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Angels of Music By Kim Newman,

  • Title: Angels of Music
  • Author: Kim Newman
  • ISBN: 9781781165683
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • Deep in the shadows under the Paris Opera House resides Erik the Phantom, mysteriously enduring through the decades as the mastermind behind a strange and secret agency A revolving door of female agents are charged by wealthy Parisians and the French Government to investigate crimes and misdemeanours they would prefer to keep out of the public eye.
    Angels of Music Deep in the shadows under the Paris Opera House resides Erik the Phantom mysteriously enduring through the decades as the mastermind behind a strange and secret agency A revolving door of female agen

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    1. It s exactly the rollicking, non stop, lurid adventure you would expect from the author of Hound of the D ubervilles and Anno Dracula , turning the Phantom of the Opera into the head of a Charlie s Angels type gang of crime fighting girls, all pulled from classic literature.I like these books, they have genuine thick atmosphere, good action and laugh out loud humour, all of which can be tough to find these days Lots of interesting historical literary titbits, as well as funny things like making [...]

    2. Originally published at Risingshadow.Kim Newman s Angels of Music is a fascinating novel for those who are familiar with Gaston Leroux s The Phantom of the Opera Le Fant me de l Op ra, 1910 I was delighted to read this novel and found myself enjoying it, because it was something different.If you think that reading Gaston Leroux s novel, seeing its film versions and hearing Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber s musical version is everything you need to know about Erik the Phantom, you re gravely mistaken Kim [...]

    3. Exactly what I expected from Kim Newman, a great adventure full of sly humour and fit to bursting with literary references I would have liked to have seen of Christine Daae I ve always adored the character, so to have a Phantom story with her barely in it was a teeny bit disappointing but it s not a Phantom re telling, it s a story set with the Phantom as it s central character Fully recommend

    4. Once upon a time, there were three little girls who went to the Paris Opera And they were each assigned very hazardous dutiesw they work for me My name is ErikKim Newman s latest collection stitches together some previously published novellas, with some entirely new material, and the result forms a very entertaining serial novel The premise, typically fun and off the wall Newman, is essentially a blending of The Phantom of the Opera and Charlie s Angels I know, it sounds corny as can be, but it [...]

    5. As usual for Newman this is chock full of clever references and beautifully crafted allusions however it doesn t really hang together as a novel It s of a series of short stories with a linking theme.Now, there s nothing actually wrong with that as a concept, but I found it immensely frustrating that just as I fell in love with one set of characters and was eager to know what they would do next, they were tossed aside and we got a new set of characters.As with all Newman it s witty and cleverly [...]

    6. Erik, the Phantom of the Opera, runs a sort of detective agency in 19th century Paris and employs the girls of the theatre as his agents This is split into stories about the cases that his Angels work on that range from vampiric action to clockwork brides Great fun with lots of literary and pop culture references a rhapsody from Bohemia anyone with a slight nod to the old tv show of Charlie s Angels.

    7. Phantom of the Opera meets Charlie s Angels As a longtime Phantom obsessive I had no chance of resisting this book, and its reimagining of the Phantom as the secretive head of a private enquiry agency headquartered at the Paris Opera delivered very well What I wasn t expecting was the even creative reimagining and presentation of the women in the book, from Christine Daae to Irene Adler to Elizabeth Eynsford Hill, all of whom take a detour from their source material to do a tour of duty as one [...]

    8. Where do I start with this ridiculous book There are apparently 6 stories in this book, each one with three different angels working for the Phantom s detective agency I don t know because I finished one and threw my hands up part way through the second.Story one a madam contacts the agency because one of her former clients got married and stopped coming to her brothel He s an old man who married a pretty young thing named Poup e really Erik and his angels decide to investigate What they find is [...]

    9. A series of short stories about the Opera Ghost Agency a bizarre combination of The Phantom of the Opera and Charlie s Angels set in a fantastic Paris from 1870 1910 The world resembles and has some characters from Anno Dracula Until 3 4 of the way through the book, I thought that it actually WAS the same world Act II Les Vampires de Paris actually features Dracula s brides and mentions that he is in England at the time , but the alternate history in this book diverges from the events of Anno Dr [...]

    10. A very, very Newman book Erudite, clever, weighted with references and allusions that almost nobody withoutbthe author s encyclopaedic knowledge of the dramatic, gothic, and macabare will recognise, and with a perhaps slightly underwhelming climax A reinvention of Charlie s Angels, with the titular Angels drawn from Grand Guignol theatre and Charlie a masked fellow living under Paris Opera House.I thoroughly enjoyed this one, though like some of Newman s recent work i think the plot often loses [...]

    11. A bit uneven at times I believe at least 2 of the episodes were novellas at first, which makes the book feel a bit like an anthology than an actual novel , but still fun As with many other Newman books the cast is made up of an entertaining mix of characters from books and film A fun idea, well executed for the most part.

