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Born on the Fourth of July By Ron Kovic,

  • Title: Born on the Fourth of July
  • Author: Ron Kovic
  • ISBN: 9780671739140
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Paperback
  • Exceedingly honest, personal account of one young man s experience fighting in the Vietnam War.
    Born on the Fourth of July Exceedingly honest personal account of one young man s experience fighting in the Vietnam War

    One thought on “Born on the Fourth of July”

    1. This was a difficult, almost painful book to read.Ron Kovic was a United States Marine who did two tours of duty in Vietnam and then was tragically wounded, becoming paralyzed from the chest down for the rest of his life Kovic delivers a powerful message about war and our government.Kovic s 1976 novel describes his wounding in Vietnam and his dreadful time after that in VA hospitals Kovic was also born on the fourth of July and grew up living the 1950s American dream with baseball and astronauts [...]

    2. I knew Ron Kovic personally He used to frequent the restaurant I worked at so much so that there was a dish on the menu named after him Every dish on the menu was named after an author Ron liked to have a steak with cottage cheese and fruit, so that was his dish He would come to the restaurant and say to me, I ll have me He was very kind and funny and even flirty He gave me the copy of his book, autographed, with his calling card tucked into it, which I still have It s a great book, as well as a [...]

    3. I saw the Oliver Stone Tom Cruise movie version, which was decent The book looks short and reads fast This true life expose starts with some splendid impressions of being wounded and confused on the battlefield in Vietnam Am reading with intense interestOK, getting close to the halfway point now and this book is quite sensational, really From the confusion and hell of war it segues into the hellishness of immobility, impotence, dependence, loneliness in the VA hospital then to an intensely famil [...]

    4. Geboren am 4 Juli wird den meisten wohl dank der Oliver Stone Verfilmung mit Tom Cruise in der Hauptrolle ein Begriff sein Die Vorlage daf r lieferte die Autobiographie von Ron Kovic.Als dieser 1968 querschnittsgel hmt aus dem Vietnamkrieg zur ckkehrt, f hlt er sich von seinem Land verraten und schlie t sich der Friedensbewegung an 1974 schrieb sich Kovic in knapp zwei Monaten seine Geschichte in Santa Monica von der Seele.Diese Dringlichkeit sp rt man auf jeder Seite Geboren am 4 Juli ist ein A [...]

    5. I picked up this book to see the transformation of a patriotic GI into a Vietnam Veteran Against the War I wanted to learn how the movement enticed him, when he had his epiphany, and how he reacted to the rest of the anti war movement I wanted to read the author grappling with the decision to join the anti war movement Unfortunately, the epiphany lasts only a couple of pages, and the conversion from skeptical injured veteran to strident anti war activist is pretty sudden Only one seven page chap [...]

    6. Born on the fourth of July, written by Ron Kovic is an American classic The story takes place during the Vietnam war after the paralysis of Ron Kovic This book is narrated through the eyes of Ron This book gives us his life story about his hardships and his good times throughout his life, especially when he came home But, Ron being in the war drives the plot If he wasn t in the war he would t have brought enlightenment in so many people His purpose in writing this book was to explain to American [...]

    7. An extremely powerful and effective anti war book I ve read a few of these over the years, but the first two chapters, particularly the account of life in a veterans hospital, was without doubt the most harrowing that I ve ever experienced Not an easy read, but definitely worthwhile.

    8. Powerful and moving.I happened to listen to this book on audio and would add that the narrator does a fantastic job and brought the story to life in a way I m not sure just reading words off the page would ve done.

    9. I have to say that I have found Born on the Fourth of July to hold a fascinating view point on the Vietnam War This book is far different from most anti war novels of the era Where most focused on the life of the GI in Vietnam or the counterculture at home, this book explores both through the eyes of a crippled volunteer to the war It is Ron Kovic s unique view of the war and his role in it which makes this book worth reading As of now I am only at the one third mark of the novel, a surprisingly [...]

    10. It s hard to give a book like this a negative or average review without feeling like you are being disrespectful to the author and what he went through But the simple fact is, this book just isn t very well written I recommend it to the extent that the author s experience is compelling reading I just wish he had focus as well Kovic s style is disjointed and random The narrative jumps back and forth in time for no discernible purpose Even strange, he switches between talking about himself in the [...]

    11. The first sentence in the story took me right in Vietnam, paralyzed me with Ron Kovic in the middle of the battle field I was very impressed with the book considering it takes a lot for me to spark an interest in anything that consists of lots of reading, but this book grabbed my attention and kept me interested through his life as he shares it with us This book starts with him wounded hearing the cries of his fellow Marines not able to feel anything below his waste, you feel the pain of his com [...]

