February 2006 and was published by Wizards of the Coast, Inc This anthology is based on the Forgotten Realms setting of Dungeons and Dragons The Realms of the Elves anthology ties into Richard Baker s The Last Mythal trilogy There are seven stories included in this anthology and are written by Richard Lee Byers, Philip Athans, Lisa Smedman, Erik Scott de Bie, R A Salvatore, Ed Greenwood, and Richard Ba [...]

    2. Now these were some good stories Again, no such anthology should ever be rated 5 stars, but this one came close

    3. What a waste of paper Some of the stories seem like they are going somewhere, or at least building up to something and then they simply end bluntly, with no point.

    4. I was rereading one particular story to research something, and I wound up rereading the entire thing So, here s my review, having finished the book a lot recently than the first time I read the entire thing, and a lot fresh on my mind Because this is a collection of short stories, I m going to give a review of each story, and a final rating of the entire book Traitors , by Richard Lee Byers, tied in to the Rage of the Dragon, in explaining how it came about I liked this short story, as it gav [...]

    5. Previous book show 1 2 DR 25,090Traitors by Richard Lee Byers pp 1 71 This story takes places in the Dawn Age, when dragon were in charge all over Faer n An elf named Rhespen Ash, a mage and Royal Councilor, works for a dragon named Orchtrien His main task is to put down a rebellion of elves who dare to defy their dragon king Over the course of the story an elven woman, Winterflower, is taken as a hostage and, of course, convinces Rhespen that the elves are actually the good guy and dragons are [...]

    6. There were some really cool stories in this collection I think my favorite was the first one, where elves are just starting to resist dragons as their superiors And theres another one, were surface elves are hunting drow and show themselves to be just as evil as their lower brethern This is a quick and easy read and I would recomend it to anyone interested in the forgotten realms world.

    7. I like the idea of short storied better than I like reading them I much prefer to sink my teeth into novels That said, there are times when short stories are just what a person needs and there are authors one would never meet without reading short stores As with most such collections, some here are better than others.

    8. It was really surprising to see the origin of the King Killer star One of the best anthologies of the Realms.

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