    12. It s great fun, and it reads like it was great fun to write as well Plus it will make you want to read at least a dozen books afterwards It sits very well alongside the Anno Dracula series which I think is pretty high praise.

    13. I m not going to lie to you guys, I completely love The Phantom of the Opera I got to see it back when I was in school, in the West End with a brilliant cast, the same cast in actual fact, who are in the anniversary DVD I loved it, the music, the costumes, the story, and I become completely obsessed with it for a while there Like I knew all the songs by heart, and I watched the anniversary DVD on a loop near enough Not the movie adaption I don t like to mention the movie adaption The book has be [...]

    14. Once upon the time there were three little girls who went to the music academy I can t believe how long it took me to cop on to the fact that this is a riff on Charlie s Angels, with the Phantom Of The Opera as Charlie, the Persian as Boswell and a rotating cast of three angels on hazardous duties I think it was the first time they were given their assignment by the Phantom through a mirror with the Persian beside them in good ol Charlie s Angel fashion I loved Charlie s Angels when I was a kid [...]

    15. Newman is one of the very few writers whose every new book I buy So, I m speaking as an admirer when I opine that this is a surprisingly lackluster effort As usual, clever literary and pop culture allusions abound, but they re suspended in a void The novel is comprised of six stories loosely strung together There s only so much one can do in a short story or novelette each of these tales must sustain a bizarre plot, develop setting and explore a fresh historical context, and make room for hundre [...]

    16. I was given an ARC by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Angels of Music is a bad, wonderful, rare book I adored every word I ve never read this author before but can t wait to get my hands on some of his work I m a huge fan of Phantom of the Opera I love everything about it especially the music I couldn t resists this book when I got an email from Titan Books offering advance review copies I m glad I wasn t disappointed Angels of Music is satire at its best I loved the premise behi [...]

    17. Overall I enjoyed this one I appreciated the varied ladies from other sources involved it felt like a endearing, feminine version of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen However at times, the allusions to modern day characters events etc was a little too much, but not overly off putting It s all part of the tongue in cheek fun of it Having studied Grand Guignol, I found this section especially interesting although naturally, this being a work of fiction it was lacking in the facts, obviously, but [...]

    18. Angels of Music, by Kim Newman, is structured as a series of novellas, each featuring different angels of music, who are women trained by the famed Phantom of the Opera in Paris to fight various Forces of Evil, including a vampire sect and Charles Foster Kane Some of the angels are characters from Newman s other books, particularly in his Anno Dracula series, and it s a lot of fun to run across those characters once again Set between the 1880s and about 1912 or so, each segment can be read as a [...]

    19. Kim Newman s current assemblage of tales focuses on a sort of Parisian take of Charley s Angels, with the Phantom of the Opera gathering together successive trio of heroines from antiquated literature and a few old favourites of his, like Kate Reed to protect the city It took me a while to get into as I am less familiar with these characters than the Anglo American ones, although the author is still a masterful adventure writer Still, the finale which featured a reunion of most of the Angels fro [...]

    20. An excellent and delightfully bizarre mix of Charlie s Angels, The Phantom of the Opera, and Victorian and Edwardian gothic, pulp, and detective stories Newman inserts characters from literature, film, and pop culture into his alternative Paris at the turn of the century like other authors use punctuation part of the fun is to spot the reference Strong female characters, good episodic stories, gentle political satire, and a hint of self awareness, even mockery, of the politics and sexism of the [...]

    21. An admission before I begin I love Kim Newman s books I ve read all the ones I can find and was excited to discover that a new one had been released The theme of this was not as immediately appealing to me as the vampire stories, but people I already knew soon turned up and the warmth and depth of his characterisation had me hooked New and fascinating people were introduced amongst the familiar cast and I was genuinely concerned for the welfare of the Angels at times Be warned there was horror a [...]

    22. This is definitely not what I was expecting from this book Parts of it were very Charlie s Angels and one section turned quite dark, but as a whole it was interestingly done Each act carried with it not only a unique voice to match the cast of angels, but even a different style to match not only the cast portrayed in the act, but also the plot enacted From the Charlie s Angels style to Sherlock and even James Bond each act was a unique experience into itself.

    23. An excellent fix up novel drawing upon cultural references diverse as Phantom of the Opera , Charlie s Angels and Lady Snowblood Packed with action, wit and the occasional poignant moment, this very enjoyable book both enthrals and entertains the reader and playfully demonstrates the author s erudition of popular fiction in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

    24. This book was pretty great There s so much going on in this book that I really think this book would benefit from multiple readings It s basically Charles Angels meets the Phantom of the Opera and it s as entertaining as you think it would be.

    25. I have been a fan of Kim Newman for a while now and have always found his books lively and his characters interesting Angels of Music didn t disappoint I great book I would recommend to old fans and new alike.

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