    12. I m still pretty shocked after finishing this book about an hour ago Ron Kovic tells his story of how he goes from a young American patriot so enthusiastic and in love with his country to a veteran who completely opposes it the Vietnam War I d never actually read any books about Vietnam until now, but Kovic words completely moved me I wondered how so many young men could be sent to their deaths, thinking they were doing something noble and brave How could they live with themselves knowing they t [...]

    13. Considering this isn t my usual genre of choice, I thought this was a pretty good book I think that many people fault Kovic and rightly so, I suppose for not being much of a writer However, what he lacks in literary talent he definitely makes up for in genuine vivid emotion Kovic is, without question, a man with a story to tell I think it is important for potential readers to keep in mind that this is not a literary masterpiece, but rather a stark, gritty and very genuine portrayal of a very per [...]

    14. Born on the Fourth of July is a great American Classic This book is narrated by the author, Ron Kovic Kovic does a great job of telling his story in the Vietnam war He explains everything he went through in such great detail He makes your imagination run wild while you read this novel Kovic sends the message to never give up and always look on the bright side of things because Kovic went through a lot after he was injured in the war He was constantly being positive and showed great will power to [...]

    15. Granted, this book might not see publication today, mostly because of its disjointed style and non existent core, but that does not diminish its importance Kovic revealed, for the first time, not just the consequences of war, but the anguish of optimism and trust betrayed, the failure of our institutions to protect, respect and care for its members PTSD is not relegated to veterans and the disenfranchisement Kovic experiences is rampant in other populations too rape victims, living donors, disas [...]

    16. This is one of the most powerful books I have ever read I recommend it to anyone who is not aware of the massive tragedy that was the Vietnam war It follows the story of a veteran from his childhood full of big dreams, to his time in the war, and to the paralysis of his entire lower body His opinions on the war and honor completely reverse as the story progresses This book is not for those who cannot handle gory imagery because many of the war and hospital scenes are very graphic These particula [...]

    17. I have the same response Anne Rice reportedly about IWAV about the movie version of this Tom Cruise For all that, it s not such a bad movie, either But the booke book, with its deceptively bare prose, sets about breaking your heart in earnest An essential memoir of one of the country s most prominent anti war veterans and veteran s rights activists.

    18. Owen McKenna Rio Rancho, NM NY I read the book in 2 days Having had the opportunity to visit the Author s hometown, Massapequa, NY, after having read the book I thought it was amazing of how much details he put into his descriptions I did not care for the movie, but I enjoyed the book.

    19. we read an excerpt of this in school and I really liked it I need to read the whole book soon It is really depressing so i might have to read small parts of it at a time Ron kovic is a great writer He painted a picture in my head from the moment I began reading.

    20. This book is a literary fraud See STOLEN VALOR pp 395 398 There are a few facts in this book that are true,but much is fiction.

    21. Ron Kovic describes his Vietnam experience His wounding in Vietnam and his subsequent journey through the Vetrans hospitals of the day His hopes and his dreams and his anger

    22. ClassicVery good book, glad I finally got to read it Better than the film as per usual God bless you Ron.

    23. Ron Kovic is an American anti war activist, writer, and former United States Marine Corps sergeant, who was wounded and paralyzed in the Vietnam War In 1964, being inspired by President John F Kennedy s inaugural address, upon finishing high school he joined the U.S Marines Kovic volunteered for Vietnam and was deployed to South Vietnam in December 1965 On January 20, 1968, while leading a reconnaissance force of battalion scouts they came into contact with NVA and Viet Cong whom were attacking [...]

    24. I really wanted to like this book than I did, but some aspects of it killed many of the good things for me.What was really interesting and poignant about the book were definitely the war accounts and what made the war of the Vietnam and the post war experiences so terrible and traumatic When it comes to the account of what really happened in the battlefield and what it was like not know who really was the enemy, this book was a masterpiece It got a lot better as an audiobook experience, because [...]

    25. Great book and very powerful The descriptions of what this Vietnam Vet went through were chilling The introduction does a great job of explaining why this books is topical today I wish he had gone into detail about how poorly Vietnam Vets were treated by people in the 60s and 70s Thank goodness we treat our Vets with so much respect now Can t wait to read it with my high school students

    26. I did not enjoy this book Many times I procrastinated working on it, and instead completed two other books in the interim of starting it.I have given it 5 stars, however, because it is that good, that important.It is a difficult and arduous read because Kovic explains a story so concisely and with so much imagery that it takes you to the hell he lived through.This book should be required reading for any publicly elected official Caveat I completed this as an audiobook

    27. I read this book because in my acting class I am currently working on a scene from the movie I think I would have found the book hard hitting if I had read it before reading the movie script I was not a fan of the writing style However, I think it is an important story that needs to be told I was pleasantly surprised to read at the end that this book is often used as a history textbook for the 60s in the US.

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