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Enrolling Little Etta By Alta Hensley Allison West,

  • Title: Enrolling Little Etta
  • Author: Alta Hensley Allison West
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Philip Hartley owns an elite finishing school a hidden gem that focuses on the sexual submission and complete discipline of young ladies Behavior, expectations, and beliefs are quite different there It s a finishing school to help a woman find that inner little girl which once was lost A private school that requires its pupils to surrender their bodies, their minds, anPhilip Hartley owns an elite finishing school a hidden gem that focuses on the sexual submission and complete discipline of young ladies Behavior, expectations, and beliefs are quite different there It s a finishing school to help a woman find that inner little girl which once was lost A private school that requires its pupils to surrender their bodies, their minds, and their souls to their betrothed When Henrietta Waters estranged uncle decides it is best for her to attend the Ashby Chateau and become betrothed to a proper husband, the young woman has no choice but to comply The recent death of her father has left her with very little options But can Etta fully surrender in ways she has never imagined Can she allow a nanny to take care fully take care of her every need Can she submit to discipline and sexual training as the purity of her inner child blends with the fire of her sexual desires And is it possible for her to truly become the little love that Headmaster Philip Hartley demands Publisher s Note Enrolling Little Etta is a Victorian erotic romance that focuses on ageplay, anal play, spankings, and graphic sex If a spicy Victorian story is not your cup of tea, then please do not take a sip.
    Enrolling Little Etta Philip Hartley owns an elite finishing school a hidden gem that focuses on the sexual submission and complete discipline of young ladies Behavior expectations and beliefs are quite different there I

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    1. Ageplay and historical conjures up delicious erotic feelings In Enrolling Etta, the ageplay is light and sweet Henrietta is forced to attend a special finishing school by her uncle For a twenty year old spending the past five years taking care of her ailing father, going back to school is the last thing on her mind This school is run by Philips Hartley He does have a bona fide school for young ladies Behind locked doors, there is a hidden school where young ladies become little girls As a fan of [...]

    2. What a wonderful book I honestly expected a simple, but always fun, age play book Instead I got a great novel with unexpected twist and turns It kept me engaged and I completely connected with Etta who struggles with her desire to be little but the fact that she has had to be not only and an adult but a care taker for since she was a young The other reviews and description can tell you about the book What I want to tell you is even if you shy away from age play take time to enjoy this step back [...]

    3. Etta s story is compelling I felt for the young woman who had to care for her dying father and was then immediately forced into a world completely foreign to her When it seems she will adjust to her new life the story takes an unexpected turn The plot kept me turning the pages until the very end.

    4. TRUSTING YOUR CARES AWAYThis is a wonderful Victorian age play story with a touch of mystery and suspense Henrietta Waters prefers to be called Etta, her father s pet name for her She never really had a childhood, her mother died when she was young, her father became ill when she was fifteen and she cared for him until he died when she was twenty She is relinquished into the care of his estranged Uncle who didn t want to deal with her and sends her off to Ashby Chateau finishing school Philip Ha [...]

    5. I liked Etta and her story It is not description rich which is the reason for the 3 stars because I enjoy ageplay books that have a lot of description for the scenes so I can really get a sense in my head Where I can experience the scene and feel like I m there This one fell a bit short on that so there was description but when it came to the discipline or sex scenes they seemed to go very quickly and without particular sizzle There was a part which I really liked view spoiler when the other man [...]

    6. I ll be honest I don t usually read historicals I also don t read very much AP.But between the fantastic reviews, and the fact that I have enjoyed Alta Hensley s books before, I decided to try it out I am so glad I did.I loved it Etta was such a wonderful, caring, amazing young woman, who had such a rough time with life.The chance to go to Ashby Chateau seemed at first like a punishment from her uncle, but it turned out to be such a blessing.I loved how both authors portrayed the love, contentme [...]

    7. Etta was the perfect character to fall in love with Her life was a little rough going with the task of caring for her ailing father but with his passing came her greatest opportunity She was to be married as quickly as possible according to her Uncle but luckily was enrolled at Ashby finishing school Phillip has his hands full running the Ashby Though he is adamant he is not looking for a wife he easily falls for the loveable little Etta.I love that Etta just fits right in with the school and Ph [...]

    8. This enchanting Victorian Age Play is a wonderful read My only complaint is that I wanted There is graphic sex, spanking, and so if it s not your thing, don t buy the book The plot is layed out well with mystery, suspense, harsh discipline by an unexpected appearance of a harsh man There is a Happy Ever After This was a collaboration between two gifted authors, Alta Hensley and Allison West Well done ladies.

    9. Etta s father has recently passed away and she has been left to the custody of her uncle Her uncle decides it s best to learn proper submission and find a husband quickly so he sends her to the Ashby Chateau Philip owns the unique school which specializes in the little world He quickly falls for little Etta This is an absolute must read by two extremely talented authors

    10. 3.5 Stars Well written and good story I just wanted Almost every aspect of age play was either portrayed or mentioned, but not to any real depth Just a little and this would have been a 5 star.

    11. This story is decently long and allowed for much character development You got a real sense of the characters as their history unravels It was interesting to learn about Phil and try to figure out why he ended up developing a school for Littles It was also easy to see why our MC very much loved the idea of reliving the childhood she had lost While there was one character who acted like she didn t wish to be a Little and caused some upset, it was rather a misunderstanding that caused all the unpl [...]

    12. Rating 3.5 StarsEtta Walters has been forced to take care of others her whole life Her mother died early on and her father became ill in her teenage years, forcing her to take on the role of caretaker At the age of 20 with her father gone she is transferred in to the custody of her uncle Jack Desperate to be rid of the girl he enrolls her in finishing school at Ashby Chateau with headmaster Philip Harley Ashby Chateau is a very special finishing school that teaches women to fully submit to their [...]

    13. Henrietta, also known as Etta was a hard worker who was orphaned at age 20 She was sent to live with her now guardian and self centered uncle He promptly sends her off to the finishing school at Ashby Chateau, where she will learn than table manners The headmaster Phillip takes a special interest in Etta which shows an opportunity of this book becoming a series There are many possibilities where this story can take Etta There is a mysterious kidnapping and suspense throughout the book No spoile [...]

    14. This book is set in Victorian England Much of the books finds Etta thrown from one situation to another without having much say or choice in what is happening in her life But through this see begins to form an attachment to Phillip and begin to understand what her own desires are And when she is backed into a corner we see her own strength in going after what she wants And she even finds the strength to make some demands of her own My only problem and the reason it got 4 stars instead of 5 was P [...]

    15. Enrolling Little Etta is a fun and light read Etta is orphan and she ends up with a terrible uncle that decides to send her to the prestigious Ashby Chateau Philip Hartley, the founder and Headmaster is immediately captivated by her and after having a hard childhood Etta falls very easily into the little girl style There are some mysteries as twists and I just wish the book was longer I wanted of Etta and her Papa I was also intrigued by the separate plots with the other littles Would be perfec [...]

    16. I am an Alta Hensley fan and the writing here was as good as ever Etta adjusts quickly almost too quickly to believe and falls for Philip They are a very sweet couple There is no mention of a sequel and if that is the case, it is very disappointing The end is extremely abrupt, leaving questions about several plot points that weren t addressed.

    17. Etta was put in Ashby Chateau by her uncle Phillip Hartley is the headmaster, but the finishing school is actually a school for littles Etta and Phillip feel an attraction from the first They fall in love and do have an HEA I give this 4 stars.

    18. Sweet romanceThis is a lovely AP story that is not overly harsh Etta has not had an easy life and things become worse after her father s death Philip becomes her knight in shining armor I hope there is a follow up planned

    19. I enjoyed this book Poor Etta was tossed around because in her time as a woman she had no say in her life Luckily the man she found herself taking care of her was her destiny And she was happy be taken care of for one in her life.

    20. A Delightful Little Story It is easy to not only fall in love with Etta but also place yourself in her situation and feel her struggles as she learns to accept the terms of her new lifestyle I enjoyed this well written story from start to end.

    21. There should be a better description than just ageplay or littles, for this kind of story For it s total emergence into childhood not just playing at being a kid again for a few days You ve got nannies, school the whole rich kids way of life.

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